Beth’s Punky Reggae Party
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Beth, the hygienist on shift was an attractive lady with short auburn hair. A little heavy or rather buxom; she had a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes which made me warm up to her instantly. She also had a great personality and instantly put me at ease, a plus for my phobia.
There are few things I fear more than a visit to the dentist, this news terrified me. I was considering having braces and the information that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed did not go well.
We talked for awhile, as she checked the schedule for further appointments. During our conversation she mentioned that she had visited Jamaica and had fond memories of her vacation. We hit it off well and her joking around soon made me forget my fear.
A week later I was in the office and we chatted some more. Since it was almost her lunchtime, I offered to tag along and accompany her.
The dental office was in a popular mall in North Miami Beach, less than 10 minutes from my apartment. There was food court with a large selection, she had a snack while I had coffee. Once a month we entertained our routine I could tell she was interested in me.
I had Wednesdays off from school and work, my routine was gym in the morning and later to the dentist. On this particular day, running late, with not enough time to change or shower, I arrived wearing my runners tights.
Beth let out a low wolf whistle and winked at me, causing me to blush. I loved it, though I would never admit it. Settling myself in her chair while she went to work, while I fantasied about her and her soft touch. At lunch she asked if she could be frank with me and ask a favor?
“Sure” I said.
“Do you know where I could get some good Jamaican weed?” she asked, adding “...for a friend.”
I listened to her talk without indicating yes or no either way.
I occasionally came across some ganja but I wasn't a weedhead, it opened up my appetite too much and didn't score well with my fitness plans. In any case I had some at home so I told her she could stop by later.
Beth showed up after four, and we sat on the sofa talking, by all indications being alone in my apartment did not seem to bother her despite the fact she wore a thick wedding band.
“Do you know how to roll?” I asked as I pushed a small wooden board towards her.
She licked her lips, pulled a leaf of Rizla and rolled a tight neat one which she sparked with a flick of the Bic. I watched her enjoy the odor, critiquing it with the expertise of a sommelier, tasting fine wine. Satisfied with its content she handed it to me, and soon we were mellowed out. “Do you mind if I put a little reggae music on?” ...“Some Bob Marley” I suggested. “How about something to drink?” she asked.
I offered her some wine, while I had a glass of JW neat, we continued laughing and talking. Relaxed now, she became more comfortable and began nuzzling up to me. I reached over and kissed her as softly as I could. I loved to kiss and tease.
She responded well kissing me warmly. Our tongues danced lightly together flirting and teasing each other. Beth reached down to rub my crotch while I began to unbutton her blouse. Her Rubenesque figure, soft and curvy was very attractive. I felt her plump breast. The pair had been driving me crazy since I met her now I buried my face between them. They were nice and firm with tiny pink nipples. Her areola were two shades darker had little ridges that rose when I sucked on them.
Making love to Beth had a softness that smoothed my hard edges. Her very feminine personality, quiet sighs and moans transported me to another era. Back to a  lost time. A time of chivalry. A time when men adored full figured women. Her perfume was captivating even though she barely wore any. Her tasty pussy was moist and she had the softest most succulent lips to ever grip my cock.
Kissing and sucking her titties made her wet inside, and she slowly pushed my head down. Anticipating her wants I got off the sofa and knelt before her. Reaching back I helped her as she raised her butt to remove her scrubs pants. Her underwear was attractive yet professional, so as not to reveal too much through the shear material of her pants.
Laying slouched on her back, her head rested on the arm and one leg dangled to the floor. I approached her on my knees, my hands massaging her calves as my face sought out its intended target. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue; gauging her reaction.
She shifted a little to allow me more access. I proceeded to cover her mound with little kisses. Her pussy was au naturel, curly red hair sought to deny me entrance to the object of my desires.
Beth, her eyes closed in ecstasy, moaned as she raised her pelvis to receive more of my kisses. I enjoyed our little tryst, this slow seduction had my cock at rigid attention and my yearning for her increased.
I still had not tasted her, content to administer all the attention to the surface of her mons veneris. Beth however wanted more, slowly and with more persistence she guided my face to her pussy as she opened her legs to receive the pleasure of my tongue. My hands did not remain idle but gently massaged her legs and continued up to lightly brush her inner thighs. Cooing and trembling as my fingers advanced toward her pussy, her legs spread wider allowing me to insert one or two while continuing my chewing motion on her clit.
Our long foreplay had her extremely excited. Moments after I began lapping at her seat of nectar she began the first of many climaxes. With my tongue I gently disrobed her hooded clitoris, exposing it to ever increasing pressure as I nibbled and sucked.
By flicking my tongue in a staccato beat I coaxed it from its secret hiding place till it now stood proudly erect.
The feel of her enlarged clit in my mouth was divine, and soon she could now longer maintain her composure, I shed my shirt and lead her to my bedroom. She asked me to remove my pants, instead I stepped closer indicating that she should remove them.
Having felt the outline of my captivated cock through my jeans, she uttered a gasp when it sprung to full attention. Now free from any encumbrance it throbbed wildly before her. Descending to her knees without any prompting, she held my cock with both hands, pumped it a few times before guiding it to her waiting mouth.
Once inside her mouth she began to create tremendous suction, her tongue swirling around the inside of her mouth she created an incredible sensation. Releasing one hand she lifted and weighed my balls. Stroking and lifting she began to press and massage the area beneath all the way to the root of my raging tool. I was hot for her, wanting now to sink my cock into her tight pussy. To lose myself in the embrace of  her arms and feel the heat exuding from her body. Laying supine position I mounted her while she gently but firmly guided my cock into her hairy pussy.
The touch of my cock against which, set of electric sparks in my brain. I felt as if a strobe light had ignited inside my head. I began to grind my hips to the reggae beat encouraging her to follow suit, soon we were both rocking in rhythm. My pelvis pressed hard against her clit eliciting deep cries. No longer able to contain herself she threw legs around my waist holding me in a scissors lock. Her pussy greedily engulfed me swallowing me completely and holding me firm before sending me rebounding again. Our pelvises collided time after time but the softness of her body cushioned each attack. Celestial bliss was soon imminent. With a small time out, we changed positions, I suggested she get on all fours while I mounted her from behind. Covering the large expanse of her back with more kisses, I gently massaged her pussy from the rear. She was enthralled by my attentiveness and commented that she had never felt such sexual chemistry with anyone, I dittoed her thoughts indicating that she too had me spellbound. Time and space slowed to a stop, then the vortex in a reversal, came rushing back at warp speed. Our sweat covered bodies screamed in unison. Holding each other tightly we rode each ascending wave until our bodies jerked in uncontrollable spasms and we lay spent and exhausted.
Wondering if we could ever surpass this first time, we cuddled together in the afterglow. I nuzzled her neck lightly, inhaling her perfumed skin. She began stroking my cock which to her delight was once again evidencing its prowess.  “... I don't have to be home for another 2 hours”
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