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After a few days at a company meeting, you're on your way back home on the train. Sat opposite is a young attractive colleague. Over the last few nights you have spent little time sleeping, but most of it drinking and making love with him. This company meeting has certainly raised your spirits.
As you watch him reading the newspaper he looks up and smiles, your eyes hold contact and then he looks down at his paper again. You wonder what he may be thinking.
Is he thinking? I'd wish she'd fall to her knees in front of me. Undo my flies. Unbuckle my belt. Pull my trousers apart and my boxers down. Easing my erect cock gently out from its restricted space. One hand clasped around its base pulling down the foreskin. Her mouth taking in just my swollen head. Her lips rocking over my head. Her hand rubbing up and down at the base. The other hand cupping my balls and gently caressing them. Her lips every now and again running further down my shaft. Quickly bringing me to orgasm and filling her mouth with my cum.
Or could he be thinking about another scenario? I'd love to get on my knees in front of her. Pull her dress up over her knees. Running my hands up her beautiful legs until I reached her knickers. Gently easing them from under her and pull them down to her ankles. Then start by kissing her knees and making my way up her legs to her inner thighs. My hands clasping her wonderful bottom, and squeezing them every time I kiss her. When I get to the top I would ease her legs apart and start kissing and licking her lips. Circling them and gently moving to the centre. One hand would come and help. Rubbing her clit gently in circles. Then I would swap. My fingers sliding slowly inside her whilst my lips and tongue concentrated on her clit. Licking it, flicking it with my tongue and then as it grew harder, suck it softly. My fingers at the same time sliding inside her, finding those sensitive spots that make her shudder and fight not to scream out. I would feel her getting wetter and pushing herself towards me. I can hear her gently moan as I bring her to orgasm. I would continue until she was exhausted and begged me to stop.
You are lost in your thoughts and you can feel your nipples erect and pushing at the fabric of your dress. Your pussy is hot and wet at the thoughts that have just been running through your mind. You look over to him and he is watching you and he smiles back. Does he know what's going though your mind. Can he? He seems to be smiling as if he knows. You smile back and look back down at your book. You sense him stand up and he leans forward and whispers in your ear.
"Meet me at the toilet in a minute, there's something I want to give you." His hand rests on your leg, and it's like electricity has just shot through your body. He stands and walks behind you towards the toilet.
A minute passes, your heart is racing. You stand and turn to walk towards the toilet. You stand at the door and knock. He opens it and you enter. His soft warm lips are on yours. His hands roaming over every part of your body as he gently kisses you. His hand caresses your arse, gently squeezing it. His hand goes down and under your skirt, again caressing your arse until he grabs your knickers and pulls them down. You wiggle from them, passionately kissing him back. Your hands on his belt, then his button, his trousers fall to the ground. His hands run further up under your dress. Now on your back pulling you tightly towards him. You can feel him now, he's erect and pushing it against you pelvis. It feels so good. His hands unclasp you bra, and his hands run round to your front. His hands taking in all of your great boobs. Your nipples are so hard, they almost hurt as he rubs them, but it feels too good to be painful, it feels like a rush of pleasure floods across your body.
He stops kissing you after a while. Holds you back from him and smiles. He turns you round. You're facing the mirror and looking at yourself in the reflection. But you look past and see him behind you. He's kissing your neck as he pulls up your dress over your bum. You feel his hands guiding himself into your pussy. Your grab the basin rim and lean forward still watching him in the reflection. He's inside you, slowly sliding inside. His huge erect cock pushing into your. Parting your wet hot lips. He slides so deep it makes your shudder. Then he draws back and forward. Pumping into you. Back and forth. In and Out.
One hand caress your boobs the other rubbing and circling your clit. Making you feel like you're on fire. You open your eyes and watch in the mirror. He's watching you as he drives and thrusts. He smiles as you moan at each hit of his hips against your arse.
He drives and drives, in and out. You can feel a pressure building inside. Then release and your body shakes in pleasure. He keeps going, bringing the pressure right back up. Again and again. Until he slows. His cock feels bigger than ever inside you. You tighten around him. He gasps and you feel him explode, his cum shooting out inside you. His cock throbbing inside you, pulsating as he cums. You watch in the reflection until he opens his eyes and you smile.
He pulls out, it feels good but you never wanted it to end. You both dress and return to your seats. You check your schedule on your laptop. When's the next company meeting?
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