Saturday in the Park with Master
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I had been looking forward to the picnic for weeks. I stood naked in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the potato salad while Master ran out to get the ice and beverages. I sang along to the countdown show on the radio and began to seal up the salad and clean up the kitchen. I put the plastic dish in the fridge and shut it with my lightly bruised hip.
I showered and shaved Master's pussy smooth. I expertly guided the razor over every contour of master’s vulva and over the creases between the pussy and my thighs. I went behind the razor with my finger to make sure every surface was uniformly slick, the way my master desired it and demanded it to be. I tilted my hips toward the shower head and held myself open to wash away the shaving cream . I basked in the soothing caress of the shower and ran my fingers along the head of my newly erect and very sensitive clit-on. I pushed my fingers slowly past the tingling crest and into Master’s pussy, which was slick with arousal. I moaned and leaned against the wall of the shower, imagining Master pressing his thick fingers deep into the cunt he owns. I rubbed with increasing speed, bringing myself to the teetering edge of release.
Every muscle in my body felt tight. I pressed my thumb into the cunt and pushed two fingers into his tight asshole. I rarely played with his asshole anymore since his touch was so far superior to my own. The way he finger fucked the asshole was so insistent, it would make me wet every time I thought about it.
Last night…over his knee….ass cheeks on fire from an extended session with his hand and the wooden spatula and then ping pong paddle!…being finger fucked with his slave’s ass in the air…he had made me spread the cheeks for his pleasure…He had told me since I had been a good girl, this is what I got.
I felt his presence in the bathroom on the other side of the curtain before I heard him. He pulled the curtain aside and watched me playing with his cunt and asshole. I stared into his eyes as water rain down my face and off my nipples.
“Kiss me,” he said and I let my hands fall slack at my side as I walked to him and pressed my lips against his lips. He grasped the back of my head and drew me deeper into his kiss. I shivered with excitement as I felt his tongue claim the mouth he owns. He broke the kiss, but held my head. “Did you cum?”
“No. Master,” I said.
“Good. If you are good, you can cum today after your master. Understand?”
“I understand, Master,” I said as my thighs clenched tight. “Will it be today?” I asked and he shot me a look. He hated these types of questions and I immediately apologized. I would look forward to the feeling Master’s cum decorating my body or filling one of his holes. I would look forward to his deep final sigh of pleasure. I hoped he would allow me to attempt to bring him to orgasm today, but whenever he decided to let me would be glorious.
He smiled and turned off the water. He handed me a towel and told me he had picked put my clothes for the picnic. He watched me get dressed in the black halter and pink mini. He hadn’t set out panties—I hadn’t expected him to—but I knew I would have to take extra care today so that our friends didn’t get a free show. “Let me see it,” he said and I walked over to him. He lifted the front of the skirt and cupped the mons. He looked into my eyes and kissed me again. We don’t want to be late,” he said. When he released it, I felt the craving in my pussy grow deeper.
“Who is going to be at the picnic?” I asked.
He didn’t answer. I dropped it. I felt very lucky that Master had suggested an outing. He was usually averse to public gatherings. I had longed to be out with him, to be seen with him.
Master’s rule while in the car was that my skirt be hiked as high as possible and my legs be spread so that he could have access to his pussy at any time. For the past several weeks he had insisted that I wear a butt plug as well, which he inserted before we left the house. The drive to the park was relatively short, but I was a little alarmed when Master didn’t tell me to kneel on the car seat when we arrived, so he could take the plug out. I knew better than to ask him, so I clenched as tightly as I could as I stepped out of the car. He laughed and told me to open my hand. When he did, he placed a small box inside it and told me to meet him at the party. He smiled and walked away with the cooler and the potato salad.
I locked myself in a stall and opened the box as soon as I could. Inside was a pink jeweled plug I had told him about months ago. It shimmered as I turned it over in my hand. Master did not like to be kept waiting, so I removed the rubber plug and inserted the jeweled one. There was no one else in the rest room, so I quickly washed the lube off the plug and placed it in my purse. I washed my hands and noticed a full-length mirror at the end of the line of sinks. I looked around to make sure that I really was alone and walked up to it. I checked one more time, turned slightly and lifted my skirt. I could see the edge of the plug and was admiring it when I heard the door open. I dropped my skirt and prayed that no one had seen me checking out Master’s decorated asshole, but I knew as soon as I saw her, that she knew exactly what I had been doing. I could feel my blush creeping up my neck and my heart quicken just as it did every time I was around her.
She made a quick “tsk-tsk” sound with her tongue and sauntered across the room to where I was standing. “Did Master’s little puppy get a new jewel?” she teased.
“Yes, Sylvia, Ma’am,” I always felt nervous around Sylvia, newfound friend of my master and my exacting personal trainer. Ever since the day she had discovered me changing in the locker room attempting to hide my bruises and marks from the rest of the class, she had punished me when I broke her rules at the gym. She punished me when Master told her to. She took a delicious pleasure in it.
“Look at me when I talk to you, Krystenah,” she purred and placed two slender fingers under my chin. I looked up into her eyes and I felt my ass pucker around the new jeweled plug. “Don’t you think your master should be the first one to see your new decoration?” With her other hand she reached around and patted the plug so it went slightly deeper into my ass.
“Yes, Mistress Sylvia,” I said, a cool chill snaking its way up my legs and over my raw pussy.
“Well, if you think so, then what are you doing in here? Shouldn’t you be out there? At the party? At your master’s side?”
“Of course, Mistress. Will you give me permission to go to him now? Please?” I begged.
She considered.
“I think you have made him wait long enough, you selfish, proud little thing. You may go.”
Relief flooded me and I thanked her and nearly ran out of the rest room.
“But I will have to tell him what I saw when I walked in here, Krystenah. He deserves to know.”
I lowered my head, my heart rock-sliding inside me. “Yes, Ma’am,” I mumbled, my hand on the door.
“What was that?” she held her hand to her ear in an exaggerated pantomime. I turned to her and nearly curtsied. She reduced me to a servile child every time.
“Of course, Ma’am. Thank you, Mistress.”
She nodded and I threw open the door.
Walking briskly with the new plug was tough, but I wanted to be by my master’s side as soon as I possibly could, no matter what he decided to do to me when Sylvia told him what she saw. I was aware of every movement as I walked to him. The closer I got to him, the more I felt the fine ridges of the plug wearing against my asshole. I was grateful for his present, though, and grateful that I didn’t have to wear the thicker rubber plug.
He turned and watched as I approached. Then I noticed who he had been talking to at the picnic table: my boss, Brian. My heart rate trebled as I took in the site of another of Master’s confidantes and partner in punishment. I walked up to Master and stood by his side, my hands resting in the small of my back, my tits pushed out. Master initiated contact when we were in public. He didn’t like me taking liberties with that rule any more than he liked to wait.
“Everything all right, pet?” he asked with a look of concern on his face.
“Yes, Sir…Master,” I said. I smiled at Brian nervously.
“When you didn’t come right back, I asked Sylvia to go check on you. Oh, here she is,” Master said.
I had to force myself not to spin around. I felt nervous knowing she was standing behind me. She draped her arm around Master’s shoulders and drew us into a hug. I was pushed into her scented, ample breasts as she whispered into Master’s ear. I was torn between wanting to nuzzle her firm globes and wanting to break the embrace. Her easy intimacy with Master always sent a flame of jealousy into my stomach.
It was she who broke the embrace, though, and Master who took my by the wrist and away from the rest of the group.
“I heard that you were admiring your decoration, pet,” he said.
“Yes, Sir,” I said.
“I am happy you like it, but Sylvia is right. You should have let me see it first. Also, what if someone else had walked in instead of Sylvia? Someone who didn’t understand? I don’t want to have to worry about being embarrassed in that way, slave.”
I hadn’t thought about that. My heart began to race.
“I’m sorry, Master.”
“I know you are sorry, pet, but I think we should take care of this so we can enjoy the rest of our day. Don’t you agree?”
I looked around. There were other picnickers around, but they were a good distance away. Master had rented a shelter that offered a little bit of privacy. I pushed those concerns away, however. I wanted to be punished so Master could enjoy the rest of the day.
“Of course I agree, Master,” I said and tried to smile convincingly.
“Good. Go tell Brian, you need him to spank you and I will finish your punishment when you are warmed up.” He didn’t wait for a response, but walked over to where Sylvia and Brian were talking. He whispered something to Brian and then Sylvia paired off with Master. Brian looked at me and I walked the humiliating walk toward him.
Brian had been informed of my ownership by my Master some months ago and had been given permission from him to spank me at work when I needed it. Brian had decided I needed it twice a day every day and made no bones about letting everyone at the office know when he needed to punish his “bad little girl.” Brian was a very handsome and athletic man in his late 50’s and he always spanked me with a good deal of verbal humiliation which was worse than the actual spankings. Now he stood stock still staring at me as I approached, a knot of nerves doubling in my stomach.
“Hello, Brian,” I said when I reached him. “Master told me I need to ask you for a spanking.” My face was tingling with a deep blush.
Brian cleared his throat. “Then ask me properly, Krystenah,” he said.
My heart was racing and I clenched the plug inside me.
“Brian, Sir. I have been very bad. I made my master wait admiring his gift in the bathroom. I showed bad judgment and I need to be punished for it. Please, Brian, Sir, would you put me over your knee and give me a thorough bare bottom spanking?”
He took my wrist in his hand and led me over to a picnic bench. The lecture began. “I am very disappointed in you, Krystenah. Your Master went to a lot of trouble for you and you selfishly wasted his time. I will spank you so you can learn your lesson not to be so damn selfish.”
“Yes, Sir,” I said. He pulled me over his lap and raised my skirt. He pushed on the jeweled plug and roughly rubbed my ass cheeks, bringing blood to the surface.
“Your decoration looks very pretty, Krystenah. It is a bright pink. Let me see if I can make your cheeks match it, hmm?”
He raised his hand high above his head and began to spank my ass much harder than he ever had before. “We are not in the office, Krystenah, so we do not have the luxury of time. I am going to give you the harsh spanking your Master asked me to give you so that you understand that you need to be a good girl when he takes you out of the house.” His strokes were even, slow and strong. As soon as I felt one mellow into a pleasurable glow, he slapped the same spot again, making me want to squirm. His grip around my waist was fierce, though, and I couldn’t move. The blows came down over and over and I felt my ass getting redder and redder as he covered every angle of my ass cheeks. I moaned as quietly as I could and I felt tears sting my eyes as he let the last blows fall. He didn’t rub my cheeks for relief, but stood me up.
I hadn’t heard Master and Sylvia arrive as Brian spanked me, but there they were as I stood up, wiping a tear away. I thanked Brian and turned to my master for direction. He smiled at Sylvia, never a good sign.
The air was heavy and smelled like rain. My ass was tingling and I shifted my weight from foot to foot trying to generate a little wind to soothe my glowing ass. Master smiled, completely aware of what I was doing. He sent me to the corner.
"Stand over there and hold your skirt up so we can admire Brian's work," he said. "I will tell you when I am ready to punish you," he said.
I shuffled to the corner and lifted my skirt. The air was barely moving, but it was nice to have the open air kiss my throbbing ass and clit. Brian's spankings were never sexual, but that didn’t mean I didn’t get aroused. I fretted wondering what Master had in mind. I didn’t have to wait very long I hadn’t realized that the windows in the shelter could be sealed, but Brian and Sylvia began closing them. Master came over to me and rubbed my ass. I sank into his touch. He kissed my neck and turned me to him. He kissed me deeply and I felt my clit begin to tingle.
"'Happy Independence Day, slave," he said. I melted.
"Thank you, Master," I said.
"I have a surprise for you after I punish that body. Right now I want you to strip off your clothes and crawl to the center of the shelter. Understand me?"
"Yes, Sir," I said. I liked it when it was like this--just the two of us--even if some discomfort or pain awaited me, I knew I was his when he gave me direction and I followed it.
As I crawled on the cool concrete, I clutched my present in my ass and hoped it pleased my master to see his slave crawling to her rightful place at the feet of her master. I looked up at him adoringly and he gestured for me to stand up. Sylvia came forward with some flexible rope and told me to hug the pole. I did so and she secured my ankles then wrists then waist to the pole. I had to grip tighter to hold onto the jeweled plug. Brian brought Master the toy box and I heard Master swishing the cat through the air.
He ran it along my shoulders and began striking my upper back with it harder and harder until I was sure that he has made some pretty marks. He painted my thighs next and he mercifully removed the plug as my muscles are starting to shake. He painted my hips and undid my ankles so he could lift my feet and spank the soles. He kissed me as he worked and I longed to feel his fingers, his arms, his cock.
When Brian untied me, Master rubbed my ankles and wrists. Sylvia brought a pallet and master set me on it on all fours. My skin was on fire and all I craved was his touch. I had to wait for Master to say goodbye to our friends before he came back to me and knelt behind me.
He grinded into my tender ass and reminded me that I was not to cum until he did.
He undid his shorts and slid into the cunt he owns in one smooth movement. His thrusts were hungry and slow and deliberate. He pulled almost entirely out and teased me with the tip of his cock at the edge of the opening before slamming into me again and again. I squeezed and grasped his cock with my pussy and moaned gratefully when I felt that he was close to his release. My orgasm came, too, my own fireworks, and as I lay in his arms, I felt the reverberating throbs from the inside of my pussy to every sparking skin cell across every inch of his slave’s body.
“Who owns you?” he asked me.
I smiled. “You do, Master.”
"And did you have fun seeing our friends, slave?" he asked. I squirmed.
"I have fun serving you, Master," I said and hoped that my answer would please him.
"Answer the question, slave," he said roughly.
"No, Master. I only want to serve you and I only want to be punished by you. I am ashamed that I am so bad that you need others to punish me when I am away from you, Sir."
"I figured that was so which is why I asked Brian to give you an indefinite leave. You will stay at home and learn how to serve your one and only master. So long as you do that well, you don't need to worry about Brian and Sylvia."
"Really, Master?" I squealed.
"Really, slave," he said.
An announcement came across the park that a storm was approaching and that the fireworks display had been canceled. Thunder roared as punctuation and I drifted in Master’s arms secure in the knowledge that it was in servitude to him that I was truly and utterly free.
"Of course, I do need to take you to see Dr. Johnson next week for a check-up," he said and laughed as he squeezed me tighter.
"Of course, Master," I said as the rain began to pepper the roof.
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