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If you came across this story by chance, it might not be what you are looking for, but I hope you like it. I wrote it for one special woman - this is a gift to her, bad as it may be.  They were obviously soaked and shivering. I could see that even through my rain-smeared windscreen. I stopped and they were inside my car, backpacks and all, murmuring their thanks and huddling together on my back-seat. I turned up the heating and asked them where they were heading. 
"South," was all the boy said, voice still shaking in the rhythm of his shivers. 
"That's a very general direction," I commented. 
"Away from here is good enough," he replied already starting to recover and obviously in no mood for discussions.
South was the way I was going anyway so I left it at that for the time being. The boy must have been around 20, skinny, longish hair. I hadn't seen much of the girl when they got in. She was probably the same age, same hair length, same shorts and t-shirt that must have been perfect for the hot summer day but were definitely not enough for the pouring night that had followed it. Both had their backpacks on the seat beside them - small but obviously stuffed with the necessities of a longer journey.
"What is your name?" I asked, keeping them from falling asleep as they were. 
"I'm Chris....Christian," he said. 
"And the girl?" 
"My name is Angie." 
It was the first time I had heard her speak and I was surprised at how young her voice sounded.
"Christian and Angie ... " I murmured. I remember those names but that feels like a hundred years ago.
"Are you running away from home?" A logical guess but still a stupid question. 
"None of your business, is it?" The girl, in spite of her young voice, seemed to be tougher than the boy.
"No, none of my business, you're right there. We'll be at my house in a few minutes, how does a cup of tea and dinner sound to you? Perhaps even a hot shower?"
I never got an answer to that one but I hadn't really expected one anyway. Another ten minutes and we rolled up the driveway of the little cottage I had bought years ago. It was about a hundred kilometers south of Vienna and surrounded by fields and wine, only a 20 minutes walk to the next house if ever I should bother to go there.
Once inside I got a kettle on the stove and fire in the old fireplace. 
Those things settled I turned around to look at the young couple half asleep on my old couch. They were still wet and freezing. I couldn't help noticing their nipples hard and swollen against the wet fabric of their t-shirts. The boy was skinny and obviously not exactly at ease with the situation. The girl seemed surprisingly relaxed. She looked a little younger than the boy now, her body still softened by the last traces of baby fat. Her thighs bulged a little where they left her cut-offs... very tanned and glistening with rain or sweat. She had rather small breasts, their shape defined mainly by the hard bulge of her nipples against the shirt. She wore a slightly mocking smile as she watched me contemplating her body but didn't really seem to mind.
We didn't really manage any sort of conversation until we sat down to dinner. Half a cold chicken and a bottle of heavy red wine soon made their faces light up and put on a rosy sheen. They started to tell me a story half way between Romeo and Juliet and Dickens. I didn't believe half of it but it transpired that she, Angie, was the daughter of a seriously Catholic father and a suppressed mother. Some idea of marrying her off to a remote cousin had gotten out of hand so her boyfriend, Chris, decided to save her heroically and run off with her. Obviously an exciting and happy life was lying in wait for them somewhere out there, at least they seemed to be assuming something like that.
All plates cleaned, we returned to the sofa and sat in front of the fire. Half a bottle later, I stood up to get some beds ready for them - an upstairs bedroom for the girl, the downstairs sofa for Chris. Coming back from the guest room, I passed by the bathroom.
The door was wide open and I looked directly at Angie. She was sitting on the toilet, shorts by her ankles and drying her bush with some toilet paper. Al the while, she was looking straight into my eyes, smiling a come-on smile which was interrupted by Chris calling and asking whether the bathroom was free. She stood up, pulled up her panties and shorts and went past me.
The way her backside brushed against my erection was no coincidence.
Half an hour later we were all in our respective beds, Chris and me downstairs - her in the upstairs guest room. My erection would not subsided since her display and I knew that sleep was out of the question. Another half hour later saw me tip-toeing upstairs and opening her door.
She was lying on the bed, her head lost in the darkness, the light through the open door highlighting her nude legs and belly and her hand - obviously busy between her legs. I knew that she had seen me. I walked towards her, drawn towards that hand. I could sense her eyes upon me as I stood by the bed, between her spread legs watching the hand that now rested over her mound, covering her.
As she slowly removed her hand I caught my first good view of her. Her bush neatly trimmed, labia already swollen and rosy, her thighs glistening with sweat and the perfume of her pussy that already filled the room. I climbed onto the bed, head first and held my nose over her, inhaled the musky smell - her backside firmly in my hands. When my nose touched her bush just above the slit she moaned and closed her legs but opened them again fast, making sure not to push me away from her. 
My tongue darted out and touched her where my nose was seconds ago. I let it slide down slowly, feeling her thighs tremble by my ears. I was all tongue now - seeing, feeling, moving only that muscle, letting it wander down her slit, wiggling it to open her lips, touching her inner opening, slipping inside, only a little, back out again. Lifting her backside with my hands allowed me better access, let my tongue slide to her anus, just a moment, and back up to the wetness of her inner lips. My tongue started to penetrate deeper into her when I caught some movement to my left.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chris standing by the door, peeking around the frame and watching me open-mouthed. I knew Angie couldn't have seen him there and I didn't think he knew I had found him out. I pulled back slowly and moved one of her legs, making sure he got a good view of her pussy and my fingers spreading her open, my thumb massaging first her clit, then her entrance, finally pushing into her in one stroke. I smiled as I heard them both moan.
Giving up my disguise, I looked directly at Chris putting a finger on my lips. I motioned him to come closer, repeated the motion when he didn't move - until he finally walked trembling to the bed. Angie must have had her eyes closed as she did not react to him standing in full light. I took my thumb out of her and held it in front of his face. He inhaled deeply and by his excitement I realized that, boyfriend he may be, he had never seen her naked, let alone touched her before.
I rubbed my thumb on his lips until he opened his mouth to allow my thumb, covered in her juices, inside. Touching it with his tongue, sucking her off of my fingers. I took his hands and put his fingers on her slit. She felt the change immediately, the slight pumping motion her rump that had started before, suddenly stopped and she went rigid. I slightly stroked her thigh and she relaxed It was then when I felt the tension leave her and give herself to that new hand on her.
Judging from the clumsy brushes his hand, I got the impression that he could not have had much experience at all. I moved upwards, putting one hand over her eyes and made sure she couldn't see - only hear, smell, feel. My mouth touching her ear whispered, "Help him!" She tried to speak but a light kiss prevented that.
She understood and took his hand with hers, moved it, guided it and taught it the touches she required.
"You're doing well," the words hardly perceptible. The boy understood when she eventually opened her legs even wider. He had a rather long, thin and very white cock which seemed to shine as he tore off his shorts. The girl helped him into her and he pushed hard enough to provoke a groan from her. He seemed beyond caring now and lifted her backside off the blanket with every shove he drove into her. Their moans formed a percussive music together and I realized that it would be over soon. I jumped to his side, sticking my hand between their bodies pulled his cock out of her. My hand on his rigid ass I shoved him upwards stroking his cock only inches from her face. She stared at him, at his purple-domed piston dancing between my fingers. I laid one finger on his anus and he shot out a huge blast of his sperm, soaking her hair and leaving sticky trails on her cheek. 
I gathered some of it up, feeding it to her inquiring tongue, another finger went to Chris' surprised mouth and the rest was for my own tongue.
I smiled, knowing that this was a very promising beginning.
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