How it all began
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The Start.
They had been talking for weeks. The conversations, at first innocent about various subjects, had started to flirt around the edges of sex. They talked of school crushes, and former loves. Finally they had crossed that invisible line; “So...what do you like? You know? When it comes to sex?”
The words were halting, nervous even. He sat there, looking at his screen. The woman he was looking at on the screen was gorgeous. Lush curves, with long, flowing auburn hair with that pale complexion that one sees with such vibrant colouring . And wine red lips.
He could hardly believe that she was flirting with him! He thought himself dreaming. What to say? Does he jump straight in, with his fantasies, real-life escapades and near misses? Or, does he hang back and play it cool?
His mind wanders, playing over his daydreams. To bare his innermost secrets and fantasies…to tell her how he would ravish her lush body....would it scare her? Entice her? Make her skin flush, and her pussy wet with excitement?
He thinks of how she might taste, her initial wetness, followed by the musky flavour of her sex. How she might feel, writhing under his gentle caress, his tongue exploring her depths and folds. How her clit would stand proud and erect, matching her nipples, aching for the release that his mouth would willingly provide.
He imagines her moving, as he teases with tongue, fingers and cock. How her mound would swell as blood flowed to sensitive nerves. And how she would react when he plunged into her, gliding into her deep, moist folds? He can feel his excitement rise, as he imagines her mouth sliding down, over his cock, her hand around the base of his shaft. He can almost feel her lips caress over the smooth end, as she engulfs him, in his mind...
Days later.
“I’m flying over, to visit family and friends. Would you like to meet?” He smiled. What a silly question!
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