Caught and the Consequences
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‘What the hell do you think you are’   I just lay there not knowing what to say and I am sure going very red under my make up.   ………..   I will go back many years and start at an earlier age.   For as long as I can remember I have cross dressed, always in private, without my partners or girlfriends knowing, totally in the closet, and when dressed I often practised self bondage, used dildos on myself, especially before wanking.   I enjoyed shaving when I could, had the usual purges, it has cost me a fortune over the years.   Physically while tall I had always been slimly built and a bit small in the meat and veg department, managing only 4 inches if I tied myself up tight to keep the blood flow in and the erection as big as I could, but despite this I had no problems satisfying a woman as I have always enjoyed giving prolonged oral.   Having said that I am now on my third marriage, the first two wives had affairs and left me, the current one I adored and while I knew that she was having an affair she always came home to me. We had never discussed her need for sex with someone I assumed was bigger and better than me, I was happy to satisfy her when she allowed and she let me cum in her when I wanted although I could not make her cum during penetration.   She had a daughter and a grandchild many miles away so I always took the opportunity to dress while she was away.   She had gone to see them last Friday and was not coming back until sometime on Monday, or so I thought!!!   So once she had left I had got my clothes out, my pvc maids uniform, the bra and falsies, my frilly knickers, my wig and make up, hold ups. I had a bath and taken my time dressing, doing my make up fully, and looked at myself in the mirror, what a stunner I thought to myself.   I spent a couple of hours walking about the house, feeling my stockings rubbing together and feeling my little willy growing as much as it could in my knickers.   ‘Time for a wank’ I thought to myself and I went upstairs to the bedroom.   I have always cum quickly so when I got time I often tied myself up so as to stop myself wanking and so I could dream about being captive and what my Dom or Domme might do to me.   I sat on the bed, inserted my vibrating dildo in my ass, and then tied my legs together tightly, making sure my skirt was up and my little willy exposed. I then tied my wrists with some effort behind my back, although I know with time I could get out of them again, then lied down, shut my eyes and dreamed of myself being captive and at the mercy of my Dom who was bound to use me.   I don’t know how long it was, I suspect that I dozed off, but the next thing I remember was the sound of the front door opening, I was sure I had locked it, so I sat up and struggled to get my hands undone.   I heard footsteps on the stairs and then my wife walked in ……   ‘What the hell do you think you are’   I just lay there not knowing what to say and I am sure going very red under my make up.   She stormed out and I heard her go downstairs. I struggled out of me bonds, when I heard her shout ‘Get your sorry ass down here’   I rushed as much as my heels would let me downstairs and into the lounge where she was sitting on the settee.   ‘Do you want to explain what the fuck is going on’ she screamed at me.   Before I could stammer an answer she carried on ‘I don’t really care anyway, you want to be a sissy then you will be, you can go to the spare room, strip off and wait for me’   ‘But I don’t ….’ I started.     ‘I don’t want to know’ she said standing up, walking towards me and slapped me hard, ‘Just do as you are told’   I went upstairs, got fully undressed, and sat on the single bed in the spare room and waited for her.   To be continued?
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