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My name is Marie. I have long, curly brown hair and green-blue-gray eyes. I’m 5’2" tall and I am bra size 38D. Also, since I was 13 years old, I’vs been in love with my best friend. Let me explain to you our relationship. We first started to date in High School when we were in grade 9, we broke up after a week. I think it’s because we were too young for a relation.
Two years later, in grade 11, we started to date again. We were going to the movie, to the restaurant.... It was at that moment I realize that I was falling in love with him. But for him, he realize that he liked me more as a close friend and he broke up with me 4 months later.
Three years later, we are now 19 year old. We are meeting for the first time after he has broken my heart at a party of our mutual friends, for Halloween. I was just out of a relation with a guy, but when I saw Max I forgot about all the others because now in front of me was standing an handsome man with jet black hair, 5' 11, with green eyes, I felt all my old feelings resurface. After the party we started dating, but only as friends. We went to the cinema, restaurant, we went out to bars with friends. We did everything that a couple did but we were only friends. This grieves me so much but what could I do other than smile. One day a friend of mine invited me to her birthday party and she said we'd drink a lot and I had to ask someone to bring me home. She suggested that I ask Max. I thought what a great idea! Like that, I could ask him to stay the night with me and who knows... Something could happen between us.
Two weeks later, came the famous party. I’m so nervous but very excited. When I think of the night I’d prepared for Max, I get wet just thinking about it. We were now at the party, we drink and we dance. I do not drink too much because I want to enjoy tonight with Max. So finally around 11:00 pm, I’m telling Max that I am tired of the party and I want to go back to my apartment.
We are now in his truck and we listen to music. By the time we arrived home, the car ride lasted us half an hour. Arrived at home, Max goes up with me to make sure I make it to my apartment. At the door I asked Max to come inside.
''Hey Max, can you come inside for a minute? I would like to speak with you.''
He goes in the lounge room as I close the door behind me and lock it. Once in the lounge room, Max turns around and says
‘’Uh ...'' OK, so what’s up?''
I walk towards him, took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Once in the room, I pushed him on the bed.
''Uh... Marie what are you doing?''
''Max, will you please let yourself go, that’s been a long time that I’ve wait for this night.''
So without giving him time to say another word, I lay him on the bed, removed my dress and straddled his long legs and start to kiss him, my tongue slowly reached in and parted his lips, and we began biting and sucking. I took off his shirt and started to kiss him on the neck. After I continued to kiss him down the torso, at the nipple I slide my tongue over it and with my teeth I gently bite on it and I could hear him gasped. We kissed for what seemed like forever.
I kissed him with all my being as if there were no day tomorrow. My hands ran all over his masculine body, rubbing every patch of his soft, smooth skin. We both took a break from our fervent making out to catch our breath and I took this time to unbuckle Max' belt and push his jeans down, leaving him in his boxers. Max swiftly recaptured my lips with his as he undid my bra clasp, setting the beautiful globes free. He then moved his mouth to my cute, dark-pink nipples standing out from the pale aureoles that almost blended in with my pale skin.
Max tongue flicked across my nipple then blew gently on it before he sucked it into his warm mouth, causing a soft moan to escape my lips and I unconsciously pushed my chest towards his face. He then turned his attention to the other breast, giving it the same attention. I was in complete ecstasy. I never thought that a man's mouth, actually that Max mouth could make me feel this way. Max came up for another passionate kiss, pressing my full chest against his, causing my nipples to tickle a little as they rubbed against his sparsely-haired chest. While he still embraced me, I ran my hands down his sides and hooked my thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down.
I giggled a little on the inside as I felt his thick cock spring up and tickle my tummy. I then took an opportunity to roll them over again and started to gently stroke his member. Max made a very animalistic growl as my little hands ran up and down his shaft and then I surprised him by taking the tip of it into my warm mouth.
I tentatively licked the head, promptly acquiring the taste of him, and then trailed my tongue down the underside of his shaft and back up. Next, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and attempted to deep throat him. I relax my throat enough to get almost all of his 9 inches. I think this sensation was too much for him, because as I pulled back to try again he stopped me for a second.
"Keep doing that, babe, and I'm gonna blow sooner than I'd want."
This just spurred me on and I switched from my long slow strokes to short fast ones, eager to please him. Soon I felt his cock start to twitch and his balls, which I had been playing with in one hand, contracted and I sensed he was about to cum. His hands grabbed hold of the back of my head and he was guiding my actions as he finally pushed over the edge. The first shot was a large one and it surprised me a little bit, but I swallowed and recovered quickly enough to ready my-self for the rest of his load. When he was finished, I sat up and seductively swallowed Max' cum then smiled down at him. He sat up also and kissed me, unbothered by the taste of his cum in my mouth.
We gently lay back down on the bed and Max started to please me. He kissed me all the way down my neck and across my chest, taking time to nibble at my nipples again, then down my stomach to my panties. Here he stopped and glanced up at me I was watching him and he smiled. He pulled down my lacy black boy-shorts and started his work on my wet pussy.
He gently licked around my lips, carefully avoiding my opening until I begged him to eat me. Max' tongue lunged into my hole, causing me to jump and scream in pleasure. As his tongue worked furiously in my opening, Max' thumb started to play with my clitoris. First he softly ran the pad of his finger over it, and then he began to firmly rub it. As my climax grew closer, my hand reached down and pushed Max into my sex. Suddenly, Max pulled his head away from my pussy and inserted two of his fingers and started to finger fuck me while he focused his mouth's attention on my clitoris. He sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue around it in circles.
I was so close to coming but Max knew just how to hold me on the precipice. Finally, I moaned, "Oh God, Max. Make me cum!"
I could feel Max smiled slightly against my cunt when he heard my words. He curled fingers up just enough to hit the infamous G-spot and coupled this new sensation with a reinvigorated attack on me clit. My fingers gripped frantically at his hair as my muscles contracted and I was sent into an overwhelmingly pleasurable orgasm. My eyes were squinted shut, my hips were grinding against Max face, and my mouth let out the sexiest moan/scream.
I struggled to catch my breath as I came down from my orgasm, especially since Max was still playing with my tender pussy. Once I had a handle on my actions, I pulled Max up my body and into another ardent kiss, letting my tongue dance around with his in his mouth.
"That was amazing, Max."
"I'm glad you liked it, Marie, but that's just the beginning," Max replied, as he started to fondle my breasts again.
"God, babe. You have no idea how long I've dreamed about this night!" Max whispered into my ear.
"I'm pretty sure I have a vague idea.’’ I laugh.
‘’Hey, Max? Look at me."
"What's the matter, love?" Max started, as he stared into my eyes.
"I don't ever want you stop. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you."
With that, my lips recaptured his, managing to squeak out, "Now, Max, please fuck me," between kisses.
Max sat up and reached into his jeans pocket to get a condom but I stopped him with my hand. I then told him there's no need for that because I’ve been on the Pill since high school. Max pulled me back into his arms and encased my lips in another mind-blowing kiss as he lay me back down on the bed and spread my legs. After getting himself situated at my entrance, Max locked his eyes with mine.
‘’Max, I just want to let you know... you will be my first.’’ I tell him shyly.
I could see the surprise and the joy in is face.
‘’This is going to hurt for a bit, babe, but I promise it gets better. Are you ready?" Max asked.
I just nodded. Max then grabbed my hips and thrust himself through my barrier. My nails clenched his back, almost breaking the skin, but eventually loosened as the pain of losing my hymen subsided. Max pushed his cock into my tight passage little by little, giving me time to adjust to this new intrusion. When his pelvis finally hits mine, he spoke again.
"Are you alright?"
"Much better now." I smiled
"Ready for more?"
"God yes! Your teasing is driving me insane!"
With that, Max started to pull out considerably faster than his way in and began to set a slow and steady pace. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts as the slight discomfort gave way to indescribable pleasure. I lifted my head off the pillow enough to watch the unbelievably erotic sight of his member pounding me, his balls gently smacking against my ass. My orgasm was coming quickly and I began to buck my hips wildly, trying to create that glorious friction against my clit. Max, I think could easily recognized the signs that I was close and began to pump in and out of my tightness faster and reached his hand between the us, to tease my sensitive nub. My moans grew louder and my breath grew shallower.
"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" I managed to squeak out; my mind was so lost in the sensations that I was surprised I was able to make a coherent statement.
Max leaned down so his mouth was right by my ear and whispered, "Cum for me, Marie."
He then increased his pace even more. I saw he wasn't going to last much longer but fought off the urge to come right then and there until I did.
By this time, my hands had made their way to my breasts and were squeezing and pinching my nipples giving me even more pleasure to override my senses. Right when I thought Max couldn't last any longer, I dam burst. My back arched off the bed, a scream escaped my lungs, and my cunt muscles contracted around his thick cock so perfectly strong, Max let his seed jettison into my pussy. It hit my cervix so hard it practically doubled the intensity of my orgasm.
Max collapsed on the bed beside me with his cock still inside me, we were both completely spent. When I was finally able to come back to reality after my mind-blowing orgasm, I rolled over to face Max and cuddled with him.
He kissed my forehead. "Have I told you how truly remarkable you are?"
"Hmmm, I don't believe you have. That's some serious lacking on your part in the boyfriend department," I replied, as I closed my eyes. I desperately tried to fight the sleep that was beckoning me.
"Boyfriend, huh? I can dig that. As long as you promise I'll be your only one. I swear up and down you'll be my only girlfriend," Max whispered, cause I was close to sleep.
I simply nodded affirmatively as the blanket of sleep over took me and I gave in, my arms entwined around Max’s body and my head on his shoulder.
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