The TIP: Part III - Dessert
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The TIP: Part 3- Dessert
John could hardly wait to get back to the hotel. Bianca held his hand in the cab and leaned against his shoulder. He put his nose into her hair and kissed her lightly on the head. She sighed contentedly.
When they got to the lobby the hotel was completely quiet. In the elevator Bianca turned into John’s body and kissed him on the lips. This time the kiss was deeper, was more sexual and John felt tingles. Bianca looked at him demurely and said,
“John, I really had a wonderful time today. I want to repay you, so I hope you will like your dessert.”
When they got to the room John immediately called room service for a cold bottle of Champagne and two flute glasses. John put some music on and they sat on the sofa chatting. The Champagne arrived quickly and John poured two glasses. Bianca told him a bit more about her friends and how they liked to go to the beach, to go surfing and to go dancing.
Bianca told John how she and Angela would often flirt and tease guys mercilessly and then let them go home with huge hard-ons. She also talked about her desire to travel. John told her about Bali, Paris, New York and Hong Kong and she got so excited thinking about all the new places she wanted to go.
Bianca told John why she found him so attractive. He questioned her about the age difference and she was sincere in telling him that she was generally attracted to older guys, but that he particularly turned her on today with his gentlemanly behavior. She told him she loved how patient he was, how smart he was and that he liked to flirt and have fun. She then whispered that it also helped that he had nice strong arms and a flat stomach and she giggled femininely.
John told Bianca that he was impressed and attracted to her because of how smart she was and her poise and grace. He also said he really enjoyed how she could flirt, but in a feminine and intelligent manner. He told Bianca how he was very attracted by her self-confidence and that she could be sexy without playing stupid or cutesy. She was a woman who could carry herself with a rare combination of sex appeal and self-respect. He then whispered to her that it also didn’t hurt that she had a smoking body and he chuckled. Bianca turned slightly red at the compliment.
They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. This time, in privacy, John did not hold back and his tongue flitted across Bianca’s lips. Soft and supple her lips opened slightly to receive his tongue. The kiss became passionate and Bianca let out soft little sounds. John started to become fully aroused, his cock hard and throbbing. The kisses, her tongue, the smell of her perfume, her hair, it was all driving him crazy with lust.
After their passion had reached a certain point Bianca pulled away, breathless now from the kissing. Her heart was beating and her pussy was tingling. Her breasts ached to be touched. Bianca wanted John, but she wanted his first time with her to be special. She stood up and turned her back to him. Leaning her head back she asked him to un-hook the latch of her dress in the center of her neck and to pull the zipper down a few inches.
John’s fingers were almost trembling as he fumbled at the latch, finally releasing it and managing to pull the zipper down a few inches.
Bianca asked John to hand her the sport bag and she disappeared into the bathroom. In a very flirty and provocative voice she added,
“The fashion show begins in a few minutes.”
John’s excitement was now almost unbearable. He undid his belt and took off his shoes and slacks. He was now only in his dress shirt and briefs. He turned off all the main lights in the room except for a very dim nightlight in the bedside table. The hotel room was now suffused with only a very dim, soft yellow light. He looked out the window at Sydney Harbor glimmering just a few feet away and the bridge was lit up in the distance.
John thought of the room’s furniture to calm his cock down and get it to deflate to a half-engorged state. Still it looked swelled and large, bulging out of his briefs. John could hear small sounds coming from the bathroom, but it was his mind that couldn’t calm down and was swirling with visions of Bianca’s body.
Why did this young girl have such an effect on him? He felt like a teenager as his palms got slick waiting for her to emerge. He rubbed them on the bed sheet to dry them. He heard the door slide quietly back. Slowly Bianca emerged moving towards him at a measured pace. Bianca was biting her bottom lip nervously. She was a little anxious and hoped the outfit would have the effect on this man she had planned.
John didn’t know what effect Bianca had wanted, but she looked to him like a vision of beauty. Bianca was wearing a tight lustrous aqua blue satin-cupped bustier teamed with black lace features and a double chiffon skirt at the hips. The panty brief had chiffon edging and garters attached with a ribbon tie on each hip. The garters clipped onto very sheer black stockings with a tiny pattern of lace etched into the fabric. On her feet Bianca had black heels with satin straps.
Over her outfit Bianca was wearing an extremely sheer matching baby doll slip with three delicate satin ties in the front. Bianca approached John a little nervously. Her beauty shimmered in the soft yellow light. John put his hands on each side of Bianca’s beautiful face, framing it, and looked into her eyes. He told her how beautiful she was. She smiled and they kissed deeply.
Bianca whispered in John’s ear,
“I know that as far as fashion shows go, lingerie is always a man’s favorite. So THIS (she motioned to her outfit) is desert!”
John smiled a wide grin and kissed her again. His eyes surveyed Bianca’s beautiful body and he looked hungrily at her baby doll. It was gorgeous, but it had to go. He wanted more.
“Here, let me help you with that.” He said.
John started to gently pull the little ties in the front to open the baby doll up. When the baby doll fell open he could now clearly see the tight blue satin bodice. Bianca’s amazing 34C breasts were pushed up high and round by the lace covered satin bra cups. Bianca’s waist was tapered and flared at her wider, feminine hips. The black chiffon skirt and the garter and stockings accentuated her amazing hips and firm, round ass.
Bianca now reached with her two small hands up to John’s thick Italian shirt buttons and she started to unbutton his shirt. She was quiet and calm and her fingers, delicate and smooth, moved slowly and methodically undoing each button. Bianca was relishing this mutual discovery of their tremulous bodies.
Bianca was eager for what was to come; hands, fingers, gentle touches, bites, fingernails scratching and tongues probing, touching and more touching, she was so curious. She wanted John’s body, she wanted to explore every inch of it and learn how to make him come with her; she wanted so much for them to release at the same time. She wanted their bodies joined in the throes of passion.
His shirt now open, Bianca raked her fingers across John’s chest, lightly touching his nipples and continued gently down to his flat, firm stomach. Her touch was gentle, exploratory and John responded by letting out soft sounds of pleasure. Bianca smiled and took her hand to softly feel the outline of John’s now bulging hard cock. She rubbed his cock and then her lips softly kissed his, their mouths needing more of the other, their tongues playing and touching.
Bianca could feel John’s cock pulse and try to jump inside his briefs. She wanted to pull them down and touch his cock, touch him skin to skin. She wanted her mouth to take his cockhead, to slip her lips over the head, to have him vulnerable and in her control. Bianca hooked her fingers inside the waistband and began to pull John’s briefs down, starting to fulfill her needs, her role as a woman. John stopped her. He picked Bianca up in his arms and laid her on the bed.
“Bianca! Ladies first.” He said. “I’m not finished taking care of you yet.”
Bianca tried to protest. She wanted John to know how much she appreciated how nice he had been. Bianca wanted John to know what it was like to be with a woman; a woman who would appreciate him, seduce him, beguile him, tease him, possess him with her mouth, with her lips, with her tongue and with her pussy. Bianca wanted to possess John in every way a woman can possess a man. In short, Bianca wanted-- as a woman-- to give John sex like he had never had sex before.
John held Bianca down. He would not give in to her protests. He wanted to pleasure her and let her know what a special woman she was. How beautiful her body was and how much it aroused him to be with her. Bianca shivered as John’s tongue, his kisses, coursed down her neck, across her shoulders. She felt him unclasp her front bra clasp.
Bianca turned shy for a moment, but then John’s lips were on her nipple. Bianca let out a soft moan, her shyness gone. She was getting wet, she could feel the slick juices between her legs. John teased her nipples with his tongue and with gentle bites until both nipples were erect pink nubs and tingles were coursing to Bianca’s pussy. Bianca smiled and thought to herself, my god this man knows what he is doing.
John spread Bianca’s arms to the side and put light kisses and touches on the sensitive underside of her arms. She moaned more deeply. His lips found her mouth again while his fingers gently put pressure on one of her nipples. His kiss was lush, erotic, a man needing a woman; he pressed his mouth on hers. Bianca’s fingers grabbed his hair and her other hand dug her fingernails into his back. She clawed at him wanting more, more kisses, more bites, more licks. She called out,
“Yes John! Oh yes. Please kiss me there. Yes, kiss! Yes…kiss there. Yes, more, yes right there.”
Bianca’s hands pushed on his head. She was pushing him down her body. His mouth coursed across her flat stomach. His tongue pushed into her belly button tickling her lightly. He put light kisses across her waist, across her hips. She trembled with passion as the kisses stirred her. Still her hands pushed his head down with a woman’s growing need. She pushed until his lips were at the hem of her panties.
John took his hands (his lips and tongue still kissing her stomach) and pulled on the ties on each side of Bianca’s panties. The ties came undone and the panties fell away from Bianca’ beautiful pussy. Her pussy was trimmed with a small triangle of soft dark hair framing the beautiful, plump, slick lips glistening with viscous juices. Bianca was wet.
John kissed down over Bianca’s pubic bone. Her hands pushed, but now with less force. She was waiting, she was patient, but she needed his tongue to touch her, to enter her, to satisfy her. As his tongue inched closer Bianca’s breathing slowed and then stopped; Bianca’s body tensed in anticipation. His mouth was next to her pussy and she waited expectantly for his tongue to enter and start licking her. Please, she was thinking, please….put your tongue…..(her breathing was labored and deeper now)…..inside…put it inside…..she wanted more!
Finally John’s tongue was on her outer lips. His nose could breath in her womanly scent, light and musky. His tongue slipped along the outer lips tasting the sweet juices. My god this girl tasted perfect, her pussy so young and sweet. He could feel the area of her clitoris and knew it was already engorged and waiting for his touch, needing his touch. He teased Bianca by licking and touching everything EXCEPT her clitoris. Her hips were shifting and rising in growing irritation with John’s subtle and teasing foreplay.
Bianca needed John’s tongue to touch it. She was thinking, higher up John, please, higher up. Yes, put it there, right there. She let out a low, soft moan of pleasure as John’s tongue made its first light flicks across her clit. Her cunt had a small spasm and her thighs trembled. John continued with ever so light strokes with his tongue, but always increasing the speed.
Now John took his index finger and flicked it gently back and forth at the very opening of Bianca’s pussy lips. John wanted to bring her up, ease her down, bring her up again, each time raising her sexual tension and heightening her pleasure. He was hoping to give Bianca an incredible first orgasm. His finger slowly entered her pussy moving from side to side.
Bianca loved it, loved John’s touches, his tongue flicking her clit. She grabbed his hair as a strong spasm gripped her. An orgasm was building, but every time it got close John would lighten his touch and slow down. Bianca was becoming desperate for release; she was desperate for the waves of pleasure to consume her.
John could feel Bianca getting close. Her stomach muscles were tense and her hips would tremble at times. He puts lots of saliva around her pussy to lubricate his left middle finger. John placed his middle finger at Bianca’s anus and lubricates it heavily. Bianca shifts her hips higher, lifting them off the bed to afford John’s hand access. With his right hand John grips Bianca’s left nipple holding it between his thumb and forefinger.
Every time John sensed Bianca tensing he would ease off with his fingers and his tongue. As Bianca’s sensations ebbed John gently inserted his middle finger just half an inch into her bum. He then retracted his finger, re-lubricated it and reinserted it, moving it around a little, repeating this process to get Bianca’s sphincter totally slick and slippery.
Bianca spread her legs even wider to offer John free access. She trusted this man; he was gentle, but forceful. He was clearly skilled at arousing a woman and knew how to keep her completely on the edge. Bianca wanted total sexual release and she needed it now. While she loved this foreplay and teasing she had been taken to the edge so many times she was ready to plunge over.
How many times had John brought her to the edge? She couldn’t count? Ten? Fifteen? No man had ever toyed with Bianca in foreplay like this. No man had been this patient to build her to heights of passion and desire she had not even imagined.
Bianca knew that when it came, her orgasm was going to be something massive.
Bianca’s hips were thrusting up into John’s face as her desire built to a frenzy. John could sense it and knew the moment was soon approaching. John lubed his fingers with his saliva and Bianca’s love juice so they were completely slick. John’s index finger was flitting from side to side inside Bianca’s pussy. His other hand was tweaking her nipple in rhythm with her love tremors.
John felt Bianca’s stomach muscles tense once again; her ab muscles were arched in tension. Bianca’s fingernails dug into John’s scalp ferociously and he knew, NOW! John sucked on Bianca’s clit with more force and flicked it with rapid flutters of his tongue. His finger rapidly fluttered from side to side inside Bianca’s pussy as her pussy contracted in a series of repeated spasms grabbing onto his finger. John’s thumb and forefinger made repeated tweets on her nipple with enough force to drive Bianca over the edge.
It was exhilarating beyond her imagination. Bianca’s pussy was on fire, her clit was in spasm, her bum was a tingling bundle of nerves and with every spasm, with every pulse John would press on her nipple again sending a cadence of shock waves to her brain and her pussy. Bianca’s pussy contracted in multiple spasms of orgasmic release. Bianca’s mouth opened and her body arched as her muscles stiffened.
Bianca cried out! It was all John could do to hold her hips as they thrashed against his face in total release. John tried to keep his tongue on Bianca’s clit, but lessened the pressure and speed to draw her orgasm out as long as he could. His middle finger thrust further into her bum, about two inches. He got saliva and pussy juice and started to fuck her bum with the middle finger as Bianca’s orgasm took off. John’s finger in her bum drove Bianca wild drove her even higher and she screamed out.
A mouth and tongue on her clit, a finger fluttering in her pussy, a finger rapidly thrusting slickly up her bum, fingers gently twisting her nipple; her legs spread in vulnerable acceptance, her every sensation tingling and throbbing, her skin alive with sensation, Bianca LET GO……
“John! OH JOHN. It feels so good. DON’T stop! Please don’t stop! AAHH..AAaahhhh…OH Shit….I love it. OOhhhh Christ!! You’re so fucking good! AAAhhhhhh.”
John found it both amazingly beautiful to watch Bianca orgasm and also the most arousing and erotic moment a man could share with a woman. John’s cock was now rock hard and making demands of its own. In her moment of release John found a beauty and vulnerability in Bianca that made him want her even more.
John sensed Bianca had peaked and slowly brought her orgasm down by reducing all of her senses until her hips became still. John’s mouth was still on her pussy and his face was covered in her juices. His finger lay still in Bianca’s pussy and her bum. John’s hand lay still on Bianca’s beautiful left breast where he could feel her breathing hard, her chest rising and falling as she worked to catch her breath.
John slowly retracted his fingers being careful to move ever so slowly and softly, knowing women who have just experienced an intense orgasm are highly sensitive. He pulled his body on top of Bianca. Bianca lay on the bed completely sated, exhausted and fulfilled as a woman. She had no energy to even move and looked into John’s eyes with a sparkling mischievous happiness. They kissed a slow lingering kiss, a new kind of passion, the passion of a fulfilled woman ready to receive her man.
Bianca could feel John’s cock pressing against her hips. She wanted to flip him over and take him into her mouth. She tried, but John resisted. He looked Bianca deep in the eyes and said,
“Bianca, I just want to be inside you. I want us to be one together. Please, will you let me be inside you and feel what it is like to be joined together with such a beautiful woman?”
John’s words tingled Bianca’s insides like his fingers and tongue had just tingled her every sensation. Somehow Bianca knew that if she told this man that he could not enter her, that he would respect her and not. She sensed that she did not need to try to impress this man with blowjobs. Just by letting him enter her she knew he would treat this as a special gift she had given to him and respect her for that. Knowing this made Bianca want him, need him, even more.
Bianca nodded softly and she reached down and took his big cock in her hand and positioned his head at her pussy lips. Her lips were so wet and slick, Bianca rubbed John’s cockhead up and down her slit three or four times to get him lubricated to enter her.
Each time John’s cockhead rubbed over Bianca’s clitoris she was so sensitive from her orgasm that she shivered. Now she held his cock poised at her entrance and with her other hand she urged John’s hips forward. Bianca raised her hips at the same time. She was young and tight, but the juices were slick and John slowly inched into her pussy.
Finally John was fully inside. Bianca let out a soft sigh and moan and wrapped her arms around his back and neck. He felt wonderful on top of her; John felt wonderful inside of her filling her up. Their mouths met, they kissed, and John felt Bianca’s body connected to his like they were one. They seemed to move in unison and Bianca seemed to know how to hold him and receive him.
John rolled over and let Bianca be on top. She straddled him and pushed herself up using her arms. She looked down at John’s face and she could see and feel how much he needed and wanted her. The way John’s eyes looked at her made Bianca feel so special as a woman.
Bianca could see in his eyes how he consumed her body. How his eyes lovingly caressed her face and surveyed her breasts. Bianca loved how John’s hands gently traced the outline of her breasts, her waist and touched her inner thighs like she was an angel. She smiled when she saw his face contort in pleasure as she contracted her pussy walls and grabbed on his cock. She repeated another contraction and again his face contorted. She giggled and moved her hips faster.
Bianca could sense John was building and her own pussy, so sensitive from the first orgasm was also now tingling in anticipation of another. Bianca dug her fingernails into John’s chest. Positioned on top she was getting good friction and contact on her clitoris with John’s thick cock. Bianca pushed down with each thrust of her hips and in a similar cadence John would lift his hips at the same time.
Bianca was building John and building herself. She found the sounds he was making and the look on his face so sweet and so erotic. Bianca was coming to the edge. John warned Bianca that he was close and if she didn’t want him to come inside her that she better get off. Looking at his face in a spasm of pleasure and feeling her own pussy on fire the idea of getting off this wonderful man never even entered her head.
Bianca saw the moment John lost control. Somehow, somewhere inside her a female switched was flicked and the look on John’s face set Bianca over the edge. She cried out as John cried out and Bianca thrust her hips as fast as she could. Holy shit, if anything her orgasm would be even bigger than the first time. John’s hips thrust up into her and his cock went deep, really deep and Bianca exploded.
John could feel his come shooting out as he sensed Bianca lose control. He grabbed onto Bianca’s beautiful hips and tried to thrust as deeply as he could into her. This was some kind of primordial human instinct to drive his sperm deep into her womb. He heard Bianca’s cries of pleasure, but wasn’t aware of his own cries filling the room.
Looking up John saw Bianca’s amazingly beautiful body above him. He saw her firm, full breasts and her beautiful hard nipples. Her dark hair fell across her shoulders and passion was etched on her face. John exploded and his body was fused with Bianca’s. Where did his body end and hers begin? He had no idea. They clung to each other as his sperm shot into her and her hips joined with his in desire.
Their release had been total and mutual. The two lovers collapsed onto the bed, covered in sweat and love juice. They smiled and laughed softly together joined in a special intimacy of a lover’s vulnerability. They were lying naked together, skin to skin and no words were needed to convey what they had just shared. Bianca wanted to feel his cock deflate inside her in the knowledge she had just satisfied this older man in a way perhaps no woman ever had. She smiled to herself knowingly.
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