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Jason, the love of my life. We hadn't dated long, but I'd never met someone so perfect for me. We met online - I know, crazy. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.
We enjoyed the same things; food, movies, etc. Most importantly we were both like teenagers when it came to sex. We couldn't get enough. Porn addicts the both of us, I never thought I would enjoy watching porn with another person as I had with him. He claimed he'd never met a woman that liked it as much as I do. I doubt that's true, I just might be the only one to admit it.
He loves that I'm into the kinky stuff. If we weren't together, we would watch the same video while talking on the phone. We would search the web looking for the one that caught our eye. We liked everything. This was the way we shared our most intimate stories and secret desires with one another. I liked girl-on-girl, because the girl always cums. He liked anal and I liked how much he got off on it. We watched strap-on videos together, which we both enjoyed. I asked him if anyone had ever used one on him. He of coarse said no and that he'd had no more than a finger in his ass. That got my attention.
I wanted to see how far he was willing to go for me. I couldn't wait to try something new on our next date. A few days later...I left work early, eager for my date with Jason. He had planned a simple dinner that he was preparing for me. I was to pick up a movie, one that we would both like, which was easy because we had the same taste in comedy and actors. I'm sure he expected play time later. I'm sure he did not have the same idea as I did. I had other plans for him and his ass. When I got to his apartment, the door was unlocked. He was nowhere to be found. I quietly walked room to room looking for him, then I heard the shower turn on. My heart started pounding, I had fantasized about a similar scenario. Slightly different from the one I had planned but just as hot. It really couldn't have been more perfect of timing on my part.
I stood at the door outside the bathroom, listening. The shower was running and I heard the curtain pull shut.
I started to undress. I had worn my sexiest lingerie as part of the surprise. "Oh well, I guess he'll see my new stocking\garter get up next time," I said to myself. I stripped down to nothing, breasts heavy, pussy wet and slowly turned the door knob. As I opened the door steam billowed out. He didn't hear me as I entered the room.
I stepped into the tub and walked up next to him pressing my full naked body against his. I startled him for a moment, but he knew it was me by the size of my breasts against his back. He went to turn around and I told him to stay the way he was.
I kissed the back of his neck as I grabbed the soap from his hands. I lathered the bar in my hands and began to wash his back. I dug deep in his tense shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him and washed his manly chest, moving slowly down to his abs just above the hair line. Then I went down to his legs, washing his feet and working my way up each thigh. Next was his fine firm ass, I loved that ass. I wanted to bite it every time I saw it. I lathered up again, rubbing those round cheeks. My fingers slipped down his crack, all the way to his hefty balls. I massaged, ever so gently, his big glorious balls.
He gasped at the touch. His legs spread in anticipation. He leaned forward, hands against the wall.
I took my place on my knees behind him. I rinsed the soap from his behind, then I began to kiss his beautiful ass.
I started to feel my way around with my tongue, making my way down his crack, till I hit the spot. As soon as my tongue hit his hole his knees went weak. I circled his ring with the tip of my tongue, still massaging his balls. I made a swipe from nuts to ass and back again. He was whimpering.
He knew what was about to happen. I pressed my tongue against his hole and moved my hand to his shaft. Jason had a large cock and I could barely wrap my fingers around him. I started to stoke him slowly. The pressure on his hole got harder. My tongue pierced the ring. He cried out.
The more tongue I fed his ass the harder I pumped his cock. I pushed deeper and deeper in his ass. Now I was fucking his ass with my tongue and pumping his cock with my fist. He started to fuck back, he liked it and so did I. This went on for what seemed like hours. I could feel the big cock in my hand getting harder and his balls were starting to shrink. I knew it wouldn't be much longer. He would want to cum and I didn't want to waste it.
I slipped my tongue out of his ass and spun him around. "Fuck my face," I said. He kindly obeyed. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started in. I could feel the plump head part my lips. Taste the pre-cum in my mouth. Feel the softness of his shaft glide over my tongue. I loved a hard cock in my mouth, especially his. I felt it reach the back of my throat, making me gag and almost retch. Drool started to ooze out around my lips, dribbling down his scrotum. He threw his head back and yelled out in pleasure as his cock rammed the back of my throat. Tears rolled down my cheeks.
He pulled all the way out and thrust back in deep again. Repeating that move a few more times, allowing me to catch my breath. He called to me, "Look in my eyes while I fuck your pretty face." I looked up to see his eyes blazing with passion. I held his stare while he pumped his hard cock in and out of my face.
He was so handsome. His eyes were a kaleidescope of colors. He was biting his bottom lip. Jason had big luscious lips for a man. It was amazing I ever stopped kissing him. 
As I knelt before him, mouth full of his cock, I saw him, all of him. Manly was the only word I could think of, with his broad shoulders and his muscular arms, his fur covered chest, just the way I liked. His shaved head and his strong jaw. Everything I could ask for in my man.
With my eyes locked on his, the thrusting quickened. His fingers in my hair gripped tighter. His ramming got deeper and harder until his body started to tense. He slowed to a steady pump. I was ready, I wanted to watch his orgasm as he stared into my eyes.
He let out a low growl deep in his throat. Then came that the warm familiar feeling of hot spurts of cum filling my mouth and running down my throat. He slumped, holding my head in his hands. I suckled on his softening member until it became too much for him to bear.
He slowly pulled his cock from my mouth knelt to kiss my face and said, "Baby, where have you been all my life?"
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