The Revenge
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Sally was walkingback and forth. She needed a plan.
I can’t do this on my own. I need some help. She thought to herself.
Filled with mixed emotions she reached for the phone.
“Hi Leah, it’s me. I need help with a plan.”
“I’ll be right over.”
Putting down the phone she walked over to a cabinet and picked up a picture. The picture was a fraud she knew that now. It was taken at a beach, she couldn’t recall which one. The sun was setting in the background and she was standing in that bikini that really showed off her body. His arm was around her shoulder and they were both smiling at the camera.
She knew it was a fraud when it was taken but she had convinced herself that they were happy. Why wouldn’t they be? Why wouldn’t he be? She gave him everything he could want and then some. She had given up a piece of herself when they had got together but she had figured it was worth it.
She remembered that day. That day when they had smiled those fake smiles into the camera. Just after that photo was taken he had left her alone for hours. By then sex had become almost nonexistent and she was used to him leaving her for hours and sometimes days.
Her thoughts were interrupted by Leah’s knock on the door.
“I brought the wine.” Leah said waving the bottle around.
“Good I need it.”
They positioned themselves on the floor and began chatting. First about every day things and then after quite a few drinks they began to talk about the revenge.
Leah had left just before he returned home. He was in his usual grumpy mood.
“Hi Sweetie how was your day?” Sally asked trying to hold back her disgust.
“I haven’t got the energy to talk; I am going to have a shower.”
That insensitive jerk. What a bastard. I’m not even sure I can do this without showing my anger. She sat there a little while thinking before getting up the courage to put the plan into action.
Slowly and quietly she went into the bedroom. She could hear him in the shower. He would be in there awhile washing off the evidence she imagined. She slipped off her sundress and slipped into the sexiest lingerie she had.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her dark blonde hair hanging loosely over her shoulders. The red and black teddy hugging her body just right. She looked attractive. She knew he would think so too.
She lay on the bed propped up against several pillows, her legs slightly apart and her hand on her thigh. She thought she might fall asleep waiting for him to get out of the shower. Once he finally emerged, he looked surprised by her appearance.
“Sally, I have had a long day.”
“I know sweetie but I thought I could help you relax a little.”
He didn’t fight it hard he walked over to the bed and sat next to her. She began to rub his shoulders. Kissing them every once in awhile. In her mind she had to force herself not to think of what he had done to her. She heard him start to moan and she knew she had him now.
“Lay back baby and let me take care of you.”
He didn’t object he eagerly laid back and she sat on top of him. Kissing his lips. Down his neck. He tried to reach up and grope her breasts but she stopped him.
“No baby tonight I am in control.” She smiled as she spoke that.
The look on his face showed that he liked this controlling side. She had never really been like that with him. She had always let him take the control and do as he pleased and maybe that was part of the problem. Maybe she was just too accommodating.
Moving her way down his body she was faced with the thoughts of his infidelity again, the only way she managed to keep it together was imagining what was going to happen at the end of this night.
She got to his chest and stomach and ran her fingers over his skin. She did like the firmness of his skin. His muscles proudly showing. There was no denying that he was attractive. And maybe that was the biggest problem. Being attractive made it easier for him to stray. Who would turn this away?
She made little circles on his stomach as she moved her way down. He moaned and writhed as she did. He tried to sit up to touch her but she quickly pushed him down once more reminding him that she was controlling it.
“Oh I like this side of you Sally.”
She smiled to herself and held back a laugh. Thinking about how much he will hate what happens at the end of the night.
She moved to his centre and began to kiss around it. She could hear him moaning.
“Oh yes. Suck me Sally.”
She sat up and looked at him.
“I told you I was in charge. No telling me what to do. No moving.”
He looked a little shocked. She had never spoken to him like that.
She moved off the bed and went and got the restraints she had brought earlier in the day.
“In fact how about I just tie you up so I can ensure you don’t move. And well I might as well gag you too. I wouldn’t want you to speak out of turn.”
She saw a little fear enter his eyes. They had never used restraints let alone a gag. Their sex had never been like this. But he didn’t object as she started to tie him up. Once he was tied tightly to the bed she put the gag in his mouth and smiled at him.
“Now you have to be a good boy.”
She was starting to enjoy this power. It was creating a feeling in her that she had never experienced before. She went back to work around his centre never actually touching his hardened penis. Every now and then she looked up at him and smiled at him. She could no longer tell if he was more aroused or more scared and she didn’t really care.
Taking his hard penis in her hands she began to stroke it. She really had no desire to get him off but she had to make him think she was really into it. She heard a muffled moan through the gag.
She let go of his penis and caressed his thighs and looked at him.
“Enjoying this?”
He nodded and she went back to his centre she began to stroke his penis. So slowly at first but soon was going faster. She decided she was going to enjoy herself after all who knew when she would have sex next.
She stopped playing with his erect penis and moved next to him so that he could see her whole body. She rubbed her thighs and began to caress her centre. She took a finger and ran it up and down her slit. He was watching intensely.
“Like watching this?”
He nodded several times.
She continued stroking her slit. Up and down, feeling the wetness spread around her pussy.
Eventually she stuck a finger between her lips and found her clit. She rubbed it hard. Her finger moving in a circle. She leant her head back and moaned loudly feeling the pleasure overcome her. With another finger she entered her pussy and began to finger fuck herself while rubbing her clit. It felt amazing and knowing he couldn’t have any enjoyment right now increased the pleasure for her. She looked over at him and saw him staring at her pussy with wide eyes.
She brought herself to a violent and intense orgasm. Her moans turned to growls as she climaxed over her own hand.
She looked at him and smiled the most mischievous smile. She jumped on top of him and caressed his chest as her wet pussy sat on his centre.
“Do you want your turn now?”
He nodded once more. She held back all the disgust she had for him and closed her eyes as she let his penis enter her. She moved back and forth slowly. Building her way up to a faster rocking motion. He was releasing muffled moans and trying to buck his hips into her. She could feel him getting closer as she moved faster and so she went a little faster. And just when she thought he might cum she stopped.
He looked disappointed. He tried to ask her about it through the gag but all she heard was mumbles.
“Sad baby? Did you want me to keep going?”
He nodded more violently then he had any other time.
“I just have to go get something and I will be back. I have the biggest surprise for you.”
His disappointment quickly eased and he began to look excited.
Sally left the room and went to the front door. She opened it and let Leah in. They hugged quickly and that helped Sally know that she was going to be able to finish this.
Hand in hand they walked to the bedroom together. As they entered the room his eyes bludged as he saw Leah there with Sally.
“Surprise.” Sally said.
“I thought I would bring a friend over you don’t mind do you?”
He shook his head. It was clear he didn’t even recognise Leah.
That bastard doesn’t even care enough about them to remember what they look like.
Sally began to caress Leah. Running her hand over her side and up to her breasts. She turned and looked him laying the bed, his excitement clear. She decided to have a little more fun and kissed Leah passionately. Leah responded automatically and embraced Sally as they kissed.
“Do you want to include my friend Leah into our playtime?” She asked him.
He nodded fast and tried to thrust his hips into the air.
Sally took a step to the bed and then stopped.
“Oh wait you guys already know each other don’t you?”
The confusion swept over his face quickly. It was evident he had no idea what she was talking about.
“You know from the bar? Then you got a room didn’t you? Yes I believe you two know each other well.”
His emotion changed from confusion to realisation and he looked afraid. The most afraid she had ever seen him before. She had him then. She had got him good.
Walking over to him and leaving Leah at the door she bent down and whispered to him.
“You didn’t think I didn’t know did you? You lying cheating bastard.”
He tried to speak but of course he couldn’t.
“In case you haven’t guessed yet, I am leaving you.”
She moved the gag from his mouth.
“Untie me Sally, let’s talk about this.”
“Not a chance.” She replied smiling.
“Untie me you Bitch.”
Not bothering to respond she smiled as she replaced the gag into his mouth.
Walking back over to Leah, a feeling of relief came over her. At the door she turned back and looked at him. Anger filled his eyes.
“Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you. The divorce papers are on the kitchen counter.”
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