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Bethenny struggled to open the heavy door while balancing her book bag, coffee, cell phone, and laptop. She was already running late for her 8:00am class on deviant behavior and Professor Englehardt was notorious for reducing grades based on punctuality. Pulling the door open, she saw her coffee cup falling from her hands in slow motion toward the marble floor of Breckenridge Hall. Before the cup landed on the floor and spilled its contents, Bethenny saw a very expensive pair of leather shoes enter her view.
“I see you are running late again Ms. McLeod.”
Bethenny looked up into the greenest set of eyes she had ever seen. Stuttering as she tried to form words, she felt the splash of the hot coffee on her legs. Gasping as the hot liquid touched her skin, she realized who the tall, green-eyed boy in front of her was. Spencer Bruce was the new teaching assistant and tutor for the forensic psychology department; he was working on his masters in behavioral studies and often used some of the freshman students as his guinea pigs to test hypotheses. Bethenny had also heard from some of the girls in her dorm that Spencer was notorious for using his education to manipulate girls into sexual situations. As much as she doubted it would happen, Bethenny did hope that one day she would be on the receiving end of Spencer’s manipulations.
Even though she didn’t see it, Bethenny had already caught Spencer’s eye, among many other males on campus. She was not tall, by any means; only about five foot three, with waist length auburn curls and hazel eyes, courtesy of her Scottish heritage. Her pale ivory skin was covered in freckles, and her figure was curvaceous. Because Bethenny was not a skinny girl like many of the other girls in her dorm, she felt like she wasn’t attractive enough; however the boys on campus were interested in her 34D breasts and ample rear end.
“Sorry Spencer, I didn’t mean to spill my coffee. I mean, I didn’t mean to spill it on you. I mean I am heading to class right now, I’m sorry.” Bethenny stuttered as she hurried to class.
Spencer felt the bulge in his jeans grow watching Bethenny’s breasts bounce as she ran up the stairs to class. Adjusting himself, he followed her up the stairs. Following her into the classroom, Spencer watched as Bethenny slid into a seat on the edge of class, attempting to evade the steely gaze of Professor Bryan Englehardt.
She was not successful in hiding her tardiness. “Ms. McLeod, you are aware that class begins promptly at 8:00, correct?”
Before Bethenny could respond, Spencer responded. “I am awfully sorry Professor, but I held Bethenny up in the hallway discussing her participation in a new hypothesis I am planning on testing this weekend.”
“I see, Mr. Bruce. Well then, Ms. McLeod, your tardiness shall be overlooked due to Mr. Bruce’s monopolization of your time. However, next time Mr. Bruce; please leave the discussion until after class has concluded.” Professor Englehardt cautioned.
Bethenny felt Spencer’s eyes on her throughout the entire class; she could feel her skin grow warm as the flush turned her skin pink with embarrassment. She also felt her nipples begin to grow hard and her panties grow moist. Spencer was the first boy, well man, to pay any attention to her outside of trying to copy off her test or borrow her notes from class.
Spencer saw Bethenny blush as he looked at her and smiled at the thought that she would be embarrassed from the attention. He studied the curves of her breasts peeking out from under her shirt. She had an amazing body for a freshman, better than some of the girls his own age. He saw guys all over campus checking her out as she passed by and more than one of the pledges in his fraternity wanted to get in her pants. Now that he came up with the lie that they were going to do an experiment together, he had his chance to see if the performance lived up to the expectation.
At least a week passed since that day, and Spencer hadn’t even looked at Bethenny, let alone talked to her. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am to 12:00pm both Bethenny and Spencer were together, but only because Spencer assisted the professors that taught her classes. Even though she didn’t see it, Spencer was studying her; looking for his opportunity to get her full attention in a way she wouldn’t be able to ignore. He didn’t know how easy Bethenny was about to make it for him.
“Okay, so Spencer tells Englehardt that we’re doing some experiment together, then stares at me the rest of the day. He hasn’t even said a word to me since then, is that a good thing or not?” Bethenny asked her across the hall neighbor, Jill. Jill was dating a guy named Kevin who was in the same fraternity as Spencer. “Has Spencer said anything about me to Kevin?”
Jill knew this conversation well; more than one freshman girl had been lured in by Spencer’s striking green eyes and easygoing charm just to be left ignored for a week or more. “Bethenny, Spencer does stuff like this all the time. You just have to ignore him back. The more you want him to notice you, the less he’ll pay attention.” Jill said. “As crazy as it sounds, ignore him and he’ll be all up in your space in no time. Or, you could always come to the party at the frat house this weekend with Kevin’s brother Tim; Spencer might become a little more intrigued if he thinks someone else might get to you before he does.”
Bethenny agreed to go to the party with Tim; the worst thing that would happen is that she’d return to her dorm room that night drunk and alone, and she was okay with that. Deciding to conduct an experiment of her own, Bethenny decided to run to the mall before the party to pick up a few things to stack the deck in her favor. She found a new little black dress that showed off her ample cleavage and was short enough to grab any red-blooded male’s attention while providing just enough coverage to keep her from looking like a skank. She paired that with a new pair of black fuck-me pumps and thigh-high silk stockings. Bethenny also visited the local salon and spa to get waxed bare from the waist down; that way she could save time by not shaving tonight. If this dress didn’t get Spencer’s attention for at least a moment tonight, nothing would. Rushing to get ready, Bethenny didn’t notice that the door to her dorm room hadn’t shut all the way.
One of the nice things about the school that Bethenny attended was that each dorm room was more like an apartment, a 450 square foot studio apartment, but an autonomous location nonetheless. Each room had its own bathroom area with a small shower as well as a small kitchen area so that the students didn’t have to use one large nasty communal shower or kitchen area. Also, because the rooms were so small, everyone had a single occupancy and you didn’t have to put up with a roommate you didn’t get along with or one who had a completely different schedule than you. Everyone was able to do their own thing in harmony.
As Bethenny jumped out of the shower, the air-conditioned room caused steam to rise off her wet skin. The cool air also caused her nipples to harden so quickly that she could feel the electricity start her juices flowing. The thought of Spencer popped into her mind, which made her nipples harder and her pussy wetter. She didn’t know what exactly it was about him, but Bethenny definitely wanted to try and find out if the glowing reputation he had as a lover were true. Glancing at the clock and seeing she still had about a half hour until Tim would arrive; she decided she would relieve some of the pressure so that she could enjoy herself tonight. Bethenny stretched out on her bed, untied her robe, and let it fall gently open to expose her hard nipples and bare mound. While her left hand rolled a hard nipple between its fingers, her right hand reached between the folds of soft skin to find a very hard clit. Bethenny was surprised how wet she already was and how much slicker her skin got being waxed instead of shaved. It didn’t take long for the tingling pleasure to start in her toes and travel quickly up her legs. Her fingers quickly pinched and rolled the hard button beneath them as more and more wetness escaped. Bethenny tried hard to stifle the sounds of her moans by burying her head in her pillow, but the pleasure was so intense she couldn’t hold them in. As her orgasm drew closer, her hips grinding against her hand, quiet moans erupting from her mouth, and her other hand buried deep inside of her to stimulate her g-spot; she thought of Spencer and fantasized that it was his hand inside of her instead of her own. Before she realized it, she moaned his name as the wave of her orgasm overtook her and left a sizeable wet spot on her blanket below.
Riding up the elevator of Teller Hall to the fifth floor, Spencer checked his watch to make sure he had enough time to pick up his iPad from Jill’s room and still make it back to the house for the start of the party. He knew his fraternity brothers would not care if he was late, but when you are the Vice President of the chapter, you have to set a reasonable example. Knocking on Jill’s door, Spencer heard something coming from the door behind him. He turned around to see one of the dorm room doors was partially open and he could hear what sounded like crying coming from within. Wanting to make sure the occupant was okay; he peeked around the open door to see a sight that rendered him speechless for just a moment. His cock grew hard in his pants as he saw Bethenny, spread eagle on her bed, masturbating. The aroma of her sex reached his nose and caused his cock to strain against the jeans holding it back. Watching her fingers manipulate and massage her clit made Spencer fight against his desires to join her and bring her to climax. As Jill opened her door behind him, he heard every last breath of Bethenny’s orgasm; including his name.
After allowing her body to return to a calm state, Bethenny began dressing for the party. She slowly slid her tiny silk thongs up her still sensitive legs and realized her body was still very aroused from her play session; it didn’t take long for her little panties to become soaked. She left them on, thinking it would help her with her plan this evening; the pheromones she was emitting would definitely catch Spencer’s attention. As she put the finishing touches on her makeup, Tim knocked on her door and it swung open on its own. The door opening startled Bethenny and she gasped.
“Sorry, I just knocked and the door opened all by itself.” Tim said, trying to calm her.
“It’s okay. I guess I just didn’t realize it hadn’t shut all the way when I got back.” Bethenny said, grabbing her purse and keys. “I’m ready, we can go now.” They met up with Kevin and Jill in the hallway and walked the short distance to the party.
From his perch at the top of the stairs, Spencer could see Bethenny arriving. The familiar bulge rose again in his jeans as he thought about what he had seen a mere half hour earlier. He saw she had brought a date, but he was only a pledge, and had to provide whatever the Vice President requested. Both Kevin and Tim walked up the stairs to greet Spencer and Jill waived from the keg, but Bethenny wouldn’t even look up at him; in fact she had walked away without even greeting him. He knew what she was up to, playing hard to get, and he knew he couldn’t give in that easy.
Two hours quickly passed and what started as a semi-quiet gathering had quickly turned into a loud kegger with drunken bodies strewn about the furniture in the house. Spencer had paced himself though, and while he was feeling pretty good, he was also in control of himself. That control quickly disappeared as he and Bethenny ended up on the back deck at the same time. Walking up to tap her on the shoulder and tease her about avoiding him, the scent of her found him for the second time that evening. She smelled even more aroused than before. Spencer wondered if she even had panties on under that tiny dress. He felt himself grow hard for the third time in as many hours. Before he could back up, she did and bumped into him.
“Um, oh, hi Spencer.” Bethenny said, trying to remember to play hard to get.
“Hi Bethenny.” Spencer said, trying to hide his growing erection from her and play it cool. He had the sneaking suspicion it wasn’t working. “Are you enjoying the party?”
“Yeah, it was great. I was actually just leaving. Thanks for throwing such a great party.” Bethenny said as she walked off the deck and back into the house. She felt him hard against her when she bumped into him, but was too scared to actually tell him. She wanted to stay on the deck, tell him what she wanted to do to him, then let him take over; but she knew she would never do anything more than fantasize about him while furiously rubbing her clit.
Feeling defeated, Spencer retreated to his room. “Guess I’m sleeping alone again tonight.” He said to himself. Contrary to the rumors spread across campus, he was not the ladies’ man he was made out to be; he had only been with a few girls. Stripping down to his boxers and settling into his bed, his thoughts kept returning to Bethenny and his erection quickly returned. Slipping his hand beneath the waistband of his shorts, the head of his cock, already wet with pre-cum, brushed against his knuckles. The brush of his hand sent jolts of electricity down his shaft and it twitched beneath his hand. Gripping it tightly, he started stroking his shaft, feeling the pleasure multiply with every movement. The pleasure building quickly prompted him to grip tighter and stroke harder to bring about his release. Spencer wished he had made his move there in the hallway, and bust into Bethenny’s room when he had the chance. It was obvious from her climaxing moans that she was thinking of him, so she probably wouldn’t have turned him down if he had come in. Thinking about what he would have done to her if he had entered her room, Spencer felt his climax erupt. “Mmmm, Bethenny that feels so good.” He said to himself.
Wandering around the hallway, trying to figure out where the bathroom was, Bethenny finally succumbed to the fact she was indeed lost. “Ok, Tim said the bathroom was up here on the left side of the hallway, but all I see are locked doors” Bethenny said to herself. The fire that started when she brushed against Spencer’s hard cock on the deck was too much for her, she couldn’t wait until she got back to the dorm. She faked the need to use the bathroom so she could relieve the pressure before she did something with Tim. He was a great guy and all, but not her type.
Bethenny saw a crack of light up ahead in a partially opened door and walked toward it. What Bethenny saw was not a bathroom though. She was staring right into Spencer’s bedroom. She saw him, propped up on his bed, stroking himself. Her panties became soaked as her arousal grew, she could feel her muscles twitch as she thought about what she was watching. She started to rub her nipples through her dress, feeling them harden in anticipation. Spencer’s hand glided up and down his hardened shaft, with beads of sweat popping up along his forehead. He was biting his lower lip and moaning while pounding away at himself. She felt the overwhelming urge to push the door open and wrap her lips around that 11” tool Spencer was paying so much attention to. As she worked up her nerve, her chance passed her by; Spencer shot his load all over his chest. She heard him call out her name and knew that was her one and only chance.
“And just what do you think you’re doing Mr. Bruce?” Bethenny said, throwing the door open.
Spencer’s eyes grew wide with surprise, and then melted into relief when he saw who it was. “The same thing you were doing this afternoon Ms. McLeod.” He said.
Bethenny blushed at the realization that he had been in the hallway, and guessed he heard her call out his name. It was now or never; they were both hiding in their respective bedrooms masturbating to the thought of each other.
“It’s funny you mention that Spencer; I was trying to find the bathroom so I could do that again.” Bethenny said, laughing at the irony.
“If you want, you could do that here, on my bed, and I could help, if you needed it.” Spencer said, wiping his cum from his chest and scooting over to make a place for her.
“I actually had other plans.” Bethenny said as she closed and locked his bedroom door and began pulling her dress off over her head. “I hope you didn’t wear yourself out just now, I would hate to have you unable to enjoy yourself the rest of the night.”
As she sat down on the bed, Spencer leaned in to kiss her and said “Don’t worry about me, I will make sure I enjoy myself tonight.”
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