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Cindy had been looking for a new job for sometime after been asked to leave her previous job due to her fucking her boss' husband. After sending out numerous CV’s she eventually got a job as an assistant at a publishing company. On her first day, Cindy overslept. She’d lain awake the night before, going over and over the tight morning routine in her mind. In spite of her preparations, the alarm had not been put forward an hour due to the time change. Cindy got dressed quickly with the clothes she selected the night before: a just-above-the-knee skirt with fitted jacket, silk blouse, sheer stockings, and conservative pumps. Resisting the urge to primp, she settled for a glance in the hall mirror. While her wits would ultimately determine her success, Cindy liked dressing a bit provocatively, though she didn’t flaunt her looks but did choose clothing which accentuated her many positives. Cindy had been in a relationship with Tom for a year now, but the sex was getting worse, even though it was never good. She’d never been able to achieve the mind-blowing orgasms she heard about from girlfriends or read about in magazines. Her greatest satisfaction came while masturbating with a vibrator hidden in her nightstand. Beyond the sex, she’d no complaints. When she eventually got out onto the road to her new workplace, it was almost eight o’clock. In order to make it all the way across town by nine, she’d have to move it. Exceeding the speed limit by more than five miles per hour gave Cindy the shakes as she hated speed. She had no choice though, otherwise she was to be late for her first day on a new job. She draped her jacket on the passenger seat and headed toward town. She decided to take a shortcut which her friend told her about to bypass the worst of the traffic. The road seemed in good condition, so she decided to risk it. For Cindy, it was a walk on the wild side. Singing along to the radio, her outlook brightened considerably. The route was quiet and scenic on this sunny day. She had almost forty-five minutes to get to work, and it appeared she just might make it. After a few minutes the car sputtered and stalled. Cindy was out of petrol on a deserted stretch of road and with no idea of her exact location or how far she’d have to walk to get help. Cindy was pissed with herself for neglecting such an important detail. As she reached for her mobile phone, she heard a roaring engine approaching. She put on the car’s flashers, hoping someone would stop and help, though she did have an illegal can of pepper spray at hand in case there was trouble. A biker came into view. Cindy clutched the pepper spray, white knuckled. He pulled behind the van and stepped off his bike. Tall, with a powerful build, he wore a fitted black t-shirt, worn blue jeans, and boots. She jumped when he tapped on her window. "Do you need some help, lady?" he asked in a gruff voice as he removed his helmet. OK. He is not too bad, she reassured herself. After all, rapists don't call you ‘lady,’ do they? "I’ve run out of petrol," she replied, still through the glass. "And I'm gong to be late for my first day on a new job." Then, when he smiled—Cindy melted. He had short, thick, salt and pepper hair and a suntanned face. Struck by the laugh lines around his piercing blue eyes, she found him mesmerising. "Why don't you lock the car up and let me give you a ride? It's not too far to town," he said. "You can get five litres of petrol and a lift back from someone at the end of the day." In spite of her nervousness, Cindy knew she’d few alternatives. She grabbed her purse and locked the car. Bikes had always seemed so noisy and dirty, as had their riders, but Cindy had to admit that this bike was immaculate. The leather seat looked very soft and comfortable. The engine was loud though, but in a nice rumbling way. He handed her the spare helmet. Cindy fumbled with the chin strap, and he reached to help her fasten it; his fingers brushing her neck. Did he do that intentionally? No, she convinced herself, it was just random contact, but very pleasant! She had to hike up her skirt a good bit in order to mount the bike. He, being quite the gentleman, pretended not to notice. "This your first time?" he asked. "Sorry?" "Your first time on a bike?" Cindy blushed. “Yes, it is." "Well, no need to worry. Just hold onto my waist," he said. "You'll be safe." He started the bike, and Cindy immediately felt the vibration in the seat travel up between her legs. As soon as she put her hands around his waist, he pulled off. Not expecting for him to pull of and go so fast, Cindy reacted by wrapping her arms tightly all the way around his waist. He had a firm stomach and narrow waist. The bike purred between her legs. She tried in vain to fight the arousal, but after a few minutes of hanging onto a sexy guy, she relaxed into the sensations. She could've loosened her grip. She could’ve moved her hands. She could’ve stayed in control—but her body had other ideas.
With the sun shining brightly they passed a lush meadow, and she had thoughts of him making love to her amongst the wild flowers. She could feel his hands under her skirt—groping her ass and fingering her . She could feel his tongue on her neck, working down toward her breasts. She could feel his... A low moan escaped Cindy’s lips. "What's that, lady?" He said. "Oh, nothing," she said, embarrassed. "Just enjoying the bike ride." He chuckled, a sensual sound that resonated between her legs. All of a sudden they hit something on the road and Cindy’s grip slipped—right into his lap! Although she quickly moved her hands, she realised that she wasn’t the only one who found the ride rather arousing!. He pulled over, cut the engine and put the bike on the side stand. Cindy, thinking that bike had some sort of damage, took off the helmet and was about to say something when she saw that unmistakable look in his eyes. With Cindy still sitting on the bike and him standing alongside, she fell into his arms. Her inhibitions evaporated as he held her face in his big rough hands and kissed her. His kissed her mouth and his hands moved down her chest to unbutton the delicate blouse. Cindy was aching with desire like she had never known. When his rough hands reached beneath her skirt, she lifted herself to allow him to slip off her sodden panties. With his hands on her hips, he eased her along the seat until she was laying on it, stopping only long enough to run a finger through her wetness and bring it to his lips. He smiled after tasting her and dove into her waiting pussy. Cindy shivered and shook with the sensations. She had never been kissed there with such enthusiasm. Her nipples were protruding and asked for attention and, as her new lover was busy elsewhere, she met the need with her own hands. An experienced tongue worked her clit. Then he pushed two thick fingers into her—stroking to match the rhythm of his tongue—while his other hand worked feverishly to shed his clothes. Cindy was experiencing for the first time the ultimate sensation and had not thought about the fact she was outdoors being ravished by a total stranger. She’d never done anything remotely comparable, and she mentally kicked herself for the years of deprivation. In no time at all, she was riding the crest of a shuddering orgasm. Only his strong arms kept her from falling off the bike as the waves rocked her body. Cindy’s voice joined that of the wildlife, singing about the glorious day. She had no time to recover as he straddled the bike facing her. He lifted her feet from the foot rests and positioned them on the handlebars on either side of his body. With extreme care, he took her hands and placed them on the bar above her head which formed the back rest. Cindy, who’d not yet regained any voluntary muscle control, was putty. The waves were damping down, but still coming. He lifted her hips, and in one smooth thrust, fully impaled her on his cock. Instantly, she again peaked. With one arm beneath her hips and the other steadying himself on the seat at her waist, he leaned forward and drew a nipple slowly into his mouth. As he teased with his teeth and tongue, he continued to drive. He had fantastic control, maintaining a steady rhythm that matched the pulsing of Cindy’s cunt. She didn't think she could come any more, but when he moved his arm from beneath her hips and began circling her clit with his thumb, Cindy completely lost it. As she came for the third time, she felt his cock throb inside. They crested that last wave together. After a long, sensuous kiss, they dressed in silence and continued on their way. Cindy was very surprised to discover that only thirty minutes had passed. She could still make it to work on time—though a bit untidy!
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