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== A Book By Its Cover ==
by RickD1960
Jim and Carol had just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, having been married in 2025. Their sex life was good, just not as frequent or as exciting as it had once been. Carol had not been very experienced when they wed. Jim was only her second boyfriend and her first boyfriend had not made it past second base.
Recently Jim had begun to feel that Carol may have missed out on some valuable sexual experience by not having dated more before they were married. He didn't want Carol to have any regrets later in life when she wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He also thought that it might add some spice to their own sex life if she experienced another lover or two. He had broached the subject with her one night just after they had gone to bed. She assured him that she had no desire to have sex with any man but him. He fully believed her sincerity, still he couldn't help but notice that she was more animated during their lovemaking following that discussion.
As fate would have it, two days later while reading a technology journal at work, a small filler article caught his attention. The article described a small nanotechnology company that was making rapid breakthroughs toward making cosmetic surgery obsolete. The company had developed nanobots that could reconstruct a person's appearance from the inside out. The results they had seen with simple procedures like facelifts and wrinkle removal were permanent. However, with a more complex procedure such as a complete facial reconstruction, their tests were showing that the effects start to revert after only 12 hours and by the 15-hour mark the subjects had fully reverted to their previous appearance.
A plan quickly formed in Jim's mind and he set about to implement it. He located the CEO of the startup company, Roger Gates, and placed a video call to him. After Jim explained what he wanted, Mr. Gates told him that while it was feasible, it would be unethical to help him until the nanotransformation process had been perfected and approved for public use. Once Jim offered a one million dollar capital investment, the CEO told him it might be possible to assist him.
Jim's plan was to use the nanobots to transform Jack Ross, a friend of his, to look like himself, and then to have Jack have sex with Carol. As far as Carol would know, she would just be having sex with her husband. In that way Jim could provide Carol with the experience of sex with another man without her experiencing any of the guilt.
Jim was fairly certain that Jack would go along with his plan. On several occasions while out drinking, Jack had confided in Jim that he thought Carol was hot and if it weren't for their friendship, he would be trying to get her into bed. When Jack heard Jim's plan to let him screw Carol, he jumped at the chance.
Two days after providing Gates with a sample of his DNA, Jim picked up a pneumatic hypo with the customized nanobots. He then arranged for Jack to meet him Friday evening after dinner. It turned out that Jack's wife was going out of town to visit her sister, so he would be home alone while the effects of the nanobots wore off.
Jim held off making love to Carol the days leading up to Friday. He wanted her to be extra horny in order to better enjoy the experience he was going to secretly provide her with.
Friday finally arrived. After dinner, while Carol was doing the dishes, Jim put a package on the bed upstairs. He told Carol to open the package, put on what was inside and to wait for him in the bedroom. He told her there was something he had to do in the garage and then he would meet her upstairs.
Jim then went out to the garage where he met his friend. Jack took a seat in a lawn chair while Jim got the hypo from his car. Jim injected Jack with the nanobots and stood back to watch the transformation. Within 15 seconds he could see changes begin to take place to Jack's face. In less than 5 minutes, Jim was looking at himself sitting in the lawn chair.
Jack looked at himself in a mirror and was amazed by the reflection he saw. The transformation had been painless. In fact the only feeling at all was a rippling sensation similar to being massaged by hundreds of small fingers.
Jim then removed his clothes and gave them to Jack to put on. That way Carol would see "him" wearing the same clothes he had gone outside wearing. Jim put on the spare shirt and pants he had stored in the garage earlier. While Jack was getting dressed, Jim was amazed to see his own heart-shaped mole on Jack's shoulder. The nanobots had duplicated every surface feature of Jim's body. The one difference he noticed was the length of Jack's dick. Flaccid it appeared at least an inch longer than his own.
Once Jack was dressed, they both entered the house. Jim quietly led their way upstairs, checking ahead to make sure they didn't run into Carol along the way. From outside the bedroom door Jim called in to Carol. He told her to lay on the bed and he would be right there. He then gave Jack the thumbs up sign and watched as Jack walked into the bedroom to have sex with his wife. Jim then went down to the living room where he laid down on the couch to wait for Jack to come down.
For the next 30 minutes Jim laid there listening to the sounds of passion coming from his bedroom as Jack made love to his wife. Carol was more vocal than he had ever heard her before. After it was quiet for a few minutes, Jack made his way downstairs naked with a big smile on his face.
Jim undressed and grabbed 2 glasses of wine before heading upstairs while Jack went out to the garage and got dressed before leaving. As Jim entered the bedroom, Carol was just returning from the bathroom. After they both quenched their thirsts, Jim leaned over and kissed his wife passionately while running his left hand up her side to her right breast. Carol looked down and was surprised to see Jim erect and ready to go again so soon.
Jim rolled Carol over onto her back and thrust himself inside her with a single lunge forward. He was surprised that she felt so tight after just getting fucked by Jack. The image in his mind of Jack fucking Carol spurred him on. It was as if he was trying to prove he was a better lover than Jack, though Carol would have no idea. Jim threw Carol's legs over his shoulders and proceeded to pound her pussy mercilessly.
Carol was excited by Jim's renewed enthusiasm as he repeatedly thrust his cock deep inside her. After five minutes the sweat was pouring from her body as she neared the point of no return. Jim saw her neck and chest redden and knew she was about to come. After a few more thrusts, they both came together and collapsed into each other's arms. When they finally rolled apart, they both fell into a deep restful sleep.
When Carol awoke in the morning she was surprised to see Jim awake and watching her sleep. He had a strange look of guilt on his face. When she asked him what was the matter, he told her he had something to confess. He told her she might be angry at him but to let him explain fully. Jim then proceeded to tell Carol that the first time they had sex last night, it was not him that she had been with. She was confused until he began to describe the nanotechnology he had read about. A broad smile crossed her face, which only served to confuse Jim. Was Carol happy that he had deceived her into having sex with another man?
When she began laughing out loud he was even more confused. He asked her over and over, "What is so damned funny?"
When her laughing finally subsided she replied, "It wasn't me either." She then went on to explain that she had found an article on the nanotechnology cosmetic surgery in one of her beauty magazines. She came up with a plan to allow him to have sex with someone else without his knowing it. She thought that it would spice up their sex life when she told him about it afterward.
She arranged for her best girlfriend Cindy Ross (Jack's wife) to impersonate her and have sex with Jim. When Jim had sent his wife upstairs to open the package, she had Cindy take her place while she hid in the bathroom. She sat there in silence as she listened to the man she believed to be her husband make love to her best friend. When Jim/Jack had left the bedroom, Carol took Cindy's place and Cindy quickly dressed and sneaked out the front door.
After comparing their timelines of events, they realized that neither one of them had actually been unfaithful to the other. Even Jack and Cindy had managed to remain faithful to each other, although neither one knew it.
Jim and Carol decided not to tell Jack or Cindy about the double switch unless one of their "infidelities" was revealed and threatened their marriage. They would let each one believe that they had slept with their friend's spouse. They also decided that neither one of them needed or desired to have sex with anyone else, at least for now. 
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