Big Girls Keep Even Bigger Secrets
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Big Girls Keep Even Bigger Secrets.
Chapter One
It was my first day at College, being a freshman at a University filled with a bunch of people I didn’t know had me nervous, especially about my appearance. I woke up an hour earlier than normal, throughout the morning I tried on just about every outfit I owned including the five I just bought for the school year. I like to call myself thick, but that doesn’t fool anyone. I know I am fat and rarely in high school did I catch any attention from boys, and none from the boys that I wanted attention from. Being a fat girl sure doesn’t help when you are attracted to the muscular athletic guys or skinny ripped guys that seem to be chiseled out of stone. Those guys only go for the hot sluts or sweet little princesses; I would kill for the attention they got in school. Especially Amanda Riley.
Amanda was a cheerleader who was dating the varsity basketball captain while hooking up with all of his friends behind his back. Rumor has it that she gave Johnny a blow job in the men’s locker room before the football team came back from practice. Johnny was a Swimmer with a rock hard body; in fact the whole swim team was hot. What a lucky bitch. If that were me I would have sucked off the entire swim team in that locker room with my top off.
Just one of the many fantasies I have pleasured myself to on my alone time. In each fantasy I have, it is as if I am trapped in Amanda’s hot body while I am getting railed or giving some guy head. The only fantasy I have where I don’t picture myself in her shoes is the one where she is force feeding me her boyfriend's cock. After that she slaps me around saying things like, "You are a dirty whore Rachel you filthy slut!" while she has me eat her pussy while being fucked from behind from her hot ass boyfriend. I know that sounds fucked up, but the whole girl on girl with her during a threesome really turns me on as well.
Last year during prom was the first time I actually got to act out a fantasy of mine. Too bad it wasn’t with some hot stud, but it was with some perverted band geek who actually had a nice body. He was a loser to everyone, but it was such a rush. He was the perverted guy that stared at every girl in class.
The first thing he ever said to me was, “Damn you got some big ass tits!” To my credit I did have some of the biggest tits in the entire school. I like attention, even if I replied back to him stating what an asshole he was for saying that in front of everyone. Deep down though I knew that if nobody else heard what he said, I probably would have let him feel them if he wanted to.
The best part of acting out this fantasy was that he wasn’t even my date to prom, I just saw him outside when I went out for some fresh air. One thing led to another, and I told him about the first thing he ever said to me. We went around back and I showed him my tits, soon after I found myself swallowing every drop of his cum as it shot into my mouth. His knees buckled when it happened, I could feel it. The only thing I felt bad about was kissing my date goodbye later that evening, he had no idea.
After school when summer came, while everyone was outside in bathing suits and meeting new people at parties, I was inside reading books all day. That was my excuse to stay away from everyone, I hate seeing everyone around me get attention from the boys while I only seem to get hit on by the losers. But I got lucky this summer. Now that school was out I got to stay home alone, which was perfect because my dad hired some painters to come paint the outside of the house.
One of the guys was the owner’s son who was in town for the summer after his semester at college ended. He was a hot white guy who was super ripped, I know because sometimes he would wear a tank top when it got real hot outside. That caught my attention immediately. Once I found that out I started to read outside under the shade, hoping he would notice me. It didn’t take long, but I came up with a good excuse to get him inside the house where I could give him an opportunity to maybe get some action.
During his lunch break he was just sitting alone in the back. I told him to come inside and that I would make him lunch, he declined but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. He followed me inside where I had lunch already made, plus I had a time schedule to adhere to. While eating we were talking, turns out he reads a lot for what a hunk he is. I took a page out of the band geek’s book and started turning the conversation into a sexual conversation slowly but surely.
Once he remarked about my tits, which of course he did because I was wearing my bikini on purpose, I asked them if he wanted to see them. At first he was in shock it seemed, but he then became focused again and replied, “Sure,” with hesitation. I had him coming closer and closer to the light, now to trap him!
I grabbed him by the arm and led him into my room pushing him down onto the bed. I turned around and took my top off revealing my back, turning now to face him I had my nipples covered over by both hands as I got on top of the bed straddling myself over the growing bulge in his pants.
We started kissing as I aggressively started taking off his shirt revealing his sexy body underneath. As his shirt came off I sat upright staring at his abs as if I were hypnotized. For so long I wanted a hot body to get a hold of, a hot body to unleash my deepest desires. My nipples were being aroused as he starting to suck on my breasts that I put over his face. They were heavy, and I could tell he was loving this even more then I was.
I took his pants off and slowly slipped down his boxers revealing his cock. My mouth was salivating. I wanted that cock so bad in my mouth that my pussy really started to get wet. Up and down my head went, with my tongue working its magic. Looking at him with his eyes shut he was in ecstasy, if there was one thing I was good at it was giving head. I love doing it, and as they always say, you should always do what you love. He quickly got up in what seemed like pure rage.
He grabbed me and forced me to lay facing down. He stood up on the edge of the bed and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. He told me that he loved my fat ass and wanted to pound into it ever since he saw me. He slipped his hard cock into my dripping pussy and began to penetrate with such force. I could feel my ass jiggling and I was loving every second of it as I heard the smacking of our bodies.
His cock going in and out was really working me, he grabbed me by the hair pulling my head back as he kept thrusting harder and harder. I moaned in pleasure like the whore that I was until he came inside me. After that day I waited in my room around noon as he would come in to fuck me for his lunch break. I was his fat little slut, and I loved it until the day he had to move back to College. It was such an experience that I hope would become useful now that I was at the university.
My first class started at 10am , I got there early to make sure I could get a good seat. Walking to class I saw how hot the girls and the guys were. Blonds in mini skirts, such cute little sluts. I bet they would be getting fucked by some hot guy by the end of this week. There was no chance I was going to land some guy here with these skinny little hot things walking around begging to be railed, the only way I was getting laid was if I went to a party after all the guys were hammered and horny.
Once I got into class early I sat near the back. I watched as the seats filled up with the oncoming students. Then what happened next I couldn’t believe it, Amanda fucking Riley walks in and sits right next to me! She looked like such a whore in that skirt with these sexy high heels that every guy in the room was looking back at us, well at her actually.
Even I was staring at her as she walked in because I would fuck her if I had the chance. Amanda Riley sitting next to me at college, I might be able to use this to meet some new people, especially hot guys who are horny for an expert cock sucker with huge tits.
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