A Moment Like This
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“What time does your flight get in?”
“Around noon. I have to be at Greg’s by 6pm for dinner, but I should be at your house around 1pm. After all, I did promise that you’d be the first person I see whenever I visit.”
Charlie smiled silently over the phone at this. She and Nathan had been best friends since they met last year in school. Unfortunately, Nathan’s parents got jobs elsewhere and he had to pack up and move to Virginia.
Charlie was a pretty, petite girl. She had long blonde hair, slightly tanned skin from the Florida sun, and emerald green eyes. She stood at about 5’3” with a very curvy body, a relatively flat tummy, and 36D breasts that added to her sexy coke bottle figure. Nathan, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. He was very tall, over 6 feet, and skinny, but still tone and solid. His shaggy, dark brown hair swept perfectly over his crystal blue eyes that stood out vibrantly against his pale skin from the Virginia climate. While they were complete opposites in looks, they were identical in everything else: same sense of humor, same political and religious views, both very intelligent. Every aspect of Nathan made Charlie’s heart jump and had since they met. But of course, they were best friends and she couldn’t risk the friendship, so she kept her mouth shut.
After pacing around her empty house trying to busy herself while waiting, Charlie heard a knock at the door. Her stomach flipped and her heart beat raced while she fumbled with the locks on the door. Finally she flung the door open wide, and there, standing with his luggage under his arms, looking as handsome and rugged as ever, was her best friend Nathan.
Nathan dropped his luggage carelessly and held his arms open wide.
“Well, are you going to just stand there and stare at me or what?”
Charlie squealed happily and jumped through the threshold of her front door and into his arms. Nathan held her petite frame high above the ground, spinning her around multiple times. Charlie wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and buried her face into his broad shoulders, inhaling his fantastic scent. The perfect mixture of just the right amount of Axe Body Spray and the hint of freshness from his recently laundered shirt set Charlie’s heart a-light and caused a warm tingle to spread between her legs that were so tightly wrapped around his lean midsection. Finally, Nathan gently placed her back on the ground and Charlie smiled up at his tall frame.
“I’ve missed you so much, Nate.”
“I’ve missed you, too. It sucks having to live up there with all the hicks and ugly fat girls. No one gets to have a smokin’ hot best friend like I do.”
Charlie looked at the ground and blushed fiercely. Nathan had never directly admitted that he thought Charlie was attractive. Of course, she suspected it from the ways he’d stare at her when she was wearing a bikini or bouncing around when she laughed wearing one of her low-cut tank tops. But he had never directly said it.
The two friends maneuvered Nathan’s luggage into the living room of Charlie’s empty house. It was the first Thursday of summer and her parents wouldn’t be home until 8pm, at least. Charlie and Nathan spent an hour on the couch catching up and exchanging stories, until finally Nathan had wandered into her bedroom while Charlie was in the kitchen preparing food. There was a long silence from Nathan, until finally Charlie heard his voice arise from down the hallway.
“Hey Charlie? Can you come here a second? I need to ask you about something.”
Charlie sauntered off down the hallway, oblivious to the tone of his voice, until she stopped dead in her doorway upon seeing Nathan sitting on her bed with her diary in his hands. Her heart skipped a beat and her stomach dropped down to her feet. How could she have forgotten to put that away before he got here?! Before Charlie could wrap her mind around an excuse or an explanation, Nathan started reading aloud.
“Nathan’s plane comes today. He should be here in the afternoon. It’s so hard, not having him here like last year. But I think it’s even harder knowing that every time he gets on that plane to go back, there’s a chance he’ll find someone up there, never knowing that I’ve loved and wanted him since the day we met.”
Charlie’s eyes filled with tears. She looked down at her feet and could feel Nathan staring at her.
“You weren’t supposed to read that,” she mumbled quietly.
“Charlie, why wouldn’t you tell me this? How you really feel?”
“Because you don’t feel the same—“
Nathan cut her off mid-sentence, “Who said I didn’t feel the same way?”
Charlie looked up in surprise and saw Nathan standing only a few inches away from her. She gazed longingly into his smiling eyes.
“You are beautiful, Charlene.”
No one ever called Charlie by her real name because everyone knew she hated it. But when Nathan said it, it sounded like the most beautiful name in the world.
Slowly but surely, Nathan cradled Charlie’s face gently in his hand, and placed the most tender and passionate kiss she had every received on her lips. Charlie stood on her tip-toes, grabbed onto Nathan’s shoulders, and pushed herself into him, wanting more and more. Finally, they unlocked from each other, and Nathan stepped backwards, holding Charlie’s hand, his eyes glancing over every curve of her body.
“Oh, and trust me babe, I want you. I’ve wanted you for a long, LONG time,” he said with a devilish grin.
Nathan took Charlie's hand and lead her back into her own bedroom. Charlie had always been the dominant type, so she pushed Nathan back onto her queen sized bed and jumped on top of him, kissing him fiercely, as if making up for all the times she had wanted to in the two years they had known each other. Nathan's hands explored the body he had stared so longingly time and time again. His hands traveling up her smooth thighs, up and over her rounded bottom, around her sexy flat midsection, and finally up to the pinnacle of lust that Charlie possessed that every guy went crazy over: her D-cup boobs.
Charlie sat up, straddling Nathan's lap as she lifted her tshirt up and over her head, revealing her swollen and tanned breasts spilling over the edges of her brown and cream laced push-up bra. Nathan sat up quickly and ravaged her neck, shoulders, and collarbone, kissing and sucking fervently. As he squeezed and rolled around her huge tits in his hands, Charlie threw her head backwards, eyes closed, long hair spilling down her back, slightly moaning while digging her fingernails into Nathan's back.
Finally, when she couldn't take it any more, she pushed Nathan back off from her chest, reached her arms around her back, and unhinged the tiny clasp, her bra falling to the side and her huge boobs bouncing out from containment level with Nathan's face. His eyes widened like a small boy at the candy store and plunged his face into her creamy cleavage. Charlie rocked her hips back and forth, pushing Nathan's head deeper into her breasts as he sucked, licked, and kissed every bare inch of skin on the two jiggly masses that hung off her chest.
As she was doing this, Charlie noticed the massive hard-on that was being barely contained under where she sat upon Nathan's lap, so she released herself from the iron grip Nathan had on her tits and stood purposefully on her knees at the edge of the bed before him. While unbuckling his pants and unzipping his zipper, Nathan stopped her.
“Charlie, you always told me that you thought giving head was disgusting; that you’d never do it. I don’t want you to do something that would make you uncomfortable just to make me happy.”
Charlie smiled up at him warmly. Even though they were currently ravaging each other sexually, he was still her best friend and still cared about her feelings. This reinforced her belief that he was the one.
“I said I would never do head as a random hook-up because I don’t find it that easy of a thing to do for someone I don’t truly care about. I never said I wouldn’t do it for the guy I’m in love with,” Charlie replied.
Nathan’s face was overcome with a huge grin of pure ecstasy. He scrambled frantically trying to help her get his pants off. Charlie laughed at how cute he was and told him to leave it to her.
Finally, all 7 inches of Nathan sprang out in front of her face. Not bad, for a white guy. Charlie looked up at Nathan, gave him the sweetest, most innocent pair of puppy dog eyes she could muster, keeping eye contact all the while she slipped his hard cock into her mouth. She had read online that guys really liked that, and it seemed to be true as she watched Nathan’s eyes roll back into his head while he ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, gasps of “oh my god” escaping from his lips randomly.
Charlie started to bob quickly up and down on his cock, her huge tits bouncing as she did. She could tell Nathan was near his climax, and as her courtesy tapped so that she could get her mouth out of the way, Charlie simply gave him a wink, tickled his balls a bit, and sucked down fast and hard on his throbbing dick, her boobs bouncing so fast that the slapping of them on her chest was audible.
This was all it took to send Nathan over the edge, a deep groan escaping from him as he shot a good 5 or 6 roper down the throat of his best friend. Charlie didn’t particularly love the taste or sensation, but she loved the man who was producing it, so she swallowed hard and full like a champ. After completely sucking him dry, Charlie fell back onto her bottom, caressing her rug-burned knees, while Nathan flopped down onto the bed behind him.
“Wow,” he gasped exasperatedly. “That was better than I had fantasized it.”
Charlie slapped his leg playfully and they both laughed. She looked up at Nathan standing over her with a mischievous grin on his face.
“Now it’s time for me to return the favor.”
He picked Charlie up effortlessly and placed her delicately on the bed. He walked over to her light switch and dimmed the lights to a romantic warmth. Charlie’s entire body was humming, wondering what he’d do next. Nathan walked over, taking his shirt off as he went, revealing his chiseled chest and faint outline of a developing six pack. His strong, toned arms supported over Charlie as he began to passionately kiss her.
His kisses moved down her neck, around each overly-sensitive breast, making a perfect line down her heaving, flat navel until he arrived at her skirt. Nathan slowly unbuttoned her cute mini skirt, moving it swiftly down her legs and off her body, throwing it in a crumpled pile next to the bed where the rest of their clothes lay. His rough yet tender hands slid up and down her inner thighs, each time coming closer and closer to her throbbing pussy. Charlie took the moment to close her eyes and take it all in.
He was perfect. This was perfect. Everything he’s doing was absolutely perfect. Before she could continue reflecting up what was happening, a jolt of electricity flew up her spine. Nathan was softly rubbing her clit through her soaked purple striped panties. Charlie struggled to push them down, making Nathan chuckle.
“Someone’s eager, aren’t you babe?”
Nathan helped remove the drenched panties from Charlie’s body and then spread her legs open as wide as they would go. He positioned himself; face an inch away from her heated pussy. Charlie gasped as she saw his tongue leave his mouth, anxiously anticipating what she knew was about to happen. Then, without warning, Nathan’s tongue separated her sticky pussy lips and licked her from top to bottom.
Charlie screamed and arched her back, nearly cumming right then and there purely from the excitement of what was happening. All those lonely nights she had sat on the phone with Nathan, silently and secretly masturbating to the sound of his voice, picturing what his tongue would feel like in her slit. And now it was really there. She wrapped her legs around Nathan’s neck as he devoured her pussy, thrusting his tongue in and out, sucking hard on her throbbing clit. She tasted amazing to Nathan, better than anything he had every dreamed of. He wanted her to cum in his mouth so he could suck up every drop this sweet organ had to offer him. He could feel that she was almost there when she uncrossed her legs and used her feet to push him away by the shoulders.
“What’s the matter, I almost had you there,” Nathan said perplexed.
“I know,” Charlie replied, panting, tiny beads of sweat running down her flushed, gorgeous face. “I just wanted to save the first orgasm you’ve ever given me for something else. Something bigger.”
Nathan looked at her with a puzzled, yet slightly happy, look on his face. “Like what, exactly?”
Charlie inhaled deeply, her body shivered when she said it, “Sex.”
Nathan blinked in disbelief. He had anticipated getting pretty far with Charlie on this day, but not that far. He had no condoms or anything.
“I don’t have any—I mean I don’t have—“
“Don’t worry,” Charlie interrupted. “I do.”
She reached into the tiny drawer of the side table by her bed and pulled out a single condom that she kept there, just in case her first time were ever to creep up on her, like it had now.
Nathan smiled a huge grin and climbed onto the bed and on top of Charlie. He began kissing her again, just like he was before. He was getting closer and closer to her waist, obviously not wanting to mess around. Charlie knew that Nathan was a virgin, he had told her before. But Nathan had never asked Charlie if she was one, mainly because he was a gentleman and didn’t think that was polite to ask girls. It raced through Charlie’s mind, what if he thought she wasn’t? She was a year older than him, after all. He might assume she had already done it and thereby think she knew what she was doing or that it wouldn’t hurt her at all. Before he could get any closer to her hips, Charlie blurted it out.
“I’m a virgin!” she said breathlessly.
Nathan stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at her, “Seriously?”
“Yeah,” she replied quietly. “I’m sorry.”
“Why would you say sorry about that?” Nathan asked.
“Because I thought you thought I wasn’t, so you’d think I’d know what I’m doing, and I don’t, and it’ll probably hurt me—“
Charlie rambled on quickly but Nathan cut her off, “Charlie, it’s fine. I’m not upset with you. You don’t need to be super experience to impress me. We’ll lose our virginity to each other and I couldn’t possibly imagine any better way.”
He stroke the sweaty hair away from her face as happy tears filled Charlie’s eyes.
“I love you, Charlie.”
“I love you, too, Nate.”
The two shared another passionate kiss and then resumed their previous activities. Nathan kissed, sucked, licked and around Charlie until she was so wet, lube was unnecessary. He carefully unwrapped the condom and cautiously put it on his throbbing hard dick, so as to make sure there would be no mistakes or accidents. Finally, when he was ready, he looked up at the girl of his dreams.
“You ready babe?”
Charlie inhaled deeply. She was nervous for the pain, but she knew it’d be worth it. She had to, wanted to, and needed to feel Nathan inside her sweet, virgin pussy.
“Do it.”
Nathan slowly and gently started to push the head of his cock into Charlie’s tight hole. She grimaced a bit, but eventually took all 7 inches of him into her. They sat for a second to absorb the moment and to let Charlie get used to the large probe within her. Finally, Nathan started rocking back and forth within her. The pain quickly receded and Charlie started to feel the immense pleasure that Nathan’s cock was bring her. Eventually, Nathan’s slow movements were not enough for her.
“Faster, Nate. Harder.”
“You sure.”
Charlie was moaning and screaming commands at Nathan, getting him to go faster and faster until he was practically ramming her with his cock.
“Oh god, yes Nathan. OH MY GOD NATHAN!”
Charlie felt herself near climax; a climax that couldn’t even compare to the small ones her electric toothbrush gave her. With a few final pumps, Charlie launched herself up on her hands, kissed Nathan ferociously, biting his lip, and endured a orgasm that blurred her vision and caused a piercing scream to escape from her throat. The sight of Charlie experiencing such a body-shaking orgasm was enough to throw Nathan off the edge, his cock releasing a fast shooting 8-roper into the tiny end of the condom. He pulled out quickly and disposed of the latex before his hard cumming could break the safety barrier.
Charlie collapsed on her bed in a sweaty, panting heap. Nathan got up to toss the ravaged condom into the trash can and came back to lay down on the bed, wrapping his arms around Charlie. Their naked bodies were pulsating as one up next to each other. They could feel each other’s heart beats. Charlie looked up dreamily into this boy—this man’s eyes.
“I’ve been waiting forever,” Charlie whispered quietly.
“Waiting forever for what, babe?”
Charlie smiled a huge, warm grin that gave Nathan the case of the butterflies that it always did, “A moment like this,” she replied.
Nathan kissed her gently on her forehead as the two spent their remaining time together locked in each other’s embrace.
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