The Captain and Nancy
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It all started as harmless chat in an online adult chat room. She caught my attention and I was intrigued by her lusty manner. She was Scarlett and I became Rhett. We figured out when the best times to meet in the chat room were and chatted more and more frequently as time went on.
I learned that she was married with three children and living in Puerto Rico where her hubby was stationed in the Coast Guard. I told her that I was also married with two children and living on the East coast of the U.S.
Our chats became more erotic and the situations we developed became more complex. One day, while we were both home and alone, she asked if she could call me. I assured her it was okay and the phone rang.
"Hello, it’s Nancy."
"Well, hello," I said. We talked for a couple minutes and the conversation turned to sex. We described what we were wearing and soon I was stroking my hard cock while listening to her masturbating with her vibrator. We reached our orgasms together. I really enjoyed that she was so vocal when she reached her climax as it is one thing I have never heard at home.
Then came the time when she told me that the whole family was taking a trip back to the States over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We started discussing how much fun it would be if we could arrange to meet. As it turned out, she was dropping her hubby off at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina then driving with the children to Greensboro to visit a girlfriend for a couple of days. From there she was continuing on to Portsmouth, Virginia before catching a flight back to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
As the time of her visit grew closer, I was scheduled for a trip that remained overnight in Greensboro during the time that Nancy was going to be there. She agreed to meet me at the hotel where I was staying. She would leave an envelope at the front desk for me, telling me where to find her.
I arrived in the hotel lobby and signed the paperwork for my room. The clerk gave me an envelope. I went to my room and changed from my uniform into casual clothes. Then read the note which said, “I am in the parking lot under the light on the east end of the building.”
This was the first time either of us had ever met with someone like this and I was very excited to say the least. I walked out of the hotel and toward the light. I saw the dome light come on inside a sedan and walked toward it. Nancy opened the car door and got out. I was immediately impressed. She was wearing a three piece outfit, matching plaid skirt and jacket, with a thin white top under the jacket. I noted that she was also wearing high heels and stockings, something I told her I really liked seeing on a lady.
I took her small overnight bag and a shopping bag she handed me, she took hold of my arm, and we walked casually into the hotel, through the lobby and down the corridor to the elevator. Once in the elevator, we enjoyed our first long kiss. We got off on the top floor and walked to my room.
Once in the room, Nancy reached into the shopping bag and produced a candle, two stemmed glasses and a bottle of chilled white wine. We talked casually about this and that while sipping our wine and enjoying soft light of the candle. We sat in easy chairs facing toward each other since there wasn’t a couch. Every now and then Nancy would cross her legs, first left over right then right over left. As she did, my gaze traveled to her legs and I would get a brief view of the tops of her stockings. We had played this all out in our chats in the chat room. I was becoming more and more aroused and so was she.
Finally, with the wine gone, I stood and she could see there was an obvious bugle in my slacks. I placed my glass on the dresser and took her empty glass. She stood and we embraced and then kissed, long and deep. Our lips and tongues were very active. I helped her out of her jacket, revealing a sleeveless white top. It was immediately obvious that she was braless as I could see her erect nipples pressing into the soft fabric. She moved me back until I sat on the edge of the bed. Then she stepped between my thighs. I put my hands on her legs below the hem of her skirt and slowly ran them up her athletic legs. I reached the tops of her thigh high stockings and kept moving up. To my extreme pleasure, I found that she was not wearing panties. I cupped her ass cheeks and then I moved my hands around to the inner thighs and up until I gently found her pussy. It was very wet and she moaned softly as I stroked her silky slit.
After several minutes of caressing her legs, she stepped back and opened her overnight bag. She produced three sexy teddy outfits and asked which one I liked best. I chose the one with a pale green and yellow floral pattern. It was so thin I could see through it. She excused herself and went into the bathroom, returning a few minutes later wearing the teddy. I could see her lovely body through it. Her nipples were smallish but very erect. Her pussy was shaved bald. While she was in the bathroom, I stripped and donned a pair of dark green nylon running shorts. My erection held the front of the shorts out like a circus tent.
I turned down the covers on the king-sized bed. Now was the time we had both been working up to. Neither of us had ever been to bed with another married person. She confessed that she had never had any kind of sex with anyone other than her hubby. She was dying to find out what it would feel like to have sexual contact with me. I had only had sex with my wife and her sister (see The Wife’s Sister Visits). My wife would suck on my cock but would never give me a real blowjob, letting me climax in her mouth. This was one thing that Nancy said she definitely wanted to do. Her hubby was not much on pleasing her orally and I told her that I would love to eat her pussy until she climaxed.
We stretched out on the bed diagonally, with my head toward the foot of the bed; I eased the bottoms of her outfit down and off. She eased my nylon shorts off and for the first time in our lives we rolled into a 69 position with her lying on top of me. We adjusted into a comfortable fit. She took my 8 inch cock and began swirling her tongue around the swollen head. I flattened my tongue and lapped her pussy.
We both continued to increase the intensity of our efforts. Soon she was taking my cock all the way into her throat, gagging now and then. I was licking and probing her pussy, sucking on her clit. Her hips started jerking and her pussy was grinding on my mouth. Her juices were flowing freely, coating my cheeks and chin. Soon she reached the point of no return and had an intense series of orgasms. She was very vocal which I loved. My only fear was that she would wake the whole floor with her moans of pleasure. She finally collapsed on my chest, breathing heavily.
After a short rest, she decided to finish what she had started, and began pumping her head up and down on my cock, driving it into her throat with every down stroke. She caressed my balls and it didn’t take more than a few minutes until I felt my cock burst forth into her mouth with stream after stream of hot cum. She gulped and swallowed every drop. It was the best blowjob I have ever had.
We repositioned our bodies and it didn’t take long to fall into a deep sleep. I awoke to find this lovely lady lying in bed next to me. The sun was streaming through the cracks between the drapes. I knew she would have to leave soon but I wanted to experience more of her before she left. We had agreed that if I put my cock in her pussy, a condom was required. I had left several on the nightstand. My cock was already hard so I slipped one on and spooned to her back. My cock slipped between her soft, warm thighs. I moved my hips back and forth and felt warm wetness in a very short time. She stirred and arched her back bringing her pussy in direct contact with the head of my cock. She reached between her legs and guided me to the opening of her pussy then pushed back and felt my cock slip inside her. We fucked in this position for several minutes but I wanted to make sure she had a good climax. I told her to roll over and get on top. As she rolled over I helped her remove the top of her sleep outfit. Now we were naked, together and she impaled herself on my throbbing manhood and began riding like she was possessed.
Her pelvis was thrusting back and forth while she ground her clit against the hard root of my cock. My hands caressed and fondled her breasts. I pinched and tweaked her nipples. Her moans became louder and all of a sudden she went rigid, then her hips thrust back and forth several times really hard and she exploded. Her juices flooded out of her pussy and ran down between my legs, coating my balls. I had the pleasure of filling my condom at the same time with multiple spasms. It truly was an amazing one night stand and I am hooked on married women.
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