Sally's Holiday - Part 2
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I had lain on the floor of the living room, thinking about all my wife had just confessed, trying to collect my thoughts. She had owned up to fucking another guy and while it had always been a fantasy of mine, I never thought she would ever give me such a graphic account. I replayed it in my head seeing her with this well hung guy, sucking and fucking him in such a wanton way. I suddenly realised that I was holding my cock, which was already getting hard again at the thought of what else she might be going to tell me.
Suddenly I had the urge to check the laundry for evidence. Sally was in the study downloading and sorting her holiday pictures. I headed for the laundry room. The first load had gone on, but the next load was waiting in a pile on the floor. This contained her knickers and stockings; perfect. I picked up the several pairs of stockings and examined them. The flimsy nylon held the unmistakable evidence of male cum. It was clear that she had been fucked while wearing her stockings and that some of the by-product of her infidelity had run onto them. I heard her call out to me.
‘In here.’ I responded ‘Just sorting out the washing’.
She entered the room and saw me standing there examining the stockings, my stiff cock protruding in front of me. I held up the nylons.
‘Looks like you had quite a bit of fun.’
‘Oh, you don’t know the half of it, but you are going to. In fact,’ she said, grabbing my cock ‘it looks as if you are already “up” for the second instalment!’
Sally dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. ‘What has got into you?’ I asked, ‘That’s twice tonight already, but you would hardly ever give me a “BJ” before.’
‘I have a new found taste for cock.’ she said with a wry smile. Then she began stroke my cock and relate what had happened later.
After Mano had fucked her she lay on the bed and dozed for a while. She awoke to noises from the room next door. It soon became apparent that Tanya was getting a good seeing to from some guy. She lay there listening to Tanya’s yelps of ecstasy, then found her hand wandering to her own pussy, stroking her clit then pushing her fingers into herself and masturbating in time with the motion she could clearly hear through the wall. She continued to a climax, simultaneous with Tanya’s own and that of the guy who was fucking her, as evidenced by his guttural grunts.’
There were muffled voices for a while and then she heard the room door closing, followed by a knock at the connecting door. She grabbed her sarong and wrapped it round herself and answered the door. Tanya stood there with a towel wrapped around herself and a big grin on her face.
‘Did you enjoy that?’ Tanya asked ‘It sure sounded like you did, and I thought I was loud when I came!’ she giggled.
Suddenly Sally realised that she had been rather vocal in her masturbation and blushed, ‘Oh my God! I didn’t realise!’
Tanya giggled again and said not to worry. She came into the room and said at least she wasn’t the only one who had had some fun. Sally shot her a quizzical look and said ‘What? Oh, yeah, I see.’
Now it was Tanya who looked quizzically at Sally ‘What did you think I meant...Wait a minute what have you been up to while we were out?’
‘Uh, nothing.’ Sally lied unconvincingly and set about getting a couple of drinks and changed the subject, asking about the boat trip. Tanya launched into an account of the afternoon’s events, the 2 guys from the previous evening had been giving all the right signs and when they stopped at a little cove the 4 of them had gone onto the beach, leaving the others on the boat, they had got “very playful” but soon had to get back to the boat for the return trip, hence had decided to continue in the room. Fiona, as far as she knew was getting similar treatment in her room. With which there was a knock at the door, as if on cue, it was Fiona, who came in and burst into fits of giggles, dropping favourable hints about the skill, capability and, above all, size of her new found lover. Tanya very tactlessly mentioned about the enjoyment Sally had got from listening to her antics and all 3 burst into fits of giggles. But Tanya had gone on to state that she wasn’t convinced that that had been Sally’s only fun of the afternoon, though Sally had refused to be drawn by repeated questioning.
The girls were soon planning their evening, a quick cocktail at the hotel bar, then off to the little bar/restaurant from the previous evening to meet the guys, followed by a night club. The other two had returned to their rooms to get ready, agreeing to meet in an hour.
Sally told me she had put on a black dress the body of which crosses over forming a deep V at front and back. I love her wearing this when we go dancing, as her tits jiggle around in it and the full skirt flares as she moves; besides, it could almost have been designed with easy access in mind. Of course, she wore stockings and suspenders too and one of her little thongs. They met, as agreed, and headed to the Hotel bar, where they took a table and Mano headed straight over. They ordered cocktails and as he headed back to the bar, he and Sally exchanged a knowing look, which was not lost on the other two. They both looked at Sally with big grins.
‘Why, you dirty little tart!’ Tanya said ‘And to think that we thought you had stayed back just because you don’t like boats!’
‘I don’t know what you mean!’ Sally had replied with mock affront and the three of them burst into more fits of giggles.
When Mano returned with the drinks the other two gave him their best smiles and made some comments about him keeping up the reputation of Spanish waiters, to which he just smiled and said they were more than welcome to find out in person, causing more fits of giggles and comments. When he had gone they again quizzed Sally and she had given them a brief account of the day’s events. They had mentioned that she didn’t seem to let the fact that she was a married woman get in the way of things, to which she told them that I had always been turned on by the thought of her with other men, so she planned to tell me all about it. They had discussed that point and it was then that they had come up with the idea of me “earning” the details of her infidelity.
‘It’s time for you to earn the next instalment. Fuck me from behind.’ Sally instructed me as she leant over the washing machine. I did as I was bid and she began to relate more of her story.
After the cocktails they had left the hotel and headed to the bar, where they had met up with the group of guys. Drinks flowed freely and the guys were taking it in turns to get the girls up on the dance floor. A couple of them were making advances towards Sally, but she feigned disinterest. She mentioned that there had been one guy who appeared quite a bit younger than the others. He was a black lad named Roy and he seemed a bit shy, so was left out by the antics of his companions, who were ribbing him about it. Tanya and Fiona paired off with the two guys they had spent the afternoon with, so Sally decided to take the heat off the young lad and herself. Taking him by the hand she led him to the dance floor, to the ribald cheers and comments of his mates.
They had hardly begun to dance when the tempo changed, the DJ playing a smoochy number and he made to go back to his seat.
‘Oh no you don’t!’ Sally had said and grabbed him to her, to the wooos and whoops of his mates.
She leant closer and asked about the group. They all worked together and it was a ‘bachelor week’ for 2 of them who were getting married soon. He was sort of the odd one out, as the others were all in their mid to late-20s, but he wouldn’t be 19 for a few months yet.
‘God! I’m old enough to be your Mum.’ she had said and he had blurted out that she didn’t look it and that she was really ‘fit’, she just giggled as he started trying to apologise. She had told him not to worry; she saw it as a compliment.
They danced a while longer and then returned to the table. Tanya and Fiona were with their guys, while the others had disappeared in search of companions. They chatted for a while and Roy had said that Derek, the guy with Fiona, was, in fact his cousin.
The girls looked at Derek’s lighter skin. ‘Yeah, got my Mum’s colouring!’ he said.
Fiona then chipped in ‘That’s as maybe, but the family resemblance is evident in other areas!’ She flexed her arm intimating that he was well endowed and they all laughed.
After a while, they had decided to move on to a nightclub. The girls had found a table while the guys got drinks and Tanya and Fiona had ribbed Sally about being a cradle snatcher and the obvious comments about well hung black guys. They were still giggling about it when the guys returned.
It was not long before Sally and Roy were back on the dance floor, moving to a slow rhythm. His hands were on the small of her back and he began to explore what he was feeling beneath her dress. It was not long before his fingers came to rest on her hip and he tried nonchalantly to explore the suspender strap with his finger tips.
‘Yes, I am wearing stockings.’ Sally had said.
He quickly moved his hand away, but she told him that it was OK to explore if he wanted and she took his hand and placed it back on her hip. He moved his hand slowly down to the top of her outer thigh, resting on the clasp of the suspender and she pulled him a little closer and began to gyrate her hips against his. She felt his cock stirring and said that he seemed to be enjoying himself. Again he tried to break away, but she had held him close and said that he shouldn’t worry; she was very flattered that he found an older woman such a turn on. The tempo changed again and they parted, remaining on the dance floor long enough to allow his excitement to subside.
They returned to the table, Fiona and Derek were still on the dance floor, but Tanya and her guy, Steve, were sat together kissing, their hands wandering shamelessly over each other’s bodies. Shortly afterwards Tanya said that she and Steve were leaving. They finished their drinks and leaning closer, she said into Sally’s ear that they would be going back to Steve’s, so Sally wouldn’t have to “worry about anyone in the room next door.” As they were leaving, Fiona and Derek returned from the dance floor and decided to head off too. Sally had asked Roy if he wanted to walk her back to her room. They finished their drinks and headed out into the warm night air.
They chatted as they Walked along, arm in arm. Suddenly Sally had been taken by an urge and guided Roy into a little alleyway. Stopping in a shadowy doorway, she had pulled him to her and kissed him, parting his lips with her tongue.
‘I feel very naughty.’ She had said, ‘Lets do it here.’
Roy began to protest, his words little more than a incoherent string of sounds ‘B...b...but...I uhhh..’
She ran her hand down and began to rub his cock through his trousers. She encouraged him by putting his hand on her thigh and he slipped it under her skirt, exploring her stocking tops. He nervously slipped his other hand under the cross-over of her dress and was gently massaging her breast as they kissed deeply. She reached for the zip of his trousers and got her hand inside.
‘Oh my word, it is true what they say about black guys!’ she giggled and began rubbing his cock.
She hadn’t been doing this for long when he began his burbled protestations again. Then he gave out a groan and came in his underpants. He started to apologise, saying he was not very experienced and was so turned on by her. She in turn told him not to worry.
‘Come on,’ she said, zipping him up. ‘Let’s go and get you cleaned up.’ They walked back to the hotel with her reassuring him that she wouldn’t say anything to the others; it would be their secret.
When they arrived at her room, she sent him off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He returned to the room with just a towel wrapped round his waist, the white material contrasting with his black skin; his body firm and muscular. She had poured them both a drink and was sat on the sofa and beckoned him to sit next to her and chatted to put him at ease. She had found out that he had only been with two other girls, the first when he was 16 and the other about a six months ago. In both cases the sex had been a bit fumbled and awkward, not even resulting in, in his words, real sex.
She had asked if he meant that he was still a virgin. Roy had got quite embarrassed, but she had told him not to be afraid, so he admitted that he was and part of the deal on this holiday was that the others were going to get him laid.
‘Well, let’s see what we can do to remedy the situation.' s he had replied. ' We wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would we? And don't worry, your secret is safe with me, Besides, I don't think I have ever taken a guy's virginity before, so it's getting me quite excited!’
By this time I was getting very turned on and was fucking her hard. She said I had better take a break, otherwise I would likely not last the distance with this one. I suddenly realised that I was indeed close to reaching my own climax.
We had a drink then she told me to wait in the study. When she arrived she had a vibrator in her hand, it was a thick rubber cock shaped one. ‘Perhaps you should use this and your mouth on me for a while.’ She said. She grabbed the mouse and made a few clicks, bringing up the home movie programme.
She sat on the desk next to the screen and told me to get on my knees and get to work on her pussy. I positioned myself so that I could see the screen, slipped the phallus into her cunt and switched it on as I began to suck and chew at her clit. She explained that once she had put Roy at ease, she had asked if he would mind her videoing them. He had been a little unsure at first, but she had said it would be fun, also that she wanted to show me what a great time she had been having on holiday. After some discussion he had agreed, provided she didn’t show his mates. She clicked the mouse to begin the video.
The screen showed a large double bed then Sally came into view, visible from the knees up, she was leading the handsome young black guy by the hand. She looked at the camera to ensure that they were both in full view, reached across to make a fine adjustment and then drew Roy to her, kissing him deeply, her hands running up and down his back.
‘Don’t be nervous.’ she said to him, ‘I will show you how to please a woman.’ With that, she placed his hands on her bum and told him to feel free to explore a little, then began kissing him again. His hands lifted the hem of her dress and I watched as he caressed her stockinged thighs.
‘Undress me.’ She instructed him and his hands moved up, sliding the dress off her shoulders to reveal her firm breasts. She gently pushed his head down, instructing him to suck her nipples as he continued to push the dress down, letting it slide to the floor.
‘Suck harder,’ she encouraged him, ‘I love having my nipples sucked hard.’ She began to moan softly, continuing to encourage his actions, as she placed his hands on the waistband of her thong.
He understood her intentions and pulled the flimsy little knickers over her hips. She wiggled her legs, helping the knickers to fall and kicked them off, then placed his hand between her legs. After letting him feel her pussy for a while, she pulled back and lowered herself to her knees.
Her face was now at Roy’s waist level and she reached out and tugged at the towel where he had folded it over, opening it, but not revealing him to the camera immediately.
Sally let out a gasp and said ‘My God! Perhaps I should call you Eyore, with that between your legs.’ She giggled and let the towel fall to the ground, revealing his cock to the camera. It was over six inches long and thick and was still pretty much in its dormant state.
‘That’s about as long as my Hubby’s when his is hard, but yours is much thicker!’ Her hands moved out, one cupping his heavy balls, while the other formed a U shape with the thumb and fingers. She slipped this under his cock, and it draped over the back of her hand. Lifting it, she ducked her head and kissed the tip, smiled at the camera then opened her mouth and took most of his soft shaft into her mouth.
Closing her mouth over his manhood, Sally began to suck and move her head up and down, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. One hand massaged his balls as the other began to move up and down his cock in time with her mouth. After a few moments his cock began to grow harder and Sally soon found that she was unable to take much more than half of it into her hungry mouth. She soon had him fully erect and moved her head back to examine her handiwork. He was now at least nine inches long and her fingers could barely encircle his girth.
Sally moved forward again, running her tongue along the underside of his cock, then took one of his heavy balls into her mouth, sucking at it for a few moments, while gently rubbing his cock against her face. Releasing his testicle from her mouth, she moved slowly back up his shaft, placing kisses along its length, then sucked him into her mouth again, bobbing her head up and down while her hands wanked him.
After a minute or two, she stopped and asked if he had ever given licked a pussy. He replied that he hadn’t, so she picked up the towel he had been wearing, stood and led him over to the bed. She folded the towel and placed it on the covers. She made sure the camera had a good view then lay on the bed, placing the towel under her bum. Then I heard her instructing him to kneel at her side. She went on to tell him to stroke her then insert first one, then two fingers into her. Next she told him how to find her g-spot and to stroke it in a ‘come here’ motion while he sucked her clit.
She was showing the young guy something that she loved me doing and, even if I say so myself, was pretty good at; almost always resulting in multiple orgasms for her, while I would usually be rewarded by at least 3 or 4 face-fulls of girly cum.
On the screen Sally was telling him just how firm or fast to stroke and how hard to suck and soon began to moan, while her hips began to fidget and shudder; that sure sign that she was about to cum. Meanwhile, back in our study, I was having a similar effect, working the vibrator over her g-spot, while I sucked and chewed at her clit. It was like listening to her having an orgasm in stereo, as she came on screen and on the study desk! I pressed down on the base of the vibrator, creating a cavity at the front of her pussy, allowing her cum to spray over my face.
On the screen she was encouraging the young lad and I looked up to watch as she cried out ‘Oh fuck yessss! Ahhh, make me cum, baby!’ Then she squirted a strong jet onto Roy’s face.
I continued to work the vibrator in and out of Sally’s cunt, sucking hard on her clit, while on screen she was praising Roy on his efforts, encouraging him to continue, saying that she would soon make an expert pussy licker of him. The next several minutes of video showed him licking and sucking her, his fingers working in and out of her glistening cunt. Meanwhile, she was playing with her tits, tugging at her nipples, lost in her ecstasy, as she came twice more. I was similarly rewarded with more cum, which I duly licked up.
Next I heard her say to Roy ‘Come up here and give me a big kiss, let me taste myself on you, while you fuck me with that lovely big, black cock.’ I watched as Roy moved up the bed and in between my wife’s waiting legs. She lifted her legs and, slipping one hand down, grabbed his cock and guided him into her. The images on the screen were a little unclear from that distance, but I could see him enter her as she began to alternately kiss him on the mouth then lick his face. He slid his long cock into her and began to move in and out, she controlled his movement, telling him not too fast, yet, as she didn’t want him cumming too soon! Roy responded to her coaching, slowing down but sliding that long black monster all the way in and out.
Slowly he began to speed up to her encouragement of ‘Come on then, fill my cunt with your lovely black cock. I want to feel your balls slapping my arse!’ Roy did as Sally asked and I could soon hear the slap, slap of his balls against her bum cheeks. After a few minutes of this, she said that she wanted to get on top.
At this point, I removed the vibrator from her pussy and stood up, she looked at me and I leant forward, kissing her full on the mouth. Her tongue snaked out into my mouth then she licked my cheeks and we kissed again.
I pulled away, lifting her legs onto my shoulders and slid my cock into her wet cunt, saying: ‘It might not be the big, black cock that you have become accustomed to, but it’s the best you are going to get tonight!’
She responded by telling me not to get too excited, as she had a special treat for me to finish. Then I offered her the vibrator to lick; she took the hint and sucked it into her mouth, sucking and licking it for a few moments, just like as if it was the real thing.
She pulled her head back and licked her lips with a satisfied ‘Mmmmm!’ Then added ‘Besides, you might not be hung like that but I do love the way you fuck me and Oooohhhh! That tongue of yours just does the most amazing things.’
Sally had repositioned the camera and on the video she was telling Roy to lie on his back and positioning him with his head towards the camera. She climbed on the bed and I could clearly see her holding her pussy open with the fingers of one had as she guided him into her with the other. She sank down slowly, impaling herself on him. Once she had it all in she wiggled around a little then began to ride up and down on him.
‘Oh yeah, that feels sooooo good!’ she said ‘You can be my lovely black stallion and I will be your white bitch.’ She lowered herself to kiss him, then raised herself up onto extended arms and began to bounce up and down on his cock, her tits jiggling in time with her movements. She was cooing and moaning as she rode him, her motion becoming harder and faster, until she suddenly stopped and lowered body towards him. Roy took the proffered breasts, one at a time into his mouth, sucking hard on her nipple, his hand giving similar treatment to the other, as my wife gave him grunts and moans of encouragement, again telling him that she liked her nipples treated hard.
She began to move again and was now moaning and panting ‘Oh yeah, my Black Beauty, fill me with that lovely big cock!’ Roy was slamming his hips up to meet Sally’s downward thrusts. She slowed the pace again and told Roy she wanted him to fuck her doggy fashion as she swung her leg off of him and got down on all fours.
Roy had begun to pick up on Sally’s love of “bedroom language”, saying ‘Come on then bitch, I’m gonna fill that tight, white pussy.’ He slipped his cock into her and began fucking her, every now and then slapping her on the cheeks of her arse.
She was really panting now, as she urged him on between gasps. ‘Come on then fuck me harder. Give me all of it!’ Her tits were arcing back and forth as he slammed into her, gripping the straps of her suspender belt and pulling her back to meet him with a loud slapping sound.
Suddenly Sally let out a guttural groan as she came. ‘Ugh. Yesss! Oh my God, that’s it, fill my little cunt with your big, black cock! Make your little white bitch cum.’
Now it was Roy’s turn to start moaning and Sally said ‘Lie on your back so I can suck you.’ Roy didn’t need to be told twice and as they changed positions on the screen, she instructed me to sit on the chair. I did so as she climbed down from the desk and dropped to her knees between my legs.
As Sally began to lick my cock I watched the on screen action unfold. She looked up at me and smiled, sinking her mouth onto my cock. On the screen she was giving Roy’s cock the same treatment and I, like Roy, was soon heralding my impending orgasm with moans. As I watched, she took his cock from her mouth and began to wank him faster. Suddenly his back arched and a thick glob of semen shot out onto his belly, Sally quickly shifted the aim of his cock, extending her tongue and caught the next jet in her mouth. She clamped her lips over him as he continued to spasm, shooting his warm, salty cum into her throat; her eyes smiled at the camera as she clearly swallowed his seed. As his orgasm subsided, she released his cock and turned her attention to the bit she had missed. Her tongue snaked out towards the little blob of jizz on his belly; the white goo a stark contrast to his dark flesh. She picked it up with the tip of her tongue and looked at the camera as she took it into her mouth. Then she smiled and blew a kiss at the camera.
At the same time this was happening, I was shooting my own load into her mouth. She pulled her head back and held out her tongue for me to see, before closing it again and swallowing deliberately. On screen, she had got up and now came towards the camera; she reached out and the screen went black as she turned it off. In the study, she raised herself up and planted a kiss on my lips. I held her to me and we kissed deeply, my tongue pushing into her mouth where I could still taste my own cum.
After a few moments, she pulled away. ‘You must think me such a whore?’ She questioned with a cheeky smile. I told her that the new Sally I was seeing was just fine. Moreover, I was more than happy to be her cuckold hubby.
‘Now,’ she said ‘because you have been a good boy, you have earned a bonus...’ That had not been the end of her night with Roy. After that they had a drink and chatted for a while and then fucked again. Afterwards they had gone to bed and slept together. Sally went on ‘In the morning, I awoke before him and slipped the covers gently back. Carefully, so as not to wake him, I moved down the bed and gently took his cock into my mouth, sucking him slowly to a hard on as he awoke.’ He had looked down and said something like ‘Now that’s what I call a wake-up call.’ To which Sally had responded that she was looking forward to a high protein breakfast. She had led him into the bathroom, where they had got under the shower together. They soaped each other down then he had fucked her, before she sucked him to another orgasm, swallowing his hot cum. As they emerged from the bathroom, she heard a knock at the connecting door and Tanya’s voice asking ‘Are you two finished yet?’
Roy had dressed while Sally had thrown a robe on and let Tanya in. She had told them that they were all meeting for breakfast at a little cafe on the harbour, so Roy headed off to change. Tanya had stayed while Sally dressed and they had briefly chatted about their overnight experiences, Sally being careful not to break her promise to Roy. Then Fiona had come along and, as they headed down to the harbour they chatted about plans for the coming day. The group of guys were all off on a pre-arranged 24 hour trip, so the girls would now have a full day and night to fill...
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