A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Five
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Chapter Five They came to the end of the warehouse about to turn into the parking area for those that had cars waiting for them as ships disembarked crews and two men came around the corner, no worries, just business men by the look of it but my hackles rose a bit and my grip on her waist tightened.   One man, a particularly large man at that, came straight at them in a way that brought on fears of the unknown, now I was getting nervous.   I whispered to her “be cool, but just in case be ready to run baby, this looks as if it could get nasty.”   The man stopped right in front of them and reached to the inner coat pocket of his blazer…strangely both men were dressed alike.   He withdrew a leather folder and opened it in front of them to see saying “I am special Agent Johnston, are you Ezekiel Smythe” as he looked straight at me.   I gulped down the lump in my throat and squawked out nervously “Yes, is there a problem?”   The man turned his attention to Sally and asked politely “Is your name Sallie La Flirte?”   Her silence said volumes, either it had been an alias or she was tongue tied by the immediacy of the request.   I jumped in and said “Yes, what’s this all about?” in a commanding, almost angry tone.   “Sir” the man replied with equal calm “There was an incident a couple days ago near a local coffee house, we understand that you were both there just before you sailed.   We have some questions for you, don’t worry, neither of you are in trouble of any kind.   They won’t take long…just come with us for a few minutes and you’ll be on your way.”   He eyed Sally like any man would and tsked quietly as he considered just how sweet that body would be thrashing around under him.   The two men escorted them to a grey government sedan, opened the rear doors and allowed them to sit in the back seat closing them in, functionally imprisoning them with no door or window handles on the interior of the rear compartment.   I looked over at Sally, my eyes pleading with her to make sense of it all.   I knew before all was said and done she’d likely pitch a fit. And she did without a second thought. “Barney you fucking bastard, I had this all figured out until now, guess we will just have to see what I can come up with. What the fuck have you done Barney, rob a bank or something? They are the feds; they aren't here to bust a small timer like me. Was that fucking money that you have been feeding me hot?”   Just then the two men get into the front seat of the car and turn to seemingly question us; she instantly turns on the tears. She sobs out to me “Okay, get your self out of this Barney” somewhere between fear, nerves and anger to her tones.   As the two agents slid into the front seat their whispered voices couldn’t be heard even as close as the rear compartment.   They each turned to face the back, each taking in the sight of the man and woman in their web of typical federal intrigue.   Without a word the driver pushed a button and a privacy screen slid closed between the two parts of the sedan, I pounded on the panel of Plexiglas and demanded an explanation as the driver started the car and drove from the docks.   I was in shock, a simple crabber in custody of the government….I shouted to them “Why? What in the hell are you going to do with us?” but the two in the front seat faced the roadway said nothing as the car moved ahead.   I gripped Sally’s hand and asked as calmly as I could “Is there something you need to tell me?   You said a few minutes ago that they aren’t after a small timer like you.   What does that mean?”   I stole back my hand, frustration building hard and fast as the car took the shoreline drive to a better part of town than sailors usually got to go. It was then that I smelled it, a faint smell of almonds; I watched as Sally slumped over onto my lap, my last thought “I finally get her mouth near me and I can’t even get it up” as my eyes fell closed as the ether took its toll.   When I awoke I was in a plain ordinary room, lying in a plain ordinary double bed, beside me lay my dream girl Sally.   My head hurt like hell when I tried to sit up, but I managed to do so and looked over at the wonderful curves I had lusted over so many times in the past three days…and she lay beside me sleeping like a baby.   I nudged at her shoulder; she groaned but didn’t wake up.   Whispering in case someone was listening I lowered myself near her ear “Sally, wake up baby…come on, wake up, we may be able to get out of here…”   She was still out of it from whatever drug the two had pumped into the cars rear compartment, though I thought I remembered the scent of ether from when I had my tonsils out years ago; her breathing sounded smooth as if she was just asleep, her chest….oh what a chest…rose and fell so smoothly I was tempted to touch and shook off the urge.   I listened to her breaths in…out….in….out; smooth and rhythmic and with each one her huge tits welled up beneath the halter top…temptation got the best of me as my fingers untied the knot binding it and pulled it open to reveal her push up bra beneath.   ‘In for a pint…in for a pound’ my dad had always said as I pulled the straps off of her shoulders and revealed the wonders of her breasts…soft…smooth….faint pink areolas with textured nipples relaxed and supple.   Her breaths stayed calm and even as I gazed upon the perfection so close, my mouth watered as my mind went to overload and lowered it to her breast, a lick over the faint pink and a little suction on the nipple, she was going to have sex with me anyway I justified in my stupor.   I heard her breath suck in as my lips surrounded the wondrous texture and laved it with my tongue.   I rose up and looked to her face, still peacefully asleep, my eyes swept down along her body, her bare midriff as finely muscled as I had imagined it would be, the white shorts still covered the prize that would have been mine.   I felt my head throb as my pulse came faster looking at the curve above her feminine core…she was going to be mine tonight anyway I justified as my hand settled onto her mound…so warm….oh god forgive me….so soft as my fingers pressed along the curve against her pussy’s fine narrow slit. My body shook with need, my cock swelled and had needs to be met…yet I could not…would not…what if the two agents walked in and I was molesting her unconscious body.    I rose and replaced her bra straps, pulled the halter into place and retied it.   Thankfully she would none the wiser for my groping her while she slept.     I turned on the bed and sat on the edge, my mind a flurry of questions, my thoughts distracted by the lush beauty on the bed.   Looking around the room it seemed familiar, too familiar in fact.   I went to the window and realized where I, where we were.   This was my uncle’s house, my very wealthy and powerful uncle, just outside of Port Carlos…my uncle who I had ‘barrowed’ the money for Sally’s whims without consulting him first.   I struggled to figure out what was going on as I stood up and felt light headed, I caught myself as I fell face first onto the bed…as luck would have it my chin parted Sally’s limp unconscious induced thighs as my mouth pressed against her warm sweet pussy. I fought my way back and stood at the end of the bed trying to focus.   Her scent flooded my nostrils as I breathed in, even just that brought encouragement to my body as blood flow to my cock again swelling with need.   ‘No’ I couldn’t, could I?   Barney tried desperately to fend off the temptation to slip her shorts to the side and take a taste…a little taste of her sweet pussy wouldn’t hurt her…would it?   He knelt on the bed between her ankles and leaned foreword, his hands pushed her thighs apart enough to see the vertical line of her snatch beneath the thin white fabric.   An almost convulsive shudder went through him as he stared into the face of heaven and knew if he did this she’d never trust him again, probably not even give him the blow job she had promised. He wrestled with his temptation and his honor…the honor won out as he leaned to her and laced but one sweet kiss over the fabric of her shorts atop of her mound.     I went to the bathroom to wash the drugged sleep from my eyes and decided on a shower, a very cold one would help to quell the urgent need of my dick’s desire to be surrounded by Sally’s smooth wet cunt.   Stripping off the clean but smelly clothes I stepped into the shower to wash the sea from my body, still in hopes that even after this Sally would give me a deep throat blow job and some pussy to go with it. I still had a pretty good start of a hard on, but couldn’t bring myself to masturbate this time, I had told her I was saving up my juicy cum all for her, and she was close now…I wished I had not done the honorable thing and left her asleep and basically untouched. Once the fishy smell of the sea was washed away I grabbed a robe and slipped it on figuring she would still be asleep on the bed, and maybe…just maybe….I could wake her up in a nice way.   She was gone!   ‘Damn’ I muttered under my breath as I wondered where she would be.   Meanwhile, Sally awoke and discovered herself alone.   From her mind and viewpoint it was quite different that from Barney’s… As I awoke I slowly began to look around. I soon realized that this place was really plush. It was obvious that no crab fisherman owned this palace. If this guy was a fisherman he owned a fleet of fishing boats. I heard the shower running and peaked in. I saw Barney through the glass doors of the shower. For the first time I saw his enormous cock and wondered if I would in fact be able to deep throat it.   I thought I would explore a little while Barney was in the shower. There were numerous bedrooms down the long hallway. I came to a massively wide staircase leading down to an enormous great room. Then I saw him standing by the enormous fireplace at one end of the room. He was older than Barney and not as muscular but very well dressed.   Excuse me, I'm a bit chilled may I join you? I think he was about to say no until he turned and saw me in my little halter top and sexy shorts. I sauntered over to him looking him in the eye and bouncing my boobs a bit as I approached him still in my 5 inch high heels.   By the time I walked down the stairs and over to him and across the room, I could tell that his cock was beginning to swell already.   Who Knows Barney perhaps you will just have to watch thru a keyhole while I fuck Uncle Charles, who I had seen downtown several times flaunting his wealth.
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