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Their bodies met hard, a soft grunt coming from each of them as the impact as all space between them dissappeared, their lips meshing together hard. Her arms moved around his neck, her hands gripping the back of his head by his hair and pulling his face into hers needily, arching her back to press her breasts firmly into his chest. His arms moved down her sides and around to her butt, squeezing her buttocks hard with his hands and pulling her hips into his hard. She moaned softly at the feeling on his hands on her, the feeling of her body crushed against his and the feeling of his warm lips dancing with hers in the kiss. She shuddered slightly and let her head fall to the side as she felt his lips suck her bottom lip softly before kissing softly across her jawline to just before her ear, small shivers dancing down her neck followed by his lips. A tiny gasp came from her as he teased her skin with his teeth, kissing and biting, kissing and biting until he reached her shoulder, her body now leaning limply against his as she felt her knees go weak and quiver with anticipation.
His tongue sliding softly up the side of her neck he gently nibbled up the edge of her ear, sending more electricity racing through her skin and down her spine before whispering into it hotly "take off your clothes and lie down on your back." She tried to think of words to respond but could only manage a soft sighing sound as she stepped away from him and wobbled slightly on her legs, her balance fleeting and quickly removed her clothes, throwing them carelessly to the side until she was standing naked before him. He stared at her for a few moments, his eyes greedily moving up and down her body in a way that made her shiver inside, a pulse of lust shooting from her lower belly before his eyes met hers, and more words were spoken. "On your back." She slowly bent her knees, lowering herself to the ground slowly as to not fall over and slowly rolled backwards, her legs shivering as she straightened them out and lay on the floor fully.
She looked up at him wantonly, her eyes sparkling with desire and her body trembling slightly, a growing heat and sensitivity in her pussy pushing further and further into her awareness as he straddled her thighs, resting his weight on his arms and leaning down over her, his lips meeting hers softly. He slowly pushed his body down hers, her legs trying to open to invite his cock but were trapped by his own, her body wriggling in mild frustration but immediately forgotten as his lips and teeth once again weaved their magic down the side of her sensitive neck, tiny electric bolts of pleasure shooting through her at his touch as his lips and teeth continued down past her neck and collarbone and started running his warm, wet and soft tongue down her chest leaving a thin trail of saliva. It continued down in between her breasts before moving to the side, circling around her left breast and slowly running his tongue over it, each circle moving his tongue closer to the nipple before stopping. His tongue pressed flat against her nipple and dragged slowly up it in a movement that exploded fire in her lower belly. Her nipple glistened in the light as she felt him blow cold air over it lightly, her nipple tightening and hardening deliciously as she bit her lip, his lips sucking her nipple into his mouth softly as she arched her back and pressed more of her breast into his mouth. He suckled almost greedily on her nipple, sucking her breast into his mouth as his teeth teased her sensitive, soft skin sending delightful shivers through her.
He then slowly pulled back, her breast sliding from his mouth slowly until just the nipple remained between his lips, his head continuing to move backwards sucking hard on her nipple and started stretching it away from her breast, electricity suddenly shooting from it and causing her back to arch again with a sudden moan. He smiled into her flesh, moving his head back towards her and letting her nipple go, giving it a slow, soft kiss before gently biting his way across the front of her chest to the other breast and moved his teeth slowly towards the nipple, stopping just short of it. He then reached out with his tongue, slowly running it over her nipple deliciously, coating it in his saliva before blowing on it gently, the nipple hardening and tightening obediently with a pleasant ache. He gave it a long, soft kiss before gently teasing it with his teeth, making her shiver as electricity ran up and down her spine. She started moaning softly with each breath as his teeth very slowly started pushing harder on the nipple, starting to bite into it as she gasped, the pain somehow making the pleasure more intense as her eyelids fluttered. And then it was over, her nipple aching with a sweet pain as his tongue slowly rubbed up and down against it.
She relaxed again, going flat on the ground as he started to make his way further down her body, his legs sliding down hers as he started kissing down from her chest and his lips moved down her belly softly, his wide shoulders pushing her legs wide open as she wriggled her hips slightly, getting comfortable and biting her lip as she waited for what was coming. His lips continued down past her lower belly but stopped just short of the top of her pussy, his lips moving to the side slightly and continuing down by the side of her pussy lip as she moaned in frustration and tried moving her hips to the side before his hands suddenly clamped down hard on her inner thighs, holding her still as she felt his warm, wet tongue sliding down the side of her pussy lip. "Please..." she breathed, her breathing now coming heavily as her lust built and built. He ignored her request, instead running his tongue to the very bottom of her pussy and moving it to the side, making her gasp with pleasure before he ran his tongue slowly up the side of her other pussy lip. She sighed and forced her body to relax, shivering as she felt her own wetness seep slowly out of her pussy and downwards, leaving a warm, wet trail.
She bit her lip again as she felt him slowly suck one of her pussy lips into his mouth, her arousal making it swollen and sensitive to his touch as he sucked on it slowly, his tongue sliding slowly up and down the edge of it and making her lower belly quiver. He released the lip slowly and moved to the other one, slowly sucking it between his warm, wet lips as his tongue slowly slid up and down against it. Her hands moved to the back of his head, gripping his hair rightly and pulling his face into her, desperate for sensation on the more sensitive areas of her now very wet and very needy pussy. She let out a long, shuddering moan as she felt the tip of his tongue push between her swollen lips and slide downwards, hearing him moan at her taste as his tongue reached her wetness and ran the whole length of his tongue against her entrance, causing her to desperately pull his head hard into her. His tongue covered in her juices he slid his tongue upwards between her lips towards her hard, throbbing little clit and brushed the tip of his tongue against it, causing her to almost shout in a moan and dig her nails into the back of his scalp.
He slowly ran the entire length of his tongue against her clit, causing hot electricity racing through her as she gasped soundlessly and arched her back, all her other senses ignored as her brain was flooded with delicious sensation. She gasped for breath once his tongue moved back down again, her entire body shaking and quivering with desire as his tongue slid down between her lips and slowly pushed into her entrance, fire exploding within her as his tongue worked its way inside of her. He moaned softly and long, his tongue vibrating slightly because of it only causing her to moan back, much louder and much longer at the light buzzing on her soft pussy walls. She writhed with pleasure as his tongue slowly slide into her, a fire growing within her belly as she felt herself entering a higher level of pleasure, a long drawn out whispered "yesssss...." before fast, deep gasps and pants as he started moving his tongue back and forth fast inside of her, the texture of his tongue working her entrance just right as he rubbed his tongue against her soft, wet quivering insides as he fucked her.
Her breathing got faster, her orgasm starting to build before she moaned loudly with frustration, feeling his tongue taken away suddenly and not replaced. She panted on her back, her whole body quivering as she stared wide-eyed at the ceiling, confusion flooding her brain as her super sensitive pussy was exposed to the cold air. His tongue pressed flat against her pussy, even more sensitive than before as it slowly moved up towards her clit and started circling around it, her hips twitching and shaking at the sensations as the tip slowly ground around the hard little nub of exquisite flesh. Her orgasm started chasing her again, her panting becoming that of need, her whole body starting to quiver as liquid fire spread from her crotch and belly to flood her belly, electricity sparking from her clit through her body. She gasped inwards and almost screamed outwards as she felt a finger slide into her suddenly, curling upwards against her pubic bone and pushing fowards until finding her g-spot. Her orgasm suddenly hit, his tongue working faster and harder on her clit as his finger pressed hard into the bundle of nerves hard and deep, again and again as her orgasm ripped through her powerfully. Her back spasmed and arched, her muscles shaking and her legs crushing inwards, stopped only by his shoulders as her eyes rolled into her head, a few screams announcing her pleasure as her pussy dripped its fluids onto the ground below them...
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