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So, here I am, on vacation. And you wonder what I’m doing with all of my ‘free’ time (I hesitate to call it free because I worked for this time off). As I type this, I’m fresh out of the shower and I’m lying on the bed. Yes, naked. It would be so nice if you could join me. No kids, no distractions (except the usual bark of our dogs). Otherwise it’s just me in all my naked glory.
I take a second to wipe the moisture from between my legs. You know being clean-shaven down there causes it to stay a little damper. So I spread my legs to let myself air dry. My cock flops to one side. It’s a shame you used all of your vacation time up (I know I get more than you), I can just lay here and imagine (fantasize if you may) all the things we could possibly be doing right now. In fact, just typing that causes my cock to twitch ever so slightly.
I reach down and squeeze my balls then pull on my cock as I bring my hand back up to type. It was only for a brief second; so don’t get your panties in a bunch.
But then on the other hand, it feels kind of neglected. Excuse me while I give a few more strokes. Yes, that does feel good. It only takes about thirty strokes before I’m at my full six-inch length. Now it has become like a contest, every time it begins to go soft, I reach my hand down to remind it that I want it to stay hard.
Mmmmmmm, trust me when I say that it feels good too. So, what will I do today? I have no clue. Maybe go to Lowes and look at lawn mowers again, or maybe up to Walmart for God knows what (they’ve got practically everything imaginable…within reason). But in the meantime, I’ll lay here and play and type. You don’t mind if I share that with you, do you?
Pushing and pulling on my cock brings a bead of precum to the head. I smear it around with just the tip of my index finger, making the head of it glisten in the afternoon light. If it weren’t for you I’m sure that I’d be jerking off right now with the intention of cumming. But nooo, I save that all for you my sweet.
As a bachelor I used to lie around my apartment and jerk off practically every day. Being how the pool was directly across the street I always had plenty of inspiration. I had a regular schedule. Come home from work, go to the pool a couple hours, masturbate, take a shower then eat.
As I said earlier, it was almost a regular schedule. Most of the females around the pool were college-aged material, so there was a bevy of bathing beauties to stare at. And seeing how I was forty something, I basically just took in the show. I talked to a few of them, but it was basically small talk with none of it leading up to anything. So then it would be back to my lonely apartment where I took matters in to my own hands.
I always sort of wished that I lived on the second floor (instead of the first) so that maybe there would be a chance to snap pictures, but alas, thankfully I had the Internet!
About mid-summer there was one particular young woman there who had a BIG problem with her bathing suit. Apparently the bottom part of her bikini was about two sizes too large for her. I swear to God, that I was over by the ladder at the deep end of the pool one day and as she climbed out, I just happened to look up at her, and I could plainly see her light brown/dark blonde pubic hair. I mean, it was a straight bird’s eye view of her pussy, not three feet from my face. And yet, she didn’t seem to mind in the least, she just turned to me and smiled. Obviously she knew about her ‘problem’ and it didn’t bother her in the least.
Over the summer we actually got to be friends. I discovered that she was staying with her grandmother for the summer. The funny thing is that she continued to wear that same ill-fitting leopard print bikini. Obviously a young woman who thought she had something to share with the other guests at the pool.
And yes, being the pervert that I am, had plenty of jerk off sessions using her as my fantasy material. Bree (that was her name) was a little minx, and she knew it too. One time she actually asked to use my bathroom, she mentioned the one at the pool was nasty. It kind of surprised me that she knew where I lived.
Well, to make a long story a little shorter, I let her use my bathroom. Thankfully it was clean (all except for the Gallery magazine sitting on the counter that I had completely forgotten about). She came out after about ten minutes and made some comment about my reading material. I kind of glossed over it by saying something to the effect that she could learn a lot by reading it. Her reply was a simple “Yeah, I know” and we both laughed and headed back to the pool.
That evening we said our good-byes and went to our respective apartments. I got in and immediately ran to the bathroom. The combination of the wet bathing suit and air conditioning was a tad cold.
Upon taking off my suit I just happened to look down, and there sitting on the seat were (again, no lie), three light brown/dark blonde pubic hairs. I knew that they had to have been purposely set there because they were at the very front of the seat, lined up perfectly and spaced evenly apart. My cock immediately sprung to life. My mind was reeling. I began to think that maybe she wasn’t going to the bathroom after all. She was either taking the time to set all of this up, or she was playing with herself or quite possibly both. I felt like a little kid who found a dollar or something else of great value.
I then went to my massive porn magazine collection and started flipping thru the pages. I had to find someone that closely resembled Bree. After about five minutes I found one, and ripped out the picture. I practically ran back into the bathroom. I laid the three pubic hairs back on the seat and knelt down in front of them.
I set the picture on the floor before me and took hold of my six-inch cock, already throbbing with anticipation. I frantically started jerking off. All I knew was that I wanted to cum, and Bree instigated it all. With my left hand I picked up one of the tightly curled hair, I studied it; I even tried smelling it. Stretched out it was about two inches long. Meanwhile my right hand was flying up and down my cock. The thought of having those hairs and knowing that sweet, young pussy was probably spread out on this seat were intoxicating.
I glanced at the picture momentarily…smallish, firm tits, nice round ass, and a pair of spread legs with a pussy covered with the same color pubic hair as what I have sitting out before me, with just a hint of pink lips peeking out from beneath it all. Yep, that’s exactly how I imagined Bree.
Oh God, the feeling of cumming was building. I placed the hair back down and quickly grabbed at my balls. I squeezed and kneaded them, almost begging them for release. Meanwhile, my thumb and forefingers were working overtime on my shaft. Up and down, lightly pinching it. Finally I wrapped my whole hand around it and fantasized that it was Bree’s tight pussy going up and down on it.
A droplet of precum oozed from its head, which I quickly transferred to the pictured pussy splayed out before me, leaving a thin thread like trail as I began jerking off again. My balls were beginning to tense against my body (as anybody who has read my stories before knows that is a sure sign that I was about to shoot my load). I milked my balls and cock in tandem with one another.
I squeezed harder while my eyes darted from hair to picture and back again. I wasn’t going to hold out much longer. I began just using my thumb and fingers again, just behind the head. The feelings grew stronger. Now it wasn’t so much that I wanted to cum, now it was that I HAD to cum. Closer and closer I climbed towards that pinnacle.
I remember saying something to the effect of “Oh God Bree…this is all for YOU” and just then a torrent was let loose. As is the usual case that first cum shot completely went over the head on the picture. But as I continued, with each subsequent spurt I aimed directly at the girl’s pussy. I watched through squinted eyes as the cum pooled on the picture.
It seemed to be one of those never-ending orgasms Trust me when I say that it was very intense to say the least. Again I pulled every last remaining drop out of my cock that I possibly could. Eventually my cock began to wilt. I got up and threw the picture in the shower and put my three hairs in an envelope for safekeeping. Took a shower and slept like a baby.
Bree and I stayed friends the rest of the summer, always chatting and lying next to each other at the pool. There were times where we would horseplay in the pool, she would climb on my back (or front even), or try to dunk me etc. and I would do the same to her. But we never did become romantically involved. It was probably more so because of me, and our twenty plus years age difference. Soon it was late August and she had to head back to school. So alas, we went our separate ways. But at least she gave me plenty of fantasy material to get by with.
Now look what you did…writing this has gotten me hard…precum included. So maybe I can sneak in a session before you get home. Watch me as I rub my cock. As I stroke it up and down, ever so teasingly. So slowwwww. Fuck it all. I want to cum now, and I’m NOT going to wait until you’re here. And yeah, it feels real good.
You know what, I’m not even going to do it as slow as I normally would. I’m just going to rush right through this and cum. My hand is moving faster…up and down...faster. Good thing I can type with my left hand. You can watch me cum if you’d like, or you can stop reading here. Faster still.
Whoa, wait, time out. I can’t very well cum on our bed that would be much too noticeable. Excuse me for a sec…okay, got a pair of her panties spread out before me. I start up again. Don’t worry, I didn’t lose any of my hardness. Oh God it feels so good. You know I’m getting close, don’t you? Watch as I let my cock go…see it throb. Okay, enough playing around. I take my hand and slide it up and down, my balls feel neglected, oh well. Oh God, I’m just about there. Watch…here it cums…stopping typing for a sec..YES! Spurt after each delicious spurt landed squarely on the crotch of your panties. Meanwhile I’m continuing to push and pull on my twitching cock. A pool of white cum, just for you.
Do you like to watch me cum? Do you want to ‘see’ more? I’ll cum in your panties anytime. I think there’s a little voyeur in each one of us. Maybe it’s curiosity. But regardless, if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this. Wow, I could start my own business…women can send me their panties (new or used) and I’ll cum in them and send them back! 
It’s not like I’d be cheating on you or anything. Think of it as a public service. Oh well, it was just a thought. I’d better get this mess cleaned up before you get home, otherwise you will have a cow. I have a bunch more stories to share, more from the apartment, past relationships etc. So, if I get the chance later, I’ll start typing again and then I’ll be all horny again…just for you!
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