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As I walked around the house in my high heeled hooker boots, I could only wonder where Jay was. I had only spoken to her once while she was on duty today and it was driving me completely insane. I missed my lady even more than that. I wondered what was keeping her away from me. I hated her job and the filthy women that she worked around while in that facility. I did not understand why anyone would ever chose to work around murders, thieves and prostitutes their entire lives; but that was my Jay, always thinking that somehow she alone could change the world.
I took a glance at myself in the mirror and pulled back my curls. Everything had to be perfect for whenever my sexy did find her way home. I already had her favorite meal waiting for when she walked through the door and I was not parading around this house in her favorite lingerie for nothing. She needed to hurry and get home so that she could give my body the complete work over. I applied some lip-gloss to my lips and blew myself a kiss in the mirror. The only thing that I had left to do was to wait until she decided to finally make her way through the door.
As I sat down at the table and stared at her food which was already growing cold; I grew bored. My mind started to roam on where Jay could be and even worse than that I was growing increasingly horny by the second. My thong was becoming moist as I heard Jay insert her keys into the door.
I felt my heart rate begin to increase as her keys turned in the knob.
“Hey you,” I said still seated at the table. I watched as my sexy lady dropped her duffel bag off at the door. I knew just by the expression on her face that she was tired and stressed from her job, but I was more than willing and ready to take care of that problem. “Hey Baby.” she said as she dipped her finger into the cold mashed potatoes which were on the table.
“Where you on lock down, again?” I questioned her as I removed myself from the dinner table to go and heat up her plate. As I stood up I could feel her eyes scanning me from head to toe.
“You know it. One of the inmates had a shank so they locked us all down. For the past three hours I have been flipping over stinky mattresses and searching through cell blocks,” said Jay as she took a seat at the table and attempted to relax. Her eyes never left my half-naked body. I could feel her as she was literally fucking me with her eyes.
As I sat her plate down unto the kitchen table she grabbed me and pulled me into her lap.
“So did you enjoy flipping mattresses or would you rather be here flipping me over?” I asked while I straddled her. I began to unbutton her uniform while I was kissing her. Her hands traveled up my back as she pulled me deeper into her passionate kisses. I removed her belt and started to unbutton her pants. I wanted to strip her down to nothing but her sports bra and boxer briefs, right here at the dinner table.
Jay pulled back from our kiss and stared me into my eyes.
“You missed me today, huh?”
“You know I did,” I said before I went to forcefully suck on Jay’s neck. I grabbed her hand and placed it outside of my tongue; I wanted her to see exactly how much my body was missing her touch.
She placed her head back and relaxed from the pleasure of me on her neck. With my tongue, I roamed up her neck and began to nibble on her earlobe.
“Eat your food while I run you a bath,” I whispered into her ear. I hopped out of her lap and gathered her belonging which always seemed to end up where they did not belong-in the middle of the floor.
“Make it a shower,” she said as I started to move her stuff into the bedroom where it belonged. I started to iron her work clothes for tomorrow and before I could make my way to the bathroom she was already in the shower.
I pulled the curtain back slightly and admired her sexiness. I stared at her as her straight and now soaking wet hair fell slightly above her shoulders. I looked at her muscular arms, and ripped stomach muscles that you could see from the side of her. I giggled as she placed the lathered soap on her firm and muscular ass.
“Get in here!” she said finally realizing my presence and I had absolutely no choice but to obey her command. As soon as I entered into the shower, she grabbed me and began kissing all over me. She started at my lips then slowly began to make a trail down my body. She traveled from my lips to my neck; then to my shoulder blades and breasts. By the time she reached my belly button I felt like I was going to explode. I placed my hands in her hair and attempted to push her head lower.
She grabbed both of my hands and held onto them.
“You know better,” she looked up at me and said while still holding unto my wrists. The way Jay took charge of my body was only more of a turn-on to me. She proceeded with her trail of kisses all the way down to my ankles. She lifted up my leg and placed it on her shoulder as she began to move her kisses back up my thigh.
By the time Jay actually did reach my vagina, my juices were already streaming from inside of me. She parted my vaginal lips with her tongue and focused solely on my clit. As her tongue moved all around it I could feel my legs growing increasingly weak. She grabbed my other leg as it began to buckle and placed it over her other shoulder to contain me. As I sat on her shoulders I held onto the shower curtain; she increased her licking spree on my clit. I felt my body grow increasingly hot and I knew that before long my body would be erupting.
“Mmmmm,” I moaned.
“JAY!” soon followed. As nothing but moans escaped my lips, Jay slurped up everything which my body released. I felt at ease. She always knew exactly what my body needed in order to satisfy me. As she easily let me down off of her shoulders, she grinned deviously.
“I ain't done with you yet. Get in the room and wait for me,” she said and I was more than happy too. I could wait for everything that I knew my lady had in store for me.
I laid on the bed and placed my hands in between my legs to feel my own warmth and moisture. I was warm and I could feel as I my juices were still flowing. I proceeded to touch my clit and imagine it was Jay’s tongue that was still working its magic on my body. Then I took my two fingers and eased them inside of me.
“Jay,” I moaned wishing that she was laying in the bed doing this instead of me. I worked up a rhythm with myself all while still moaning her name. As my fingers working in and out of me I knew exactly what spot to hit to make my body shudder. I sped up my pace and constantly hit that spot; my moans grew in frequency and intensity.
“Aha” and “Mmmhh” were the only audible sounds which escaped my lips. Even though the shower water was still running, I felt Jay’s presence in the room with me. It was as if she was the one that was touching me and delivering all the pleasure to my body.
I heard her voice say ‘Come for me’ so I no longer resisted the urge that I felt growing inside of me. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter as I wanted to scream her name.
“Mmm ---- Baby!” I allowed myself to say and when I opened my eyes I saw her standing at the foot of the bed smiling.
She bit her bottom lip which forced me to believe that she had been standing in that exact spot the entire time though I knew differently.
“Come and take me baby,” I said while inviting her with my finger. She knew that she did not need an invitation and I knew that it was going to be on for the rest of the night.
As my "daddy" slowly came up unto the bed and hovered over top of me I could only wait for whatever she was going to do to me next.
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