My Son's Best Friend
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Kate watched her eighteen year old son, Jamie playing basketball with his best friend. She had known Danny for most of his life, watched him grow from an awkward boy to tall, toned man. Danny, although very attractive, was shy around women, and Kate knew this from all the conversations she had overheard Jamie have with him.
It was wrong to eavesdrop, but her room was next door to her son's. Danny spent most of his time here. His home life was upended when his parents divorced a couple of months ago. Jamie was there for him, having gone through this same upheaval not too long ago.
Kate's husband up and left the family about a year ago for his teen aged secretary. Since then, she had only gone out on a few dates. Apparently, men her age wanted the super young starlet type. Being 38 years old, her available dates were rapidly diminishing.
She worked out daily, keeping her body trim and fit. Since the divorce, Kate had been working harder than ever, and the results were readily apparent. Although standing only 5'2”, she had the longest legs and a firm, bubble butt. Her tiny waist was accented by a set of firm, perky breasts that seemed to defy gravity.
Kate got looks, but they were not from the men she was “supposed” to date. She often overheard her son's friends comment on his “hot” mom, and it never failed to make her smile. Spending a lot of her nights alone, she fantasized about taking one of those young men and teaching him how to pleasure a woman the right way.
As she watched the boys play their game, she decided to go outside. Not wanting to embarrass her son, Kate decided against the tiny bikini top and picked the white tee shirt to top the ultra short shorts she was wearing. Kate had a plan brewing in her head. Grabbing supplies to wash her car, she went outside to tease a very obvious, but oblivious, young virgin.
“Man, your Mom just came out,” Danny said.
“So,” Jamie answered.
He loved his Mom, but it was so uncomfortable to see her dressed like that. She was his Mom, not some chick. The mere thought of another guy touching his Mom pissed him off royally.
“Dude, stop looking at my Mom,” he grumbled.
Danny could not help but to look at Kate. She was freaking hot! Lately, since Jamie's Dad left, she had been looking better than ever. These thoughts should not be going through his head. This was his best friend's Mom after all.
Jamie threw the ball, making the basket, which gave Danny possession of it. Taking his time, he bent to tie his shoe. Taking this time to sneak a covert glance at Kate, he watched as she strained to wash the windshield. Her breasts rubbing the soap over the glass, making her tee shirt wet and transparent.
He could plainly see her nipples through the material. Poking out about half an inch, Danny guessed the water was pretty cold. Feeling his cock hardening, he knew that if he stood up now, Jamie would see the huge boner he was sporting.
“Man! What's the hold up?” Jamie called out.
“Cramp,” was all he said.
“Oh...'k. I'll be right back. Gonna get something to drink. Want a Coke?” he called back.
“Sure,” Danny answered.
Jamie walked inside, leaving Danny alone with his lustful thoughts about Kate. It wasn't hard to come out with wank material, when she was bending over in those shorts. He could see her ass cheeks hanging out, and if he really looked, at the right time, he could see some of the hair lining her pussy.
Danny spent a lot of time dreaming about Jamie's Mom, especially what her pussy might look like. He jerked off many a night while thinking about her breasts and mouth. Kate had the prettiest mouth. Heart shaped, with ruby red lips, he wondered how they would feel rubbing up and down his shaft. Maybe it was the fact that none of the girls his age would put out, or perhaps it was that she was a young man's wet dream.
Kate knew exactly what she was doing. Purposely bending over, she hoped that her ass was plainly visible. These shorts were so short that wearing panties under them was impossible. Laughing as she noticed that her breasts were showing in this very wet tee shirt, she wondered that maybe the bikini would have covered more.
Wanting to torture the poor guy a bit more, she walked over to Danny. Standing in front of him, her crotch was about eye level with the teenager, who was sitting on the pavement. Kate knelt down.
“Heard you say you had a cramp. Where is it?” she asked, motherly.
“It's ok . It's gone,” he stammered.
“Ok , hon. How are things going?” she inquired.
“Good,” Danny mumbled, staring at the ground.
He needed anywhere to look at, but what was in front of him. Danny had always wondered what color her nipples were, now he knew. Plainly visible, the brown peaks were straining to escape the tight shirt she was wearing.
Just in time to save his friend, Jamie walked back out of the house. Danny jumped up and ran to his friend. Kate sighed.
“Play time is over,” she thought, as she went into the house to clean up.
Her pussy was swollen and wet. Kate could not believe how horny dick teasing a young man had made her. All she could think about was getting up to her room and fingering her pussy until she came.
Running up to her bedroom, she quickly undressed from waist down. Running her fingers over her plump, lightly furred lips, she parted them. Her dark pink flesh glistened with drops of her milky pussy nectar.
Walking to the window, she was able to look out at the young man, who had been dominating her dreams, lately. She watched him play ball, shirtless. His young muscles flexed and relaxed, as he moved about.
Propping her leg up on the night table, her pussy was opened wide. Her fingers were able to move in and out of her sopping hole. Wet, squishing noises were audible, as she worked her hot cunt. Using her thumb, she pressed down on that pulsing nub.
As Danny played his game, Kate ground her clit against her thumb, as she finger fucked her pussy hard. Seeing brilliant colors explode before her eyes, she leaned her head against the window pane, as she came. Minutes later, she pulled her fingers out of her body and went to shower.
Kate used that fantasy many times that week. Frigging her pussy every night, she slept more soundly than ever. By Friday, her ex husband called to see if Jamie wanted to go fishing with him over the weekend.
Knowing her son's relationship with his father had deteriorated since the divorce, she encouraged him to go. After hours of arguing, he gave in and went on the trip. Kate was alone for the weekend, with nothing to do.
She spent Friday night primping herself for no other reason than to be doing something. Legs freshly waxed, toe nails polished, and nicely trimmed pubic hair, she felt sexy. Going into her room, she put on her black, lacy thong and matching bra. About to pick out an outfit to go to a club, she heard the door bell.
Hastily putting on a silk robe, she ran downstairs to see who was there. Through the peep hole, she saw Danny waiting on the stoop.
“What's he doing here?” she wondered.
Kate opened the door. Smiling, she cocked her head to the side, as she asked him what he needed. Plainly upset, he asked if Jamie was at home. When told that Jamie would be gone all weekend, he turned to leave.
“Danny, wait. Come on inside. You look like you need to talk,” she said, concerned.
Looking uncertain, he hesitated, but then entered the foray. Standing in the hall, looking like he wanted to be elsewhere, Danny waited to see what Kate wanted.
“Come on, hon. Sit down. Talk to me,” she said, leading him to the couch.
Plopping down on the couch, he sat silently. Danny was pissed at his Dad, but at the same time, seeing Kate in that robe was making him think those thoughts again. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get her out of his mind.
“Tell me about it,” she gently urged.
It had always been easy to talk to Jamie's Mom, so within minutes he had spilled his guts to her. Telling her about how his Dad was riding his ass about doing something with his life, how his Mom wanted nothing to do with him since he was living with his Dad, and how tired he was of the constant fighting; Danny felt lighter having someone to confide in.
Noticing the time, he felt guilty having wasted her time. It was obvious that she had been planning on going out. He felt the need to apologize.
“I am so sorry for wasting your time. It is after midnight,” he said.
“Oh honey! It's ok . I was gonna go out, only because I was alone tonight. I enjoy your company,” she laughed.
“I told Dad that I was gonna spend the night with Jamie. Guess I better go on back home,” he quietly said.
“ can stay in Jamie's room tonight. It is too late to be out and about,” Kate said, using her no nonsense mom voice.
She got up from the couch. Going into the kitchen, she asked if he wanted something to drink. Agreeing to a coke, he sat on the couch, wondering if this was a good idea. He was going to be close to this woman, while she slept.
Kate brought him a coke and asked if he wanted to watch a movie with her. She put in an action flick, hoping that would keep his interest for a while. She didn't find them interesting, but most men did.
Glued to the action on the TV, he was unaware of the plan being put into motion by the woman sitting next to him. Kate watched this young man. Letting her eyes flutter closed, she absently snuggled against Danny's side.
Her hand came to rest on his thigh, feeling it tense up. Taking a deep sigh, she let him believe that she had fallen asleep in his arms. Sliding her hand a bit further up his leg, she cracked her eyes open. Looking through her lashes, she saw his erection straining against his jeans.
Danny was uncomfortable. His dick was hard. Her skin smelled so good. Wiggling down, he tried to maneuver her hand onto his throbbing cock. Managing to get it directly on his fly, he worked his pelvis up and down, using tiny movements.
Kate's eyes were wide open now. He had made his intentions known. Closing her fingers around his shaft, she was pleasantly surprised to feel how thick he was.
“Is this what you want?” she whispered.
Danny placed his hand on top of hers, pushing himself up harder against her palm. She smiled. He wanted her.
Unzipping his fly, she reached inside and pulled his cock out of his boxers. The helmet was dark red and leaking pre cum already. Unable to wrap her fingers all the way around his shaft, Kate marveled how something so hard could be so velvety soft. She stroked his shaft up and down, slowly.
His breath hissed, as he felt her rub every sensitive spot he had. She knew just how to twist her hand, as she stroked him, in order to make the skin move around the head. None of his girlfriends had ever stroked him like this.
“Do you like this?” she asked, “Do you want me to suck you?”
Excited, he nodded his head. His ex girlfriend had sucked his dick once. Well, it could not really be classified as sucking, since all she did was lick the head and then stop. He was curious to see what Kate would do.
“God! Yes, please,” he whispered.
Danny was afraid that this was all a dream. He thought that if he talked above a whisper, she would wake up and stop everything. He didn't realize how much he wanted to fuck Jamie's Mom, until now.
Kate loved sucking dick. That was the one thing her ex husband liked about her. Sliding to the floor, she positioned herself between his legs. With her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, she let her tongue trace his helmet. Flicking gently over the ridge, she felt him stiffen.
Her warm mouth engulfed his cock head. Danny felt his toes curl, as she sucked only the head. Her hand stroking up his shaft, as her mouth descended down it. He almost died when he felt her other hand gently pull down on his aching balls.
His shaft was shiny wet with her spit, which made her hand glide up and down that meaty pole. She rotated her slick palm up and over his head, as she tongued his balls. Danny sucked his breath in sharply, when she put one entire testicle in her mouth and circled her tongue around it, as she sucked gently.
Danny knew he was about to explode. His balls were contracted tight to his body. He had never been so hard in his life. Feeling the contractions starting deep in his balls, he could not stop the rush of fluid about to spurt from his cock.
Kate felt his dick swell and waited for the jets of hot cum to spray the back of her mouth. Using her tongue, she worked his shaft, helping him ejaculate. He hollered out, hoarsely. Flooding her mouth with numerous jets of his cum, she tried her best to keep up.
Swallowing thickly, Kate stood up and looked directly at Danny. She made sure he noticed her tongue lick the excess jism from the corner of her mouth. His eyes never left her mouth. With a glazed look, he tried to regain his senses.
“Danny? I want you. Help me cum,” she purred.
Leading him upstairs, she laid down on her back on the bed. Opening her robe, she showed him her bra and thong clad body. His eyes traveled up and down her body.
“Please...I want to feel your tongue on my clit . Eat my pussy, baby,” she whispered, as she opened her legs wide.
Immediately, his gaze went to her barely covered cunt. He was aroused, but uneasy. Danny looked up at this dream Goddess.
“I have...I have never...uh,” he mumbled.
“Don't worry, baby. I'll show you,” Kate purred.
Danny got onto the bed beside her. She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him passionately. Her tongue danced with his, as she sucked and kissed his lips. Kate lead his hand down to her pussy. Using his fingers, she rubbed her slit through her panties.
He worked his fingers inside her panties, coating his fingers in her juices. If it there was one thing he knew, it was how to finger a woman. She worked her hips in rhythm with his fingers. Little moans and sighs escaped her mouth.
“Taste your fingers, baby. Taste me on your fingers,” she whispered.
She tasted tangy on his fingers. He wondered if the taste was the same directly from the source. Getting down between her legs, he lifted her hips, pulling her panties off. Her glorious pussy was bare in front of him.
“Open my pussy. Open the lips wide. See how wet you have made me?” she groaned, “Tell me what you see.”
“Your wet and pink,” he said.
“Lick my clit , baby. Suck it into your mouth. Suck it like candy,” she panted.
Danny's fingers were deep inside her pussy, working their way in and out. She was panting, as she humped his hand. Feeling his warm mouth suck her clit deeply, she cried out, loudly. Digging her feet into the mattress, Kate pushed her hips up sharply.
He felt her fingers clenching his hair and knew that he was doing something right. Danny circled her clit with his tongue, sometimes in a figure 8 and sometimes in various other shapes. He listened to her moans get louder.
Danny felt Kate's pussy get tighter. If at all possible, her beautiful slit darkened to a deep rose shade and copious amounts of juice flooded his hand and face. He had to hold onto her hips to keep from being bucked off her pussy.
“Don't stop! Don't stop! Please...gonna cum!” she screamed.
Danny watched this sexy woman orgasm. Her perky nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and her chest was flushed crimson. A fine gloss of sweat covered her body, as she rode the waves of pleasure.
“Fuck me, Danny! I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy. Now!” she yelled.
Climbing on top of Kate, Danny felt clumsy and unsure, until he felt her small hand worm it's way between their bodies. She guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Rubbing it between her swollen lips, she used her enormous amount of nectar to lubricate his shaft.
None of Danny's dreams compared to this. Her pussy felt like wet silk, as he pushed into her scorching hot cunt. So soft, so smooth, nothing like his rough hand, she fit him like a glove.
Nature took over. He pumped his hips, furiously. Her hands on his hips, guiding him. Kate wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. She had never been one to have multiple orgasms, but this teenager had her on the verge of cumming again.
Danny was groaning. He was so close and wanted nothing more than to fill her full of his seed. Putting her legs over his arms, he trapped her wrists in his hands. Using her body as leverage, he pounded the hell out of her.
“Make me cum, baby. Please!” she begged.
Kate felt the familiar lightening bolt shocks, as her body flew apart. Amazed at how quickly she was able to cum again, she let her body shudder and convulse.
“Cum with me, Danny. Fill me full of your hot cum,” she panted out.
That was all it took. Danny exploded, as wave after wave radiated through him. He flooded her pussy. Collapsing down on her, he sighed into her neck.
Getting up on his elbows, he looked down at her. Kate was smiling. He pulled out of her warm body and rolled to her side.
She felt a warm river of cum drain out of her well sated pussy. It ran out of her hole and down between the crack of her ass, pooling on the sheets and leaving a wet place. How was she going to tell her son that his mother was fucking his best friend, with no intention of stopping?
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