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I had been eyeing her for so long. Even though she had a boyfriend I was determined to get my way with her.
She wasn't like most other girls though. She would not be easy. Our conversation, though, went from "Hi's" and "Hello's" to steamy midnight phone sex ending up with me cumming in my pants. My cock dribbled at the thought of finally getting her alone.
I remember that day well though we had just come from the campus cafeteria. She had ordered a pina colada and was sipping it through a straw. As I watched her closely as she sipped on it. She had a way, I don't think it was intentional, of sipping where her pointed tongue would be the first to meet the straw, followed by her juicy pink lips. The site of it was truly wonderful. With every sip I could feel the heat rise deep between my legs. My thoughts careened off into fantasy relishing the though of my swelling cock being the straw.
As we walked to the car I opened the front door to plop into the driver seat and motioned her into shotgun. To my surprise, with a wicked grin and a gleam in her eye, she jumped into the back seat.
"No looking back" she said. I raised my eyebrows quizzically.
"Whatever you can see in the rear view mirror is what you get."
At this my heart began to race. I couldn't believe what was happening here. I tilted the mirror downwards trying to adjust it to see all of her but the narrowness of the mirror made it difficult.
"You can only move it once. Now hands off Sir!!"
At that time the mirror had focused on her upper body. She sat facing the front of the car and pulled her hair back behind her shoulders. She lifted her blue baby-T just enough so that if I craned my neck I could just see her belly button. She then lifted her hips off the seat and began to undo her jeans. My hands began to tremble. But her hips plunged back down out of view. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I ached to get out of my pants.
A young pretty dark haired girl walked past the car and I wondered if she could see what was going on in the back seat.
I watched in torture as her hands moved out of view to what I could only imagine was her wetness. Her eyes would look directly at me in the mirror but her eyelids would slowly droop close every so often, a telling sign of what I could not see.
She brought a finger to her lips and licked it slowly at first probing with her tongue and then encircling it with her lips.
By this time my mouth was dry and I was aching to unbutton my trousers. As I pulled my zipper down, I could see the head of my cock already protruding over the top of my briefs. I pulled it free with a sigh. I knew she could see me.
A pearl of clear liquid welled up from the tip, small but growing, and tumbled down the length of my shaft as it outgrew its perch.
"Oh my god!" she cried "what are you doing!??"
I looked up from my burgeoning manhood and turned around only to realize that she was still clothed from the waist down and not naked and bubbling like I though she was.
My face reddened as I realized the embarrassing situation I was in "You are such a cock tease!!" I croaked as she burst out laughing.
"Actually I was only kidding. That's was really sweet. I love when boys get excited over me. And boy were you excited."
By this time I was too defeated to even put away my dick which had by now started to wilt out of shame.
"Not so fast stud! Maybe I liked what I saw." She hopped over the seat and plopped down into the passenger seat with a devilish smile. "You get an A for effort !"
Her delicate fingers took my cock between them and began to stroke me lightly. My embarrassment diminished with every movement of her hands. I pulled my pants down lower past my hips to expose more of my balls. With that same naughty look in her eye and that same straw sipping way she covered my cock with her mouth. Pointed tongue, followed by soft lips.
Her mouth felt warm around me. Slick and wet. She began to fondle my balls with her other hand stroking them sweetly as her mouth increased the tempo on my shaft. The variation in rhythm made me want to explode.
"I think we need a little flavor" she said with a wink and she grabbed her unfinished pina colada and poured it down the length of my shaft. I looked on in disbelief as she traced her tongue along my in a slow catlike manner teasing me with every stroke.
I managed to look up for a brief moment only to see the dark haired girl who had passed us before sitting on a bench directly in view of the front seat of the car. She was taking in the entire show as Mindy took in my entire cock. I could feel my cock swelling even more as every part of my body felt on fire.
Mindy continued to pull and tug at me her pace becoming more frenetic as my breathing quickened. My hips began to gyrate with a mind of their own. Somewhere in my brain it registered that the girl on the bench was walking toward the car but at this point there was nothing that I could do or even care to do.
Mindy pulled head back "Almost there hot stuff!!"
From deep within I could feel it coming. Every muscle in my body tensed, my hands grasping the steering wheel as hot white cum burst through my shaft, pumping , coursing through me, every drop anxious to escape.
Click !! "Gorgeous!!"
I looked up to see the dark haired girl standing outside my window with a camera. "That’s the money shot baby!!" she said smiling. "Great work Mindy!!"
I couldn’t believe it but I had been taken. I've come across a few in my time but these two were the best!
Still reeling from the blow job of the century I couldn't have cared less. Much to my surprise, the dark haired girl opened my door and dropped to her knees.
"You can't leave this mess hun!" as she sucked the last remnants of cum from my dripping cock....
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