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Extracts from Sarah’s diary
Monday 13th September: I have been back in school for a week now. Year 13 is when it gets serious, university applications and then the A-levels; I am studying French, Russian, Latin and History. I have returned to school determined to do very well. This has not gone down well with some of my friends, but my teachers are most impressed.
Thursday 16th September: I met with my tutor today to discuss my university applications. She began by saying now pleased she was that I was now taking my studies so seriously. We then turned to the business in hand, which was applications for university. Most of the Year group has given this very little thought, so she tentatively asked my what universities might I apply to. I got a look of surprise when I said only one, the Sorbonne.
It look me a considerable time to persuade her that I was very serious about the application. However, by the end she said that she would support me fully in the application.
Wednesday 17th September: I miss Lily; before I left Paris she gave me some very explicit photographs of herself and some tips on masturbation. Going solo is now one of my favourite pastimes. However, it does not even come close to making love to Lily.
Thursday 18th September: I have received an email from Lily; she is coming over and is staying, in a friend’s flat in Cambridge. She apologized for the short notice, but hoped I could join her. I am not sure if I can afford the cost of the train ticket and I hate to beg money from my parents.
They know of course, Lily is such a big part of my life now; I could not hold it back from them. I am not sure how they feel about it, but they do not seem to be angry.
I walk into the kitchen to find them drinking tea and eating toast. Before I could say anything my Dad hands me an envelope, it contains a note giving me permission to be off school tomorrow afternoon and a return ticket to Cambridge. It turned out that Lily wanted it to be a surprise treat and had emailed my parent’s in advance.
Friday 19th September afternoon: I am on the train to Cambridge; I find it hard to concentrate on the essay I am working on. With resolve I try and continue with it, but in the end put it to one side. I meet Lily at the station and we make our way to the nearest Starbucks, we are both very partial to double espressos and blueberry muffins. We found it hard to keep our hands off each other, so hard in fact that we did not even try. We slipped out of our briefs and fingered each other under the table, discipline was called for, and we did not want to alert our fellow customers to our activity.
Friday 19th September, late afternoon: We knew that we had to sate our sexual appetites before dinner. So slipping into an empty lecture theatre in the nearest college, we engaged in a quick and rather frantic fuck, just praying that no one walked in on us.
Friday 19th September, Dinner: Lily had booked us into a top rate restaurant; I was concerned that neither she nor I was appropriately dressed. I needn’t have worried, she had brought two fetching and yes rather revealing dresses for us to wear. We changed into them in the toilet in M&S. We both were happy to go without underwear. We dined on a seafood starter, steak cooked rare for the main course and finished with the best Crème Brulee, that I ever tasted. We drank the finest of French wines during the meal and savoured the finest of cognacs at the end of it.
Friday 19th September, Dance: We then made our way to a club, really up market. What made the evening so special for me, was not dancing slow and close to Lily, nor was it the energetic and somewhat public sex that punctuated the evening. It was simply the fact that we both felt so comfortable displaying our affection for each other.
Friday 19th September, Bed: There are many things you can do in bed, we simply fell asleep.
Saturday 20th September: We woke late and made love slowly and lazily, none of the frantic fucking that we had engaged in yesterday. After showering and grooming each other, we breakfasted in our favourite continental fashion. Lily told me about the owners of the flat and how well off they were. I really was not that interested well not until she mentioned that this might be the only house in England to house two sybians.
We had the owner’s permission to try them out. I lubricated myself and straddled my Sybian; inserting the attachment into my cunt Lily did the same. We handed each other the controls of each other’s machine. We started slowly, quickly finding our respective comfort zones.
We talked Paris, romance and art: we shared our dreams and our hopes we discussed our joint future. Then I talk no more, all I could think about was the sensation between by legs. I orgasmed and then orgasmed again, it was clear that Lily was raising the threshold by manipulating the remote control. My cunt was now controlling my body and I was soon into multiple orgasm territory; it was close to an out of body experience I had ever had. Orgasms were now being ripped from me in rapid succession; I knew that I was at my limit, and then it stopped.
Sunday 21st September morning: Lily was to stay on in Cambridge for a few more day, I had to make my way home, school tomorrow. Neither of us wanted to part, but we promised to meet again soon. On the train home, I worked solidly on my essay; it was by far the best I had ever produced.
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