Part II - The Old Man and the Blonde
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Bonnie and I walked out of the bathroom and down the hallway toward the Lounge.   As we walked into the room, Tony was standing there stark naked in front of the hot tub.  He motioned to come closer to him and said, “Come closer to me Beti, I want to get a good close look at you.”  I walked up to him and stopped with my very hard nipples about 3 inches from his chest.  I give him a big smile and ask, “Well big boy, what do you think?”  He reached up and held each of my boobs in his hands.  He was gentle and slowly started rubbing my nipples with this thumbs.  He looked at me and said, “Boobs are the reason that I married Bonnie.”  “I love big boobs and they really turn me on, especially when I can hold them and play with them like this.”  He motioned to Bonnie and said, “Hey babe, come over here and give Beti a great big kiss.”  She walked up right in front of me; putting her boobs against mine she put her hands on either side of my face, and pressed her lips to mine.  Our tongues met and I felt a nice sensation between my legs deep inside of my pussy.  Tony had slid his hands in between us and was playing with both of our boobs at the same time.
When I had first entered the room, I had looked at Tony’s cock.   It was just hanging there, and looked like it was about 6 or 7 inches long, and quite thick.  I felt something against my leg and looked down to see what it was.  My God, it was Tony; he had gotten a hard on and it huge.  His cock was at least 12 inches long, and very thick.  He held it up with one hand, looked at me and said, “Not too bad for an old man, huh Babe.”  I must have gasp, and he then said, “don’t worry I will be gentle,” I just hope you like it as much as I like your big tits.”  Bonnie looked at me and said, “Now Beti, you know one of the reasons that I married Tony, he is one hell of a good lover, and beside that he is filthy rich.”
Tony took my hand and led me to the hot tub.  I stepped in and sat down on the ledge, the water just covering my legs and ass.  It was about belly button deep, nice and warm and had a great smelling aroma.  Tony sat down beside me, and Bonnie sat just across from me, as if she was just going to watch what was happening.  I could not help but notice that Tony’s cock was sticking up out of the water about 4 or 5 inches.  The head of his cock was a dark blue red color, and the skin was very tight and shinny.  “OK Beti,” Tony said, “now you are going to see one of the reasons that I married Bonnie, besides her beautiful rack of tits.”  “She is the only woman that I have ever found that could take care of me sexually, and do everything that I wanted to have done.  You watch real close to what she does, it will be your turn next, and I expect you to do everything that she does for me as well.
Tony motioned to Bonnie and said “come over here my dear, and show Beti how to suck my cock.”  Tony moved up a step to get his huge cock out of the water.  Bonnie got on her knees in front of him; he grabbed her by the tits and started to pull her toward him, pushing his hard cock toward her face.  She opened her mouth and Tony put just the head of his cock inside.  “Suck it for me baby, lick me all around my pecker head, I want to feel your tongue all over my knob.”  You could see the pleasure on Tony’s face as Bonnie started making circular motions around his cock, making just the slightest sucking sound from time to time.  I wanted to do it too, but had to wait for my turn.  I was really starting to get horny, just watching as she sucked on his hard knob.   Tony said, “OK Baby, now I want you to show Beti how to deep throat a big cock.”  “Have you ever had a cock this big before now Beti,” he asks.  “No,” I replied “I have only seen a cock that big in some of the XXX rated movies that I have watched.”  “Show her how it is done Bonnie,” he said as he put his hands behind her head and started to pull her toward him, his cock in her mouth.  It was hard to believe what I was seeing, slowly Bonnie was sliding her mouth down his long shaft and inch by inch his cock was disappearing inside of her mouth.  It only took a few seconds and all of him was inside of her mouth, right up to his balls.  “Now Bonnie,” Tony said, “show Beti how to fuck my cock with your mouth.”  Bonnie started moving her mouth up and down his hard cock, sometimes letting it come all the way out right up to his big hard knob.  
After about 5 minutes of deep throat by Bonnie, Tony said, “it’s time to show Beti how I fuck you.”  Bonnie got on her knees on the top step of the hot tub.  Tony got behind her.  He reached for a bottle of lotion that was setting on the edge of the hot tub.  He opened the bottle and poured some of it on to his cock, carefully rubbing it all around the shaft and over the head.  He then poured some in the crack of Bonnie’s ass, rubbing it all over her ass hole and pussy.  He took his cock in hand and guided it toward her lubricated ass hole.  Slowly he slid all 12 inches deep inside of her.  She moaned with pleasure as he pressed his balls against her ass, his cock deep inside of her.  “Oh Tony,” she said, “Fuck me I want to feel that big cock go in and out of my ass hole.”  Tony started to move his cock in and out of her ass.  With each thrust she moaned with pleasure.  Tony fucked her harder and faster and after several minutes said, “now Baby, it is time for you to turn over and let me fuck your pussy.”
His cock slid out of her ass hole, Bonnie turned over and grabbed Tony, giving him a big deep kiss, he holding her boobs in his hands.  “Now my love,” he said, “it’s time to take care of your pussy and for me to cum inside of you, are you ready?”  Bonnie looked at Tony and said “fuck me big boy, I want that big cock deep in my pussy, give it to me baby.”  With that Tony pushed the head of his cock into her waiting pussy.  Slowly he moved it in and out until all 12 inches was inside of her.  The rhythm started, slowly at first, then faster and faster as he pounded her pussy with his cock.  She was screaming “fuck me, fuck me,” over and over.  “Make me cum baby,” she said, “I want you to shoot your big load into my pussy.”  Tony started to moan, as he fucked her faster and faster.  Bonnie started screaming, “I am going to cum baby, don’t stop now.”  Together they both screamed out in passion as Tony shot his big load inside of her.  The waves of pleasure shooting through their bodies at the same moment, as they kissed deeply and ran their hands all over each others body’s.    Tony raised himself up, and looked over at me as I fingered myself to climax.  He smiled and said, “Next time it will be my turn to make you cum.”
End of part II   Next Part III – It’s my turn.
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