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So here I was at a new school, lost and confused, just wanting to go home. Everyone was snotty and materialistic so I had no friends. Every day I would have to rush through each class, follow people around, be ignored, and eat alone at an isolated table. All I wanted was to make friends, but it seemed nearly impossible, so I stopped trying.
One day, everything changed. I met the most beautiful girl and I knew I was being stupid for falling in love with those dark-blue eyes as they gazed upon me. She got closer and said, "Would you mind if I sit here?"
She had the best smile I had ever seen, and it went along really well with her eyes. Her body was as astonishing as the fact that she was talking to me.
"I guess a little company won't hurt." I smiled pleasantly for I did not want her to know how unusual it was for someone to even look at me.
That day, we talked for about 20 minutes, until I realized I would be late for class. So I said goodbye to her and walked away. I realized, as I turned back at her, that she was still looking at me and biting her lower lip. I just didn't know what it really meant back then.
We always sat together and talked for about a month. She was such a great girl and I found out many things I had never heard from other girls. She, unlike all the girls I had met before, liked to talk about the things she did when she was horny. I loved the fact that she was comfortable enough to share this with me and I also enjoyed sharing my own experiences with her.
One day, she did not only tell me how much of a freak she was, she showed me.
"Hey, I'm really in the mood for something sexy to do with you." She licked her lips and looked down at my pants. Then, she added, "Let's go somewhere more private." She winked at me and I felt an erection starting to happen. I couldn't believe that she was offering to do stuff with me!
I led her to the common room of the boys' dorm and told her to sit on the couch. We could have girls in the common room, just as long as they did not go in the hallways of the rooms. I pointed her to the bathroom closest to the common room and she put on a flirtatious smile.
"Go check if there's anyone in there," she said, and she started taking off her sweater.
I went inside the bathroom and found no one inside. I called her in and she came instantaneously. As soon as we were both inside the bathroom and safely hidden by the bathroom stall, she started kissing me passionately and I felt her warm hands touching me all over.
I put my right hand on her ass and started squeezing it a little. God, it felt good! It was so smooth, but firm at the same time. She started taking off my shirt and she licked my chest multiple times. I held her tightly and started breathing on her neck. She seemed to enjoy it a lot, for she started moaning.
"Mmmm, I've been waiting so long for this babe." She started unbuttoning her pants and I did the same to mine. I was now kissing and licking her neck as she got a hold of my erect penis. She stroked it in an up-and-down motion and I put my hand over her pussy. It was wet and warm, and I started playing with the lips of her vagina. She was moaning and breathing heavily as she took off her bra and I took off my boxers. We were completely nude and I pushed her up against the stall and got my penis inside her wet, warm, tight, vagina.
"Oh my God, you're so good," I heard her say between moans as I started to speed up and fuck her faster.
Our breaths were extremely heavy and I was scared someone might hear our moans, but I kept on fucking her.
It was so far the best experience I had ever had in my 16 and a half years of life and I would never forget it. I knew she probably had more experience than me, for she was a year and a half older, but I was sure she loved it as well. She started screaming my name as my balls banged so hard against her skin and my penis dug in deeper and deeper into her vagina.
"Ahhh, yeah. Mmmm, faster, faster!"
I gave her what she wanted. I was banging her so fast and so hard that I was surprised I wasn't tired. The rush from fucking her gave me strength, I guess, for I was able to lift her up and keep on fucking her. Her legs were on my arms and I started licking her breasts. They were so soft and big, I wished I never had to stop licking them. I started sucking on her nipples really hard, and I decided to bite them slowly. She seemed to love it because she moaned even harder.
Suddenly, I felt her pussy get wetter than ever. There were vaginal fluids running down my balls and my thighs. Then, I came inside her. I quickly took my penis out and she started licking off all the vaginal fluids. She was licking my balls and my thighs and I felt such a tremendous orgasmic feeling. I came again. She swallowed all of my cum and gave me a quick handjob.
She was wet and her face was full of sperm, so we decided to go in the shower....
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