Painful Piano Lesson Part 3
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From outside the French windows, I had spied on a 17 year old girl, the same age as me, as she was made to strip by the piano teacher, Miss Edwards and then I saw her caned. Just ten minutes later Miss Edwards caught me watching and forced me to undress in front of the girl, Jenny, before she punished me with a cane. At the end of my ordeal Miss Edwards suggested to Jenny that she should stay behind after her next piano lesson to watch me being punished again.
So, here I was, a week later and feeling very nervous as I rang the bell. Miss Edwards looked more attractive than ever as she opened the door. She told me I was a little early but to come in and wait. I stepped into the piano room and was astonished to see Jenny standing by the piano, stark naked, trying to cover herself.
“Please Miss Edwards, don’t let him watch me being punished.”
“You should have thought of that before lying to me about how much, or should I say how little practice you did this week. Now bend over again for the rest of your punishment”
I watched as Jenny reached forward to hold the sides of the piano stool, her perfect breasts pointing down firmly as she took up her position. I was standing to one side staring at her tits as Miss Edwards reached for the cane.
“Move out of my way, over there,” she pointed to a spot directly behind Jenny.
I stepped round hardly able to believe what I could now see. I watched in awe as Jenny was made to move her legs further apart. As the caning began Jenny squirmed showing more and more of her slit which glistened and a drop of juice ran down the inside of her leg. Jenny managed to stay in position for the full six strokes but as she finished Miss Edwards noticed that her juices were flowing and hauled her to her feet.
“You remember what happened last time you failed to control yourself, don’t you?”
“Please, no Miss, not in front of him.”
“Lie down across the piano stool, on your back, and no more arguing or you’ll get more than six.”
Jenny turned to face me, her breasts so firm and her nipples erect. She sat on the edge of the stool and lay back. I didn’t know where to focus, her glistening slit or her beautiful breasts, now firm mounds as she lay waiting for the ordeal to continue.
Miss Edwards picked up the springy plastic ruler and tapped Jenny’s leg until she spread them apart. Then she saw me staring at Jenny.
"No, I won't punish you now, that can wait till next week. Get up, it's time for you to watch Jim get punished."
Jenny leapt to her feet, her breasts almost brushing my face, I was so close. She grabbed her clothes and was about to put on her bra when Miss Edwards stopped her.
“Jenny, what do you think you are doing? I will tell you when to get dressed. You know the rules very well. For acting so willfully you can stay as you are for Jim’s punishment.”
Crestfallen, Jenny put down her clothes and turned to watch me.
“Right Jim, now it’s your turn, get undressed and bend over the stool.”
I knew it was pointless to argue so I started to take off my clothes and I knew my cock was going to be punished as well as I had the mother of all erections. I slid down my pants and out it sprang making Jenny gasp out loud.
“You do know that if you are unable to control yourself I will be obliged to punish him too.”
“Yes.” I replied in a surly tone before adding “Miss” when I saw her look of annoyance.
“You will receive six strokes with this,” she said, holding up a wide leather implement, “it’s my new tawse and then I may give you a further six strokes with the cane.”
Before thinking I had started to complain about the possibility of receiving twelve strokes.
She looked pleased as she reminded me how arguing always resulted in the punishment being made worse. “Because you have complained you will get twelve strokes; Jenny will give you the first six with the tawse and then I will complete your punishment.”
She handed the tawse to Jenny and told me to bend over the stool. Jenny put her hand between my thighs to make me part my legs and she smiled as her hand brushed my hard cock. Then she stood back, thwack, the first stroke seared across my bum. Thwack, thwack and I could feel the glow spreading across my backside. Thwack, thwack and I leapt up as the end of the strap flicked in and caught my balls.
“Another two strokes.” said Miss Edwards.
Jenny moved in to reposition me; I could feel her legs and breasts touching me and again she managed to stroke my cock as she parted my legs.
Thwack, thwack, the last two landed on my bum and I was told to get up.
Miss Edwards ran her finger under the shaft of my penis, “I think I will be punishing this later, don't you Jenny? Jenny nodded, studying my rock hard penis.
I gazed at Jenny’s breasts as she moved way and tried to cover my aching hard on but Miss Edwards knocked away my hands and said he would certainly be punished after I had been caned. 
Now she lead me over to a table in the middle of the room. She made me bend over and parted my legs. Then she slid her hand down between my stomach and the table and forced my cock down between my legs, against the edge of the table. Swish, the cane hurt more than ever after the ‘warm up’ with the tawse. Swish, swish, swish, I had to hold on for just two more and it would be over. She obviously decided it was getting to easy, swish, a hard stroke making me yell out but I stayed in position for the final stroke, swish. She had not finished with me yet.
“Come back over here and lie down on your back along the piano stool.”
Jenny was standing at the end of the stool so I had to squeeze past, my cock brushing against her thigh, before I was able to sit on the edge and lay back leaving my 7” standing up rigid in the air. Jenny watched, intrigued, as Miss Edwards picked up the springy ruler with a glint in her eye and took aim. Thwack, across the shaft, thwack, thwack and she aimed the next one on the underside of my cock, thwack. Just two more if I could keep still. Thwack, across the head and thwack right on the tip. I pulled back with tears in my eyes and it was over.
I began to get up. “Stay where you are,” she instructed. “Jenny, get dressed. I hope to see much improvement in your playing by next week.”
As soon as Jenny was dressed she lead her out. I heard the front door shut and waited, unsure what to do next. It seemed like ages before Miss Edwards returned, wearing a thin cotton robe and I noticed, bare feet. I was still lying along the piano stool with my erection pointing skyward and she came over to look at me.
“You don’t want a piano lesson, do you Jim?”
As I shook my head she undid the robe, let it drop, she was naked; she knelt down to slip a sheath over my cock then she stood directly in front of me and I took in her beauty, she was attractively slim, her skin was tanned, her breasts were fuller than Jenny’s but equally firm and her nipples were hard. My eyes continued south where I noted she was shaved and I could see every detail of her, a trickle of juice ran from her slit.
Without a word she stepped towards me with her legs either side of mine and lowered herself on to my aching cock. It was the most wonderful sensation as my cock slid firmly into her. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and then she began to slide up and down on my hard on. She moved slowly at first, sensing my state and then rhythmically slid down on me and up again. She began to groan, grinding into me, gradually moving quicker and quicker until I could hold it no more. With an explosion of cum I erupted inside the sheath.
She stayed there some time, moving on me, enjoying the moment before she slid off and pulled her robe back on.
“I think that is all for this week,” she said, “get dressed and I’ll show you out.”
With that she went out of the room and left me to get dressed. I had just pulled on my shoes as she returned, fully dressed and guided me to the front door.
“I imagine that you will have done no more practice before next week so you can expect to receive the same treatment again. You are a very naughty boy and I am going to keep going until you learn your lesson.” She smiled and shut the door as I walked down the path wondering what on earth next week might bring.
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