Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story Pt 3
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In the morning I felt Tanya stir next to me and reached across to run my fingertips over her pussy.
‘Mmmm, nothing better than a frisky woman in the morning.’ she said, reaching across to stroke me.
We gently brought each other off before getting up. She led me into the bathroom and licked my pussy after I had peed, having me do the same to her, then we headed off to the kitchen for breakfast.
Pouring a second mug of coffee, Tanya said ‘I have to go in and open the shop, make sure my Saturday lady is Ok then I’ll be home and we can have some more fun.’
‘OK.’ I replied. ‘I could pop home and pick up some more stuff.’
‘I had another idea.’ she said. ‘There is nothing you need, we are about the same size, so you can use my stuff. Not that you need much.’ she added with a giggle. ‘Based on what you told me last night, I thought up something that I think you’ll like.’
I was intrigued ‘Ooohh, do tell.’
‘Not yet, lets go and shower and dress and then I’ll tell you.’
We headed back to the bedroom and she led me into the shower, where we washed and dried each other. Then she took me into the dressing room and selected some items for us. She dressed me in a broad black suspender belt with 8 straps, a pair of black Cuban heeled nylons and a pair of black patent stilettos. Then she had me help her into a pink cupless corset. I secured a pair of bubble gum nylons with a broad lace welt to the suspenders then she put on a grey pencil skirt and a silver/grey satin blouse and silver strappy high heels.
‘OK,’ she said, ‘let’s go’ and led me to the play room. I wondered what on earth she had in mind but when she told me to lie on the bed, a comment I had made the previous evening suddenly jumped into my mind. I was quivering with a mixture of trepidation and excitement as she attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Then she produced a satin blindfold like the ones that the airlines give you to help you sleep, which she placed over my head.
‘Now, I will only be a couple of hours at the most, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait.’
With that I heard the door close and the room became silent. I lay there for some time listening for any sound, but the house was empty.
I don’t know how long I had been there, it could have been an hour or more, or it could have been just ten minutes, all sense of time had evaporated as I lay in darkness, shackled to the bed. Suddenly, I heard a vacuum cleaner start up somewhere in the house. After a while it stopped and I strained to listen for any sounds. The hoover started up again for a short time, then stopped once more. Oh, I get it, I thought, she is playing a game, goes out then comes back and starts the housework just to tease me. I lay there listening to the hoover getting closer each time it started up.
I heard the door being opened and someone enter the room. Then a woman’s voice said ‘’Oh, now I see.’
It was not Tanya, the voice was slightly accented, though it was soft and I couldn’t place it.
‘Who’s there?’ I asked.
‘Oh, don’t mind me.’ the voice replied, I am just here to clean.’
Oh my God, as the realisation suddenly dawned, this must be her cleaning lady and here I am, secured to the bed, naked save for stockings, suspenders and shoes. My legs spread towards the corners of the bed, my most intimate parts on full display to this stranger.
‘Tanya left a note to say I would find you and not to worry.’ she added, then switched on the hoover.
I listened to her moving about the room, wondering what she thought about what she had found. The hoover stopped and I could hear her humming softly to herself. I heard things being moved, it seemed that she was dusting.
‘Now, let me look at what Tanya said in her note...’ she said as if to herself. ‘...Ah, here we are. I have a friend staying, you’ll find her in my play room. Please ensure you dust her off...thoroughly, but gently and, of course, slowly.’
I wondered what the hell was going on, then I flinched involuntarily as I felt something touch my arm.
‘Don’t worry, it’s only a feather duster.’ my tormentor said, as she softly ran the feathers along the inside of my arm.
My senses were heightened by my state of enforced blindness. The feathers tickled exquisitely as they danced over my skin. She flicked and dragged the duster tantalisingly over me, swirling it softly around my armpits and down my flanks. Then she carried on over my belly and onto my breasts, tickling at my hard nipples before moving down again onto my legs; down the outside and up the inside, stopping short of the very top, thus avoiding my pussy altogether. She kept this up for some time, before finally allowing the feathers to brush fleetingly over my clit, which now felt as if it were swollen and jutting out like a hard on.
It was not enough, I wanted her to keep going; I felt fit to burst and was being denied the opportunity of sweet release.
I begged her not to stop, but she simply said. ‘Tanya left explicit instructions that I was only to tease you.’
Then I heard her open a drawer. ‘I do love this room, I love to come in here and masturbate while I watch myself in the mirror, but today I have a sexy body to look at as well, while I pleasure myself.’ she said.
I heard her move the chair and then the buzzing sound of a vibrator. I listened to the sounds as she began to use it on herself. My senses were alert and I picked up the change in sound as she pushed it into her pussy. Images of a faceless woman masturbating were flashing through my mind as I listened to her moaning softly, the buzzing changing in pitch as the vibrator moved in and out. This was my only cue and as I listened the pitch change became more rapid, accompanied by her moans becoming louder and more urgent. She was clearly fucking herself faster and sounded on the edge of orgasm. I was beside myself, I wanted her to use the vibrator on me, anything, I just wanted to cum!
Her moans turned to oohs and ahhs as she approached a vocal orgasm. Finally she let out a cry of ‘Oooohhh fuck, yesssssssss!’
Next I heard a slurping sound and she said ‘I do love the taste of my own cum, well, any cum for that matter, but right now, mine will do. What about you, would you like a little taste.
I sensed her moving, was she coming towards me? ‘Yes, please.’ All I could manage was a soft croaking whisper. I felt something against my lips; I opened my mouth and she pushed the vibrator in. I ran my tongue over the surface and sucked at it, tasting her on the hard plastic. I had never met this woman, I knew nothing about her, I couldn’t even see her, and here I was tasting her cum from a vibrator which had moments before been embedded in her cunt. The sexual tension this created was electrifying and I was squirming now, trying to do something to relieve the ache in my pussy, but to no avail.
Then I felt something softly rub against my labia. At last, she was going to bring me off. She ran a finger along the length of my cunt then stopped. I heard her suck it and say ‘Mmm, tastes good.’ Then I heard her moving. A moment later I heard the drawer sliding shut, the chair was moved back to where it had been, she moved again.
‘Oh well, I should get back on with my chores, much as I’d like to spend all day having fun in here.’ she said, then added ‘Oh, I nearly forget, Tanya also said I was to check to see if your bladder was causing you any discomfort.’
I had almost forgotten that I hadn’t been to pee for a few hours. The orange juice and two large coffees at breakfast were making their presence felt. I felt her hand on my lower stomach, gently probing then she pressed her fingertips against my bladder and I realised that I really would need to pee soon. I let out a moan and told her that I needed the loo.
‘Mmm, feels like it, you’d better hope that Tanya comes home soon and lets you go then.’
With that she left the room, closing the door behind her and I heard the hoover start up. I was alone again, just me and my thoughts. My pussy was tingling, itching to be fucked, licked, touched, anything! But what I was more acutely aware of now was that my bladder was competing with my pussy for my attention and it was winning. I squirmed in my restraints, trying to get enough slack to draw my thighs together but I could only move them halfway closed, not enough. I tried laying still, but that didn’t help either.
Once again, I had no idea how long I had been there since the mystery cleaning lady had left, all I knew was that I was now really quite desperate to pee. I began squirming again, when suddenly the door opened.
‘Hello, my sexy prisoner.’ it was Tanya. ‘Sorry I was a little longer than expected, I hope you are not in too much discomfort.’ she said and I felt her sit on the bed.
‘I really need to pee.’ I said, still squirming.
‘So it seems.’ she responded. I felt her hand softly caress my leg, then my flank, over my tummy and come to rest on my now very full bladder. She pressed against it and I let out a moan. I felt the first drips of pee on my pussy.
‘Ooohh please! I begged, I really need to go, I’m afraid I can’t hold it any longer.’
I felt my pee begin to trickle down the inside of my thighs and between the cheeks of my arse.
‘Close your eyes.’ Tanya said and I felt her hands at the mask.
She lifted it off and I blinked at the light streaming into the room. Tanya rose from the bed and I became aware of another form in the room, it took shape as my eyes adjusted to the light.
‘I think you already met Phuong?’ Tanya said as a beautiful Asian woman came into focus. ‘She’s from Vietnam and, before you ask, yes she really is my cleaning lady; amongst other things. Her name means phoenix and is very apt, because Oh! Is she one hot lady!’ She chuckled.
Phuong smiled at her and they embraced, kissing deeply. Tanya slipped off the shoulder straps of the light summer shift dress that Phuong was wearing and pushed it down over her firm, pert breasts. She let it drop to the floor leaving her stood in just a little lace thong and lace topped hold up stockings. Tanya unzipped her own skirt and pushed it over her hips, flicking it away with her foot. I remembered then that she hadn’t put any knickers on that morning, her pussy looked so inviting; Phuong reached down and looked at me as she ran her fingers over it, lifted them to her lips and licked. Then taking Phuong by the hand Tanya led her to the bed.
They climbed on, one on either side of me and began stroking me gently, always careful not to touch my pussy or breasts. I had almost forgotten my discomfort until Tanya pressed against my bladder once more. I let out a grunt and she pressed a little harder. Again I felt a little pee escape, the warmth of it trickling down my thighs. This time it was enough that I felt the sheet under my arse becoming damp. I looked up at the mirror above us and saw that the pale lilac sheet now had a dark patch between my thighs.
‘I really can’t hold it any more, please let me go.’ I pleaded.
Tanya simply moved over and knelt between my legs and Phuong pressed against my bladder, her fingers pushing down against the swollen organ. This was too much and try as I might I couldn’t help myself; I let out a jet of pee which soaked Tanya’s blouse.
‘That’s a good girl.’ Tanya said as she massaged the wet satin into her breasts.
Phuong pressed again and another jet hit Tanya. I simply couldn’t hold on any longer and now unleashed a torrent. Looking up I watched in the mirror as my pee arced out, soaking Tanya’s blouse. She ducked forward to ensure she got totally wet, massaging her breasts all the while. Now Phuong ducked her face forwards and took the jet full in her mouth. Leaning over she and Tanya kissed, my pee running down their chins. Now it was Tanya’s turn, she lowered her head as the flow began to subside and began to lick my pussy. I watched in the mirror, still unable to move. The sheet was now clinging to my back, the dark patch had spread out around me where my pee had soaked it. The two women were now taking turns licking and sucking at my wet clit. I was so turned on I screamed out as my orgasm exploded into Phuong’s face, followed by yet more pee.
As I came down the other two moved up over me. They released my arms and I rubbed at my wrists as Phuong released my ankles. The pee dripped onto my body from Tanya’s wet blouse and she lowered herself towards me. I opened my mouth and took her breast in, sucking her hard nipple through the wet satin, tasting my own pee on her. I reached up and massaged the wet satin into her breasts as I sucked and Phuong joined me and began sucking her other breast.
‘I am sorry I left you like that, I have been a very naughty girl. I don’t deserve all this loving treatment, I deserve to be punished.’ Tanya announced.
She moved down and kissed me, then stepped off the bed. Phuong and I followed and I stripped Tanya’s wet blouse as Phuong untied the cord on the wall. She lowered the cuffs, secured them to Tanya’s wrists and hoisted them up. Then she went to the cabinet and took out a long chrome pole with a restraint at each end. She offered me one end and we knelt and secured a restraint to each of Tanya’s ankles, spreading her feet wide, then Phuong hoisted her arms a little more until they were stretched above her head. Phuong went to the cabinet again and took out a riding crop, which she handed to me.
‘I think you should be the one to deliver her spanking.’ she said.
In her other hand she had a short length of chain. Moving round to the other side, she ran her hands over Tanya’s breasts then tweaked each of her nipples. Then I saw the clips at each end of the chain. She secured one to each of Tanya’s nipples then pulled on the chain, lifting her breasts and pulling the nipples outwards. Tanya sucked in hard then let out a moan as Phuong let go of the chain, her breasts dropping back and the chain swinging to and fro.
‘Oohh, please, I deserve to be punished for leaving my sexy new lover like that.’ Tanya begged.
I lifted the crop and brought it down on her buttocks. She flinched slightly and Phuong watched as I delivered several more firm strokes. She ducked her head and kissed each of Tanya’s breasts before lifting the chain again. She held it there, firmly as I gave Tanya’s bottom more strokes of the crop. Each time Tanya flinched the pressure on the chain became briefly greater and she closed her eyes and moaned. Phuong put her hand between Tanya’s legs, rubbing her clit gently. Then she lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked. She nodded at me and I continued spanking Tanya’s arse.
After a short while Phuong took a vibrator from the drawer, then said that she thought that would be enough for now. She took me by the hand and we clambered onto the bed. Phuong knelt and lowered her head to my pussy, getting to work immediately, licking and sucking at my clit, then she switched on the vibrator and inserted it into me. She worked the toy in and out as she sucked and soon had me writhing under her expert touch. I felt my orgasm mounting and let out a scream as I squirted my cum onto Phuong’s waiting tongue. She withdrew the vibrator and continued to lick me, sucking my labia and clit, getting every last drop of my juices.
I lay there panting and felt her straddle my stomach. I looked towards her and she began rubbing her clit through the lace of her thong.
I reached out but she said ‘Not yet.’ So I watched as she pleasured herself just inches from my face. I tipped my head back and looked at Tanya, who was watching intently. Then Phuong began to moan softly, so I returned my attention to her. She slipped the lace aside and I was looking right at her pussy, not shaven, but neatly trimmed, the hair short. She slipped a finger into herself as her other hand continued to work her clit. She was moaning louder now and suddenly let out a cry as her juices flowed over her fingers. She slowed her movements and removed her fingers from her cunt, offering them to me; I licked at them, savouring the taste of her cum.
Then she raised herself and parted her labia. I saw a few drips of moisture build up on the lips of her pussy and they dropped onto my chest, then she began to pee slowly, the warm liquid splashing over my breasts. I reached up and cupped my tits, pressing them together, forming a valley which allowed her pee to flow down over my throat and shoulders. As her flow subsided, she moved upward and I raised my head, clamping my mouth over her cunt and taking in the last drops of her pee. When she had finished, I continued to lick her wet cunt, pushing my tongue into the soft folds, savouring the taste of her. I sucked on her clit, bringing her to another orgasm which she squirted into my waiting mouth. The she moved down, ducked her head to my breasts, licking at her pee. Bringing her face to mine; we kissed, tongues exploring mouths.
Phuong raised herself and we got off the bed moving over to Tanya. Phuong ran her fingertips lightly down Tanya’s raised arms, then her flanks, causing Tanya to shiver involuntarily and moan softly. Then she turned her attention to her breasts, tugging at the chain; again a shudder went through her and she moaned, louder this time. Phuong undid the clips and discarded the nipple chain. She then tweaked each nipple, rolling it between her fingers as she pulled at the tender, dark flesh. Beckoning me to follow her example, she ducked her head to Tanya’s right breast and began to suck hard on her nipple. I followed suit with the left. Tanya’s breathing had now become ragged and she was moaning, begging us to let her cum. Phuong withdrew and dropped to her knees.
‘Don’t be late for the show.’ she said to me with a little giggle.
I took the hint and knelt alongside her. She reached up and began to stroke Tanya’s clit, then I saw the first drops of Tanya’s pee begin to form on her labia, little drops of moisture shining in the light. A few larger drops formed now, running down her thighs. More followed and began to drip noisily on the wooden floor. Phuong moved her hand and pressed firmly against Tanya’s clit as she started to pee more freely. The golden liquid sprayed outwards, hitting her thighs and formed little rivulets which ran down the creamy flesh and soaked her stockings’ the bubblegum pink nylon becoming translucent and clinging to Tanya’s legs.
Phuong told Tanya to stop and withdrew her fingers. A little jet of pee sprayed onto her hand which she held up between us and we both licked her salty, wet fingers. Tanya was whimpering now, begging to be allowed to finish and to cum.
‘Not until I have finished teasing you!’ Phuong responded.
She moved her head forward and flicked her tongue over Tanya’s clit, then turned her head and licked her thigh, again beckoning me to follow suit. I ran my tongue up the wet nylon, then onto the bare flesh. Phuong had moved back and was now watching me as I moved upward towards Tanya’s pussy. I licked and sucked at her for a short while and her moans turned to pleas again.
‘Oooh, pleeeease let me pee, I am going to burst if I hold this any longer.’
Phuong eased me back and we knelt there, our faces pressed together. Again I saw the first drops of pee appear and we both extended our tongues as suddenly she let burst a jet of pee right into our faces, the golden shower running down our already wet bodies. Phoung darted forward and took a mouthful, then stood. I moved in and followed her lead. She was already drizzling hers into Tanya’s waiting mouth they kissed briefly. Tanya turned her face towards me and I locked my lips onto hers, the warm liquid sloshing about in our mouths and spilling down our chins as we kissed.
Phuong had her hand at Tanya’s crotch, working her clit with an expert touch. Tanya was now crying out with ecstasy as she neared orgasm and I dropped back to my knees, my mouth taking over from Phuong’s fingers as she returned her attention to Tanya’s swollen nipples.
Tanya’s cries now reached a new pitch as she begged for release. Oooohhh fuck, yesssss, pleeease lick my cunt and make me cum!’
She came in a gushing torrent which further soaked my already wet face and I lapped at her cunt, my tongue pushing deep inside the delicate folds of flesh. Her cries subsided as she came down and I eased off, sucking more gently until she had calmed down. I stood and we all kissed. Then Phuong released Tanya’s arms and feet. We fell onto the bed, the wet sheet clinging to our bodies as we came down from our intense sexual high. Once we had come back to earth, we stripped the bed and mopped the floor, stripped each other and put the laundry on before heading into the shower.
Afterwards, Phuong put on her little shift dress and said goodbye and Tanya and I went to get some lunch. I stayed with Tanya until the Sunday afternoon and Phuong came back for some more fun on Sunday morning. It was the most amazing weekend and we have all been friends ever since. I still see Tanya fairly regularly, and occasionally Phuong and every now and then we all get together for a threesome.
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