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My name is Mike Clark, I turned eighteen the same day I graduated high school. I just spent the last four years of my life studying three to five hours every night as I took every advanced class my school had to offer as well as some online. In short I have had no social life at all, why you may ask? Well it's pretty simple my goal in life is to get as far away from this stupid little town my parents trapped me in as possible.
My dad moved to this hick town when I was nine years old, he was the new foreman of the mid-shift at Papermore's paper mill in Grinnell Iowa, in other words B.F.E. Working the mid-shift meant I couldn't make noise during the day as dad was sleeping so I read ALOT. By the time I was in the eighth grade I knew I couldn't handle living in this town. There is literally only two options work for the paper mill or some sort of customer service in town supporting the paper mill, no way not me.
So from the ninth grade on I studied and then I studied some more and just when I thought I couldn't study anything else I started over. I essentially blew the curve on every test in every class. I had no time for sports or girls, even though I was in good shape I jogged to school four miles and back every day, and dad got me a bow-flex for Christmas when I was fifteen. I use that every day as well for twenty minutes like it said. So by the time I graduated I was 6'1" a lean 178 pounds and a valedictorian.
With my grades and hard work I received a full scholarship to M.I.T. as an engineering student. My future was looking good I was getting out of this town, but it couldn't be fast enough. So back to graduation day I finished my speech the forty eight other students in this podunk town politely clapped. We all got our diploma's and I headed home, no parties for me I was leaving today. I packed a backpack kissed mom good-bye shook dad's hand and hit the road. Dad offered me a couple hundred bucks I turned him down as I had turned in my savings bonds from grandma this morning.
So I am walking down the road with $3400.00 in traveler's checks and $100.00 in small bills. I was heading to M.I.T. in whatever way I could to get there. No one would miss me I didn't have any friends I was of a singular purpose to leave this place and as I walked down the road I had never been happier in my entire life. I had just over three months to get to Cambridge, Ma. and I intended to live a little before the studying resumed.
I started walking south till I hit I-80 I didn't care which way I went, I was just glad to be out of Grinnell. I must have been walking for a couple hours before I finally hit the freeway. As you can imagine in the middle of Iowa there isn't much traffic. I flipped a coin heads east, tails west, it landed tails so I started moving out. I put my thumb out as trucks occasionally drove by but none stopped. It must have been about 4:30 in the afternoon when I heard another truck coming up behind me so I stuck my thumb out again, I didn't even look till I heard its air-brakes kick in and it slowing down to the side of the road.
I ran up to the truck so glad for a ride I opened the door and jumped into the cab, closing the door behind me.
Saying, "Thanks I've been walk..." as I turned to see the driver. She was possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, coming for a town of less than 10,000 that's not saying much but she was a sight to behold for sure as my words caught in my mouth.
"Where ya going sugar?" she asked as she clutched up and got back on the road.
As I stared at her I was at a complete loss for words as I looked her over she was around 5'4" but she was sitting so later on I would find out it was closer to 5'6" she was well defined and fit. What caught my attention and my voice was her breasts. They were in my eighteen year old mind perfect, 36D at least and showing everywhere as she was in a tank top, clearly no bra as one wasn't needed. She was also in daisy dukes and luscious legs to match as I watched the muscles on the legs flex as she shifted gears again.
"Honey are you ok, I asked where ya headed?" she asked again.
"I'm sorry ma'am I was really just surprised to see a lady driving one of these big trucks." I said, "To answer your question, Cambridge Massachusetts."
She looked at me and smiled, "Honey you are going the wrong way this is west, Cambridge is east." She started braking to let me out.
"No don't stop ma'am I don't have to be there till September." I told her about my drive to leave my parents town and get out into the world and how this was my first summer of freedom, EVER!.
"Well then young man you are definitely out there, I never even heard of Grinnell. By the way I am Lila, you are?" She laughed easily as we talked.
I'm Mike ma'am, nice to meet you."
"Ok Mike nice to meet you as well however since I am only 31 years old you better stop calling me ma'am and calling me Lila or I am gonna throw your ass out of my truck." She said grinning.
"Yes ma.. Lila." I said.
She told me she was recently divorced as her driving partner and husband. Ted was caught fornicating with some dude from Boise, at a truck stop while she was sleeping. She had been driving her truck for about six years but only solo for about seven months. She had him sign the divorce papers in jail as she drove off without him, she said she never looked back.
"Well sweetie I am hungry and I have just about hit my ten hours for the day so we'll be pulling over at a truck stop in Omaha, Nebraska. You are welcome to stay with me but I can't leave for eight hours, or I could check and see if anyone is heading out before that on the CB." She told me.
"Well can I at least buy you dinner for taking me this far?" I asked.
She said, "Sure if you would like to."
"I would let's get some food." I smiled at her.
We pulled up to this huge truck stop, there had to be over 100 trucks here. I have to admit I got out of the truck a little slow as I watched her ass as she climbed out of the cab. I left my backpack in the truck till after we got some food. We walked over towards a series of restaurants, she turned and looked at me.
"Well kid what kind of food are you in the mood for? as she waved her hand across the front of the building that was easily a block long.
I told her, "I'm buying you pick."
she said, "Alright."
We headed over to a Mexican place, we ordered and got a couple beers, I was a little scared but they didn't card me. I guess the waiter was too busy looking at Lila's tits to bother with me. We ate a great meal and talked more. Several trucker buddies of hers came over to say hi more than one invited her to his cab for the night. She turned them all down, one thing I did notice that nearly everyone of the trucked in this place was quite large in girth ok let's say it they were all fat. As one walked away I asked.
"Am I intruding I can get lost if you want to go." I said sheepishly.
She laughed out loud, "Oh God no kid you are saving me from those," leaning closer to me, "fat smelly beasts. They have been trying to get into my britches ever since Ted got arrested."
After dinner we headed back to her truck, she looked at me smiling as she unlocked the door to her rig, "Alright kid you staying or going? I got plenty of room in the back and I am heading to California."
After thinking about it for a second of two realizing my choice were to quote Lila, fat smelly beasts or Lila there really wasn't much choice, "I'll stay." I said.
"Alright sugar give me a couple minutes to freshen up and you can come on up, or if you need to you can go grab a shower over in the rest building." she said.
"Oh wow a shower would be great I did walk about sixteen miles today." she handed me a card telling me it would get me into the shower and climbed into the truck.
I got myself a change of clothes shorts and a t-shirt and went over to the shower. I took a long hot shower that felt amazing. I changed clothes heading back to Lila's truck, climbing into the cab I put my dirty clothes into my backpack. I locked the doors and started to curl up on the front seat.
Lila poked her head through the curtain from the back, "What are you doing goofy, you sleep like that and I am going to kick your butt out on the side of the rode after you complain about how your neck hurts. Get back here I told you I have plenty of room."
I moved through the curtain looking into the back it was well lit and a huge queen sized bed was back there. Lila was reading a book in a different tank top that said "These 38's will blow you away" and some black lace panties. She was on top of the covers as I climbed inside closing the curtain behind me.
"You can sleep right there Mike, see you in the morning." as she turned out the light.
There I was laying in the back of a truck with the most beautiful woman I had ever met, all I could think about was her gorgeous tits and her luscious ass. I got hard thinking about her wondering if I had a shot. Now you might have already guessed this but just to confirm I was indeed a virgin, victim of the studying and the fact that no girls were even remotely attractive to me back in Grinnell. I curled up facing away from Lila as I didn't want her seeing my cock pointing up in my shorts, I fell asleep that way.
I was dreaming about Lila she was licking my cock as it was sticking straight up in the air, she wrapped her tongue around it licking up and down the shaft. Then she took my whole cock into her mouth. I couldn't believe how real this dream felt I could feel her hair on my stomach as she took me down her throat. I groaned out loud only as she went down again, as I groaned I heard myself and I felt her on my cock. I opened my eyes, I wasn't dreaming Lila had taken my cock down her throat!!!
Lila looked up at me as my cock was buried in her face, I blew my load right there. I came a ton as she sucked it all up, some of it dribbled out of her mouth and she licked it all up. Her looking up at me will be remembered as long as I live. She licked my balls muttering something about what a beautiful cock. She moved up my body stroking my cock with her hand kissing me deeply her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of my cum as she kissed me for what seemed like several minutes.
Pulling away from me she looked into my eyes with a hunger I had never seen before, "Mike I need you inside me." She said.
"Li li la," I stammered, "I have never done this before." as I blushed deeply in embarrassment.
"Ahh sugar I knew that, especially the way you were staring at my tits all day." as her hand continued to stroke my cock up and down. "I had no intention of doing this mike but when you rolled over and I saw how huge you were I couldn't help myself."
"Huge??" I asked not knowing if I was wasn't.
"Oh my lord boy you have a gorgeous cock and I just have to have it inside me." she kissed me again.
Lila sat up taking her tank top off and wiggled out of her panties, I took that as my chance to get my shorts and shirt off as well. Lila crawled up my body kissing my legs and then my balls as she passed by. Sucking my cock briefly moaning on it kissing her way up she took my nipple in her mouth sucking it.
I could not believe the sensations she was causing in my body, I was aching to have her I was on fire I was dying. She kissed me again as she reached between us sliding my cock over the lips of her pussy. She placed the head at her entrance and in one smooth action took me all the way down inside her hot wet pussy.
She sat on top of my cock forever it seemed my hips started bucking up on their own, but she stopped me by sitting down hard on my cock.
"Wait Mike I need to adjust to your pussy wrecker." she groaned.
After a couple minutes she started grinding on my cock slowly gliding up and down the shaft. I have never felt anything so wonderful in my life, her pussy seemed to be massaging my cock as she went up and down on my shaft. My hand had never felt this good, I took the opportunity to start playing with her tits. I grabbed her nipples feeling how hard they were, I gently twisted them in my fingers feeling them get harder.
Lila cried out, "Suck them Mike." as she pushed her tit into my mouth.
I took her nipple in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, circling the hard nubbin of flesh as Lila started to really get moving on my cock. Her pelvis was rocking up and down on my man meat as my tongue licked and sucked her nipple. She looked at me and grinned as she started fucking me literally like I had never been fucked before. Leaning down again kissing me slamming her tongue into my mouth again. She grabbed me and suddenly she rolled us over and I was on top of her.
"Pound me Mike I need to be fucked, it's been so long!!!" she begged me.
I held myself above her looking down at her face, as she looked back at me needing me, I pushed my cock into her pussy. She groaned as my cock went into her it felt different from this angle I got my pressure as her pussy squeezed me harder. I started thrusting into her slowly at first and faster as her moans intensified and I realized I was doing something right. I pumped in and out of her wet pussy hard and fast till I was just about to blow again when she jumped back.
I watched in shock thinking I did something wrong as she got on her hands and knees and grabbed my cock again placing it at her pussy entrance again she screamed, "RAM ME NOW!!!"
I did as she asked slamming my hips forward deep into her my balls slapped her clit as I kept thrusting into her I grabbed her hip as I fought for traction. Lila was going crazy screaming pounding the pillow with her hands as she bucked up and down on my cock. I later learned that she was not just orgasming but she came multiple times as I pounded her. I couldn't stop this time I grabbed her hips and drove my cock as deep as it would go, letting loose I yelled out as I came inside her.
As my cum splashed inside her cunt she came again screaming so loud anyone outside the truck had to hear it. She slid off my cock laying on the bed I fell over laying next to her, we were both covered in sweat as she reached over to me taking me in her arms she kissed me again, whispering thank you, as she fell asleep in my arms.
Needless to say I spent the whole summer riding across the country with Lila. She taught me everything I know about pleasing a woman. She taught me that studying is all well and good but if you don't have fun too, what's the point. She dropped me off at M.I.T. in late august giving me one more for the road as she put it.
Lila stopped by every time she was in the area, and I spent my vacation time with her on the road. Four years later I graduated from M.I.T. with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. I got a great job offer to work for Lockheed-Martin. I asked her to marry me at the truck stop in Omaha. We got married in August in Vegas on the way to California to start my job.
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