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San Francisco at night, in all its neon glory! Rooms with a view cost extra, but the company was paying the bill. After the plane trip from hell I needed a shower and a rest before dinner. I studied the landscape before me as I undressed. There is point paying extra if you are going to shut the curtains. The Downtown SF Marriott, otherwise known as the jukebox is a retro Art Deco affair with sweeping curves and mirrored glass. At the very top there is a bar with one of the best views in the city where business people wear expensive suits to sip their overpriced cocktails. I would be going there later to catch the latest industry buzz but first I needed to recover from delayed flights and missed connections. The shower would make me feel better, but so would a wank and there was no point having the shower first. Jack in, jack off, the Internet is the road warriors best friend for self gratification. After agreeing to add the overpriced WiFi service to the bill, I was hooked up to lushstories and starting to stroke myself. Beeeep-beeeep, the hotel phone rang. It could only be the hotel staff, everyone I know would call the mobile. Probably some junior assistant manager’s assistant wanting to ask if they could do anything for me. Voice: “Hello Sexy” It was not the hotel staff. Me: “Hello?”
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