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Our wonderful dinner was just about over, when I asked you if you had any plans for the evening. No, you said, you thought we would watch a movie or go for a walk and end up fooling around, like every night. I smiled and said I love the way you think.
"I was thinking, I need a new dress shirt, and was wondering if you would like to go to Burlington Coat factory and shop."
"That's a great idea, why don't you clean the dishes and I will change in to my shopping outfit?" you tell me.
That was ok with me, even though I think you look fine, in your tight jeans and tank top. I give you a kiss on the cheek, and slap your hot booty as you leave the kitchen. I start cleaning the table and take the plates to the sink for rinsing, before putting them in the dishwasher.
I was bending over, putting the last of the silverware in to the washer when I feel your hands grabbing my ass, and you ask, "Are you ready to go handsome? I am."
I turn around and take a look at you, and all thoughts of shopping rapidly depart my brain. You look incredible. My eyes wander up and down your gorgeous body, not wanting to look at anything but you. Your red and black striped, very low cut tank top looks amazing, your pointy nipples poking through tell me you are not wearing a bra.
The black miniskirt is one of my favorites; it shows off your hot ass and is just the right length. The 5" high, red heels are hot, I love the way they make your ass look, as you spin around asking if I like what I see.
I like what I see so much, I grab you and pull you close, my arms engulf you and my tongue parts your sexy lips and I squeeze your ass. I love the way your hard nipples feel pressing in to my chest, and you feel how hard I am. I lift you and set you on the table and kiss my way across your face and cheeks, working my way towards your sensitive neck, my neck, the neck I love to kiss, nibble and lick, whenever I can.
"Calm down my Love," you tell me, "it's time to go shopping, we can pick this up right here when we get back.
I take your hand in mine and guide it to my hard cock, and ask you if you are sure you don't want it now AND when we get back? You squeeze my cock, the way you know drives me crazy, and as you nibble on my ear, you tell me you have something on your mind, and it will be worth the wait.
With that, you pick up your purse and shake your hot booty as you walk towards the front door, I am in trance watching your ass, it looks so good.
I hurry to catch up with you and manage get to you just as you we reach the car, I grab you by the arm and push you up along the car, and kiss you again, my tongue finds its way to yours and they each try to get in to the others mouth. I reach up and squeeze your breasts and tell you, "I cant wait to get you to bed and fuck you like crazy, my cock will be hard all night long"
You reach down and grab my sausage, and tell me you can't wait to get your lips around it, and it will be well worth the wait.
You escape my grasp and head to the drivers door, this makes me happy because I can play with you as you drive. One of my favorite pass times.
It suddenly dawns on me, I don't know what thong you have on, or even if you are wearing one. I ask you which one you are wearing, and you tell me to look for myself. I think that is a great idea, so I move the skirt up your thigh and just before I can tell what or if you are wearing anything, you push my hand away and say we are here, and you park the car on the side of the building, away from any other parked vehicles.
Before I can slide my hand back between your legs, you open the car door and get out and head towards the store entrance. I am as hard as ever, thanks to your teasing and outfit. I hope it does stand out to much.
I don't know or care where I am going, I can't take my eyes off your gorgeous ass, I would follow it anywhere. I close my eyes for a second, and can see you kneeling on the bed, begging me to lift your skirt and slide my hard cock in to your always willing pussy.
You call my name and it brings me back to the present. We are in the men's shirt section and you are looking through the extra large shirts. You pick out 3 that you like and tell me to try these on, and we walk to the dressing room.
I go in to the dressing room and take off my shirt and start trying them on. After I unzip my pants I give my hardness a few strokes, I close me eyes again and picture you on your knees sucking and stroking my cock. I think, the sooner we are done here, the sooner I will be able to lick your tasty treasure till you moan and scream my name.
Like a revolving door, I try the 3 shirts on as fast as I can and let you see them. You tell me you like the first 2, and to give them to you as I put my street clothes back on. I leave the dressing room and give the clerk the last shirt to return to the rack. You are not here and the clerk said to tell me you would be in jeans section, and to look for you there.
I survey the pants section and don't see you anywhere, I walk through the jeans section looking for my size. I browse through the 38-40 size jeans and cant believe what I see. I move the pants apart and see you kneeling in front of me.
I look down and you smile at me and say, "You found me."
I said, "Yes I did, do I get a prize?"
"Do you consider this a prize?” and with that you unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and licked it. My knees went weak, as I moaned, "yesssss".
I looked down as you took my cock in to your wet mouth and sucked it, sucked it like you had not had any in weeks. I tried to look like I was studying the jeans, and not draw attention to myself. You were doing a fantastic job of cock sucking, using your tongue going down and your teeth on the way back up. I was excited just looking at you since you changed and told you I was not going to last long, and that any moment I would fill your mouth with my hot white cum. You smiled and said, "Great, I need my meds, and you will last longer when I ride this big, fat cock, when we get home," then you went back to sucking my cock.
I took a quick glance around, and no one was anywhere near us, so I grabbed your head by the hair and took over the thrusting in to your mouth.
You know that when I do this I am ready to explode so you let go of my hard dick and play with your nipples. I can't take the sensational feeling your mouth is giving me. My body tenses up and I cum, and I cum, and I cum, my cock cant stop erupting in your hot mouth.
You swallow all you can, but a little bit dribbles out of your mouth and lands on your perfect, deep, cleavage. After licking your lips, you reach down and scoop my cum off your chest and lick your fingers and say, "Thank you very much, I needed my meds." I have to hold on to the clothes rack to keep from slipping, my knees are so weak. I glance around and tell you the coast is clear and you can get up now.
You take me by the hand and we walk towards the cashier to pay for the shirts, the shirts are the last thing on my mind. As you lead me through the cramped isles, I keep my eyes on your ass. My ass, the hot ass that I will be kissing, squeezing and spanking as soon as we get home.
I honestly don't think we will make it to the bedroom. We may not even get out of the garage I want you so bad.
But that will be another story.
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