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We meet as often as we can. It's harder now that school is out, but we find moments that we can steal a hug and kiss.
On this day, the kids were visiting Grandma so we were able to do more than kiss. I held her in my arms, feeling her soft warm body next to mine. Our eyes locked together, our lips eager to touch, to say good morning.
The kisses, so soft and sweet at first, became deeper and longer. Our hands began to explore our bodies, mine cupping her ass, kneading and squeezing the full round globes. Hers along my chest, rubbing my small nipples. She delighted in making them hard, licking and kissing them.
Taking her hand, we walk to the couch, sitting side by side. My arm around her shoulder, her head resting on my chest. Soothing comfort is sometimes so simple.
We talk about the weekend, how we thought of each other and longed to be together. Our hearts have grown so close over the past year.We see each other even when we are apart. I see a flower and think of her, she sees a cloud slowly drifting by and shares it with me. We comunicate by an unexplainable force.
She will stop and send me a quick text just as I reach for my phone to do the same. Or pictures will pass at the same moment. Love truly is amazing.
After sharing our weekends, we again kiss and whisper of our love. Her hand drifts across my chest softly and slowly lower. Fingers slide across my crotch feeling my cock through my jeans.
It starts growing with desire as her fingers trace its length, circling the head and rubbing along the ridge. My hand has slipped down her back and inside her jeans. First feeling her silky panties, then the crack of her ass.
She has unbuttoned my zipper, fingers now teasing my pubic hair. She leans back and pulls my shirt off, then hers. I cup her full breast thumbs rubbing her nipples before I lick the creamy white flesh of her cleavage.
I unhook her bra, letting them hang free, taking them in my hands, heavy and large. Pulling them to my mouth sucking and giving flicks of my tongue. Nipples erect now, like my cock, throbbing in her hand. Slowly jacking me as I nurse. She stands, pulling me up with her, our tight embrace and kisses fueling our burning desire. She slides my pants down to my ankles then playfully pushes me back, leaning over me. She cups her tits and guides her nipples along my lips. I flick them, then suck and nibble at them. So hard and firm I could spend hours with her tits.
She moans and her head tilts back, thrusting her chest out, giving them to me. I replace her hands with mine and pull them together, licking both nipples back and forth. Squeezes, at first gentle, become harder like she wants.
When she has had enough, she slides between my legs, takes my cock in her right hand and swallows. Her warm wet mouth causes an instant charge in my cock and it responds by growing fully inside her mouth. She sucks and licks slowly down my length. Sucking just the head, jacking my shaft.
My hips naturally rise, wanting to drive deeper to fuck her mouth. Her eyes looking up at me as she again takes me deep into her mouth, then slowly pulling back, tongue licking the head, then down to my balls. Teasing them as her hand strokes me faster and harder. Telling me she wants to drink my cum. Sucking again pumping faster up and down up and down.
I feel my load growing in my balls, wanting to give her that special drink, but wanting to hold off longer to make the pleasure she gives me last and last. I can't, she knows it.
Her eyes tell me she wants it shooting down her throat.
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