Anticipated Arrival
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I open my eyes and everything seems blurry at first, I soon realise where I am, in an aeroplane. Wow, had time flown so quickly that I was here already? The last 12 hours have flown by and now it’s nearly time to meet him, I’ve just travelled half way around the world to meet someone I have never met. But he is so special, sincere, heart-warming and heart wrenching simultaneously. We’ve spent a long time talking online, growing as individuals and together and today I am finally taking that leap and going to meet him. It seems unreal but I’m itching with anticipation.
Walking through the tunnel the light hits my eyes and I’m temporarily blinded, as I adjust I see the signposts to baggage. Trembling as I walk over and wait for the laborious process of collecting my suitcase. Watching the clock I see that my flight is early and that he won’t be in arrivals waiting for me yet. I decide in my mind that I will go and freshen up for him, take a few minutes just to relax and breathe deeply.
Freshened up I take my suitcase and head for the exit to the arrivals lounge. I can barely walk, my whole body is shaking, trembling in anticipation of the events to come. I step out into the lounge and I am surrounded by people, I worry that he won’t see me and I hope that I will see him first.
Then, there he is, straight ahead of me he is stood leaning against a pillar. All the noise; the bustle, the announcements, the baby’s cries, the shrieks of loved ones seeing their families, goes silent to my ears. I can hear nothing except my heart beat, beating so hard I feel it is going to burst out of my chest. And I can see nothing but him. I walk towards him and he seems unsure if it is me. I stand in front of him and drop my bags to the floor. A cheshire cat grin spreads across his face and he says “Wow, it’s really you and you’re really here”. He wraps his strong arms around my waist and pulls my body against his. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders everything feels so right. He holds me tight against him, softly stroking my lower back with his firm hands. He slowly releases me from his grip and takes my bag, offering me his hand, leading me out of the airport.
We walk to his car and he opens the door for me, such a gentleman. As I am getting into the car he puts one hand on my cheek and guides my face to his. Then it happens. The first kiss. He presses his lips ever so softly against mine, as if they have not really touched mine and then closes his eyes. My knees go slightly weak and I hold the car door to steady myself as he presses his lips a little more firmly against mine, stroking my cheek softly with his thumb. He breaks the kiss and looks back into my eyes “Just perfect” he says. I smile up at him, I love that he is taller than me, just like I had imagined “Perfect” I reply. We both get in the car and start the drive to his house, where we will stay together.
During the drive we are both quite quiet, I guess through shock. We glance at each other, passing smiles and grins. I take a chance and slowly slide my hand softly onto his thigh as he drives and he smiles over at me, a grin spreading across his face as he lays his hand on mine and link his fingers softly into mine.
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