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The last time she was here, we had an argument that I ended by telling her to leave and never come back. It was about 2:30 in the morning several weeks later when I heard a knock at my utility room door. I opened the door just far enough to see who was there and when I recognized her, I said, “I thought I had told you not to come back.”
She was crying and pleading with me to let her in and telling me she had nowhere else to go. Maybe it was horniness or maybe I just had the need to help a damsel in distress, but I relented and let her in.
After explaining to me about her break-up with her boyfriend a week or so before and how her parents refused to let her stay with them until she ‘got her shit together’ (in reference to a problem she had with alcohol and drugs - her most recent boyfriend had been in trouble for selling drugs and knowing his history, they suspected she had fallen off the wagon, again), I foolishly told her she was welcome to spend the night at my house.
I had not forgotten about our fight, and told her that she owed me big for giving in. She agreed and told me she would find a way to make it up to me. She said she needed a shower really bad, and I told her that letting me join her would be a good first step toward making up with me. The shower in my master bedrooms bathroom is a rather large tile shower with two heads and she was no stranger there.
We kissed a little as I soaped up her chest and belly, occasionally reaching down to spread lather between her legs. She used her soapy front to apply lather to the front of my body and reached down between her own legs to gather suds she then applied to my stiffening cock. She turned around and moved her back up against my front as I wrapped her up with my arms and caressed her breasts, lower belly and pussy which, not surprisingly, caused my cock to grow to full erection.
That’s when she did something totally unexpected - she grabbed my cock, rubbed the head of it up and down the crack of her ass, turned her feet and knees inward, arched her back and pushed herself back against me sinking nearly all of my cock in her ass on the first thrust! I had tried to talk her into anal sex quite a few times but she always refused so needless to say I was pleasantly shocked. We fucked that way for quite a while and when I told her I was about to come, she pulled away and said, “Please don’t come, yet.”
When the urgency to come had passed, she carefully cleaned my cock, and we both rinsed off and toweled ourselves dry. She asked what I had to drink in the house. I replied I had a few varieties of wine, a couple bottles of beer, some Cuervo and a brand new bottle of Jack Daniels that hadn’t been opened yet. She told me to grab the Jack and come to bed. Who was I to refuse?
When I finished locking up the house, turning off the lights and made it back to my bedroom, she was under the covers waiting for me. She told me to lay down and grabbed the bottle of Jack, opened it and took a swig. I’m not even sure she had swallowed when she went down on me. It wasn’t long at all before I was completely hard again and she expertly deep-throated me - another first - she always had a gag-reflex problem when she tried it before. It was incredible.
It was only a minute or two longer when I felt as though I was about to come again so she stopped giving me head and allowed me to eat her pussy which I’ve always said was the best tasting pussy I’ve ever had. I called it ‘rain-water’ pussy because although it did have a taste, it was as subtle as rain-water - I could eat her for hours it tasted so good. She was also a gusher - especially if she had alcohol induced inhibition loss. So it wasn’t long before I really had her juices flowing. I lifted her legs up as high as I could and tried to tease her asshole with my tongue, another thing she had always resisted before, but I figured I had a chance since she had a bit to drink, and after all, she almost forced me to have anal sex with her in the shower!
She shuddered a bit when I stuck the tip of my tongue in her ass and actually pushed against my face, I knew this would be a night to remember! I really got into tonguing her ass and I’m sure from the sounds she made and the juices that flowed from her pussy that I made her come that way as well. I let her legs down and slid up her body to suck and gently chew on her nipples before I tried to enter her. She made me promise to hold back and not let myself come until she’d ‘had enough’ of me. I said I would try but I had been very close a couple times already tonight and I wasn’t sure I could keep the promise. She told me if I came before she wanted me to, I better be able to get it up for a second round. I didn’t think that would be a problem considering her new skills!
She had me lay on my back as she squatted over my cock bouncing up and down on me until I begged her to stop so I wouldn’t come. She got off, gave my cock one good stroke in her mouth and laid down next to me. I wanted to let some time pass before I entered her again so I licked her pussy and tongued her ass a little while. I got over her, threw her legs over my shoulders and was balls deep on my first thrust - she was so wet! I fucked her slow and long making her come over and over again. When I saw the pleasure I had made her feel, I decided to take a chance and try it in her ass again. I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs a bit higher, rubbed the head of my cock over her asshole and pushed, not knowing exactly how she was going to react. At first, she didn’t respond much but by the time the head of my cock was barely in her rear opening she started pushing against me again. I fucked her ass harder and harder and when I announced that I was about to come she bucked against me wildly and told me she wanted my cum in her ass. I was hoping at that point that there would be a second round that night because I sure didn’t want the sex to end that quickly. One or two final thrusts and I came with such a powerful orgasm, I thought I might pass out. After, I rolled off of her, lay down next to her and told her how great it was. She didn’t say a word, but clapped her hands together a few times, playfully expressing her satisfaction with applause. We both laughed and shared a couple hits off the bottle of Jack.
She excused herself to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. After cleaning me off, she snuggled up against me rubbing my cock with her hand while she kissed my neck. After a while, she said it was time to fulfill my promise. My mind was certainly willing; I was hoping my body was, too.
She went down on me and sure enough, I was hard as a rock again before long - undoubtedly due to thoughts of the previous action. I tried to eat her out again but she wasn’t interested. She got up on all fours, told me to stick it in her pussy, which I gladly did. I hadn’t completed half a dozen strokes before she said she wanted it in her ass again! She spread her knees a little further apart to lower her ass and pushed against me, once again impaling her ass on my stiff cock. Since I had already come once, I was sure I could go quite a while before I would come again, so I just went for it, fucking her ass with long hard strokes. She started moaning which became louder, started screaming “Oh, God” over and over again then juices started flowing from her pussy like a faucet had been turned on soaking the sheets beneath us. I finally felt my balls tighten up and told her I was gonna come again. She once again bucked against me as stroked faster and faster until I came in her ass a second time that night.
I told her I would be interested in a third round, but it would have to wait until tomorrow night and told her I hoped she would stick around. She just looked at me with a kind of smirk on her face and said she bet she wouldn’t have to wait that long. I’ll let you know how long it was in my next story. I have a feeling it might not be that long either!
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