Lover's Reunion
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When I saw Deb enter the restaurant, my jaw hit the floor. She was even more beautiful than when we last dined twenty years ago. Her curly blond hair framed her cute face. She was wearing a short dark blue cocktail dress that displayed her sexy cleavage. We made eye contact and she glided gracefully over to our table.
Deb and I had a brief, passionate relationship in our twenties – separating only because my career pulled me out of the country. We tried to stay in touch, but we gradually just drifted apart. A week ago, I knew I would be back in town and decided to give her a call.
When we connected by phone, it was like we were never apart. We were like a couple of school kids on the phone. We chatted and chatted, just enjoying the sound of each others voices. The attraction was clearly still very much alive. Just the sound of her voice made me want to make love to her.
We agreed to meet at a restaurant and then spend the night at a nearby hotel. Thinking about our rendezvous made me reflect on the incredible sexual experiences we had twenty years ago. We fucked in just about every way imaginable. I hoped that our one night together would not just be an evening of greatest hits, but also an opportunity to break some new sexual ground.
After we ordered drinks and starters, I reached under the table to glide my hand across her bare leg. She smiled, looked into my eyes, and parted her legs. I reached farther and gasped with excitement when I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panties. My fingers played with the slippery folds of her pussy as she squirmed in her seat. Her hips moved against me, as she bit her lower lip in ecstasy. I continued teasing her clit until the waiter returned.
When we left, she reached over and fished my hard cock out of my trousers. She continued stroking me. Now it was my turn to bite my lower lip. My hand returned to her pussy and we spent the next few minutes kissing and touching each other. Finally, I grabbed her wrist and smiled, “Let’s save some for later, babe.”
I tucked my cock back in my pants. We finished our meals while looking lustfully in each others eyes. After dinner, I paid for the meal and we made our way out. The hotel was only a short walk away. As we were walking hand in hand, I escorted Deb into an alley. She looked a little surprised as I pushed her against a wall.
“I’m sorry, babe. I can’t wait. I need to taste your wet pussy,” I said.
I dropped to my knees, lifted her dress and put my nose in her drenched pussy. She smelled so amazing. I moved her panties to the side and buried my tongue deep in her. I lapped her swollen clit and stuck two, then three fingers into her pussy. She moaned with enthusiasm as I stroked her harder and faster.
I could hear people walking passed us on the street. Anyone of them could have heard Deb’s moans and stopped, but no one did. I knew Deb loved sex in public. She writhed on my tongue, almost wanting us to get caught. I continued finger-fucking her with my tongue mashed hard against her clit.
Deb came with great force and intensity, “Oh my. ..Fuck!” she wailed.
I looked up and watched Deb catch her breath. She was smiling like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. “That was amazing, baby,” she said.
We collected ourselves and made our way to the hotel. We checked in and hurried to the room. When we went in, we saw a beautiful large room with a massive bed. Deb dropped to her knees just after we got the door closed. She took my cock out of my pants and sucked me deeply into her mouth. She deep-throated me like a true slut. She was wild. Her mouth moved to my balls, licking and sucking. My fingers moved through her hair, pushing her mouth back onto my cock. She moved her hand to my ass.
She fingered my ass. She had never done that before. I jumped but accepted it as one finger slid into me. She moved it deeper and deeper. I knew I would cum at any moment. I felt the pressure build. “I’m going to cum, baby,” I moaned.
She just sucked harder, but I needed to be in her pussy. I pulled her up and moved her to the bed. I lifted her dress and moved between her legs. We fucked hard and fast. I slammed into her soaking pussy. It was only a matter of moments before we both climaxed. As we slowed, catching our breaths, I kissed her hard on the mouth.
I rolled off of her. She looked so sexy in her post-orgasm afterglow. I caressed her breast as we relaxed. I suggested that we take a shower. As we moved to the bathroom, I checked the clock. My plan was right on schedule.
We stripped quickly and entered the spacious walk-in shower. We spent an eternity kissing, soaping, and fondling each other. The water pulsed down us as I licked and kissed her full, luscious boobs. She continually had my cock in her hand. I’m sure it had never been so clean before.
We got out and dried off and moved to the bedroom. I let Deb lead the way. There, before us spread out on the bed, was an incredibly beautiful long-haired brunette woman. She was stark naked with her legs spread wide. Her fingers leisurely played with her wet pussy lips. Deb turned to me and smiled, “Who is she for, baby?”
“Ladies first,” I smiled. I knew Deb had always had a fantasy to be with a woman. Why not tonight?
“Deb, this is Lenore. She is here to play however you would like her to play,” I said.
Deb moved between Lenore legs and began licking her slick pussy. Lenore moaned and Deb’s tongue moved faster and deeper. Lenore played with her own tits. Deb brought two fingers to Lenore’s pussy and moved her tongue to Lenore’s clit.
I moved behind Deb. I spread her ass cheeks and began licking her asshole. Deb moved back against my tongue, clearly loving the attention. I continued probing her ass with my tongue as my hands deeply massaged her cheeks. My cock was hard again, so I moved up between Deb’s legs and put my cock against her aroused asshole. She pushed back against me and soon I was deep in her.
Lenore’s moaning indicated she was getting close to cumming. Her hips writhed and Deb plunged a third finger into her juicy pussy. Deb took one wet finger out and put it quickly in Lenore’s ass. Lenore gasped as Deb finger-fucked her ass and pussy. Lenore came hard with a shuddering orgasm. She pulled Deb’s head closer to her throbbing clit. Lenore came a second time as Deb continued massaging Lenore’s clit with her tongue.
Meanwhile, I slammed into Deb’s ass. She grunted and moaned with each thrust. As Lenore released her, Deb got up higher on all fours so I could fuck her ass more deeply. Suddenly, Lenore moved carefully beneath Deb and began sucking Deb’s pussy as I continued hammering her ass.
The sight of this almost most made me cum right then and there, but I continued thrusting. Deb was moaning and sweating. She was in a state of pure passion. I knew I couldn’t last much longer and buried my cock deep into her ass, shooting my cum deep within her. Seconds later, Deb came hard.
“Oh, oh, oh! I can’t fucking believe….Oh fuck yes!” she wailed. Deb’s orgasm seemed to grow in waves. Her breathing slowed gradually until she rolled away from Lenore and I.
As we all disengaged, we laid on the bed just to catch our breaths. I winked at Lenore. “You were amazing, Lenore. You will find a little tip on the desk by the door,” I said. Lenore smiled, and collected her clothes and her envelope and departed quickly.
Deb spread out on the bed with her eyes closed, looking tremendously satisfied. Her lips in a slight, but obvious grin. In a matter of moments, I noticed she had fallen asleep. If my delicious Deb only knew what I had planned for her in the morning. After all, we had eight more hours until check out time.
To be continued…
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