My step-sister Amy
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The year after my parents divorced, my dad found another girlfriend. At 42, you could see that, back in the day, she was a raging babe. She still had a good body, and the sexiest eyes I'd ever seen. I thought maybe she was the most beautiful women I'd ever laid eyes on, although the age meant I couldn't really be sexually attracted to her. Although I was a horny 17 year old boy, I wasn't really into the whole 'Hot Old Women' thing.
My dad was though. I kind of felt awkward sometimes to see his hard on when they were together. I pretended not to see it.
So the first weekend I met Elle, her and my dad were sitting at the dinner table, waiting for me to join them. My dad had driven me especially so we could eat together and 'bond', I guess. I was happy for my dad - his new girlfriend was hot. She was a good cook, too.
'So, Drew', Elle said to me, 'What year are you in at school?'
'My last'. I replied pleasantly before taking a swig of water. She nodded, smiling. 'My daughter, Amy, is in the same year'.
My dad winked at me from across the table. Sometimes I thought he was more of a teenager than I was. That is, I guess, until I actually saw this daughter walking down the stairs.
She looked exactly like her mum, but in her prime. I could now see why my dad had winked at me. It was obvious. She was simply an incredible looking person. I politely hid my attraction as I got up to greet her with dad and Elle. I don't think I did a good job though, I always have trouble hiding it when I'm attracted to a girl - it's something I hate. Amy seemed used to it though, as she would be.
'Hey', she said.
'Hey!' I said, a little too enthusiastically, feeling myself turn red.
My dad sniggered audibly and excused himself to fill up the water jug. I sat back down and started eating again to distract myself. As the night went on, Amy seemed to forget our awkward moment earlier and we got along well. Every second that passed my cock got harder and harder in my pants and I knew that I needed to stop thinking about all the things I would want to do to her if the adults weren't here. At one point, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I masturbated to the thought of Amy and literally came so fast I could return to the meal just in time to seem like I'd just had a quick piss. The tension in my cock was released for a bit, but built up soon after.
It was like this every Friday night from then on, I would go and eat with Elle, dad and Amy, and each time I would fall more and more in love with Amy. After about a month, I arrived at Elle's house after the usual train trip and knocked on the door. I waited a while. It was strange, it was always the same time every week, why was there no answer? I decided to knock one final time and then give up and go home. Amy answered the door, her gorgeous light blue eyes filled with tears, her swelling breast heaving with small sobs. I hated to think how hot she looked when she cried. I soon forgot that thought and started worrying about why she was in this state.
'Sorry it took so long to answer the door'. She said softly.
'Um... that's OK, why are you crying? Are dad and Elle here?'
She turned around and we walked up the front steps together as she explained. 'Um, no. Something's happened. Grandma's not well and they've gone to hospital. I had to wait here to let you in but they're not going to be home tonight.' She paused, 'Sorry about this'.
'Sorry? No way, it's not my grandma. I'm the one who's sorry. Geez I hope she's alright'.
'Thanks, yeah i'm sure it'll work out fine. I'm just worried', Amy said, settling down a bit.
I sat down next to her at the top of the stairs, and gently rubbed her shoulder comfortingly. She glanced up at me from behind thick lashes and smiled. We sat there for a lovely few moments, reassured in each other's company. I wanted to put my cock in her so bad I thought I'd do something stupid and embarrass myself, but I managed to maintain my dignity and sit there with my hand on her shoulder.
After a while though, I felt a little like I was intruding. 'I should probably go home, but I don't want to leave you here like this'.
'I really wouldn't mind some company', her silky soft voice purred. 'I mean, only if there's not something else you want to do. I just... don't want to be alone if there's bad news'.
'Of course,' I said, regretting saying that I should go home. I didn't want to go home. I would be happy to stay with her always.
Amy and I had a nice dinner that she made - salad and some kind of lovely pasta thing, I wasn't sure what it was but it tasted amazing. At the dinner table my cock was constantly standing to attention, and every second I wanted to show her, or tell her, but my pride stepped in.
After we cleaned up she said 'I think I'll just go and change into my pajamas'.
'Ok sure', I said, imagining that hot sight made my heart skip a beat.
I turned on the television and began to watch some boring show. I wasn't concentrating, I was thinking about Amy naked, as usual. I noticed she left her phone downstairs and it was beeping. Probably some boy who was desperate to root her. I decided to take it up to her room, just an excuse to see her and talk to her really.
I knocked on the door of Amy's room with her phone in my hand. There was no answer, just a strange buzzing sound coming from inside the room. I ignored it and went inside anyway. I found out too late what the noise really was.
Amy lay on her bed in her large bedroom, her long, tanned legs spread out across the bed. In one hand she massaged her perky left breast and in the other she held her electric toothbrush against her bulging pink clitoris. I nearly came.
She snapped up, horribly embarrassed when she saw me standing at the door. 'Wow', I said, 'I'm so sorry...'
'Oh my god, oh my god'. She pulled her covers over her body and looked up at me, her face turning bright red.
I paused at the door, not sure what to do. I thought I should probably leave but this moment was really too good to let slip by. She was hot, wet and horny. We were alone. I was in love with her.
'Look it's okay, I do it too'. Amy blushed even harder and her eyes fell down to my pants. I had forgotten about my hard on, too focused on the image of her wet clitoris in my head. She let out a nervous giggle.
'To be honest, I would do anything to fuck you right now'. I said, not really thinking. After it came out, I couldn't believe it actually had.
Amy didn't seem surprised at all, and her blush disappeared. She looked hard into my eyes, and I knew she wanted it too. 'You know I was thinking of you when I was playing with myself'.
That really did me in. I walked over to the bed, taking off my shirt to proudly reveal my muscled chest, and throwing it on the floor. I leant over her on the bed and pressed myself against those perfect lips of hers. Her soft fingers stroked down my chest to my jeans, and I thought my heart would blow out of my chest, the way she did it. Once I was on top of her on the bed, she spread her legs back over the bed, her breast heaving with sexual excitement, her huge clitoris ready for me.
I traced down her breast with my tongue and gently pinched the nipple with one hand and with the other rubbed her pussy very fast. I couldn't believe how hot her groans were. I stopped and she started to complain, but soon quietened when she realized my tongue was about to enter her. 'Oh my god yes, Drew, you know just how to make me happy'.
'That makes me happy', I said softly, slowly opening her vagina lips. She gasped, and let out a moan. I licked her clitoris and high moans that made my cock pulsate escaped her perfect lips. I shoved my tongue into her hole and she said 'No Drew, stop, I want cock'.
I spared no time in kicking off my jeans and readying my large, hard cock for her.
The pleasure was like nothing before, just to hear her beg for me. I laid the head of my penis at the base of her hole, and asked her if she wanted more as I continued to rub her clitoris very hard.
'Fuck Drew, just fuck me, please, just do it now, I need it now, don't make me wait'.
I was in love with her, how could I tease her like this? It eventually hurt me to know that I was depriving her of the hard cock she deserved.
With both hands, I grabbed her breasts and shoved my erect member into her ridiculously wet pussy. It was spilling over down her ass, there was so much of it. She gasped and started breathing very quickly, her body obviously spasming from the pleasure. Her hand moved down to her pussy and she rubbed while I pounded her. God it felt good.
Every time I went in, she cried out 'Oh, Oh, Oh', and her hips jumped up to meet my cock. Her light blue eyes were fixated on mine, and her sexy pink mouth was in the shape of an 'O'. Every few fucks, she would scream quietly, I loved knowing I was doing her right.
As I fucked harder and harder, her screams got louder and more passionate. Her silky soft tits moved back and forth beneath my hands that clutched them. I wanted everything from her, and I wanted to give her everything.
What we were building up to was unbelievable, as my body began to shake with an incredible orgasm, hers did too. We came within about 45 seconds. As the best human feeling rushed through our bodies, she cried out 'Oh Drew, I fucking love you'.
I let out a groan, and said 'Fuck Amy, me too'. Her orgasm face was so hot. As soon as I'd filled her up with my hot cum, I bent down and kissed her. We did it all night.
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