Their Fantasy, My Pleasure
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She caused quite a commotion among the menfolk at a party we attended together and met at, he was a very pleasant but quiet chap. ..quite unassuming, shy, it seemed. As we flowed in similar social circles we made contact online on a semi regular basis and at one point she mentioned that she would like to fulfil a fantasy for her husband....but it had to be a stranger. This instantly intrigued me but I had met him, although briefly, so was no longer a stranger as such.
I was a little disappointed as this meant that I couldn't put my resume forward for the position. It did however, get me thinking, though, about possible juicy little encounters I could organise for my own husband. How would he react to this fantasy that she had described to me? Would he also enjoy being blindfolded and completely open to the will of a stranger?, Would he succumb to that kind of power, to the enjoyment of his body being pleasured by someone he could smell, touch and taste but not see? When she asked if I would be interested in being a part of the fantasy and being the mystery woman I was thrilled and terrified; but also so turned on all at the same time. I couldn't wait and yet, being the pleaser and perfectionist that I am, I was terrified at the possibility of failure or; almost as diabolical... mediocrity.
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