Becoming a Slut at 17 part 2
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Todd closed the door behind us. I was still naked and a bit sticky from the two men I just fucked. As Todd reached out to me I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. I motioned for him to come in with me. I turned the shower on and stepped under the streams of water.
I felt Todd slip in behind me. He pulled me up against his body. I could feel his cock rest in the crack of my ass, it felt long and hard. His hands came up underneath my breasts while his lips nibbled on my neck. Todd's big hands lifted my tits up and squeezed them together. My pussy felt swollen and hot. I pushed my ass harder up against him. Todd began pinching and rolling my nipples. I could take it no longer, I turned around and found his lips with mine. Pressing against him, I pushed my tongue in his hot mouth. I found his tongue and sucked gently at it. We didn't speak as I found the soap and soaped up his gorgeous cock. The soap made my hands slippery as I stroked him slowly under the pounding water.
Quietly I pushed his hand down between my legs. His fingers found my clit and he began to lightly circle my hot button. I bit back the moans that threatened to alert the others. I swallowed his breath and breathed out my pleasure into our hot kisses. I felt him enter me with two fingers and begin slowly fucking my pussy while I continued to stroke his cock.
I was on the verge of coming when he pulled his fingers out of me. He turned me around so that my breasts flattened against the wall of the shower. He nudged my legs apart and with one hand he pushed his cock into my cunt. I was still tender from my recent threesome. It hurt a bit, but I quickly adjusted to his girth. He began to fuck me slowly and gently. Todd thrust into me slowly but deep. He penetrated me deeply and I felt his teeth graze my neck. He bit the back of neck and I felt my nipples harden in response.
My nipples were on fire, begging for attention. I began to pinch my own nipples, I think he was offended because he removed my hands and trapped them with one hand over my head against the wall. His deep thrusts pressed my titties into the wall. The water was hitting the lower halves of our bodies, making wet sounds as our bodies slapped together.
Suddenly he pulled his cock out of me and turned my body to face him. I couldn't take my eyes from his as he pulled my legs up around his waist and he slipped his cock back into my cunt. Blue, his eyes were as blue as mine, I vaguely noted. The intensity with which he had fucked me from behind returned. He wasn't in any rush, he just pumped into me deeply while watching my every expression. My eyes rolled back as I held onto him even tighter. We breathed heavily into each other's mouths. The only sounds were our heavy breathing, the slow slap of our fucking, and the pounding shower.
I came almost without realizing it, it happened so fast. I could tell he had been holding his own orgasm back. He needed a reward. He withdrew from me and I could tell he was getting ready to bend me over.
I turned off the shower and got down on all fours on the floor outside the shower. I brought the soap with me. I reached back and soaped up his cock while I pushed a few fingers into my ass. I prepped my ass for his cock by slipping another finger in. I leaned down onto my hands and pushed me big round butt up at him.
I whispered to him, the first words spoken between us. "Please fuck me in the ass."
He didn't need to told twice. He knelt behind me and pushed his cock against my asshole. He slipped his prick in an inch at a time, allowing me to adjust to the foreign object. Suddenly Todd slammed the entire length of his prick in my bottom. I gasped as he began to fuck me slowly in my ass. I felt wild and hot and I began to play with my clit.
The juices from my cunt mixed with the soap on his cock. It burned a bit, but my pussy was so inflamed and the feel of his cock in my ass was taking my breath away. I kept rubbing my clit as he fucked me harder.
I could feel his body tighten up and he shudder his climax. Hot breath fanned against my neck. I felt hot cum fill up my bottom. I came with a gasp.
He withdrew his cock out of my bottom and without saying anything led me back into the shower. He quietly rubbed a wet wash cloth against my burning cunt and ass. After cleaning me he cleaned himself.
We had still not spoken. He wrapped a towel around me and kissed me.
And left me wanting more.
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