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It's always "hard" getting "up" in the morning The day had begun just like any other, a loud ringing alarm pierced the air and a lazily thrown arm just as quickly turned the loud interruption off. The male groaned ever so softly, seeing glints of sunlight out of the cracks in his curtains. He knew it was Monday, and he had nothing but dread in his bones as he slowly planned out the day in his head. Just another boring, tedious time in a place he really wished he didn't need to be in. But, it brought in money, so how could he complain. At least he was lucky enough to have a job. Blinking softly, his orange hues scanned the roof above his head, before feeling a small disturbance in his blanket. Glancing over to the sleepy figure beside him, he couldn't help but smile to see a dreary, sleepy face look up at him. The small, brunette female rubbed her eyes in an attempt to awaken while questioning her bed partner in a groggy tone. "Ugh, what time is it?" He looked over at the clock, noting the time before splitting his dry, crusty lips to respond. "6:23..." The male returned his gaze to her, to see her reaction. "Seems earlier.." She pulled the blanket to further cover her naked skin, trying to get her wits about her. As she slowly recalled how she felt the night before, an ever so light smile perched itself on her maroon lips, her ocean pupils admiring a small part of her partners revealed chest. Rippled, toned muscles covered his figure, and a shiver ran down her spine as memories flushed into her mind. His arms wrapped around her figure, the heat from his body causing her to sweat, and her nails clawing at his skin. But, like a reflection in water, all of it disappeared in a ripple of movement. The male slowly sat up, resting his back on the headboard, as he slowly blinked and continued to prepare for his coming day. The bed was as perfect as the experience, hard yet so soft and inviting. The female could snuggle inside of her warm santcuary forever, smelling his cologne and feeling his embrace as often as breathing. But, the male slowly moved to get out of the bed, the safe, warm place. She slowly moved her hand to his arm, feeling his warm, soft skin. The female wrapped her arm around his, resting her head on his shoulder. He was going to go to work, and get through the day to come back home as soon as possible. But, before he could leave the ever so welcoming mattress, he felt the gentle hair and skin of his partner against his arm. And it wasn't long before past events surfaced in his mind, a heated, passionate night was now behind him. But, there was always the future to look forward to. The male slowly turned to head to glance at the female, his orange eyes searched hers for some type of reasoning. Not that he was unhappy with her attention, just curious. And, at that moment, he realized that he had what most men received bright and early in the morning. A throbbing case of morning wood. He could feel the light clothe of the blanket constricting it against his body, until he adjusted it slightly, so it was standing tall and proud, a blanketed outline was the only proof to the claim. She didn't want him to leave just yet, his company was more then just a way to cure loneliness, it was a high. And she craved it. Slowly, she pulled him back into the bed, until he was sitting against the headboard oncce more. And, she noticed his condition as well. She did not find it repulsive, she knew it was more then natural, and perhaps she was even proud that she might've aroused her partner so easily. Her eyes examined the covered outline, taking in the detail. It throbbed, softly, and the blanket only made it seem larger then it was, but if it was any bigger, it might not even fit inside of her. She felt his fingers slowly run through her hair, and she looked back at him with a sparkle in her eye, seeing his eyes lustfully take in her partly revealed figure. Smirking softly, she unravelled her arm from his, and he slowly withdrew his fingers from her smooth, hazelnut hair. They were both still nude from their previous encounter, and both admired the fact. The male was slightly surprised, as he felt the female slowly guided her body against his, the brush of her nude breast against his thigh, as she skillfully moved her body onto his. Her face and breasts sat in front of his crotch, as the rest of her body laid under the blanket. The male had no objections, as the tender white skin of his partners breasts wrapped around his member. His tool sat inbetween the two gentle massagers, as she gently ran her tongue from the bottom of his length, up the side, and ending at his head. She took her warm tongue back into her mouth, mixed it with a pool of saliva, and continued. The male let his eyes absorb every detail of her actions, while still enjoying the attention. The females small tongue wasn't covering the males member in her saliva at a progressive rate, but her only objective at the moment was to excite her partner. The female didn't do this often, she wasn't a fan of giving him undeserved favors, but it was an effective way to stop him from leaving. Wetting her tongue once more, she licked his cock like an ice cream, massaging his head, slipping her tongue at the entrance of his penis. A creamy taste of precum was on her tongue now, and she let the small amount melt in her mouth. Though, not often, when she gave her partner pleasure, she went all the way. His balls were warm, resting under her breasts, though as she grew uninterested with his cock, she peeled her breasts away from his sac and slowly slipped one of his nuts into her mouth, letting her tongue massage the gentle skin. She wrapped her hand around his tool, making sure it didn't fall from it's tall resting place. She suckled on his balls for several moments, but did eventually returned her attention to the grand prize, her breasts resting ontop of his sac once more. Her breasts kept his erection in place, and her hand was unnecessary now, so removed it from his length as she wrapped her wet mouth around his pink, soft head. She ever so slightly bobbed her head, rubbing her soft tongue around his entire girth. She had to go slow, and slowly prepare herself for the entire size of the member. Though, she was impatient, so it didn't last long. Her restricted zone on simply his head slowly moved, bobbing her head further down his dick. Inch by inch, with every bob, she spun her tongue around his girth more and more, and took more of her partners cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before it hit the back of her throat, but experience allowed her to continue. Though, before even taking half of his size, she reverted back to just running her tongue around his head. He was throughly enjoying the attention his groin was receiving. And despite the fact that he hardly made noise in the bedroom, other then rare moans and grunts, he had let off several noises of enjoyment, "Mmmm's" and "Oh". His hands slowly made their way to the hair of his partner, not forcing her any further, but resting there and allowing her to work on his tool without interference with her long, brown hair. Though, if she teased him again like that, he might just loose control and force her. Even though it might be violent, brute like and controlling, the male had a strong belief that she absoultely adored it when he was a violent, controlling brute. She could feel the strong, long fingers of her lover in her hair, and that was half of the battle. If he felt in control, then he could be here for hours. And even though she didn't want him to be late for his job, she didn't want him to leave either. Slowly, but surely, she opened her burning hot mouth once more and coated his length in saliva as her tongue tasted his sweet cock. The wetness of the member allowed her to increase her speed, moving her head up and down faster and smoother on him. Slowly, she moved from laying down to her knees pushing her up. She was now servicing him from a doggy style position, but he was in a completely different hole entirely. Her knees were shoved into the bed, inbetween his legs as her entire mind focused on his pleasure. Her advances on his cock continued, her breasts dangling in the air now, her head directly above his length. The female glanced up at her lover, their eyes meeting. Sweet seduction in her ocean blue orbs, passion and pleasure in his orange hues. But her eyes returned to her work, her mouth almost reaching the bottom of his cock. Several inches of his tool in her throat already, but she wasn't struggling to take in his length, she was teasing and torturing. She could feel his fingers slowly grab her hair roughly, it wouldn't be long before he lost his mind in lust. Not long at all. The male was slowly losing his mind in pure ecstasy, the sweet feeling of her tight, wet throat around his cock, and so close to the very bottom of his length. As he felt his lovers mouth bob slowly, to him, up and down on his wet skin, she bobbed her head up one too many times. The male swiftly pushed his lovers mouth all the way down on his cock, her nose was shoved into his pubes as her throat took in his entire member. He could feel her bottom lip on the tip of his sac, and it was fantastic. And the only thing that could feel any better was to feel it all over again. His strong hands had no problem forcing his lovers head up off of his length, only to shove it all the way back down it. Finally, he had done it. The tase of his cock was memorizing, and when her nose was shoved into his pubes, she smelt nothing but his strong, masculine scent. Her nosils tickled with every thrust she felt, and her throat expanded with every shove. She slowly suckled on his dick, feeling his throbbing member about to shoot it's orgasm at any moment. He mindlessly pushed her mouth down and down again on his entire length, his cock entering and leaving her throat continuously. But the enjoyable punishment would only increase as he got closer to the edge, the speed of his violent thrust increasing. The females eyes slowly closed as she simply became insync with the thrusts, the males hands guiding her mouth along his cock. And once the male felt his orgasm flood into his penis, he finished with one final push, releasing his load with her nose in his pubic hair and her mouth balls deep on his cock. His cum was launched into her throat, but after several large shots, she slowly felt some of the cum drip down onto his cock, as she tried to swallow the excessive amount. The male still had a grip on her head, but it wasn't painful. At least unbearably painful. She tried despretely to finish drinking the white release, but some of it eventually spilled out onto his member, no matter how many times she gulped it down. The male slowly did remove his hands from her head, in which she took her mouth off of his member and coughed a few times, making sure to send all of the sweet man nectar down the right pipe. Though, there was a considerable sum now resting on the males member, sac and even some remnants in his pubic hair. Which was quite difficult to get out. She tried her best to clean his tool, suckling on his nuts once more and cleaning his length clean with lick after lick. He slowly stared at his ceiling, feeling happy and stress free. Though, eventually his eyes fell on the clock, which read '8:11.' Had she really gave him an hour long blowjob? It had felt like only minutes. The male would have hopped right out of bed and into the shower for work, if he hadn't felt the strong grip on his now sensitive member. Looking at his partner, he looked at her questioningly, wondering why she was holding his member hostage. She smirked, saliva and cum remnants around her lips as she spoke. "When you get home... you owe me." She then licked at the remnant sperm, enjoying his taste.
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