Christmas Slave 2
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I hear Donna shouting for me at 10 o'clock. I crawl into the bedroom on my hands and knees; I find Donna lying on the bed with Sarah's head buried in her pussy. Sarah looks up when I enter; she has a huge grin on her face and then returns to licking Donna’s pussy."We are getting hungry, so go and bring us some breakfast," says Donna.I return with bacon sandwiches and cups of teas. They sit up in bed to eat."Get up on the end of the bed and finger yourself," says Sarah. “I want to watch you while I eat breakfast."I climb up and open my legs so they can both see my pussy as my fingers go in and out. I am so turned on; my pussy makes a squelching sound as my fingers disappear into me.Donna starts laughing. "My god you are so horny. You really do love being my slave don't you?"All I can do is nod. My body will not let me lie; it is there right in front of them. So much pussy juice."Right now, I want you to play with your clit, keep rubbing it until I tell you to stop," says Donna. “You have to keep looking in my eyes the whole time.”It only takes a moment for me to feel my orgasm building. I want to close my eyes to enjoy my body but Donna quietly says, "Stop.""Please mistress don't make me stop, I need to cum I am so horny. Please. Please let me,” I say"No, you will stop now," Donna says. I have no choice- I pull my fingers away. My clit is on fire, one touch is all it would take and I’d explode. Sarah laughs saying, "She is so horny, I bet she really would do anything we wanted her to.""That’s the idea," grins Donna. "Now get our clothes ready, we want a shower. You can come in to wash us. That’s all you’re good for.”I get everything laid out for them; Donna gets up first and climbs into the shower. She stands there while I wash her hair, wash her body all over. I get out to dry her and to put her clothes on.By the time Sarah gets out of bed I am really cold from not being able to dry myself.When Sarah does come in I also wash her from head to toe. I then dry and clothe her as well."Right, your time for a shower now, well we don't want you to start smelling do we?" says Donna.They come into the bathroom and I climb in. Sarah then turns the dial so the water is cold. "Wash in that slave, hot water is too good for you." They both stand there laughing at me trying to wash as quick as I can.When I have finished they turn the dial up to tepid and tell me to lie on my back with my legs over the side of the bath. They turn the showerhead to a powerful jet and hold it above my pussy. The water hits my clit and sends shivers down my body. They both watch with delight when I start to groan with the orgasm building up. Just as it is going to overtake my body the water is taken away. They both laugh, walk out the bathroom saying, "Get dressed, we want a cup of tea, your clothes are on the floor."When I get into the bedroom I find a nippleless bra, g-string, suspender belt, stockings and knee high boots. All in black. I put them on and crawl backwards down the stairs. I stay on my hands and knees to the kitchen to make them a cup of tea.I return to the lounge where they are opening all the presents apart from one. "I know you don't mind, I’ve given all your presents to Sarah," says Donna."We did buy you something though," says Sarah. "Here open it."I take the paper off to find a new collar, which says MY BITCH on the front."Well what do you say?" say Donna. "I picked that especially for you. You can at least say thank you.""Thank you mistresses," I say. "You will wear that wherever we go, people should know that you belong to me," says Donna. "Is that clear?""Yes thank you mistress." "Now come here so I can take off your old collar and put on your nice new one."With my new collar in place I get told to go make Christmas dinner for them.I serve them their food. Donna says, "Sit on the floor and lick my feet and toes while I am eating. If you do a good job I will leave some food to go in your bowl."I circle my tongue around her toes, up the flat of her feet making my way to the top of her foot. My tongue licks back down to her toes, sucking them into my mouth one at a time."Go get your dog bowl," says Donna. I crawl into the kitchen and bring my bowl to Mistress. She mashes all the food together with her fork then grins at me while it’s slapped into my bowl."Now eat your Christmas dinner, then go and tidy up." I bend down to eat my dinner with my mouth. I can feel the food running down my chin; everything tastes the same because it is all mashed up. I am so hungry though, I eat it all."Look at the dog, she is enjoying her meal," laughs Sarah. Donna laughs and says, "Maybe we should change her name to Bitch. A name for our very own dog.""Yes, that’s a great idea," replies Sarah. "Right you heard that Bitch, you will be called Bitch from now on. We will get your name changed legally. Your new name will show the world that you are a slave. Your only purpose in life is to serve your Mistress and her friends. Is that ok with you Bitch?" asks Donna."Yes Mistress if that pleases you," I reply. I finish my dinner with them both laughing and calling me Bitch. I go into the kitchen and tidy everything away."Come on, you can drive us to the pub," says Sarah. "Go upstairs and get your vibrating eggs and put them in. Don’t bother changing though; you can go as you are."When we get to the pub Sarah tells me to park right outside the door. She turns to me and says, "You can wait here until we are ready to go home. It’s nearly closing time so everyone who comes out will see you in your slave outfit. Don’t try and cover yourself up. You stay sitting straight up, sitting on your hands. We will sit by the window so we can see you, so no cheating." Laughing they both go into the bar and leave me there alone.About 20 minutes pass when I feel the eggs turned on high speed. I look across to the window and they both shake there heads and point to their necks...I know not to cum with my collar on, they are teasing me again with delightAfter about half an hour people start leaving. I can feel my face burning with humiliation as they start pointing and laughing at me. I try not to wriggle on the seat, but the eggs are making it nearly impossible to sit still. Men are cheering and women are staring, some with disgust on their faces as they notice my erect nipples poking out of my bra. Donna and Sarah don’t come out for another half an hour until everybody has left.They see my red ace and burst out laughing. "Did you enjoy that Bitch? I hope so because believe me it will happen again someday.""Please mistress, let me cum. These are driving me crazy," I ask. "Please I’m begging you."Donna laughs and replies, "We will decide when we get home, so get driving."They leave the eggs vibrating all the way home. It is so hard to concentrate on the road.When we get back home Sarah announces that she is off home for a while, but will return because she is having a great Christmas.As soon as she leaves the house Donna comes over and kisses me tenderly on my lips, and caresses my cheek. She turns the eggs off and removes them from my pussy. "Are you ok darling? Are you still enjoying being my slave?"Yes, I am. It has been fun. It will be a Christmas that we won't forget. Mind you I am missing your kisses and our closeness. Do you want to stop now?""Maybe we should," says Donna. She kisses me passionately on my lips and leads me onto the sofa. She kisses her way alone my neck and down to my left nipple, gently sucking it into her soft moist mouth. Her hand gently kneads my right breast. Her tongue trails down my body until it reaches my pussy. Sticking her tongue in my pussy as far as it will reach. Lapping up my juices. She sucks her way up to my clit. Her tongue flicks once on my clit, when the front door opens.Sarah comes in laughing. Donna sits up and says, "Did you really think I would let you cum when you still have your collar on. You know the rules. We just wanted to wind you up, we love you being so horny when we are going to bed to satisfy each other.""You will be cold and horny lying at the foot of our bed. Being able to hear us having plenty of orgasm is going to drive you crazy," says Sarah. "I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of using Bitch. I think we should see how far we have trained her and see what we can make her do.""I think she will do anything we tell her to," says Donna. "Let’s talk about it when Bitch isn't with us, well we don't want to give away the surprises do we? Make sure the house is clean, then come lie at the foot of our bed where dogs belong," laughs Donna, as they make their way upstairs.After five minutes I go and lie on the floor. All night I can hear them having sex. Orgasm after orgasm screams through the bedroom."Merry Christmas Bitch," says Donna. Laughing Sarah says, "Tomorrow is going to be fantastic."
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