Dangerous Games - Chapter II
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June ’10
Amy drew a trembling breath and removed the flash drive from her computer, hiding it in her desk drawer. It had been a present from Lex, one she treasured beyond comprehension. Photos of her. Video as well. If any of her friends knew they existed, she’d die of humiliation. She let that thought linger, fantasizing about leaving the flash drive on Jake’s dresser at the next party, picturing him opening it up, calling Kevin in, the two of them staring bug eyed at porn that starred herself. She felt her cheeks warm, and desire spread its fingers in her tummy, reaching downward into her already wet cunt. Licking her lips, she wondered what they would think? Would they be disgusted? Or would they lust for her, jerking off at night to photos of her masturbating dressed as Supergirl? A hint of a knowing smile played upon her face.
"Maybe some day…." She said quietly, savoring the vision.
Another thought slipped in, this one making her blush, this time imagining Valerie finding the flash. Amy had always had a little bit of a crush on her roommate. Not that she’d even considered about doing anything about it. Not until recently, that is. Lex had opened so many possibilities to her, so many paths, and now, she found herself considering doing exactly just that. Val had gone to visit her parents for a few days. It would be so easy to simply leave the drive on her desk before going to bed, knowing that she would find it sometime this weekend, while she was away at Lex’s, wondering if curiosity would compel her open it. She felt a fresh rush of desire flood her and for a moment forgot herself, rubbing her wet cunt through damp panties. She gasped as realization hit her, jerking her hands away, moaning softly with need as she pressed her thighs together. That had been close to breaking Lex’s instructions. Too close. She wondered if it might be wise to cuff her hands to something, removing all temptation, a soft giggle escaping her lips at the thought. Best not think of anything sexual, she chided. Try as she might, though, her thoughts turned to her second ‘date’ with the man she’d come to know as Lex.
November ‘09 Three weeks later, she still hadn’t forgotten the incident. How could she? It had been one of the best nights and, conversely, one of the worst nights of her life. Sometimes she wished that she’d never met him and other times she wished that she’d left him her number so that they might get together again. This time, she would be in control. No more super hero games. She never bothered interrogating Kevin or Jake about his identity, not wanting them asking embarrassing questions that she couldn’t answer. It was over and done with as far as she was concerned. And then the email arrived.
She almost missed it. After all, it wasn’t anyone she knew. If it hadn’t been for the Sender ID and the subject, she’d have just deleted it. Lex Luthor. Place your order for slightly used nuclear warheads now.
That got a laugh out of her, and she opened it up, curious as to whom had really sent it to her. She stared at the screen in shock, glad that she’d opened it in the privacy of her own home. A picture of her in her Supergirl costume stared out at her. She was kneeling on a dark red love seat, her knees apart as she leaned back on her hands, arching her back so that her breasts pointed upwards. In the photo it wasn’t obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt, but she knew.
Her heart pounding fearfully, she read the email, trying to ignore the photo.
Dear Kara,I have more of these. Many more. If you don’t wish anyone else to see them, meet me at 412 Dover Lane on Friday night, 8pm sharp. I have a surprise for you that I think you’ll enjoy. Come alone and don’t tell anyone or I will share them with everyone you know. And Kara, dear. I want Supergirl. Make sure I get her.Your friend,Lex Luthor.It was mad. She knew she should call the cops and turn him in for blackmail. But the risk that someone might get hold of those pictures was too great. Besides, a part of her had wanted to see him again. This time, she would make sure that she was in control and make him delete every last on of them from his hard drive. After all, she was Supergirl. He didn’t have a chance against her.
The email had arrived Monday and she’d worried about what was going to happen the entire time. She might be dressing up like Supergirl, but there was little doubt that he was much stronger and in control. If she were smart, she’d never even consider the proposed meeting. And yet, when Friday evening arrived, Amy found herself looking at the reflection of Kara Zor-el in the mirror, unable to deny that she looked flawless from top to bottom. This time, she’d even added red lipstick and nail polish to match her uniform. Supergirl had never looked quite this sexy. Well… she amended that. Some of the artwork in the more recent issues was definitely cheesecake. Still, she looked hot, strange as it seemed to admit it.
Thankfully, when 7:20 came it was already dark outside. Amy certainly didn’t want to be seen leaving the house in costume. Secret identity and all that, she thought with a smile, a seed of excitement working it’s way through her as she did her best to sink into the role of superhero. It was, she had to confess, more fun then she’d had in a long time.
The drive to his place took less then half an hour. 8pm sharp, the email had said. She glanced at her stereo noting that she had 10 minutes to kill before she needed to be on his porch. Ten minutes to worry about what was going to happen to her tonight. Ten minutes to wonder if she should be embarrassed or excited by the thought that, maybe tonight, she’d get her wish and he’d fuck her. He owed that to her, after all.
Ringing the doorbell at 8pm sharp, she waited nervously for him, fiddling with the hem of her cape. This was a bad idea. What was she thinking? Still, when the door swung open and Lex gestured her in, closing the door behind her, she gave him her best smile, even as he bolted it, setting the alarm, effectively trapping her inside. This time, gone was the green make up and the costume. Instead he was dressed in a flawless gray Armani suit, looking stunning and stealing her breath away. He scalp had been cleanly shaved, making him the spitting image of Lex Luthor, his eyes a piercing mahogany. Amy judged him perfect for the part, and with that thought, ‘Amy’ was gone, set aside for the evening. Only Supergirl remained.
Oh, it wasn’t like she had lost her mind or anything, but it was so much easier to play at being Supergirl. She liked being Supergirl. He led her into the living room and they bantered back and forth like old friends about this and that, the words growing flirtatious. It was slightly surreal and yet, she felt comfortable with him. They were, in a sense, close after what had happened last time. And she had enjoyed spending all that time talking to him, missing him in more ways then one.
Lex offered her a drink. Recalling how that had turned out last time, Amy accepted anyway. One drink to take the edge off. One drink, and that was it. He left, returning swiftly with a rum and coke without having to ask. This time, when he told her to sit, she chose the easy chair, remembering all too well what had happened on the love seat, blushing at the thought, yet unable to get it out of her head. With a knowing smile, he seated himself across from her on the full sofa.
"I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you here, tonight." His voice was subtly different then she remembered it. He didn’t have the ring of command that Brainiac had possessed. She wondered if that boded good or ill for her. The game was on.
"I had, Lex. But then I figured it out. You intend to use me as a lure for Superman. It’s not me that you’re interested in. It’s him. It always has been."
He chuckled evilly, shaking his head, dark eyes glinting with dangerous humor. "I always said that you were the smart one, Supergirl. You’re right, of course. Well, half right. You see, for once I don’t want to lure Superman here. For once, I want to insure that he leaves me alone. And to do that, I need a hostage."
He gave her wink. Unsure if that was part of the character or if he was just telling her to play along, she nodded, doing her best to look slightly menacing. She had, after all, decided to play along as soon as she walked in the door and seen him dressed like a super villain.
"And I suppose you think I’ll just sit still for that?" she countered, leaning back in her chair, her arms folded beneath her breasts, legs crossed, heedless of how it made her skirt ride up, actually hoping he might notice and approve.
"I don’t think you’ll have a choice, my dear. After all, there’s a special ingredient mixed in with your drink. I’ll give you a hint. It’s green, it glows, and there’s just enough of it to render you powerless without you noticing it. So, consider yourself disarmed, so to speak."
Amy, or rather Supergirl, stared at him in disbelief. He’d out thought her so easily, taken advantage of her estimation of him. After all, he was merely human. She’d forgotten that what made Luthor dangerous was his intellect and cunning. She could feel the power drain out of her even as she put down her glass. It was too late. They both knew it.
They got lost in small talk for a while, letting her finish her drink. After all, the damage had already been done. It was easy to talk to him, both as Amy and as Kara, and after a while, she didn’t even note the distinction between the two. Still, it did bother her a little when he insisted that his name really was Lex. At least it was easier to call him that then Brainiac all the time. More natural, at least.
He poured her another drink and she didn’t object, welcoming it, in fact. That said, it would be her last of the night and she wouldn’t change her mind on that for any reason. They talked more, about art, school, music, books… he was a fascinating conversationalist. She’d deduced that he was slightly older then her and certainly more worldly. Still, he didn’t come off as snobbish and certainly didn’t try to hide his love for all things ‘super hero-y’. Before she knew it, an hour and a half had slipped by and she had grown comfortable enough to flirt with him, teasing him by crossing and uncrossing her legs, pretending that he wasn’t trying to glance covertly and deduce if she was wearing her ‘uniform’ panties.
Finally, there was a short lull in their conversation, and he put on his ‘Lex guise’ once more. "I have something to show you, Supergirl. Something I think you’ll want to see."
She nodded, and stood. Feeling slightly tipsy around the edges, but certainly not enough to impair her judgement. Somewhat giddy with equal parts nervous anticipation and desire might have been the best way to describe her mood as she followed him down the hall and once again the his hidden vault. As far as she could tell, nothing had changed. Perhaps he had added a new action figure to the cabinets. She glanced at him, questioningly, to at which he merely shook his head and walked to the end of the room, standing before blank wall. Smiling over his shoulder, he asked her to turn. More secrecy, she thought with a grin. She kind of enjoyed that part of it, if she was honest with herself.
With her back to the wall, she could only imagine what he was doing, but something made a quiet beep and then there were more subtle noises. Listening carefully, she imagined a key turning, a hidden latch clicking softly. That was her best guess. Some sort of hidden wall vault? Finally, he told her she could look. She’d been half-right. Where before there had been nothing but wall there was now a doorway, the section of wall, opening up into another room. Intrigued, it took little coaxing to get her to enter and this time, when he turned to shut the door and lock it behind them, she had already anticipated it.
The room was about the size of her bedroom. White tiles covered the floor and ceiling, and the walls were covered in white padding. A quartet of light disks, roughly the size and shape of a CD illuminated the interior. Opposite her was a steel door flanked by metal lockers. She gave a start as Lex laid his hand upon her shoulder, his fingers squeezing almost reassuringly, sending a chill through her flesh.
"You are breathtaking, did you know that? So beautiful, so vulnerable. A worthy addition to my collection, don’t you think?"
He paused, letting the silence stretch for some time while she drank in other details of the room, trembling at his choice of words. Small metal rings set in the floor at various places, as well as in the wall at differing heights. She licked her lips nervously, imagining what they might be used for in the nature of their game, her heart beating rapidly as Lex continued, his voice the only sound in the room besides her nervous breathing.
"I’m only going to ask you once, Supergirl. What is the name of Superman’s alter ego?"
Amy shook her head. How could he not know? Everyone knew that. And then it dawned on her. Lex Luthor wouldn’t know. He really was playing his role to perfection and, as long as he did, so would she. Supergirl would never reveal that secret, and certainly no to Superman’s greatest enemy. Shaking her head, she remained mute.
Lex sighed and stroked her cheek and she jerked back at his touch eliciting a chuckle.
"I know that this is all a little sudden for you. I wanted you to know that this is your choice, that you can stop it at any point."
He tugged gently at her shoulder, prompting her to turn, capturing her gaze, his expression serious.
"All you have to do is answer that simple question and it stops. If anything gets too much for you, that’s your way out." Lex titled her head, fingers under her chin, his face mere inches from hers. "Trust me Kara. Remember that this is all a game. Everything that happens from this point is between Lex and Supergirl. Leave Amy outside the door."
She knew what he was asking, somehow knew that she was about to embark on a journey that would test her limits. Uneasily, she let her eyes roam the room, falling on the metal rings in the walls, easily imagining their uses, remembering the night of the party, how she’d felt then, and the mixture of regret and longing that filled her ever since. She sensed that, compared to what was to come, that had been tame, at least by Lex’s standards. Was she prepared to continue with this game, to find out her limits?
After what seemed an eternity, she gave him a nod, her smile tentative at first, growing bolder as she let her alter ego take over. She’d decided. She’d play his game by his rules.
"Do your worst, Lex. I will never betray my cousin!" she spat the words out angrily, as she imagined Supergirl might.
"Don’t worry, my dear Superslut. I intend to." His voice was a menacing whisper. Gone were the last vestiges of the man who’d she’d spent a pleasant evening with out in his living room, who’d offered her a way out if she so chose.. Now, within this padded room, it was simply Luthor and Supergirl, bitter enemies and she was at his mercy, blushing in shame as a flush of sexual heat flowed through her, weakening knees.
"You won’t get away with this, Lex." She did her best to retain the anger of her earlier reply, failing, a delicious mix of fear and desire coloring her voice instead, drawing a broad smile from him.
"Oh, but I already have, Supergirl." Releasing her chin, his hands settled on her shoulders, spinning her around so that she faced away from him, before steering her towards the steel lockers flanking the far door.
"In the end, you will tell me what I wish to know. Still, I’m glad that you’ve decided to be stubborn. I’ve been looking forward to this, if you want to know the truth."
Telling herself that she was still under the influence of the kyrptonite laced drink, too weak and helpless to fight him, she let herself be guided The air was cool within the padded room, reminding her of how much skin her costume revealed. It also had the unfortunate side effect of making her nipples swell beneath the clingy material of her top. Fingers clasped over a bared midriff, she eyed him, wondering what was to come next, her breathing suddenly growing ragged as he produced a pair of stainless steel shackles.
"These cost me a small fortune, my dear." He sounded so matter of fact, as if carrying on a simple conversation. "An alloy I developed from titanium and kryptonite. Not only unbreakable, it will continue to drain your powers as long as you wear them. Hold out your hands, Kara, and let’s see how they look on you."
Feeling like she was in a trance, her eyes focused on the shackles. Polished steel bands that looked like they’d fit snuggly, smooth save for a single circular ring attached and the two parts of a locking mechanism at either side of the seam. Lex held one before her, his expression intense, and simply waited. She hesitated at first, hands clenched into fists, her entire body tensing as butterflies burst out inside of her. Finally, doing her best not to let her nerves betray her, she reached out, placing one wrist within the curved steel, motionless as he shut it, her eyes going a little wide at the resulting warmth that filled her loins, her panties suddenly noticeably damp.
"Now, the other one, Kara." His eyes flickered over her chest, noticing her obviously swollen nipples with a leering smile. She repeated the process, the click of the second shackle drawing a soft gasp from her as she pressed her thighs together, embarrassed at her reaction.
"Secrets, Supergirl?" Lex chuckled, eyes drawn to the scant protection of her too short skirt. "Soon, even your darkest secrets will be uncovered. You might as well get used to that."
She shook her head, refusing to meet his gaze as he stared, her cheeks hot with the flush of embarrassment. Turning away from him, arms crossed over her breasts, the shackles cold and heavy on her wrists, she reminded herself that all she had to do to stop him was reveal Superman’s alter ego. She thought of testing him but held her tongue realizing she didn’t want this to stop. She had a hard time admitting it, even to herself, but what he was doing, what he promised, was turning her on in a way she’d never imagined. An image flushed, of her pushing her hands inside her skirt, into the waistband of her panties, getting off in front of him while he watched. She resisted, instead turning once again to face him.
Silent all this time, arms folded across his chest as he watched her struggle with her emotions he cocked a single eyebrow as she lifted her face, staring in defiance. She’d let herself slip again, forgetting who she was and vowing that it wouldn’t happen again. She was Supergirl!
"I’m not afraid of you, Lex. I will prevail, eventually." She forced herself to glare in defiance, even as he pushed her back towards the wall.
"You think you’re so much better then me, Kara? Just because you have super powers? Oh, you will learn to regret that, you arrogant brat." His snarl seemed genuine, taking her aback as her grabbed her arm, attaching her shackle to one of the rings in the wall with a steel clip. She struggled, her heart pounding against her ribs, unable to stop him from securing her other arm as well, so that her shoulders were pressed against the padding, her hands level with her shoulders, elbows bent so that her arms formed a V shape.
"You are so naïve, Kara, so trusting, even when you should know better. Did you think that, if you refused to share your cousin’s secrets, I would simply let you go?"
Lex stood before her, his face inches from hers, eyes narrowed. She could feel his warm breath on her lips, suddenly wishing he would press his mouth against hers and kiss her hard, forcing himself against her She moaned softly at the image, lips parting in invitation, causing him to smile cruelly.
"Don’t think that you’re getting what you want that easily."
He left her, going back to the cabinet, returning with a medium sized black nylon bag, which he place on the floor at her feet. Without preamble, he grasped her calf, pulling her foot up, tugging at her boot until it came free. Discarding it to one side, he secured a third shackle around her ankle. The fit was snug, the metal cold against her skin. As he gripped her other ankle, she protested, giving him pause.
"Are you ready to give him up, Kara? To betray Superman?"
Taking a deep breath, she shook her head, her blond hair brushing her shoulders teasingly, knowing that she was committing herself to the unknown with that simple gesture.
"Never, Lex. Not matter how you torture me, I will not break."
"Stubborn girl." He said, grinning up at her, his hungry gaze not on her face, but between her thighs. "Looks like I’ve already uncovered one of your secrets. You’re not as pure as you want everyone to believe."
He stripped her of her remaining boot replacing it with the remaining shackle before tapping the insides of her legs, just below her knees gently, first one, then the other. At first she resisted, but as the tapping turned more insistent, her thighs spread slowly apart. Once he had her feet a good yard apart, he attached them to the rings on the wall as well, leaving her feeling vulnerable as he regained his feet, reminding her of how much bigger he was. There was no escape for her now.
He must have seen it in her eyes, the acceptance of her fate, for his smile softened momentarily as he caressed her cheek tenderly. And then, it was over, dark eyes going hard again, smile fading as his touch worked its way down along the tendons of her neck. He paused, running his fingers through her blonde tresses admiringly, both palms settling on her shoulders, pushing her back against the cushioned wall. Then his hands were upon her breasts, the touch intimate. Despite the costume she still wore, she felt naked as he squeezed them playfully, his thumbs circling over her erect nipples. It felt amazing, and she found herself hoping he’d never stop, blushing as the first trickle of her desire kissed the soft skin of her thigh.
Shifting as much as she could, her feet flat upon the tiled floor, toes curling as want coursed though her, she closed her eyes and willed him to continue. Too soon, he stopped, or not soon enough perhaps, this time to slowly lift the bottom of her skin tight top, pushing it up and over her small breasts, baring her nipples to the cool air. The only sounds were the occasional clink of metal and her sighs of pleasure, humiliatingly loud in the small room, not that she cared so much anymore. Soon, she would be beyond caring at all.
He tugged at her nipples and her breath caught in her throat as he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger playfully. "Today, Kara, I am simply showing you what I am capable of, giving you a glimpse into the future. Consider it your initiation. Nothing too painful, too degrading. Not until you’re ready for it. Mark my words, however, you will, and sooner then you think. Before I am done with you, you will kneel before me and beg for me to do things you can’t even imagine right now."
Amy simply nodded, not knowing how else to respond, staring at his face as her mind raced, her imagination running rampant, struggling uselessly against her bonds. The steel held her firm, as she struggled helplessly, growing more turned on by the moment, as he toyed with her.
He traced her ribs to her sides, his hands sliding slowly over her slender waist until they came to rest upon her hips just above the waistband of her skirt. She felt a momentary surge of panic as he pushed it down on her hips. Her panties were now soaked with her juices, her scent faintly filling the small room, and the thought of him seeing her like that, of what he would think of her, filled her with humiliation.
"No, please Lex." She managed, not daring to meet his eyes.
He paused, finger tips tracing the top of her waist band, meeting beneath her navel, then back once more, teasing her with feather light touches. Unable to help herself, she pushed her hips out, allowing his hands to meet at the small of her back, whimpering softly the whole time. She was soon rewarded with the feel of a single digit sliding beneath both skirt and panty down the soft rounds of her ass, coming to a halt mere inches from the tight little pucker of her ass. She gasped, eyes going wide, squirming against his unwelcome intrusion until finally he withdrew.
"Oh, don’t be a prude, Kara. That’s hardly going to be the worst of it. In a little while that will be my cock filling your crack as I pull those delightful cheeks of yours apart and fuck you in the ass until you scream."
Without warning, he pushed her skirt up, revealing to her shame, the state of her underwear. Blushing furiously, wishing she could squeeze her eyes shut, as she watched his grin spread from cheek to cheek at the sight. To make matters worse, her body betrayed her and she felt a sudden renewal of desire coursing slowly from her cunt.
"God, you are so fucking sexy. I want to take you right now." Lex’s voice was husky with lust, his trousers straining against an unmistakable erection. "I just want to tear those sopping panties off of you and shove my cock up your cunt until you scream. I’d bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, Superslut?"
Amy nodded, unable to help herself, half hoping that he would do just that and ‘rape’ her where she stood, helpless to stop him, fucking her until she cried for mercy, cumming over and over and…
"Good god, I can see it in your eyes. That’s exactly what you want, Kara." He placed his hand over her mound, pushing her wet underwear between her parted labia with one finger, stroking her from the edge of her taint to the base of her swollen clit, never quite touching it until she thought she’d go mad with need.
"Poor girl. I think you’re forgetting. This isn’t about you."
She let out a groan of disappointment as he pulled his finger from her now sopping cunt, shivering with pleasure as he traced it down the inside of her thigh, leaving a slick trail in its wake.
"This is about what I want, Kara."
He reached up under her skirt so suddenly, that she let out a sharp cry, unable to stop him as he took hold of her panties and tugged them down violently, leaving them stretched between her thighs, revealing a sparse field of gold and her glistening pussy. Spread legs pulled the edges of her cunt invitingly open, just enough to reveal her engorged clit before her skimpy skirt fell back into place hiding her nakedness from him once more.
He was against her suddenly, hand tangling in her hair as he kissed her violently, his tongue forcing its way between her lip, as he pushed her into the wall. She could feel his bulging cock pressing against her, pressing her breasts being flat against his broad chest. She returned his kiss passionately, unable to stem the desire that rose up in her, moaning into his mouth as their tongues tangled. Her fingers clenched the air futilely as he forced her into the padded wall relentlessly, his hands moving to her tits, cruel fingers squeezing painfully until she let out a sharp cry. Only then, did he let up, leaning back, his breath coming hard, their mingled saliva shining on his lips.
"You dare to thwart me, Lex Luthor, evil genius, Kara? You think I won’t, eventually, get what I want? Foolish girl. Now you will suffer the consequences." His voice shock with passion, his intensity frightening her a little. Not enough to deny that her excitement was all too tangible, however.
"Go ahead and try, Luthor! I dare you!" She did her best to growl, her voice shaking with suppressed emotions, not the least of them lust.
He answered without words, fastening on her nipple with his mouth, sucking it between his teeth. Clenching down, her bit her, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard. Pain shot through her breast, and she cried out again, struggling in earnest now, adrenaline spiking through her body. Cruelly, he twisted her sensitive flesh in his mouth while shoving his hand down into her skirt to cup her mound, this time the barrier between her cunt and his questing fingers removed.
"Oh, god…" she moaned loudly, the breath forced from her as he penetrated her, first his thick finger slipping easily between pink edged lips and into her sopping cunt, her muscles clenching as if to pull him in deeper. Soon it was joined by another, forcing her open, thrusting slowly in and out of her as he released her nipple, cutting off her pleas with her mouth once more, kissing her savagely. This is what it felt like to be raped and yet, she welcomed it, wanted him to use her, needed him to make her cum over and over until she couldn’t take it anymore.
Roughly, he pushed a third finger into her slit her juices coating his hand, running down the insides of her thighs. He forced them deep inside of her, all the way to his knuckles, twisting his hand painfully, thumb pressing up against her engorged clit, the edge of the nail digging painfully into nerve endings. She gasped into his mouth, trying to turn away from his kiss, unable to stop him as started fucking her mouth with his tongue, not even letting her catch her breath as rough fingers pounded her cunt mercilessly.
Amy hardly noticed when he slid his pinky in as well, her hole so slick that he was able to push past his knuckles, each thrust filling her tight youthful pussy with exquisite pain. She felt herself building, the dam close to bursting, her entire body shaking with her coming orgasm, when he stopped suddenly, his hand shoved deep inside of her, his mouth covering hers, releasing her suddenly. She panted, filling her lungs with breath, tears rolling down her cheeks, her hips beginning to thrust as she tried to drive his fingers deep inside of her hole. She was so close.
"Don’t you dare cum, Kara. Do not even think about it." She whimpered as his hand slid out of her sopping wet cunt to rest on her stomach, pushing her ass into the wall until her struggles ceased.
"Good girl." His breath was ragged with passion as he held her there, his face mere inches from hers, holding her gaze with those amazing blue eyes of his.
"From now on, you are not to cum unless I give you permission, Understand? Not just today, but as long as you want this… game of ours to last. That is rule number one. The first time you break that rule, it’s over. Do you understand?"
At a loss for words, she simply nodded, her unfocused gaze never leaving his, not really understanding, but wanting this to continue, her lust betraying her common senses.
"Good. Remember that, Kara. Remember it when you’re sitting at home, so horny you can’t stand it, unable to get yourself off unless I give you permission. Just think of having to call me and begging to cum and preying I give you permission. And think of this, my sexy little superheroine, rule number two. When I tell you to cum, you will cum, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter where or when, you will cum for me. Understand?"
Amy nodded once more, not sure that she did, but willing to agree to anything if only he would give her relief and finish her off.
"Good girl. There will be other rules, but those are the two most important ones. The rest, we can discuss later, after I’ve had my way with you."
She watched his hands lower as he spoke, moving his fly, undoing the top button and then slowly pulling down his zipper. His cock, thick and swollen with lust, practically sprang forth, its engorged head pointing lewdly at her exposed tits.
"Remember your promise, Supergirl, while I’ve got my cock stuffed up your hot little cunt. Don’t you dare cum unless I give you permission."
Helpless to resist, the shackles snug against her wrists and ankles, Amy watched helplessly as Lex pushed her short skirt up and guided his cock until it rested against her slit, working it up and down, coating it with the cream from her cunt. God, it felt incredible and, despite herself, she silently prayed for him to ram it into her and start fucking her brains out. She soon got her wish.
She felt it parting her slick lips, pushing inside of her easily, pushing the walls of her cunt apart until his hips were pressing into hers, her pressing back, desperately trying to drive him just a little further in. He sighed pleasurably, the sound turning into a passionate moan as her walls began gripping his cock. Reaching behind, he grabbed her ass roughly, and began to thrust. Slowly, at first, but quickly picking up the pace, he fucked her, driving himself into her aching cunt as hard and as fast as he could. Over and over, he drilled his thick cock into her creamy hole until suddenly he exploded with a final thrust, shooting hot cum deep inside of her, his fingers digging unrelentingly into her ass. He exploded, long and hard, with guttural cry, leaving her once more precariously on passions doorstep, biting her lip as she fought the waves of pleasure that rolled through her and threatened to push her over the edge against his strict decree.
She felt his cock tense inside of her, spasming once more, pumping more cum into her. She felt dirty as he pulled out, his seed spilling from the raw wound of her cunt and leaking down her legs, clinging to the matted tufts of her pubes, and staining the front of his expensive trousers.
"Fuck." He said, spent for the moment, his grip relaxing as he leaned against her, breathing hard. "Glorious."
Amy whimpered, not daring to say anything, still poised on the edge of something wonderful, her chest heaving with need, a quiver that started in her thighs spreading through her entire body as she fought for control.
"Oh, god, Lex, please, please, please," she begged. "Finish me off. I don’t know if I can…"
He grabbed her nipples, one in each hand, pinching them painfully, speaking through clenched teeth. "You will not cum, Supergirl. You will not!"
She fought it, trying to think of something, anything, to quench the fire in her loins, the desire that threatened to wash all thought away. Finally, she nodded, surrendering to his will rather then the needs of her body, feeling like she might implode at any moment.
"Please…?" she whimpered softly, eyes wide, her lips opening and closing soundlessly around the unsaid words.
Lex shook his head, a look of sympathy upon his face, shrugging slightly as he stepped back. She glanced down, staring hungrily at his softening cock, shiny with his cum and her cream. He shook his head again, this time his smile less pleasant.
"No, Kara." He chuckled at the look she gave him, half desperation, half fury. "I see I haven’t broken your spirit. Good. Now, listen to me carefully."
He lifted her face, his fingers beneath her chin, stepping closer, the lapels of his suit brushing her overly sensitive nipples. Her soft mews of pleasure were wonderful, and aphrodisiac that soon had him hard again.
"Here is what is going to happen, Kara." I am going to go get cleaned up and change while you think about what just happened here and what you wanted to happen. Then, I am going to release you and we will go sit in my living room and discuss your future. You will behave yourself and you will do everything I tell you to, my beautiful little super toy. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect you to try to be perfect."
He leaned forward, kissing her almost sweetly, neither of them closing their eyes, as if they were both searching the others soul. It was a short kiss, but it left her breathless when he broke it, stepping away from her.
"I wouldn’t be a proper villain without the occasional bad pun, self serving monologue, or a groan inducing exit line, Kara, so… don’t go anywhere until I get back."
Lex left her, exiting through the door they’d come in though, letting it shut with a final sounding thud behind him, her wrists and ankles still shackled to the wall. Even if he’d left the door open, she’d be unable to escape. Despite knowing better, she resumed her struggle, her thoughts and emotions taking her on a wild ride as she did so. What did he mean, they’d discuss her future? And the part about telling her when she could and couldn’t cum? She’d read about such things, mostly online, curious as most people are, and was familiar with the idea of BDSM. What he’d suggested sounded dangerously close to that. No way was he going to trick her into something like that, even if he did have pictures of her in compromising positions. No fucking way.
And yet… when she thought of that night, what he’d had her do, the way she’d felt, how she’d spent the next four weeks replaying it over and over while she fingered herself to orgasm… She let out a sigh. A moment ago she was willing to agree to anything if he would only make her cum. Let her cum. She’d been so close and it was only his so called rule that had held her back. That and the promise of more moments like that last time… like tonight. Maybe, she thought, once they were done with their discussion he would allow her to pleasure herself while he watched if she begged him.
"Just listen to me." Her voice was soft, still breathless. "Allow me to cum. She relaxed, looking downward, her breasts still exposed, rising and falling erotically with each breath, engorged nipples looking angry. Perspiration filmed her skin from the swell of her breasts to the waistband of her skirt and she could still feel their mixed fluids cooling upon her thighs, reminding her of how he’d used her for his own pleasures, insisting that she go without.
"His Superslut." She managed, a wry smile pulling at the corner of her lips. "Sounds kind of nice. Kinky, but nice. Maybe…"
She’d hear him out, see what he had to say. She could, she knew, refuse him, simply say no and walk away. If she did, would it be over? She wondered if she was ready for this to be over, having just begun. She wondered if she could say ‘no’ and not have regrets? With a sigh, Amy closed her eyes, wrestling with her thoughts, chasing them around her head, the ache of her body’s need for release never fully leaving her, the eventual sound of his return startling her. Eyes drawn to him as he stood in the open doorway, newly dressed in a pair of casual dockers and a long sleeved pinstripe shirt, the cuffs folded up over his forearms, looking like the master of his domain. Well, it was an appropriate description, after all.
"Good to see you decided to stay for dessert." He teased, his smile pleasant, eyes twinkling with humor as he stared at her unabashedly, concentrating as much upon her bared breasts and the sodden mess that her skirt had become, settled over her naked mound as it was, as he did on her face. She felt herself blushing, turning her head, feeling vulnerable and naked under his gaze, something he apparently found humorous.
"You look like a wet dream come to life, Kara. Amazingly slutty and yet, there’s still an innocence to you, a naivete. I hope you never lose that. Now, as promised, time to take this conversation to somewhere more civilized."
Lex knelt before her, his hands running up and down her thighs leisurely, quickening her once more with visions of what he might still do while she remained helpless to stop him. Almost too soon, he stopped, chuckling as if he could read her mind, knowing what she wanted and, instead, releasing her from the wall, her shackles still gripping her ankles firmly.
Standing slowly, his hands rose once more over the gentle curves of her thighs, pushing up her skirt slowly up as his gaze lingered between her thighs. She could feel his cum still leaking from her, her cheeks hot as he took a moment to admired her naked cunt, before letting her skirt fall once more to cover her. Cupping her breasts, then bending over, he kissed her inflamed nipples tenderly, the tip of his tongue teasing them one at a time until a shudder worked its way through her from head to toe. Only then did he stop, his lips moving to hers, kissing softly, a mere brush that lingered as he unfastened the wrist cuffs, supporting her when she would have fallen.
"You look worn out, Kara."
He was gentle, lifting her easily, one arm beneath the crook of her legs, the other under her arms. He carried her from the padded room back into the main house, laying her comfortably upon his sofa, head propped upon the arm rest. Taking a moment to pull her top back down over her breasts and rearrange her skirt so that she was no longer exposed, he brushed the hair from her face, placing another tender kiss on parted lips. Then, taking a seat upon the other end of the sofa, Lex lifted her feet so that they over his thighs, stroking her calves fondly, like one would a favorite pet while she caught her breath, silence filling the room. Finally, he put out his hand and she took it, the gesture oddly formal and yet quite intimate, his touch light, and yet somehow comfortingly possessive.
"If you’d like, you can spend the night. No expectation and no worries. I’ll put you up in the guestroom. You can sleep as late as you’d like, but first, we need to talk…"
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