Krystenah Visits a Salon for Sluts
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Before Master J left on his trip, he left detailed instructions for me. When I woke up I saw them paper-clipped together. On top was a small note written in his hand. Obey me, slut was all it said. The instructions were extensive. When I had foolishly complained about being left alone, my master had devised plenty of activities to keep me focused. He didn’t need to tell me he would check on me while he was away. First on the list was a haircut appointment. I hadn’t heard of the salon, but if Master had chosen it, I knew it was where he wanted me to go.
When I stepped under the blast of the shower, I was grateful for the flash of pain in my shoulder. Master had beaten my back so I would have a memento while he was away. Master had used the strap and cat on me. The sound of his grunts, my moans and the slaps against my skin were all that had filled the room last night. When he was finished, he ran his hands over my punished back and moaned deep in his throat, pleased with his work. That guttural groan is one of the things I live for. I consulted Master’s instructions for what to wear to the salon. I slipped on the low-cut blouse and skirt he had indicated.
I was late to my appointment. I sent a preemptive text to let Master know of my tardiness. There was no telling if this would mitigate any punishment I had coming upon his return, but I thought it was only polite. I rang the buzzer and was let in. I had to walk two flights of narrow stairs to get to the salon. The stairwell was painted a bright cheerful turquoise. When I got to the top of the stairs, I noticed a thin, nattily dressed tall woman with natural flowing blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. She shot me a genuine broad smile.
“Welcome, Krystenah,” she said.
“I’m late,” I murmured, stupidly.
“Not to worry. Come right this way. I’m Alice. Min is all set for you.”
As we walked, she took my purse and placed a hand on my elbow to guide me. The woman I assumed was named Min was standing at her station, arranging scissors, combs, brushes and what looked like a straight razor on a small side table. She walked up to me as if I were a beloved sister she hadn’t seen in years.
“Oh, Krystenah! Right this way! You need a lot of work to get you pretty for Master J, don’t you? Don’t worry. We will fix you up. Your master paid for very special style today, okay?” she asked.
She nodded at Alice, who nodded back. I sat in the chair, unsure what was in store for me. I didn’t have time to feel insulted at Min’s comments. She placed the cape on me and began brushing my hair, smoothing it with her free hand. It reminded me of childhood, when my sister had brushed my hair. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the gentle tug Min was giving me as she brushed. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Alice had left a beverage for me.
Min was tender and quick. As she was finishing, she tipped my head forward. She placed a warm cloth against the back of my neck. A moment later, I felt the straight razor run along the back of my neck in slow, measured strokes. I felt a thrill run down my spine and kiss my clit. As she worked, I grew more and more aroused, just from the stimulation of my neck. I began to moan quietly as she shaved.
“Ohhh, Krystenah. You like the straight razor, don’t you?” she purred. I moaned yes. She placed her fingers lightly on the back of my neck and lightly scratched it. “That’s good because we are going to shave your pussy with it,” she said. I lifted my head slowly.
“Whaaaat?” I asked as I looked into her smiling face. She nodded. I suddenly felt the chair tilt back gradually. Alice came forward again and ran her hand through my hair. She grabbed the back of my head and I leaned my face against her arm.
“Just relax, Krystenah,” she purred. I am going to take off your skirt and Min is going to shave your pussy nice and clean for your master.”
The chair kept tilting back a degree at a time. I found myself on my back. The two women pushed the legs of the chair apart and attached some stirrups. Alice faced me and placed her hands on either side of my hips. As she leant forward, I saw her tits separate as I looked into her cleavage.
“Lift up,” she said and she unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt.
She pulled it off slowly and we both laughed as I swished my hips back and forth in the chair to help her. Min told me to scoot up and place my feet in the stirrups, which were lined with a soft fuzzy material. She pushed my thighs apart so they fell open. She examined my pussy, pulling the lips and putting her index finger inside and pressing down. I heard Alice fixing a bowl of hot water and saw her set it softly next to Min. Min continued the examination of the folds of my skin and Alice placed some cloths into the water.
After a few minutes, Alice told me she was going to place a hot towel on my pussy and over my eyes. The sensation was extremely comforting. I sat there for a time and finally Min took the towel away from my pussy and began lathering it up. She massaged the gel into my tender skin until it foamed and carefully wiped my hard clitty. My head lolled back and forth and the ladies laughed softly. Min set the razor in the crease of skin at the top of my inner thigh and I felt a fleeting rush of panic. That quickly vanished as she began shaving the foam away with slow, steady strokes.
My heart began to thrum powerfully inside me. I never wanted her to stop. I felt so vulnerable and at the same time so cared for. I could feel myself getting hot and Alice said she was going to make a phone call to Master. At the mention of his name, my pussy contracted. Min ran her fingers over the area she had just shaved and I longed for her to press her fingers deep into Master’s cunt.
“If you are a good girl, maybe Master will let you have a reward when we are finished,” Min said. I had no idea what she meant, but I didn’t care.
She moved her rolling chair to the other side and shaved it smooth. When she was satisfied, she sprayed it clean with the hose from the sink. A moment later, I felt her running an ice cube over the area. She painted every crevice and crease with care. As an ice cube began to melt, she placed it inside my master’s cunt. After four ice cubes, the floor of the pussy opening was starting to feel numb.
Alice came back and whispered into Min’s ear. Min absently rubbed my clit as she listened. Finally she nodded and Alice looked very pleased as she went back to Min’s station.
“What are you ladies up to?” I asked drowsily.
“Naughty girl,” Min said, and slapped my bare pussy with the back of her hand. The abrupt change in her demeanor startled me and I started in the chair.
“Min, what--?” I started to ask.
“You are very impatient to ask that after we have worked so hard on you today. If you were my slut, I would spank that pussy and ass so hard!” A wicked smile crossed her lips. I wasn’t sure what to make of this change in her, so I tried to apologize.
“I am very sorry, Min. I was just being playful." She stared at me, so I tried a different tack. "But you would be right to discipline me. I need to be corrected when I act rudely. I appreciate the work you have done of me for the pleasure of my Master.”
“Pretty words,” she said and took my feet down from the stirrups.
She took the attachments off, lowered the chair and told me to stay where I was while she consulted with Alice. Another phone call was made and I started to worry that I was in deep trouble. I knew this feeling; I had felt it countless times with my master. I sat with my hands in my lap, suddenly shy over sitting bottomless and shaved in the barber’s chair. Finally the women came over and sat in chairs in front of me. Alice gave me a sympathetic look but Min still looked put out.
Alice spoke. “You did such a great job, Krystenah, that I called your master and asked him if I could fuck your new pussy with a dildo, but then you asked Min what we were up to and she asked me to call him back to tell him. Min thinks you should get a harsh spanking on your ass and pussy. Your master J agreed."
“I’m confused,” I said. “Agreed to which?”
“To both,” Alice said, matter-of-factly. She looked at Min, whose eyes sparkled menacingly. “The only trouble is, we have our next appointment soon, so we are going to have to do both at the same time.”
My head was spinning, but I wanted to be able to leave the salon with a good report delivered to my master. “What would you like me to do?” I asked, scanning their faces.
“Spread your legs as far as you can. I am going to spank your pussy first,” Min said.
I spread my legs and looked into her eyes, but she was focused on the pussy she had just shaved. She began to slap it again with the back of her fingers. She slapped it harder than before and the sting bloomed almost immediately. I looked to Alice, but she was watching Min. I realized, in a surreal moment that Alice was interning with Min. Min was her teacher!
The blows came very fast and Min was muttering under her breath. I couldn’t make out what she said, but it didn’t seem to matter. She was angry with me and she was going to take it out on Master’s body. She stood up and for a moment I thought she was finished, but she merely stood to the side of the chair and began slapping the pussy with the flat of her hand. I was trying not to moan, but the pain was growing more and more intense. I was breathing heavy and biting my lower lip. I closed my eyes against the tears that were forming. When she stopped, the throbbing in my pussy was insane.
“Stand up!” she ordered.
Alice stood to the side with an enormous dildo in her hand. At another time, I would have found it funny, but knowing I was going to be fucked with it—while being spanked--gave me pause. Min took a seat and spread out her skirt. She impatiently waved me over and all but dragged me over her lap. She positioned me roughly so that my ass was to the ceiling and my head was almost on the floor. She began spanking my ass slowly, covering the entire area. The painful throbbing in my pussy soon coalesced into a slowly building arousal. I pushed my hips up higher to meet her hand.
“Lift up,” she said, suddenly and when I did, she forced the dildo up my master’s cunt.
She began fucking the pussy with one can as she smacked my ass with the other. When this became too difficult, she barked at Alice to bring the wooden brush. I stiffened at this—my least favorite instrument. I knew I would be crying in seconds if Min used it on me. Min coached Alice to smack my ass as hard as she could. I moved my hips up and down, wanting to fuck the dildo, but to avoid the sting of the brush. The more vigorously I fucked the toy in my cunt, the harder the whacks with the brush felt. I began to moan and then to cry and then to scream. My hips thrust harder onto the dildo and I exploded into orgasm.
The whacking continued on my ass, but the dildo was allowed to fall free. I kicked out involuntarily as the blows rained down. I felt my body go limp as the whacks continued. I cried openly as they finally slowed and then stopped. I felt such a flush of gratitude that the pain had stopped, that I fell off Min’s lap onto the floor and lay my head in her lap and babbled,
“thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.” Min stroked my hair and patted my back.
I hadn’t heard the door open, but when I stood up, I saw two figures standing in the intake area. The first I knew was my master. I would know him anywhere. The second I assumed was the appointment, a college-aged girl who just looked pissed that she was kept waiting. I looked through my tears to my master and saw him wave me over, a little impatiently. Alice handed me my skirt and I pulled it up gingerly and buttoned it. Then she led me to a sink and told me to wash my face. She rubbed my back as I did. I toweled off my face and walked to my master.
“I am sorry I am such a mess, Master.” I said. He reached out and cupped my cheek. "But I am so happy you are here. What about your trip?"
“Let me see what I paid for,” he said. I lifted my skirt up and he took his hand from my cheek and cupped my warm mons. His touch seemed to make everything better and I looked into his face and smiled. He shook his head. “Slave, I can’t leave you alone and I can't take you anywhere!” he said.
“Then will you take me home, please, Sir?” I asked.
He waved to Alice and Min, took me by the wrist and led me to the car. I lay in his lap on the drive home and nuzzled his cock as he drove. He rubbed my back. When he pulled into the garage, I looked up and asked,
“Can I kiss it, Master?” In reply, he unzipped.
I sprang up and sat on my heels. When his cock was free, I fell onto it like a starving dog. I took it into my mouth and felt it harden the rest of the way. I felt waves of joy rush over me as I bobbed with abandon up and down the length of his cock. I sucked hard and gently cupped his balls in my hand. I rubbed the crease between them and continued pressing his cock deeper and deeper down my throat.
I felt his balls dance a little in my hand as I heard him grunt above me. With a steady rhythm, I began to take him in deeper and faster. It felt so wonderful to have his cock inside my unworthy body. All I wanted was for him to release himself inside me so I would know he was pleased. I hummed and moaned and sucked his cock, trying to milk it with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and stopped me and I felt him cum in strong, long spurts. I drank every drop down, grateful to be used and had by my Master.
"You made it almost half a day without getting in trouble, slave. I have to leave again tonight. Do you think you can make it an entire day...or two or three?"
"Yes, Master. I'll do better tomorrow," I said.
"Good girl," he said and cupped the back of my head. "Cute haircut!" he said.
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