Licking my way to satisfaction
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"Do you trust me?.."
I whispered softly to you as I slide the blindfold over your sapphire blue eyes. I loved gazing into them but had to tear my stare away so that they could disappear under the cloth. My heart was racing now with anticipation and excitement. It had only been a couple of days since your arrival to see me and already we had done it more times than I could count and had opened you up completely to experiment with me.
I am younger than you are it was difficult for you to shake the mind set of my baby face at first. At first glance I appear young and my affection for you seemed no more than some teenage crush and you have much more experience over me, the gap between our age is small but uncommon amongst most couples. How no man around your age, who had seen and weathered the many burdens of adulthood, who should have more in common with you than me and take you as his own is beyond disbelief to me.
But here you were not with some other man who should seem more appealing to you, not with a guy who had outgrown his innocent face. You were now laying with me, and you were now allowing me to play with you in any way I wanted. Now completely comfortable after having explored one another's bodies. Hours we would talk and on the phone about what we would love to do to each other to please one another.
Orgasms could be heard on opposite sides of the line and in my mind when you screamed out to me and your name was uttered across your lips, I couldn't help but tighten and come for you as well as you reached your juicy climax which I could only imagine to be nothing less along the line of godly. I always pictured your hips bucking upward in the air your back arching with force, it's movement not of your own actions. Grinding and fucking yourself with however many fingers you could snuggly fit inside so that an untold number of jolts of stimulation would flow through you like an erratic electrical current.
Always I would wish I was inside of you to feel that orgasm, to feel your body lusting and craving me, holding me tightly in place like a vice grip and quaking around me as your succulent juices soaked and splashed against my hard shaft to the point it seemed I had dipped into a well. Your cum so sticky and mouth watering to me, trickling down my cock and dripping steadily off my balls like morning dew off a leaf. But now you were really here, laying across my own bed blind to the world for this crazy thing we were sharing together. Even allowing me to tie your hands up to the bedpost, tightly clenching my shirt in a balled fists which now worked as a makeshift rope.
You gently nod to me, "I want this."
Moaning lightly in me ear, you had told me once before over the phone that being tied down. To be controlled was something you had always fantasized about, I was usually the one who loved to be worked and used but with you it was backwards. No other woman has made me act this way, I know what we have is truly something I can only fathom as raw passion. My hungering desire for you burning so deeply in the core of my being.
I wanted to be the one on top to work your body in any way I wished it to go, to answer to me by just lifting a finger to call out to it and do for me when I wished. This had given me an idea of bringing your fantasy to life. Now here you are at my mercy, your own vision now completely obscured and thrown into the darkness with only my soft spoken voice to be your guide and deliver you to the blissful feeling we both so long for. You could only sit and wait for what I had planned for you now. Now looking down at your naked bare body, which had been previously removed of clothing during our foreplay.
I lean down and kiss you, the taste of cherry lip gloss running across my tongue as I inhale all your wonderful flavors. My senses heightened as we melt into each others mouth, the line between our own scents and taste blurring. Mixing into a swirl of a more pure sensual taste that makes my legs feel like rubber, I run my fingers through your long wavy hair which feels like the finest silk in my hands as I twirl my fingers around it to get a large handful amidst my palm.
My mind now spinning like a violent twister and my stomach feeling as though it is doing summer saults in place. Your body is warm and intense, I press my own bare chest against your soft smooth skin. Sweet luscious breast now firmly against me, you return my kiss with an exceptionally deep one of your own. Breathing in hard and taking me into your mouth fully, our tongues colliding. I feel the smooth surface of a metal as I explore your mouth and take in more of your wonderful taste, the curved ball tickling and grinding so smoothly over my own tongue. I move and twirl around it in a motion very similar to the same circular rhythm as if it were resting over your clitoris. I move my lips lightly over your bottom lip lightly massaging it in between my own and sucking on it for a brief moment before pulling off and meeting your lush pink flesh once more.
My head is spinning so fast now as I come back into myself, the feeling in my legs not subsiding. In fact getting worse, knowing for sure if I stood up I would just as quickly tumble over and fall flat on my own face. I had no intentions of leaving your side anyway and would not make any attempt to do so anytime soon. You are really lost in me now however, your chest heaving forcefully up and breathing in long and deep. low passionate moans escape from you every few moments, forcing my heart to thump erratically against you.
I wonder if you can feel it's excitement for you and what you are sharing with me right now think to myself. I want it to remain this way forever, to stay in your warm gentle embrace like we had always talked about over the phone. The urge and hunger for you was so overwhelming and I could hardly control myself, but I knew that I had to be patient. I could not give all of myself to you so soon, not yet anyway.
And so reluctantly pulling away with all the willpower I have, promising myself I would see you cum before the end, I pulled away from your warm lips. Yes, in the end I would feel what I had always hungered and craved those lonely nights without you by my side. you breathed a sigh of slight agitated frustration, and a long low drawn out whimper right after.
My heart ached to do it and I slightly cringed at the sound of your disappointment, knowing you did not wish it but I would make it better very soon and you will know why I had to pull away from your wonderful embrace. I stare off into you as you grow quiet laying there awaiting for what I would do next. This was a game of foreplay and teasing and you now knew it, or maybe you had figured out my scheme the second I had slipped the blindfold over your eyes. You are a very clever woman after all.
A wide grin spreads across your face knowing I would soon make my next approach, our bodies and mind had come to grow acquainted within the short time after we met and on more than one occasion, we would speak the same words at the same moment and I wondered if we had some sort of link and could predict what the other was thinking. This could prove as an advantage and spoiler to you, so like a hunter tracking a clever beast who knew as much about him as he did about it.
I had to be crafty, keep you on your toes so you would be even more turned on and surprised, the light brush of my lips which were just moments before planted against yours now moved over the top of your warm neck. I still could hardly believe the smoothness of your lotion lavender feel as I run my lips over it just barely touching you.
My warm mouth is all you were craving now, my hot breath emitting between us. Almost smothering myself into you, in my mind just as badly as I wanted to cease this foreplay and ravage you. To taste and feel you so all that I knew was your body, I knew I couldn't yet. It took much restraint and self control to keep myself from this desire for the time being until you could not take it anymore and just touching you would lift you to a climax, only then that would be when I could let go and release the sexual beast that hungered for your body.
I elevated my lips some so that my presence on you could barely be felt and as I moved over your breast, my lips backing down further pressing slightly harder on you than before but still light to the touch. I affectionately kiss and play around your nipple, lightly sucking as my thump runs under the warm space beneath your breast. With you firmly in my hand I feel you tighten up as I tease and play on you in my mouth.
Before long I had ventured further down south towards what I could only describe to be paradise, I had found myself in between your fine toned calfs. You had kept them wide open for me this whole time so you did not have to wait for when I wished to enter you and use every muscle in my mouth to orally please your aching cunt. It slightly swollen and already dripping it's creamy riches, a slight trickle of your juice slid down your pussy steadily working it's way towards the space where your cunt and ass met.
I wondered if I could get the small drop without actually touching you, moving very slowly and placing my tongue just ahead of the drop and so close to you as I could. I literally smelled your sweet but heavy musk emitting from you, the drop then touching my tongue. Your sweet bodily taste flows over my taste buds, just one drop was enough to drive me insane if I did not have more soon. I literally have to wrestle the urge to bury myself into your tight swollen pussy.
I gripped the covers tightly in my hand as I take in the flavor and let my hot breath splash over your slit. A light muffled moan leaked from you which until now you were dead silent other than your heavy excessive breathes, I can only grin slyly knowing just my breath alone was stimulating you. I let out another long deep breathe, splashing it over the opening. You quivered and squirm lightly, now trying to remain still but also not to show how easily turned on you are by the heat and feel of me blowing air against your leaking honey pot.
Lightly running my tongue just centimeters from you, I knew you could feel my presence and what I was doing just by your change in the way you exhaled and inhaled. And what was just right in reach and hopefully was about to slither into you, a welcomed guest always in your body and having me there you knew nothing but wonderful joy. How you must want this tongue in you I thought, the idea forcing you to tighten and flex every toned muscle you had.
Awaiting with thrilled excitement and hopes, you held your breathe as if on a roller coaster ride just before the first big plunge and how you must have wanted me to plunge into you. To have me relieve you of all the sexual frustration building up inside and drinking in your juices lapping up every last wonderful drop.
You hunger for me, starving even I would think. I run my fingers up your legs tickling you as my nails gently drag across your skin, you shiver and the feel of goose bumps running all over you, I fix my gaze from your face to what is in front of my own. I cannot wait to taste you any longer, with one last glance I close my eyes and push my mouth over your pussy. My tongue and mouth working as if they have a life of their own, lost in my passion for you I let my body do as it will. Long deep strokes is how I start, spreading the small slit of your pussy as my tongue invades you, I feel you clench and buck hard as you are overwhelmed by the first sensation.
A long loud moan escapes your lips and I know I am hitting the right spot as I hit the hard swollen bump that is your clit, it moves and dances on the tip of my tongue as I press to stay on it and not lose balance. You moan my name, letting it slip so erotically from your lips. It is the fuel that forces me to keep working into you, hardly noticing that my fingers had even slipped inside you. I feel your hot moist hole take in my middle and index finger, going as deep as I can with only my knuckles to stop me from plummeting more into the depths of your body.
I hum hard on your clit and you scream out louder than ever now, another hard buck and I lose your clit for a moment but quickly find it again. Assaulting it with much harder intensity, you tell me to stop that it is too sensitive for you and that I am overwhelming you, your cries of passion only turning me on so much more. I can barely sustain myself, the now throbbing rock in my pants going wild. I feel that I may cum before even slipping inside you.
With uncontrollable spasm you beg me one more time to stop, that you are close to cumming if I keep doing this. I ignore your request knowing that it deceives what you really want, to have me finger fuck you to an amazing climax. I want to taste your orgasm in my mouth and feel you rock and grind as you reached your peak, then I would press you past it and over the edge. Your hands were bound and you could not keep me from this now, I grin in between my tongue strokes knowing I have you right where I need you and I press my fingers in deeper now, stretching and moving them in a churning motion.
You cry so loud now it's all I can hear, you howl to me as you tell me you are cumming. I feel your pussy tense and then tighten around my tongue, almost locking it in place and your hips bucks with such force your pelvis grind and work into my face. You buck harder than ever as in between each gasp, I feel your back arch like a hunters bow. Feeling your succulent juice pour into my mouth and splash on the back of my throat, I swallow it all. Holding you in place as I suck the cum clean from your body.
Having lost all control you tell me you need my cock to fill the empty space of your pussy. I wanted it now just as bad and finally realized you were truly ready for me. More than ever my cock wanting to rip through my jeans, I pull them off quickly and move over you. Your legs shaking and your body shivering with excitement, I lean down and kiss you again your taste still stained in my mouth. You hungrily kiss me tasting your own flavors and I meet your tongue again with my own, twirling and lashing at it as our mouths conjoin and melt once more into each other.
I press my cock into you, it has gotten so tight now I literally have to shovel and tunnel into your drenched pussy. As wet and slippery as you are it was not enough to slide in with ease, your body now teasing me it seemed. I press hard as I struggle to get the last bit of my shaft into you, a long passionate moan slips from your lips once again and you have to break away from my kiss to set it free. My first thrust loosens you slightly, just enough to let me thrust back into you. I grind and buck my hips hard as I enjoy the tight feeling of your cunt taking in all of my hard flesh.
You cry out to me again as I use one hand to gain leverage on your right hip and my other to move my thumb over the top of your clit. I push in long and deep now touching the back of your wet succulent hole. I moan and call your name my head arching back, you ask me if it feels good and I tell you the best I have ever felt, and that I want all of you.
I feel your legs around me keeping me from being able to pull out too much so I can stay as deep in you as I possibly can go. The feeling of the wet juice inside your hole slushing and slurping around my cock is too much. I soon feel my climax drawing near, the flesh of your moist pussy massaging and caressing my cock in a way no hand or mouth could do, the feeling is sensational and I can't help but think that your pussy was intended for me.
You moan aloud as I feel you cum again, my cock bulging inside you now. I lose all control as I reach my peak, I can only thrust harder and deeper inside as long pleasurable spurts of warm gooey cum erupt from me. Splashing and soaking the pink walls of your pussy, my body shivers as incredible chills I have not felt before runs up my spine. When I gain control of myself I realize I am covered in warm sweat and I have worked myself harder than I had realized, knowing that I might actually be sore the next day.
I peer down at you and see you are in a similar state. Gasping in between withdrawing moans, I lean down and remove the blind from your eyes. Your beautiful blue sapphire opals meeting my gaze and we both cannot help but smile at each other, then removing the shirt from your wrist and freeing your hands which do not hesitate to reach out to me and pull me in close as I run a finger across your cheek before meeting you with one more kiss.
I can tell by the way you hold me that you still want more of me and that you have no intention of stopping, but for the brief moment we share this kiss like we have shared our bodies this night. I am addicted to you and you are a passion that burns bright and radiant, and so long as you want me as much as I want and need you, in more ways than one.
I want us to share moments like these for as long as fate sees fit and I tell you there as we lay so close to each other, with me still inside you that I have a desire for you I cannot find words to tell or even hide if I wanted to for that matter. I want us to be closer than any two lovers and always share the same mutual passionate feeling about one another. In my mind after having you to myself I know you will always be with me in body and soul and for this great wonderful moment you are mine and I pray that the future will always have me in your life.
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