Vanessa's Island - Chapter Nine
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At first it seemed a bit strange to be reading aloud a story written in the first person by a woman. But somehow, knowing that Vanessa had written the story, I found it a tremendous turn-on. It was as if I was not just possessing her body from the outside as I had already, but from the inside. When she played with her body or the bodies of other women in the story it was with my hands. When she saw them it was with my eyes.
"'I run a health club for women only'," I began. "'Alot of women would rather work-out away from the lustful eyes of men. What the women who frequent my establishment didn't know up until recently, is that they were still being lusted after as they worked out. Only by a woman. Me.
"'Oh, I've had boyfriends and lived a normal life. My passion for women was secret until recently, but it was the deciding factor in my career choice. The sight of women working out has always been a turn-on for me. Not that I like tight hardbodies, not at all. But most of the women who come to work out are not like that. They think they could afford to lose a few pounds. I like them just as they are. And in the showers I get to see every inch of them.
"'Of course, I used to have to be careful to make sure they didn't notice me looking at them. Now all that has changed. This is the story of how it happened.
"'It all began with Samantha. Samantha was five foot ten, a brunette, with the breasts and ass of a swimsuit model. Watching her work-out in her tightly stretched leotards got me so worked up that I often had to go and get changed in the middle of a session lest she or any of my other customers notice the wet patch forming in my crotch. They must have thought I suffered from some form of obssessive compulsive disorder, but it was better than letting them find out that I lusted after their bodies.
"'I remember the first day that Samantha joined our aerobics class. How my heart beat hard at the prospect of seeing her naked. I always showered with the clients. Under the shower no-one could tell how wet the sight of their naked bodies made me.
"'At last that first session ended and I followed Samantha into the shower room, my eyes rivetted to her gently rolling ass encased as it was in sweat-soaked lycra. Slowly she peeled off the lycra and I tried not to stare too obviously as her soft pale breasts with their small pink nipples sprang free. Then she pulled her leotard down further, having to wriggle to get it over the swelling, snow-white cheeks of her bottom.'
By this stage my stiff cock was crying out for some attention. I grabbed Vanessa's hand and pushed her soft palm against it.
"Hey," she cried, "there aren't any cocks in this story. This is girl's only."
"But I need it," I pleaded. "I need to use both hands to keep my place with the pages."
"Oh, all right," she agreed, slowly beginning to wank my stiff dick. "You can be hiding in the towel bin, sneaking peeks at us girlies in the shower and jerking yourself off. O.K. Just think how the towels that surround your naked, masturbating body were used to wipe off every part of our bodies, our boobs, our bottoms and particularly our sweet little pussies."
I couldn't hold out any longer. Pleasure coursed through my body as Vanessa's soft hand coaxed spurt after spurt of hot cum out of my cock. It splattered all over the front of her leotards.
"If you think I'm going to take off my leotards just because you've shot your load all over them, you've got another thing coming," Vanessa informed me with a pout. She wiped up some of my cum on her finger and then sucked on it playfully. "Now on with the story."
"'I could stand to loose a little bit off of my butt,' she laughed [that was Samantha, wasn't it], giving me an excuse to look.
"'Couldn't we all,' I replied, frustrated that I couldn't tell her what I really thought.
"'I quickly stripped off my own leotard and laid it down carefully in such a way that the sopping crotch was not visible. Then I joined the rest of the ladies in the shower. I was so tempted to take up a position next to Samantha, but I thought that if I did I might not be able to resist the temptation to reach out and touch her soft, wet, soapy skin.
"'One by one, the girls stepped out, dried themselves, got dressed and left. Samantha was one of the last to go. When I was alone, I did what I always did. I played with myself. I played back everything in my mind, especially Samantha stripping out of her sweaty leotard, while I slid two soapy fingers in and out of my juiced up pussy.
"'This routine continued for several weeks, until that fateful day when Samantha left her car keys in her locker.
"'On that day, as always, I stayed under the shower, after the others had gone, and imagined what I would like to do with Samantha. I imagined undressing her slowly from her sensible business suit, kissing her nipples, kissing her lips, the ones on her face and the ones between her legs. I imagined her in her leotards. How they stretched across that luscious ass.
"'As I fantasized I let my hands wander sensuously and soapily across my body. The fingers of one hand gently tweaked my hard nipples, while my other hand slid slowly down over my stomach and through my pubes into my waiting pussy. I slid one finger in on either side of my sensitive clit. I love that sensation. My fingers glided across my stiffening clit, while also giving me that satisfying sensation of being filled. Only it wasn't some guy's cock filling me, but Samantha's long and versatile tongue.
"'I felt that delicious warmth glowing in my belly as I slowly sank to my knees, feeling the spray of the shower carressing every inch of my skin. I had been dying to do this all the time I had been watching Samantha and the other girls work-out. I loved playing with myself. But if only I could play with them. Give them the pleasure I was giving myself.
"'"For this next exercise," I said, speaking aloud in the heat of my fantasy, "I want you all to strip naked for me, so that I can lick out your pussies one by one. You first, Samantha."
"'My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when Samantha's voice answered me casually.
"'"Sounds good to me," she said, and I looked up to see that she was standing there in her grey business suit watching me blatantly finger-fuck myself.
"'"You should let a girl know when you have the hots for her," she added. "You never know when the feeling may be mutual."
"'With this Samantha began to undress once more. At first I was embarrassed to be discovered this way, but soon horniness took over from embarrassment as I realised that my fantasy of making love to Samantha was going to come true. As I watched her remove her skirt and stockings and panties, I stood there watching her, totally rapt, and uninhibitedly masturbating while she watched.
"'When she was naked once more she walked over and joined me under the water's spray. This time I didn't have to worry that she would catch me looking at her. She was flaunting herself for me. The closeness of her body sent an orgasm rocking through me, before she had even touched me. Then I felt her soft, firm arms encircle me, and our open mouths met. Her warm tongue did to my mouth what I had imagined it doing to my pussy, while her hands gently carressed my ass. My hand was still in my pussy and as we embraced tightly I felt her soft black pubes carress the back of it.
"'"Rinse your pussy well," she instructed me, after we had embraced for what seemed like ages, under the carressing stream of the shower, "I hate the taste of soap."
"'Turning off the water, she led me over to a pile of towels that lay on the floor drying near the locker-room heater. She lay me down and then gently straddled my face facing towards my feet. I felt her soft thighs on either side of my face as she lowered her wet pussy onto my waiting lips. Then she lowered her own face between my welcoming, wide-spread legs and sent me to heaven by lapping up the sex-juice that streamed from my open pussy.
"'From this time on, it was always Samantha and I who were left in the shower after the others had gone. As soon as they were out the door, we would grab each other, mouth to mouth, pubes to pubes, soapy hands on soapy asses. Once the heat of our passion had been satisfied by a thorough pussy-licking session, we would lounge naked on some towels and play with ourselves as we exchanged notes on what we thought of the other girls, and what we would like to do with them.
"'"How would you like it if Candy was here with us now?" she might ask. "Wouldn't you just love to nibble on those sweet little titties of hers?"
"'"Hmmmmmm," I sighed. "Isn't it a pity we can't introduce any of the other girls to the pleasures we've found?"
"'"Maybe we could," she replied.
"'"But how?" I asked.
"'"Well, it would be a risk," she admitted. "But even if you lost half your clientele, by coming out to them as they say, I reckon you could always replace them by the word of mouth from the rest about the horniest lesbian gym in town."
"'"Let me see," I said, weighing up the possibilities. "Worst case scenario is that I lose my business, best case scenario is that all my wet dreams come true. I think I'll take a chance on it."
"'We decided that the best approach was to take them by suprise. If we just told them about our private sessions, there was no likelihood of conversions. On the other hand if we let them see just what a turn-on girl/girl sex could be, some might decide to join us in the heat of the moment, so to speak. The showers seemed the obvious place to stage the event.
"'I've never been so nervous about anything in my life. At times I felt so giddy I thought that I would faint before we even got to the showers. But then, they say that stage fright portends a great performance, and in my case they were right.
"'"Hasn't Samantha got the hottest ass," I blurted out, my voice shaking, once we were all naked.
"'"Your not supposed to say that sort of thing," laughed Candy nervously, "its only the fact that we think our asses suck that keeps us coming back."
"'"But doesn't Samantha's ass just make your pussy drip?" I asked, gathering steam now. "It makes mine drip."
The tension in the air was electric. Three of the girls left the shower, one turned pale and started to dry wretch. But the rest stayed where they were and watched spellbound as Samantha and I embraced and fondled each other's ass.
"'"Is this personal or can anyone join in?" asked Candy.
"'"Feel free," I replied, my head swimming with the deliriousness of it all.
"'Candy came over and kissed me on the mouth. I brushed my hand over her gingery wet pubes and slipped a finger into her warm pussy. The girls who had left the showers dressed hurriedly. We never saw them again. The others stayed under the showers and watched. They had read articles on the joys of lesbian sex in 'Cosmopolitan'‚ but it would take a little getting used to in practise. After a while some of them started to play with their pussies. Life would never be the same again, for any of us.
"'From that day on in our gym clothing was optional. Some girls like to be nude all the time. Some prefer to dress in lingerie. Some make their own adaptations on the traditional leotard, usually with holes exposing nipples and pussy. Fondling each other and masturbating during work-outs are not only allowed but encouraged, and shower time is just one long group grope. 
Eventually massive water bills necessitated the addition of hot-tubs and a sauna to give us places to play at our leisure that used a little less of this precious resource.'"
"Oh, David," Vanessa cried when I finished reading. "I need you now."
She tried to get the straps of her leotard off of her shoulders but she was all thumbs. Finally, in frustration, she picked up a pair of scissors that were sitting on the bedside table. Reaching between her legs she pulled the soaking wet gussett out from her body and snipped it with the scissors. The tight material parted and what had been stretched between her legs sprang up to hang wetly around her navel, while her glorious red pubes were on full display.
By now my cock was hard again and it was only a few seconds before she had sunk her warm, wet pussy over it and was pumping herself up and down on it manically.
"I thought there were no cocks in this story," I said. "Girls only."
"Fuck verisimilitude," she replied.
That's something I've always admired about Vanessa. Her ability to get her mouth around a word like 'verisimilitude' and her pussy around my cock at the same time.
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