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I looked at the kitchen clock as I finished cooking dinner. "Seven pm." I said in a mutter, "Kevin should be on his way home"
Kevin and I have been married for five years. Its no secret that we met on a website for erotic stories. It took three days of talking online and texting, before we both realized that we were in love.
I have to admit, when I found out that Kevin was in the Army, my heart skipped a few beats. The first time I saw my soldier in ACU's my pussy oozed my juices. He had a way of turning me on, even when he wasnt trying. After five years of marriage, the twins, and three deployments, the man can still make me wet in seconds.
I heard the front door open and him yell, "Baby girl, Im home!" I ran to the door, jumping in his arms and kissed his neck. "Never fails babe, everytime I walk through the door." Kevin said as he laughed.
I walked back in the kitchen to set the table, as I felt his arms wrap around my waist. "Where are the kids?" he asked. I layed my head back on his chest and whispered " My mom took them for the weekend."
Before I could turn around Kevin picked me up, and carried me into our bedroom. He layed me on the bed, as he gently kissed my lips..his hands carressing my inner thighs. I reached up and took off his ACU jacket and shirt, tossing them on the floor. Kevin lowered his lips on to mine as he pulled off my "Army Wife" shirt and shorts, they joined his clothes in the pile.
I felt Kevin kiss a trail down my chest and stomach, before stopping at the top of my pussy. His finger lightly rubbing my clit, before gently pushing the tip inside me. My pussy starts pouring out my sweet juices, as he pushes his finger deep inside my tight canal.
"Ahh Kevin" I moaned as he started nibbling lightly on my clit. "Baby boo, I'm going to cum soon." I said in a low tone. He pulled out finger but replaced it with his talented tongue. Kevin began tongue fucking my cunt until I could no longer control my body.
"Im cumming Kevin!" I screamed, "Oh fuck baby, God yes!"
Kevin pushed his tongue deep inside my hole, and sent my entre body on fire. My muscles wrapped tightly around him as I came fiercly in his mouth. He licked up the rest of my juices around my pussy before looking up at me. "God baby, you taiste so good. I sat up and kissed his sexy lips, taisting myself on them. "Mmmm Soldier, I do believe your right." I said with a giggle.
I reached down and unbuckled his belt and pulled his ACU pants off, and started stroking his hard cock.
"Baby, that feels good." Kevin moaned.
I bent down and kissed the head of his dick, and began tracing little circles with the tip of my tongue. Kevin's head fell back as he moaned louder. I pushed his 8 inch cock deep in my throat and looked up at him. He pulled the hair out of my face as I continued to suck him closer to climaxing. I slowly started sucking his dick, never taking it out of my throat.
"Ahh fuck baby, I'm going to cum." He said in a low grunt
Kevin pulled his dick out and had me lay on my back. He started to rub my clit again, so I opened my legs wider to allow him full access to my sweet hole. He got between my thighs and put the tip of his dick in my pussy, before thrusting deep into my cunt. Every thrust was deeper and harder than the one before. Kevin pulled out and turned me over on my stomach, slamming his cock into my cunt. I felt his hands grab my ass as he pounded the fuck out of my pussy.I grabbed the rails of the headboard, as he continued to fuck me harder than he ever has.
Kevin grabbed my arms and turned me over once again, holding my hands above my head. He slammed his cock into my cunt, hitting bottom with every thrust. I screamed from the mix of pain and pleasure that I was receiving from my husband. My pussy became tight as Kevin grabbed my waist and pulled me up on his member, pushing even deeper in my hole. I placed my hands on his neck as I matched his paced.
"Fuck Soldier, I'm cumming!" I screamed, "I'm going to squirt!"
"That's it baby girl, cum for me, squirt on my dick" Kevin groaned.
The minute that my pussy tighten with an orgasm, I felt Kevin shoot his hot cum deep inside me. Our bodies relaxed against each other, sweaty and exausted.
Kevin laid back on the bed with me on top of him. I rested my head on his chest and whispered, "I love you baby boo" I heard him reply "I love you too baby girl." as he kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled as I said "Always..". He simply said "And forever."
I woke up and looked at the alarm beside the bed, it was nine thirty. I looked at the doorway as my sexy husband walked in with chinese food, from out favorite resturaunt.
"I thought you would be hungry, since we didnt get to eat the dinner you cooked." Kevin said as he got in the bed.
"Happy anniversary Kevin, I love you." I said as I kissed him softly.
"Happy anniversary baby, I told you I would not forget.
I love you Moorman. You are my Soldier, my hero, my love, my protector, my Everything.
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