My Mrs. Robinson
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I had just turned 16 and wanted a car but my parents decided I needed to earn my own money so I would appreciate it more and take better care of it.
I was mowing lawns in our neighborhood that summer and doing anything I could to make money. Texas in the summer is brutal but to a 16 year old boy it was just heat and I could mow in my cutoffs and tan.
Our next door neighbor was a divorcée in her 40's and in 1964 there weren't many in my hometown. All the women in the neighborhood worried about her and all the men wanted her.I mowed her yard and kept it looking nice. She would bring me a cold drink and I finally figured out she was flirting with me as well.
I had just finished mowing when she called me to her back door and asked me to help her hang a new painting she had purchased. I was standing on her sofa with my back to her as she decided where the painting should be as I moved it around.
I didn't know she had moved up behind me until she put her arms around my waist and started unsnapping my shorts and pulling them down. I never wore underwear and my young cock immediately got hard as the first woman in my life touched it. I put down the painting and turned towards her. 
When she asked me if anyone had ever sucked me I almost shot my load from the words and the look in her eyes. I somehow managed to squeak out a no and she kissed the tip and then swallowed me to the root. I only lasted a few minutes as she sucked me and when I told her I was about to cum she redoubled her efforts and I shot my load into her mouth.
I was stunned, thrilled and scared to death. She told me we were going to have a lot more times like this as long as I swore to never tell my friends about it.
She had me step out of my shorts and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She told me I needed a shower and she pulled me into her master bathroom. To this day I don't think I ever said a word as she undressed in front of me and I saw my first naked woman.
Her tits weren't huge and they had a bit of droop but they were tits and they were in front of me. As she stepped out of her panties - there it was - a pussy - and I was hard again. I didn't know much but I knew they were supposed to have a lot of hair and hers was shaved! This was in the mid 1960's and to my inexperienced mind they had to have hair. I must have looked shocked because she started laughing and she told me she liked it this way and she would show me why later.
As we got in the shower she asked me if she could kiss me. It was a long deep sensuous kiss that spoke of years of kissing and she taught me how to kiss that day too.
She told me it as ok to touch her in a playful laugh and she took my hands and placed them on her tits. I was in heaven and she knew it. After what seemed like only a few seconds to me she whispered in my ear and said " I want you to fuck me now". She reached down and guided my cock into her as the water splashed over us. It was a moment I will never forget and I hope she never did either.
It was the beginning of the best summer of my life.
This is my first story. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions
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