Standing Out in a Crowd
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I love the crowds. In my mind they are like a smorgasbord, only instead of perusing food and desserts I scan the masses of lovely faces and hot flesh. In either case, the scene makes me incredibly hungry. Be it the stadium, crowded restaurant or bar, the local shopping mall, you name it, I’m a people watcher. Mind you I don’t watch just any person but those of the female persuasion in particular. I love to scope out, scan the field, flirt a little then scheme and strategize who I can try to seduce. It is my favorite past time. So there I was last Saturday at a large and very crowded outdoor venue. I was excited to once again be in the element I’ve grown to love so much. I’m unsure of what exactly I want to pursue but I’m confident I will know it when I see it. Back and forth I walked through the throng, a gathering of young and old awaiting the popular band to begin to play. It is hard to cover much ground, the people packed together like cans of sardines. As you look down you can barely make out the green from the grass from beneath your feet. There, some 60 feet away, I spotted her. I had no idea if she was alone and, quite frankly, I didn’t give a damn. Her long, thick brown hair was flowing nearly waist length down her back, partially covering her tight, yellow sundress. She was clapping her hands overhead to a soundless beat. Her hips were swaying and her knees were rising up and down to the tune that played in her head. I could see her lovely painted on nails that accented her sexy little hands. By this time I was nearly there. She was tall, about five nine. Her gorgeous legs were long and tan. Her toe nails matched her fingertips. I was getting hard and I had yet to even consider her lovely face. Ah yes, I knew it is lovely. I can sense these things. Her body was thin and quite athletic and her sexy little moves began to own me. I must have her, and soon. As I looked down once more, as her body continued its sensual stir, I was mesmerized by the taut round ass that danced in front of me. I am an ass man. Damn. Honestly now, I am an ‘every-part-of-a-woman’s body’ man. There’s nothing I’m not obsessed with. I could contain myself no longer. Just as I extended my hands to place them on her tiny waist, the music startled the thousands of us in attendance. Losing her balance, the focus of my lust fell backwards into me and, since I was already positioned for it, I caught her softly into my hands. She turned and looked up at me, completely taken back. “I’m. I’m sorry!” she said as our eyes caught each other's. “I just lost my footing. How in the world did you catch me? Your reflexes are incredible! What are you, some sort of professional athlete or what?” I knew it. Damn was she gorgeous - super model gorgeous - and way out of my league. Blue eyes, stunning face...just flat out gorgeous. “I don’t do everything that fast honey. For a lot of what I do I just take my time. But hey, in this case I had to move. No harm done. In fact, I rather enjoyed it!” I smiled. I realized that my hands were still around her waist. My thumbs were stroking up and down, massaging the flat of her firm stomach, just gliding back and forth on it. “After all, I’m your wing man!” She smiled back at me and laughed a soft, peculiar laugh. My head was covered with a ball cap that was turned backwards and my face with a day and a half worth of growth. My long sleeve tee shirt and jeans covered my body and my tan leather steel toed construction boots were on my feet. After taking me in a little more she smiled again and I somehow deduced that she was pleased with what she saw. “I’m Kim. This is my favorite band!” she said and then she turned back towards the men on stage, guitars and drums now blazing. Perhaps unconsciously, she had placed her hands on top of mine, keeping my digits securely wrapped around her body. As the voices join in, Kim let go of my hands and petted the wood she found in my pants. Next she started bending her knees to the rhythm of the song, each time banging her ass into my hard cock as it strained against my zipper. She was driving me insane and I was sure she knew it. I reached up and pulled her hair back behind her ear. I leaned forward and took her lobe in my mouth, sucking it between my lips. The large silver-hooped ring was doing its best to block my teeth but I finally got just the tip to bite, and bite it I did. She likes it rough, I could tell. I grabbed her head and turned it around. As I angled her face towards me I forced my tongue between her lips. It wasn’t ‘forced’ long as she wrestled with my tongue and bit me right back. I let go of her mouth and she turned her head to face the stage again. I began nibbling on her neck. My left hand was resting on top of her thigh until I slowly began to walk my fingers on the fabric of her flimsy sundress, causing it to crawl on up her lovely legs. Soon the hem had nearly reached her panties and my hand was underneath her skirt and making a climb upwards toward her mound. As my hands began to explore her body she leaned her head back again, laying it on my shoulder, and her breathing became heavy. She took my ear between her lips and bit down hard and then sucked it into her mouth. “Are you going to fuck me right here?” she asked breathlessly as my finger slipped inside her thong, finding her completely shaved down there. I slowly entered her hot, wet snatch and began rubbing her hard clit up and down with my thumb. “Just relax Kimmy and watch the show!” I said as I drove my second finger inside her hole and searched for her G spot. She was melting in my hands. I wasn’t at the right angle so I dropped to my knees. I pulled her skirt up and quickly ducked my head inside her sundress, facing her smoking hot ass. I quickly slid her panties down her legs, took them off and shoved them into my back pocket. My fingers resumed their attention to her soaking wet pussy. Soon I was pounding away at her G spot and she made it quite clear when I hit pay dirt. I was frigging her hard and fast and I could tell she was on the verge of coming. As the tension in her body continued to build I began to slowly lick up the back of her thighs. I stopped where her thigh met her tight, meaty ass. I love that spot, where the straight meets the curve, and her bubble butt had some tremendous curves. I opened my mouth and took hold of the meaty flesh I adore so much and bit it hard. Her response was a jerk of the body and a moan from her lips. I sucked the spot for a long moment, leaving a hickey in its place. She loved my mouth on her ass but not nearly as much as she was enjoying the fingers fucking her cunt. I headed north and soon was licking her ass cheeks and inside her crack, driving her to the brink. Just as the first shudder of her orgasm started I shoved my tongue between the lovely cheeks and took what I later found out was her virgin asshole with my long, probing tongue. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she sang in cadence with the song. The field was so loud and busy that people either didn’t hear it or didn’t care. To my knowledge no one was the wiser as my lovely young friend continued to grind her body onto my mouth and fingers, riding her come until she was completely satisfied. I licked my fingers clean, patted her bum, spanked her pussy lips a few times and straightened her dress before rising to my feet. She leaned back against my rigid cock and pulled the back of my head forward until her mouth was side by side with my ear. “What a great fuck! I owe you one…” was all she said before biting down hard on my ear, piercing my lobe with her eye tooth. It hurt and I pulled myself from her and twirled her around to face me. Her wicked, nasty bottom lip was coated with the blood from my ear. The crimson color made her look even naughtier and all the more sexy, if that was even possible. As she licked the liquid into her mouth I felt her hand shimmying down inside my jeans. “Yeah, I think I owe you one!” she said as she found my rigid shaft. I kissed her hard and whispered something in her ear. Upon hearing my words, she turned to the band as if intent to once again get lost in the music. But the real show was about to begin. I deftly undid my jeans and they dropped to my knees, boxer briefs following soon afterward. She reached back and took hold of my hard, cum slick cock. It was more than ready for some consideration. As she expertly stroked my meat she turned her head back to me and licked her lips. “Are you sure you don’t want me to suck you off babe?” she asked huskily. “No girl...I have other plans for this big, shaved cock of mine!” I said and I covered her mouth with my own. Breaking our long kiss I said, “Look at the band babe. They’re just about to play our song!” As soon as she turned to look forward my hands went to her skirt and pulled it above her waist. With one swift thrust I shoved my dick between her wet, pink pussy lips. Once again the angle wasn’t that great for what I had in mind but my long-limbed beauty knew her geometry. She stepped on the toes of my boots, raising her body just enough so I could fuck her perfectly. On occasion she had to place her hand on the shoulder of the burly guy in front of her to keep from falling forward. With one look at her beauty it was undeniable that the guy wanted her to keep her hands on him as much as she would like. My hands were once again on Kim’s waist as she leaned forward. I began to really lunge my hips forward, thrusting my cock harder and harder inside of her. She was so fucking tight and so fucking wet. I didn’t want to just pound her pussy, I wanted to punish it. And punish it I did! My long cock was bottoming out on her cervix and she was panting and moaning to “give it to me harder! Fuck me harder!” As I energetically drove my cock in and out of this beauty, my balls began to swing and slap against her clit. She was about to come and soon her fingers were on her clit to help get her there even quicker. “Are you getting close?” she squealed. “Yeah babe, I’m real close!” “Shoot your cum all over my ass! I’m not on the pill and can’t get pregnant, so don’t you dare come in my pussy!” As I felt my cum on the verge of exploding inside her I completely ignored what she said and spat in her ear saying, “All I heard babe was ‘come in my pussy!’ So here it comes!” With that we both began to scream and our bodies began to quake with the ecstasy of release. Sweat was pouring down her neck as I licked it and bit it. I must have pounded my cum inside of her for two minutes straight and I swear our orgasms continued for at least that long. As fortune would have it, echoes of our grunting and “Oh fuck, yeah! Oh Fuck!” were dwarfed by our surroundings. As my softening cock slipped from her tight little cunt she stepped off of my feet, turned around and knelt down in front of me. “Fuck! I guess I owe you two now!” she said as I saw my flaccid dick disappear between her pouty lips. She looked me square in the eyes as she cleaned my shaft of all of our juices and then began working it in and out of her mouth. It was beyond sexy! It took her no time at all to make me hard again and she quickly proceeded to suck me until I was close to coming. I grabbed her head then began pulling her hair to assist me in fucking her face hard. Her eyes grew big, perhaps a little fearful with the aggression of the man who was fucking her mouth. It wasn’t long before I could feel the first of many spurts begin to shoot into her willing mouth. I looked down to big, beautiful, smiley eyes, giving me the perception that she just loved to suck cock and loved to drink cum. She drank my second load down her throat, swallowing every bit while humming, “Hmmmmmmmmm!” the whole time. Both the sound and the vibration were intoxicating. She really knew what she was doing. I could get used to a woman like this! I loved the feel of Kim’s tight pussy and sultry mouth. As she stood up I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to me, burying my tongue in her mouth once again. The passion between us was something else. “What the fuck!!! I told you not to come in my pussy, you fucking bastard!” she said rather tersely. “I know, I know, but once I’m in a tight cunt like yours there’s no turning back. My cum is going to splatter the inside of those walls!” She actually smiled when I said that. I figured the words would risk any more action. I was way off. “I knew you were a bad boy, you nasty little prick!” She smiled seductively as she said that. “That’s why I chose you!” “As for your tight little ass, don’t worry honey. I still plan on creaming it!” I dove my tongue inside her mouth again to shut her up and lowered my hand to scoop some of my cum from her hot slit. I then stuffed my fingers into her mouth and she licked them clean. “There now, some cream for your mouth,” I said as I reached for a second load from her wet cunt. As I smeared the crack of her ass with our cum I tongue fucked her mouth again. As I removed my tongue I gathered what little cum remained in her hot slit and shoved a lubed up finger right inside her tight little rosebud. As I began to finger fuck her ass she started to dry hump my leg with her panty-less crotch. “And there’s the cream you wanted for your ass!” I said as I covered her mouth and we just kept on fucking. This gorgeous, insatiable babe was on the verge of coming again! She broke from the kiss and said, “You haven’t filled all my holes yet!” I was shocked. I had just shot all my spunk inside her and she wanted more. As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t sure if I could accommodate her wished that soon. She sensed my hesitancy. “Just a sec,” she said as she leaned down and reached into her purse. She found what she was looking for and put it in her mouth and grabbed something metal then leaned in for another kiss. Her tongue fed me a couple of pills and then she handed me a flask to drink from. I took a shot but was a little concerned about what I had just taken until she smiled and I saw the blue on her lips. “You’ll be ready in a minute!” she said as she took my mouth again and placed my hand on her ass so I could continue. My sticky finger knew what to do. As her breathing quickened she said, “Yeah, that’s it. Take my virgin ass!” She knelt down again to my growing cock and coated it with her hot saliva. Turning to face the band she reached again for the mountain of a man in front of her and bent over and spread her ass cheeks. I’ve never looked a gift horse in the mouth and soon I had mounted my ride. I love anal but this woman was incredible. She had the tightest, most beautiful ass I’d ever entered. It took several minutes to work my whole length into her and before I was able to bottom out she was finger fucking her pussy again and moving her hips to meet my thrusts. I secured her hips in my hands and really began to pound her. In spite of the ‘help’ I knew I wouldn’t last very long. Our movements finally caused the guy in front to turn around. You should have seen his face. Kim looked up at him but I couldn’t tell if she smiled or was embarrassed. In either case the lumberjack, or whatever he was, unzipped his fly and began jerking his meat, unable to control himself as he watched her getting pounded. I began to shoot my cum up into her ass as I felt her body convulsing and her ass muscles clenching my shaft. We were coming at the same time and it was the best, the best I ever had. I started to adjust my clothing as Kim did the same. In just a few short minutes I was standing behind her again, our bodies swaying to the last song of the day. As the band mates said their good byes and the crowd started to disperse, Kim turned and smiled naughtily up at me.
“By the way, my name is Mark,” I said as I kissed her deeply again. “So, what do you want to do now?” she replied. I couldn’t help but wonder who seduced who?
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