John, Jillian And Me Continued
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John, Jillian And Me Continued
Jillian, John and I continued fucking three or four times a week until my family returned. Then it was on any occasion that was available after that. I was still able to fulfill my own wife’s sexual needs as well as my own need for lots of extra marital fucking.
Viola had gone through an extremely hard menopause after having two sets of twins, boy and girl each time and a single girl between. She said that she had told her mother that she had lost much of her sex drive and was not satisfying me. Her mother had told Viola that she was too young to give up on sex and insisted that Vi see a Specialist friend of hers. After new hormone treatment Vi told me that she had regained her sex drive and was now a wildcat in bed. She was even hinting that she was now interested possibly swinging with another couple. She had always demurred when I suggested it over the years. She had allowed me to have other sexual partners, but would not do it herself. She said that it was to ensure that our five kids were fathered only by me.
After visiting John and Jillian several times, Viola suggested that she would try a sexual tryst with the two of them. The first time, Vi insisted that she and John be in separate rooms from Jill and me. Later, she told me that sucking John’s cock and being fucked by someone else the first time really excited her. As well as his eating her pussy and her feelings of being in bed with a different man, she was willing to continue meeting with John ad Jill.
The next time and thereafter, Vi was willing for the four of us to all be in the same bed. Shortly later, Jill talked Vi into some lesbian sex. They both enjoyed watching John and me together.
It was several months later after an especially good round of sex between the four of us. John and Jillian got really serious.
“We do not have any children. At first, we were both content with that. Now Jill says that she would like to have at least a couple of kids. Her mother is nagging Jill, her only child, about not having any grandchildren. We never told here that I was sterile.”
Vi and I looked puzzled, “Why are you two bringing this up?” Viola asked.
“You see, I am unable to get her pregnant. I am sterile. I waited too long to get treated when I got the clap.”
John continued, “We have checked into fertility clinics. They say there is no way to help me. Jill says that donor sperm is not the way that she wants to conceive."
Jill then added. “We have seen your five kids and how good looking they are. John and I have talked it over. We would like to ask you to father several with me. I would very much like you to get me pregnant. John has told me how you and he would whore around in college. How you would even swap and fuck each others girl friends.”
John added, “Please do this for us, for old times sake. She really wants to do it. She says that she would not’t fuck anyone else that we know. It would mean so much to our friendship. If you could just see your way to help her out, and me too. Will you do it Doug?”
Looking at Viola, we could both see that John and Jillian were very serious.
Jill added, “I am fertile right now. I was surprised at such frank talk to a forty five year old like me."
Jack implored Vi and me, “Will you do it for us, Doug? Please!”
I turned to Viola, “What do you have to say Honey? I would not do it if you do not agree!”
“It is alright with me, Doug, the only thing that I require is for John and I to be in the room while you impregnate her so that we can feel a part of it.”
I turned and nodded to John and Jillian.
“It is agreed then, Doug, Jill would like to start now. She says that she is in her fertile time right now. I need to take my Viagra now so that I can get it up in an hour or so. Then all of us can go together."
It was an hour and a half later when Jill rose and took my hand. She looked up at me with a smile. I towered over her. I was four inches taller than John.
He said, “I will be very grateful. It will be just like back in college, the two of us fucking the girls. I will be fucking Jill’s pussy right after you."
Jill and Vi both had big smiles and John was patting me on my back as the four of us entered the bedroom.
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