The Biology Experiment
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The Biology Experimentby Miss Anonna
I woke up in quite a steamy mood. Was it an erotic dream or just a feeling deep down in my pelvis? I wasn’t sure but a quick glance at the calendar made me realize I was probably ovulating. I slowly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom one slow step at a time fantasizing of a good soak in warm water and bath salts.
The warm water sucked me into the tub one leg at a time and then my whole body followed, shrinking into the depths while I watched the water creep up my sides and tummy only to leave my breasts bobbing above like islands in the ocean. I even pictured a volcano erupting on one of them and chuckled to myself, grabbing the bar of soap and pushing it down my chest between them. I thought about a paper that was due at the end of the week for my biology class and how I hadn’t even come up with an experiment and then it struck me. “Pheromones.” I thought to myself. “That’s it!” At that moment I had to be excreting all kinds of pheromones if I were indeed at the height of my cycle. All I needed was a pad and notebook and I could observe the public around me while I was out and about.
Practically running to my closet I quickly looked for an outfit that would suit my needs and I needed to hurry because the morning rush would soon begin. I decided not to dress flirty but rather conservative as to not give away my feelings through social means but rather needed to keep this experiment on a chemical level. I found a floppy miniskirt that didn’t reveal too much of my thighs but and a tank top with a matching jacket. My nipples protruded the tank top but I could cover them with the lapel of my jacket. I didn’t want to wear a bra; in fact, I didn’t want to wear anything that could hide my smell. After putting on my boots that only had a 2 in heal, I paused. Reaching under my skirt, I got a finger through the strap of my panties and pulled them down, wrestling them around my legs and putting them back into the drawer. “No Panties.” I thought to myself. “This is going to be an interesting day, indeed.” I hopped into my car and headed for the subway.
I parked in the station and grabbed my notebook, noting the time, the place, the weather, my outfit and the fact that I had no makeup on. I didn’t want to pretty myself up, in fact I really wanted to make myself look uglier but couldn’t figure out how short of punching myself in the eye. I messed my hair up a little and got out, walking confidently to the subway entrance. I passed several men on the way in and noted how or if they noticed me. I caught one checking me out after he passed me but while he was walking towards me, never even looked at me. I looked down at my breasts as I pushed through the turnstile and found my nipples to be harder than I had expected so I made sure to button my jacket as I rode the escalator down to the platform.
Men seemed to be gathering around me a little more than usual so I noted it in my notebook but couldn’t be sure as I was now forcing myself to be aware of those near me and hadn’t really noticed in the past. I was pretty sure it was already out of control, though as looked around and saw pockets of females gathering. I was waiting for them to start talking about me. Ha ha.
The train arrived and I boarded along with the gaggle of goggling guys all around me. A handsome young man already seated noticed me reaching for the pole and offered me his seat but I refused, assuring him that I wanted to stand, due to the fact that I sit all day. He shrugged it off but I wanted him to stay there because I was going to tease him with chemicals from my seething love portal. I was getting excited about this experiment and I was getting horny, too so all was working to my advantage.
The train started moving and slowly headed for the tunnel. The metaphor was uncanny as the train went dark momentarily and the lights flickered back on. I turned towards the other door and began to write while inching my butt toward the seated young man and watched him intently in the reflection of him across the seating. He sat up a little more getting his face closer to my ass and I wrote it down. I also noticed several men inching closer to me and one man in another seat looking at the young man next to my ass with jealous eyes. I turned to look at the door nearest to me and took the opportunity to glance down at him while it looked as if I were glancing out the door. He was adjusting himself and I felt a smile come across my face because I knew I wasn’t looking half as attractive as the young lady sitting next to him with her boobs popping out of her blouse and tight knit miniskirt. His eyes were fixated on his cellphone and his head would move closer and closer to my ass with every sway of the train car.
The train stopped and after the sound of the faux bell, an announcer spoke of something no one could decipher then the doors opened. I watched people rush past me as they boarded and for the first time in a long time I noticed several men look me directly in the eye and smile. I turned and wrote in my notebook and glanced down at the young man in the seat. He did not offer his seat to a woman that had boarded as he had plenty of opportunity but instead he remained seated twitching his leg and moving around in the seat. I watched him adjust himself again and he seemed to have quite a mass to grab. I felt my vaginal entrance begin a slow warmth, then a slight burn and then it subsided. I took a deep breath as if relieved but felt the liquid collecting upon my lips. I bit my lower lip as people squeezed themselves into my personal space and placed my hand on the back of my thigh. Peering into the reflection at the other side I watched him watching me as I attempted to wipe away the excitement with my pinky up into my skirt but he was relentlessly watching my hand.
The train stopped again and more people hustled into the tight little opening and squeezed themselves into some sort of personal space and I was able to swipe the drops of passion off of my bald little muffin without anyone noticing, or so I thought. My boy behind me, it seems, couldn’t keep still. As train started to move again I inched my way towards the door in an attempt to let my skirt hang over the rail that served as an armrest for the seated passengers. I watched in another reflection the young man behind me put his hand up onto the railing and wrap his fingers tightly around it, right next to me. I noticed more and more men around me than women and noted it in my notebook. Waiting for the right moment for the train to sway, I stood on my tiptoes and let my light skirt flop over the bar and then let myself down until I leaned into the bar. It was cold against my bare ass momentarily but warmed up quickly and felt nice on my burning libido.
The train shook and then swayed again jostling me and sliding my ass up and down the bar. I felt his fingers against my thigh and almost moved but figured I would wait to see what he does. He did not move his hand and with every shake of the train I pushed my butt cheeks harder into his hand. I looked down at him and smiled, then pretended to be interested in what I was writing. I glanced back at him but looked into his seat at his crotch and a noticed a huge bulge running down his thigh. His hand was between his legs and he seemed to be practically sitting on it as if he needed to pee really badly. I almost snickered but looked around at the other men near me and could see there was an epidemic of hardened penises in the vicinity. I saw one woman who seemed disturbed but wasn’t sure why she felt the way she did. I wrote it all down in my notebook.
The train shifted left and slid away from the fingers of the young man behind me and then the train took a hard right sliding me back toward his hand only this time my thigh met his palm and I decided to pretend I didn’t notice, looking as if I were frantically writing in my notebook. His hand never moved so I twisted to face the other side of the car but his fingers only fell onto the inside of my other thigh. I almost shuttered but again did not indicate that I knew. Between my arm and the side of my body I watched him wriggle in his seat and wrestle with his uncontrollable monster. It seemed like it was very big for the size of this guy was only average, not fat, not thin and definitely not tall. He held his hand steady against my thigh and as I moved, he moved with me. Turning back away from him again, released his hand and I felt it no more until I reared up again on my tiptoes and dropped back down, flopping my skirt over the rail and his hand. I felt his skin against my wet lips and then became a bit apprehensive. I had no idea how he would react.
The train slowed down and came into a station, forcing me to move out of the way of the folks getting off at the stop and then a mad rush of people scattered out of the car with the door closing behind them. I looked to the back of the car to see no one left except this young man and he smiled at me and shifted in the seat. The train took off again and the car seemed left in tatters, one woman on the seat diagonal from me reading a book and a suited man reading a newspaper. I was left with plenty of seats to choose from but I wanted to stay where I was. Nonetheless I was given no other choice but to take a seat so I meandered towards the seats across the way. The car shook and I dropped my pen. Leaning down to pick it up quickly I instead decided to give this man a little show and kept my ass high enough in the air he would be able to see up my skirt, then I took my seat making sure he got a good look as I sat down and swung one leg over the other and smiled at him.
He looked about the train car as if he knew not where he was, checked the poster behind him as if he were looking for his next stop and stood up. He walked over to the door next to me and stood as if he were waiting for the train to stop and open the door but I knew the next stop was at least five minutes away if not more and wondered what was he planning. I stared at my notebook and pretended to write while he kept pointing his erection at me through the rails. I flipped a page in my notebook and looked up at him. He looked around the cabin and pretended to be reading the advertisement at the back and then put his hand on his hip tucking his thumb into the band of his sweatpants. He turned and looked behind him and then back towards me while I pretended to be writing then he did something I completely did not expect. He pulled the band of his sweats down exposing his huge erection. I remained fixated on my notebook but looked directly at the head of his cock inches away from me.
I watched him as he looked back behind him to see if anyone was watching and then I grabbed his cock and squeezed firmly. I turned towards him and looked up at the surprised but happy look on his face and began stroking him but he jolted back and pushed his huge cock through my fingers. I suspected he was near orgasm and slid my lips onto his head, twisting my hand around the girth of his shaft. I felt all of his semen explode against the back of my throat and held him there tightly until he stopped shaking. The train was slowing down so I pulled sweats back up over his erection, slapped him on his ass and turned him towards the door. I looked up and smiled, then returned to my writings.
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