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Jay shows the way
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The love of my life was a man with whom there was no future. He was from a different country, a different culture and was married.
We were lovers. There was never a more passionate affair than the one between Jay and me. We couldn’t get enough of one another and in the short time we were together I had more orgasms than in practically any other time of my life.
Jay was very dark, not black but the colour of rich, dark walnut. He was compact but beautifully formed with a spread of dark hair across his chest and a long, thick, circumcised cock, the size of which belied his slight build. He had dark eyes, beautifully framed with thick dark lashes, a generous, strong nose and a smile that opened up his face. He could speak English but his vocabulary wasn’t vast. We connected in other ways.
We made love on a daily basis. Earth shattering orgasms always engulfed us both, often simultaneously. The man was insatiable, he had what seemed to be a permanent erection and he made me insatiable as well.
Jay always shaved his pubic area, in his culture it was done generally for hygiene reasons and he was always surprised that although I was neatly trimmed, I didn’t. He was also surprised that I had never engaged in anal sex. It wasn’t something that turned me off but I had never gotten around to it and it was my pussy that ached for him not my ass.
One evening he turned up at my house. Kissing me passionately in the door way we didn’t make it any further before he started removing my clothes. On the way to the bedroom I grabbed a bottle of champagne I had been chilling and two glasses.
When he kissed me I was always instantly aroused; the same for him. Our kisses were so passionate that we could never only kiss. It always ended in orgasms. He was kissing me as I rested the bottle and glasses on the nightstand, only pausing to remove my top from over my head and to help my fumbling, trembling fingers unbutton his shirt.
As he lay back on the bed I began kissing his chest, trailing my tongue down his torso, I could hear him groaning already and mumbling passionate words in a language I couldn’t understand. It aroused me, to hear him speaking to me like that, even though I didn’t know what he was saying.
His cock was already engorged, standing proud, anticipating the feel of my hot mouth around it. I took a swig from the bubbly and keeping it in my mouth, slid my lips around his cock. He gasped as the cold bubbles clung to his throbbing prick, causing a tingling, not only in his genitals but to course through his body.
“My sexy girl,” he murmured; his hands in my hair. “You love my dick, don’t you?”
Champagne was running out of my mouth onto his thighs as he thrust harder into my mouth, enjoying the different sensation as my mouth drained and heated once more.
He withdrew from my mouth so I could feast my eyes on his saliva soaked cock, harder than any other cock I’ve known. He knew how I loved the sight of it all glistening and wet. He trailed it over my breasts, pausing to rub his little slit over each of my nipples making them moist with his precum before he licked it off me.
Taking the champagne, he dribbled some into my cleavage and watched with awe as it trickled down my belly before lapping it from my body. Taking a little more he dribbled it lower so it caught between my legs. He gently spread my thighs and dipping his head he nuzzled his face into my cunt and sucked the bubbles from me.
He slipped two fingers into me and as he sucked and slurped on my pulsing clit he stuffed them in and out of me, making me gasp.
Then he stopped. He stood up and poured us both a glass and then he left the room, his stiff prick leading the way.
I leaned back on my elbows, wondering what he was doing and he came back into the room carrying a bowl of water, a wash cloth, some baby lotion and a razor with him.
“Open up for me baby.” He said, kneeling between my legs. I obeyed.
I jumped as he squirted cold baby lotion over my mound. My pussy was pounding with anticipation as he spread it around with his fingers. He looked me in the eyes as he reached for the razor.
“I’ll be very careful.” He promised.
I nodded, trusting him completely, eager for him to carry on.
Expertly he began shaving my exposed pussy, pausing occasionally to rinse the razor. The gliding of the cold razor over my newly bare skin was causing the juices to run inside me and trickle from between my puffed lips.
His cock was still hard as he was intently gazing into my cunt, sticky with baby lotion, sticky with the fluid of my passion. I was so wet strings of the gooey juices were catching on the razor as he brought it away from my body.
“Baby likes this.” He murmured and paused to flick his thumb over my swollen, throbbing clit making me moan with pleasure.
“Ohh baby really likes it.” He groaned, sliding two, then three fingers in my drenched hole, stretching it out so he could shave the more intricate areas of my lips. He pushed his fingers in and out. I was yelping and moaning as he slipped another finger into me, I was easily accommodating four, I was so stretched and so wet. The sound was wonderful, squelching and slurping around his deft fingers. When I was so close to cumming he stopped again. I was panting. I had never been kept on the edge like this before. He took hold of his fleshy cock and slipped it around my lips, making it wetter but he didn’t enter me.
“Jay fuck me!” I begged between ragged gasps of passion.
He laughed, taunting me. “Not yet, I haven’t finished.”
“Finish!” I cried and he laughed again. Taking the soaked wash cloth he wrung it out over my pussy, clearing away the hair and lotion, leaving me smooth and pale. My mound so fair against his brown hands; a sight I already loved to see on my breasts and other parts of my body. I couldn’t wait to see his stiff, dark pole carving its way between my pale, smooth lips.
He stroked and caressed my newly shaven pubis, murmuring appreciatively at his handiwork and the sight of the pale white flesh with its soft, wet, pink interior he couldn’t wait to explore again.
I reached to touch his cock, hold it in my hand, stroke it back to its original hardness.
“Thank you.” I whispered against his lips. He slid his tongue into my mouth and increased his touch on my pussy. My juices were flowing now and as he rested his fingers on my explosive clit I started to cum. He forced his tongue deeper into my mouth and took that moment to slide the full length of his veiny cock into me. The orgasm washed over me, the sensation like I was peeing as juices flooded out of me all over his cock, he thrust fervently into me as I screamed out his name.
As his beautiful cock pounded me I continued to moan his name. He pulled himself into the kneeling position and draped my trembling legs over his shoulders so he could watch that brown meat pump into me. Placing his hand on my mound he played morse code on my clit until I was cumming all over him again.
He waited for me to get my breath back and reached for the baby lotion. He pulled out of me and watched as my sticky juices ran between my buttocks.
“Your little hole wants me.” He said pressing lightly on the entrance to my unexplored passage, sending electric volts through me and I gasped again as he squirted the lotion onto my virgin asshole. “You’re so wet you don’t need much of this but I don’t want to hurt you.”
In position again with my legs over his shoulders I could feel the head of his cock nudging against my puckered hole. I expected to be nervous or tense but I didn’t care. This man could fuck me any which way he wanted to.
Holding onto my ankles he nudged further, and I winced as my undiscovered hole resisted a little. But it was nothing and I suddenly felt it yield, opening the door for him.
“Ohhh!” He groaned and after a moment of waiting for me to become used to the alien feeling he began stroking in and out of me.
I had never felt anything like it. I reached between my legs and spread my lips apart, letting him see my sopping cunt as I started frigging my clit. He was pumping my ass, groaning and gasping as he watched my slippery fingers wank myself.
I could feel his cock, stiff in my ass and as I slipped my fingers inside me I could feel it through my vagina walls.
“I can feel your fingers against my cock.” He muttered as his thrusts became harder. We were both moaning and shouting and as I brought myself to another orgasm I clenched my buttocks around his rigid cock and felt him tense. He shouted my name and a string of foreign words as he emptied his creamy load into my ass. It seemed to go on and on as I felt it shoot into me; his eyes rolling in his head, sweat glistening on his beautiful brown satin skin.
We stayed motionless for a while, just regaining composure and when he finally slipped out of me I marvelled at the sight of his sticky, white cream coating his dark cock and licked it clean.
He introduced me to two things that night and I haven’t looked back since!
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